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Waters Of The Moon


N C Hunter

Directed by S E Crookell

15th - 18th December, 1954

It is the week between Christmas and New Year's in a small, shabby-genteel hotel in Devonshire, an establishment catering to permanent guests who are, in different ways, down on their luck. The hotel is run by hard-working Mrs. Daley and her two children, feisty Evelyn and consumptive Johnny. Johnny has dreams of running away on a polar expedition. Unlike most of the hotel's other inhabitants, Johnny is not yet resigned to his fate.

The regular guests have settled into their routines. The dignified Mrs. Whyte complains bitterly about there being too little hot water and too much 'horrid brown sauce' served with meals. The retired Colonel Selby takes catnaps when not out shooting birds. The somewhat common Mrs. Ashworth keeps being too heartily cheerful. And the quiet Dr. Julius Winterhalter, a Jewish war refugee from Vienna, does his best to be as inconspicuous as possible. It has begun snowing, and soon there is a pounding at the door...

John Daly John Davenport
Evelyn Daly (his sister) Winifred Jordan
Mrs Whyte Mabel Evans
Colonel Selby Geoffrey Wilkinson
Mrs Daly Pauline Povall
Mrs Ashworth Edith Whiteside
Julius Winterhalter L P Samuels
Helen Lancaster Margaret Savaage
Tonetta Landi (her daughter) Jane Green
Robert Lancaster Kenneth Frost
Stage Manager Donald Pearse
Lighting John Guinan
Sound Effects Oliver Heggs Jnr
Property Mistress Pat Richardson
Wardrobe Mistress Clelia Dixon
Make Up Artiste Catherine Glancey
House Manager R C Charnley
Deputy House Manager J W Stevenson
Settings designed and executed by The Green Room
Lighting equipment by The Green Room
Furniture supplied by GIMBERT'S OF PRESTWICH
Cigarettes supplied du MAURIER
Chocolates for sale during the interval supplied by