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The Winter's Tale


William Shakespeare

Directed by Mike Rogerson

2nd - 9th December 2017

The haunting tale of jealousy, death, young love and reconciliation.

Hermione, queen to King Leontes, is tried for adultery, found guilty and reported dead, and the old friendship of two kings is torn apart by jealousy and suspicion. Leontes, discovering his wife's innocence, is inconsolable with guilt and grief. But art, time and providence can draw regeneration from his remorse.

Rehearsal photographs

Leontes, King of Sicilia Jim Gillespie
Hermione, his queen Alison Fleming
Perdita / Mamillius Kirsty Turpin
Camillo David Reynolds
Antigonus / Time Fred Donnan
Paulina, wife of Antigonus Celia Bonner
Polixenes, King of Bohemia Simon Caporn
Florizel / Dion Niall McGovern
Old Shepherd / Archidamus Ian Cole
Clown, son of old shepherd Tim Cooper
Mopsa / Emila Clare Lewis
Dorcas / Cleomena Christine Unwin
Autolycus, a rogue Steve Williamson
Musician Alan James
Ensemble Linda Batson, Jane Hyde, Cherrill Wyche, Veronica Fleming
Assistant directorLinda Batson
Stage managerJill Hine
PromptAdele Taylor
ASMLinda Batson, Diana Boswell, Shirley Chandler, Veronica Fleming, Alan James
PropsDenise Soussi
Props handiworkJacque Bilsborough
Scenic ArtistHeather Calderbank
LightingBruce Williams
SoundMark Seyler
WardrobeDi James, Jo Everett
ChoregraphyJune Janes
Music directorChris McClory
Rehearsal photographsChris Hills
Ticket secretaryRichard Barraclough
House ManagerSonia Dykstra, Gill Jones, Al Fowkes