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Tom Jones


A M Thompson and R Courtneidge
from the Henry Fielding novel

Produced by Mr W Holmes

25th - 28th March, 1931

Based on Fielding's novel of the same name.

Tom Jones, abandoned as a baby in mysterious circumstances, is brought up by Squire Allworthy. Resented by Allworthy's legitimate heir Blifil, Tom grows into an amiable rascal, fond of the fair sex. He loves Squire Western's daughter Sophie, but when discovered by his tutors with a local girl Molly, he is banished by his benefactor. After numerous adventures he reaches London and embarks on an affair with the wealthy Lady Bellaston while Squire Western's sister has arranged a marriage between Sophie and Blifil. Horrified, Sophie escapes to London, meeting up with her cousin Mrs. Fitspatrick who is also running away from her husband. Mr. Fitzpatrick follows them and suspects Tom of having seduced his runaway wife.

Tom Jones (a foundling) T Percy Jones
Mr Allworthy (a Somersetshire Magistarte) J M Horrocks
Blifil (his Nephew) A H Hilton
Benjamin Partridge (a village barber) H Hayward Hobson
Squire Western Harry Smedley
Gregory Gilbert Horrocks
Grizzle Arnold Whitehead
Dobbin H P Griffiths
Squire Cloddy K G Swale
Pimlott Richard Chadwick
Tony F Newton
An Officer Harry Clegg
Highwaymen A B Mallinson
H P Griffiths
Post Boy Dennis Moss
Colonel Hapstead F Newton
Colonel Wilcox A B Mallinson
Honour (Maid to Sophia) Ruth Williamson
Miss Western (Squire Western's Sister) Queenie Whitehead
Lady Bellaston (a Lady of Quality) Barbara Godlee
Etoff (Her Maid) Edith Whiteside
Hostess of the Inn at Upton Enid Wilson
Bessie Wiseacre Margot Osborn
Lettie Wheatcroft Olive Marchington
Rosie Lucas Gwladys Bailey
Susan (Serving Maid at Upton) Norah Cartwright
Betty M Kathleen Gibson
Peggy Winifred Cottrill
Sophia (Squire Western's Daughter) Dorothy Marshall
I R Bray, A Newton, N Bardsley, M Benson, E Boon, K Cargill, K Dean, Q Eadington, K Kellett, I Marten, A C Mason, K Ousey, M Spencer, W Stafford, C Webb, H Wood, A Bradbury, L A Cowcill, F K Harcombe, J Hardcastle, F Jones, A Marshall, J H Moores, W Mottershead, A N Royle, S L Wood
Miss Dunnington (leader), Miss Simpson, Miss Milnes, Miss Walsh, Miss Thompson, Miss Nixon, Miss Morris, Miss Dobson, Miss Mason, Mrs Bythell, Mrs Moscrop, Mrs Kelstrop, Mr Agte, Mr Poval
Mrs Ogg, Mr Godlee, Mr Milburn, Mr Howarth
Mrs Clayton, Mrs Scott, Mrs Shepherd, Dr Bythell, Mr Frischmann
Bass Mr Howarth
Oboe Mr Harrison
Bassoon Mr Whitaker
Trombone Mr Hardy
Flute Mr Rutherford
Miss Stancliffe
Clarinettes Miss Ballinghall
Mr Lewis
Trumpet Mr Wild
Drums Mr Spirey
Piano Mrs Blease
Stage Manager Mr W Holmes
Conductor Mr Lee Thistlewaite
Hon. Accompanist Mrs Blease
Properties Mrs Beving
Wardrobe Mrs Brown
Mrs Carter
T G Whitaker
F D Carter
Hon Secretaries G Kirkham
F D Carter
Stage Staff J R H Clayton
F D Gibson
J P Griffiths
B Meads
D Moss
Lighting A C Mallinson
K Potter
E Ross
Make Up Miss Hume
W Holmes
Costumes, Wigs, etc by W A HUME & SONS, Manchester
Scenery by J M BARRETT & SONS LTD, Pendleton, Manchester