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Twelfth Night


William Shakespeare

Directed by Dilys Mason

14th - 16th July, 1972

Shakespeare in the Open-Air at Gawsworth Hall.

Viola, a shipwrecked lady,
later disguised as Cesario
Rosemary Haughton
Sebastian, her twin brother Richard Holman
Captain of the wrecked ship Jack Taylor
Orsino, Duke of Illyria Jeremy Cleverley
Curio, gentleman attendant on Orsino Hugh Anscombe
Valentine, gentleman attendant on Orsino Michael Seddon
1st Officer Ian Christmas
2nd Officer Timothy Powell
Olivia, a Countess Clare McGlashan
Sir Toby Belch, her uncle Frank Savaage
Maria, her waiting-gentlewoman Jenny Ghazilian
Sir Andrew Aguecheek, Sir Toby's Protege David Reynolds
Feste, her jester Alan Seviour
Malvolio, Olivia's steward Malcolm Saville
Fabian, a member of her household Michael Fenton
Antonio, another sea-Captain Morgan Morrison
A Priest Jack Taylor
A Page Kay Smith
Attendants, Sailors and Dancers
Angela Cleverley, Joy Linnell, Dorothy Lloyd, Maisie Pring, Ann Saville, Belinda Mencel, Margaret Savaage, Dilys Mason,
Peter Lloyd, Michael Fenton, David Reynolds, Hugh Anscombe,
Ian Christmas, Tim Powell, Malcolm Spence
Susan Gorton, Barbara Elsy, Hilary Blank, Andrew Crowson, Peter Shaw
Costumes Royal Shakespeare, Stratford
Jewellery & Headdresses Belinda Mencel
Court Dances Joy Lindell
Dorothy Lloyd