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Wyrd Sisters

adapted by Stephen Briggs
from the book by Terry Pratchett

24th November - 1st December 2001
Director: Steve Williamson

Terry Pratchett's Discworld comes to the stage. With a passing nod to more than one Shakespeare play - there's the ghost of the murdered king, dim soldiers and strolling players - we are in the endangered land of Lancre. To the rescue come the wyrd sisters of the title - three witches - with a lot of fun and a little magic.

Granny Weatherwax Caroline Melliar-Smith
Nanny Ogg Adele Taylor
Magrat Garlick Deborah Taylor
Verence Geoff Hinde
Leonal Felmet Simon Taylor
Lady Felmet Clair McGlashan
Sergeant Paul Lewis
Chamberlain Emma Chapman
Vitoller Eric Smith
Mrs Vitoller Linda Batson
Fool Kyran Donald
Demon Linda Batson
Tomjon Sam Palin
Hwel Paul Lewis
Witch 1 Linda Batson
Witch 2 Jonathan Alexander-Williams
Witch 3 Julian Donald
Gumridge Debbie Monaghan
Robbers, Guards, Players, Peasants
Georgia Ellis, Gemma Gerzon, Hilary Carr, Adam Robson, Andrew Pickering, Simon Caporn, Al Fowkes, Emma Chapman, Debbie Monaghan, Julia Rutherford, Olivia Wilkinson
Stage Manager David Melliar-Smith
ASM Nick Capey
Prompt Celia Bonner
Lighting Design Robin Watkinson
Lighting Clair Lewis
Sound & Special Effects Jenny Panton
Properties Anne Cichocki
Wardrobe Di Donald
Set Design Simon Webber
Set Construction Simon Webber
Nick Capey
David Melliar-Smith
We would like to thank 'The Legend' book shop, Alderley Edge for their support