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The Waltz of The Toreadors


Jean Anouilh,
Adapted by Lucienne Hill

Directed by William Keil

March 26th-29th, 1969

General St Pe Harry Williams
Emily, his wife Susan L N Wood
Gaston, his secretary Michael Fenton
Estella, his daughter Helen Neatherway
Sidonia, his daughter Pauline Burgess
Doctor Bonfant Alan Seviour
Mlle. Ghislaine de Ste-Euverte Barbara Fowler
Eugenie, a maid Jennie Smith
Mme. Dupont-Fredaine Dilys Mason
Father Ambrose Roy Mair
Pamela, a maid Margaret Seddon
Stage Manager Harry Officer
Property Mistress Kathleen Aston
Lighting William R Upton
Sound Anthony Spurgin
Wardrobe Sally Dabbs
Prompt Garnetta Scepanski
House Manager Alan Rough
Make-up by Facemakers of Wilmslow
Costumes by Nathans of London and the Wilmslow Guild
Lighting Equipment by Strand Electric
Furniture supplied by Gimbert's of Manchester
Historical Note - the following note appears in the programme:
"A Dispute has arisen between the Mechanical Performing Rights Society and the composer of the special music for this play. As a result we have been forbidden the use of this music and have substituted an alternative which we think you will find evocative and pleasant. It is Shostakovich Opus 105 - Moscow Cheremuskki."