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Veronica's room

Veronica's Room


Ira Levin

Directed by Sylvia Stewart

11th - 18th October 2014

The play opens with an elderly couple inviting a young girl (Susan) and her date, whom they had spotted while dining at a restaurant, to visit the bedroom of a dead girl (Veronica) that they knew and who looked like Susan. The young pair accept the invitation, led by curiosity to see a photograph that shows Veronica's likeness. Before long, they are trapped in an unexpected situation that leads to a dramatic ending.

A successful novelist and playwright, Ira Levin (1929-2007) became a best-selling author with his first novel, 1953's A Kiss Before Dying. More thrilling works followed, including 1968's Rosemary's Baby and 1976's The Boys from Brazil, which were later turned into feature films.

Rehearsal photographs

The womanVal Middleton-Egan
The manIan McBride
The girlLorna Kong
The young manIan Chatterton
Assistant DirectorChris Unwin
Stage ManagerKeith Cooney
ASM/PropsJill Ollerenshaw, Fenella Fowkes, Alison Fleming
PromptDiana Boswell
LightingKity O'Conner, Bruce Williams
SoundBob Stewart
WardrobeOlive Bradbury
HairJulie Dooley, Chris Bullimore
Rehearsal PhotographsGraham Boswell
House ManagerHelen Bingle, Steve Williamson
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