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A View From A Bridge


Arthur Miller

Directed by Dilys Mason

16th - 19th February, 1972

Who can ever know what will be discovered? Eddie Carbone had never expected to have a destiny. A man works, raises his family, goes bowling, eats, gets old and then he dies. Now, as the weeks passed, there was a future, there was a trouble that would not go away.

Eddie Jeremy Cleverley
Beatrice Sheila Hine
Catherine Hilary Bradbury
Marco Ian Christmas
Rudolpho Malcolm Spence
Tony Stephen Upton
Louis Mike Fenton
Mike Hugh Anscombe
Alfieri Robin Griffin
Mrs Lipari Clair McGlashan
1st Immigration Officer John Anderson
2nd Immigration Officer Mike Fenton
Stage Manager Jack Frith
Lighting Bill Upton
Peter Searle
Leslie Smith
Sound Vincent Chadwick
Paul Kelly
Properties Adele Taylor
Cath Aston
Lynda Pearson
Wardrobe Florence Moores
Gwen Frost
Make-up Joy Peacocke