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When We Are Married



22nd - 26th April, 1985
Director: Dilys Mason

Everyone likes to celebrate an Anniversary, none more than the Helliwells, the Parkers and the Sopiits, and if you have come up in the business world, are 'a big man at the Chapel' and not a little self-satisfied, then what better way to celebrate your Silver Wedding than with two other couples of the same kind?

When the celebration takes an unexpected turn, how the mighty are fallen!

Priesley's jab at pomposity is deliciously wicked.

Ruby Birtle Caroline Schofield
Gerald Forbes John Foreman
Mrs. Northrop Sonia Hoole
Nancy Holmes Marian Hannah
Fred Dyson John Smith
Henry Ormonroyd Mike Waterhouse
Alderman Joseph Helliwell Mike Janes
Maria Helliwell Sheila Chatburn
Councillor Albert Parker Ronnie Dykstra
Annie Parker Eileen Volp
Herbert Soppitt Peter Simpson
Clara Soppitt Shirley Reynolds
Lottie Grady Adele Taylor
Reverend Clement Mercier Fred Donnan
Stage Manager Tony Cockcroft
Assistant Stage Manager Mavis Carlisle
Lighting Geoff Hindle
Sonia Hoole
Sound Effects by members of the Green Room
Properties Jackie Bilsborough
Sonia Hoole
Wardrobe Pat Barrow
Olive Bradbury
Set Design Dilys Mason
Pat Barrow
Set Construction by members of the Green Room
Hair by Marian of Second Opinion
Programme Design by Paul Antonelli
Programme Compiled by Susan Bryant