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Whose Life Is It Anyway


Brian Clark

6th - 14th March 1998

 Ken Harrison has been so severely injured in a car crash that he is totally paralysed, only his brain functions normally. He is being kept alive by the miracle of medicine but wishes to die. This he could achieve by discharging himself from the hospital, but being wholly helpless has to gain the authorities' consent. The play examines the moral and legal aspects of the situation, and the reactions of hospital staff. Finally the whole matter is laid before a judge who hears the evidence and gives his verdict.
Director: John Foreman
Ken Harrison Steve Williamson
Sister Anderson Celia Bonner
Kay Sadler Sarah Roberts
John Mike Woodhead
Dr. Scott Fiona Booth
Dr. Emerson Linda Batson
Mrs. Boyle Daphne Kawa
Philip Hill Bill Nolan
Dr. Paul Travers Geoffrey Martyn
Dr. Barr Jan Ash
Andrew Eden Ian Moffat
Mr. Justice Milhouse Hugh Wolfson
Stage Manager Christina Howarth
Prompt Adele Taylor
ASM Emma Charnle
Colette Fitton
Maureen Land
Lighting Martin Theobald
Trish Woodhead
Sound Peter Mendham
Designer Jacque Bilsborough