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When We Are Married



12th - 19th March, 2005
Director: Vi Pope
Assisted by Debbie Goodman

We have only to consider the present furore over the marriage of a divorced future King to a woman, not only a divorcee but also a commoner, to think ourseleves back to the time when people did not live together without the benefit of clergy. They were spoken of only in whispers and not in front of the children. Hence, the discovery on the very day of the Silver Wedding celebration that the parson who married three young couples twenty five years previously was not all he ought to have been is shocking. This is Clecklewyke. The couples are important people, leaders of the community. Everybody knows everybody!

To further complicate the affair, a painted woman with dyed hair calls to provide another dimension to the plot.

We hope you enjoy the gentle satire of this play from the 30s as Priestley exposes the pomposity and snobberies of people he must surely have known.

Ruby Birtle Liz Brown
Gerald Forbes Simon Caporn
Mrs. Northrop Olive Bradbury
Nancy Holmes Jane Anderson
Fred Dyson Glenn Poole
Henry Ormonroyd Mike Bullimore
Alderman Joseph Helliwell Jeremy Cleverley
Maria Helliwell Adele Taylor
Councillor Albert Parker Victor Hassan
Annie Parker Diana Boswell
Herbert Soppitt Geoffrey Martyn
Clara Soppitt Colette Fitton
Lottie Grady Jane Newman
Reverend Clement Mercer Ronnie Dykstra
Stage Manager Jan Atkinson
Continuity Sheila Chatburn
Lighting Bruce Williams
Sound Peter Janes
Properties Sue Offer
Helen Bingle
Clare McGlashan
Wardrobe, Costume Design and Making Linda Batson
Carole Holmes
Clare McGlashan
Wigs Chris Bullimore
Set Design Graham Boswell
Set Construction Graham Boswell
Simon Janes
Steve Williamson
Front of House Al Fowkes
Anthony Whitworth
This production kindly sponsored by:
Jacky Freeman, Artist
Martin Pearson, Architects,Wilsmlow