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The Vigil


Ladislas Fodor

Directed by Gordon Bennett

21st - 23rd April, 1988

A Play for Easter performed at St. Mary's Church, Nether Alderley.

Mrs Haris - the Charwoman Mavis Carlisle
The Night Watchman David Wheatcroft
The Judge Jeremey Cleverley
The Prosecutor Fred Donnan
The Defence Counsel Adele Taylor
The Clerk of the Court Celia Forsberg
The Gardener - the Defendant Steve Williams
The Guard Kenneth Sawyer
Esther - A Country Girl Belinda Coghlan
Lucias - a Soldier Peter Simpson
Joseph - a Wealthy Lawyer Peter de la Wyche
Lady Procula - the Governor's Wife Sue Wood
Pontius Pilate - the Governor Mike Waterhouse
Saul - a Deputy Ian Dunn
Beulah - a Barmaid Diane Thomas
Sadoc - A Private Detective Al Fowkes
Susannea - a Housewife Sue Lee
Thaddeus - a Professor Barry Wood
Magdalen - A Covert Jill Stringer
Peter - a Fisherman Mike Janes
Stage Manager Sue Lee
ASM Christine Howarth
Lighting Robin Watkinson
Technical Assistance Martin Theobald