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The Writing Game


David Lodge

24th April - 1st May 2004
Director: Simon and Deborah Taylor

The Writing Game is set in a barn, somewhere in the English countryside, where a course on creative writing takes place. The students are entirely untalented and the teachers full of hang-ups and jealousies.

Sparks, and strong language, fly in this entertaining comedy.

Maude Lockett Clare Lewis
Leo Rafkin Steve Williamson
Simon St Clair Hugh Everett
Jeremy Deane Charlie Cook
Penny Sewell Jo Freeman
Henry Lockett (voice only) Martin Pritchard
Stage Manager Liz Cook
ASM Debbie Goodman
Rhiannon Lewis
Prompt Adele Taylor
Lighting Chris Hills
Sound Paul Lewis
Charlie Cook
Music (Composer and Producer) Dave Dailey
Properties Debbie Goodman
Set Design Simon Webber
Set Construction Simon Webber
Nick Capey
Deborah Taylor
Simon Taylor
Simon Janes
Many thanks to David Lodge for his help and advice
Howarth Wrightson Ltd
Cheshire Heat Ltd
Stockport Garrick