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Toad Of Toad Hall

A Play by A.A.Milne

from Kenneth Grahame's Book
The Wind In The Willows

Music by H.Fraser-Simson

Directed by Sonia Hoole

December 1984

A.A. Milne apdation of Kenneth Grahame's Book 'The Wind In The Willows'.

Marigold Lucy Bond
Debra Currie
Nurse Sue Wood
Mole Andrew Winton
Water Rat Geoff Hinde
Mr. Badger Jeremy Cleverley
Toad David Reynolds
Alfred Tony Godley
The Back Legs of Alfred Steve Carlisle
Chief Ferret Caroline Schofield
Chief Weasel
Mike Janes
Chief Stoat Gordon Bennett
First Field Mouse
The White Rabbit
Anna Boswell
Second Field Mouse Mark Gratton
Policeman Mike Waterhouse
Gaoler Al Fowkes
Usher Peter de la Wyche
Judge Ken Sawyer
Phoebe Penny Chatburn
Washerwoman Sheila Chatburn
Mama Rabbit Sue Webb
Lucy Rabbit Rachel Volp
Henrietta Rabbit Johanna Currie
Bargewoman Angela Cleverley
Stoats, Ferrets, Weasels, Rabbits, Squirrels and Field Mice
Catherine Armstrong, Lucy Bond, Anna Boswell, Debra Currie,
Johanna Currie, Debbie Fender, Mark Gratton, Gemma Holman,
Rachel Volp, Ann Worrall
The Band
Piano Eric Smith
Drums Pat Carlisle
Stage Managers Tony Cockcroft
Alan Offer
Dilys Mason
Musical Director Mavis Carlisle
Choreography Helen Ball
ASM John Smith
Eileen Volp
Properties Sue Offer
Adele Taylor
Jean Donald
Michelle Curzon
Georgina Thomas
Kathryn Stevenson
Wardrobe Francis Squire
Pat Barrow
Clare McGlashan
Costumes provided by Charles Alty
Lighting John Holding
Sheena Mitchell
Set Design Ray Walker
Set Construction Alan Offer
Painting Paddy Kelly
Paul Antonelli