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The Wind In The Willows

by Kenneth Grahame

adapted by Alan Bennett
music and additional lyrics by Jeremy Sams

6th - 13th December 2003
Director: Celia Bonner
Assisted By Adele Taylor

Acclaimed playwright Alan Bennett has taken the well-loved characters of Mole, Rat, Badger and Toad of Toad Hall, from the century-old book The Wind In The Willows, and woven their exploits into an exciting adventure story for the whole family. Clever songs and witty dialogue add to the fun.

Mole Graham Simmonds
Ratty David Reynolds
Toad Martin Pritchard
Badger Jeremy Cleverley
Albert, a horse Steve Williamson
Otter Simon Caporn
Portly - Young Otter Olivia Jones
Rabbit Robert Ronnie Dykstra
Rabbit Tommy Matthew Thistleton
Rabbit Rebecca Olivia Jones
Rabbit Rose Clare McGlashan
Hedgehog Hettie Linda Batson
Hedgehog Tilly Robyn Forsythe
Hedgehog Hilary Lara Wells
Hedgehog Harry Dan Moore
Squirrel Raymond Simon Caporn
Squirrel Shirley Vi Pope
Squirrel Sylvia Alica Caporn
Squirrel Samuel Ben Turner
Mouse Mark Matthew Thistleton
Mouse Madeleine Olivia Jones
Mouse Malcolm Ben Turner
Mouse Mille Alice Caporn
Mouse Martin Dan Moore
Mouse Margaret Lara Wells
Chief Weasel Geoffrey Martyn
Weasel Norman Kyran Donald
Stoat Stacey Mary Pritchard
Sergeant Fred Ferret Tom Thistleton
Fox Ronnie Dykstra
Weasel Wilhemina Alice Caporn
Magistrate Daphne Martyn
Clerk Of Court Vi Pope
Parkinson - Car Salesman Simon Caporn
Motorist Rupert Simon Caporn
Motorist Monica Clare McGlashan
Gaoler's Daughter Alexandra Howarth
Washerwoman Linda Batson
Bargewoman Clare McGlashan
Train Driver Ronnie Dykstra
Gypsy Vi Pope
All other parts played by the cast
Stage Manager Anne Cichocki
ASM/Props Debbie Goodman
Jan Atkinson
Olivia Wilkinson
Mike Janes
Sue and Alan Offer
Lighting Design Robin Watkinson
Lighting Operation Val Watkinson
Sound Mark Seyler
Wardrobe Di Donald
Linda Batson
Lisa Johnson
Fenella Fowkes
Clare McGlashan
Jacque Bilsborough
Dressers Diana Boswell
Caroline Melliar-Smith
Set Design Simon Webber
Setting with assistance from Bob The Builder Ronnie Dykstra
Eric Smith
Brian Stoner
Trevor Jones
Mike Janes
David Melliar-Smith
Vehicle Construction Graham Yardley
Thanks to Alan Clements for some of the music used in the production of 'Wind In The Willows' at Gawsworth Hall
This production kindly sponsored by
Jackson's Supper Bar