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Woman In Mind


Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Sheila Hine

12th - 17th October 1992

Throughout this disturbing play, in which tragedy and comedy are cleverly mingled, the audience sees and hears what is in the mind of the central character, Susan.

This is a subjective view point, and one that may, at times, be somewhat less than factual. She conjures up a dream family to replace her unsatisfactory actual one, with horrifying results.

Susan Sue Mooney
Bill Windsor (her doctor) John Wallace
Gerald (her husband) Mike Waterhouse
Muriel (her sister-in-law) Sue Jones
Rick (her son) Steve Carlisle
Andy (her dream husband) John Foreman
Lucy (her dream daughter) Marion Norbury
Tony (her dream brother) Simon Donnan
Stage Manager Christina Howarth
Continuity Olive Bradbury
Lighting John Scott
Sound Al Fowkes
Wardrobe Pat Barrow
Set Design Jacque Bilsborough
Liaison Mavis Carlisle
"Garden" supplied by Mathews Garden Centre