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The Weekend


Michael Palin

7th - 14th October 2006

Director: Vi Pope
Assisted by Jan Atkinson

Faced with a weekend containing a family visit including a dog, and a dinner party including a stray chiropodist, Stephen reaches for the whisky and the sarcasm. A look at family values which is not only very funny, but also has its darker side.

Stephen Febble David Reynolds
Virginia Febble, his wife Adele Taylor
Diana, their daughter Michelle Auty
Alan, Diana's husband Graham Simmonds
Charlotte, their young daughter Emma Butterworth
Duff Gardner, a neighbour Geoff Bird
Bridget Gardner, Duff's wife Adele Singer
Hugh Bedales, a chiropodist Geoffrey Martyn
Mrs Finlay, a cleaning lady Diana Boswell
God Steve Williamson
Stage Manager Jan Atkinson
ASM Helen Bingle
Diana Boswell
Jo Freeman
Barun Chatterjee
Prompt Belinda Coghlan
Lighting Bruce Williams
Chris Hills
Keith Jones
Sound Mark Seyler
Helen Fitton
Properties Helen Bingle
Set Steve Williamson
David Atkinson
Wardrobe Green Room Wardrobe Team
Front Of House Olive Bradbury
Peter de la Wyche
David Melliar-Smith
Many thanks to Ned Yates for supplying the pot plants
The play was sponsored by Jackson's Supper Bar