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You Never Can Tell


George Bernard Shaw

Directed by Edward Wilson

19th - 22nd April, 1972

Writtten in 1896, this comedy laughs at the 'avant-garde' ideas of its period rather than indulge in social philosophy.

Valentine Mike Seddon
Dolly Clandon Sue Spurgin
A Parlour Maid Pat Masters
Philip Clandon Ian Christmas
Mrs Clandon Shirley Reynolds
Gloria Clandon Barbara Fowler
Fergus Crampton Howard Davies
Finch McComas John Chapman
William Colin Read
A Waitress Belinda Mencel
A Cook Harry D. Officer
Walter Bohun, Q.C. Stephen Upton
Stage Manager Harry D. Officer
Lighting and Sound Vincent Chadwick
Leslie Smith
Properties Adele Taylor
Kathleen Aston
Joy Peacocke
Wardrobe Florence Moores
Joyce Wilkinson
Jenny Smith
Make-up Susan Wood