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Members who have contributed to at least one play, and their role.
Players are sorted by first name

A Mitchell1964Billy LiarWardrobe Mistress
A B Mallinson1926The GondoliersHon Stage Manager and Electrician
A B Mallinson1927Princess IdaChorus
A B Mallinson1927Princess IdaProducer
A B Mallinson1928PatienceHon Electrician
A B Mallinson1929The Devil's DiscipleStage Manager
A B Mallinson1929The SorcererChorus
A B Mallinson1929Trial By JuryGentleman of the Jury
A B Mallinson1931Tom JonesColonel Wilcox
A B Mallinson1933The RumourJackson, British workman in Przimia
A B Mallinson1933The RumourStage Director
A B Mallinson1926The GondoliersDance Arranger
A B Mallinson1931Tom JonesHighwayman
A Bradbury1931Tom JonesChorus
A C Mallinson1929The SorcererHon Electrician
A C Mallinson1929Trial By JuryHon Electrician
A C Mallinson1931One Acts (1931)Stage Manager
A C Mallinson1933The RumourElectrician
A C Mallinson1929The Devil's DiscipleElectric Lighting, etc
A C Mallinson1930The Last of Mrs CheyneyElectrician
A C Mallinson1931Tom JonesLighting
A C Mason1931Tom JonesChorus
A E Lonsdale1926The GondoliersFirst Violin
A G Bevan1928PatienceChorus
A G Birkett1933The RumourCheekram, Przimia workman
A G Birkett1933The RumourLorian Priest
A G Birkett1933The RumourSir Arthur Cheston, Member of Deputation of Business Men
A G Haworth1929The SorcererViola
A G Haworth1929Trial By JuryViola
A H Hilton1931Tom JonesBlifil
A Marshall1931Tom JonesChorus
A N Royle1931Tom JonesChorus
A Newton1931Tom JonesChorus
A Shore1926The GondoliersCello
A Smethurst1926The GondoliersDouble Bass
A W Eva1926The GondoliersGondolier
A W Eva1927Princess IdaChorus
A W Eva1929The SorcererChorus
A W Eva1929Trial By JuryGentleman of the Jury
A W Eva1929The SorcererHon Property Master
A W Eva1929Trial By JuryHon Property Master
A Whitehead1929The Devil's DiscipleUncle Titus
Abby Cross2018We Are Three SistersLydia Robinson
Abby Cross2019Ladies' DayLinda
Abby Cross2022God of CarnageVeronique Vallon
Abby O'Leary2012Steel MagnoliasShelby
Abby O'Leary2012Blithe SpiritEdith (maid)
Abi Atkinson2007Season's GreetingsSound Recording
Abi Atkinson2013The Importance Of Being EarnestArtwork and Paintings
Adam Brierley1992The Murder of Maria MartinJasper Ryan
Adam Peerbaccus2008GaslightMan
Adam Peerbaccus2009Come Blow Your HornBuddy Baker
Adam Peerbaccus2009Come Blow Your HornPoster and Programme Artwork
Adam Peerbaccus2009Humble BoyFelix Humble
Adam Peerbaccus2010Measure For MeasureClaudio, a young gentleman
Adam Peerbaccus2010The Unexpected GuestJan Warwick
Adam Peerbaccus2011Deep Blue SeaPhilip Welch
Adam Peerbaccus2011MacbethLennox, a Scottish Thane
Adam Peerbaccus2011And Then There Were NoneArtwork Design
Adam Robson2001Wyrd SistersRobber / Guard / Player / Peasant
Adele Lawson1999Children Of A Lesser GodSarah Norman
Adele Lawson1999Romeo and JulietLady Montague
Adele McCormack1989Jack and The BeanstalkVillager
Adele McCormack1989Red Hot CindersCinderella
Adele McCormack1990Merry Wives of WindsorServant
Adele McCormack1991Much Ado About NothingAttendant
Adele McCormack1992The Taming of the ShrewServant to Baptista / Villager
Adele Singer2004Breezeblock ParkReeny
Adele Singer2006Dick WhittingtonProps
Adele Singer2006The WeekendBridget Gardner
Adele Singer2008Funny MoneyBetty Johnson
Adele Taylor1970Spring and Port WineProperties
Adele Taylor1970Ring Round the MoonProperties
Adele Taylor1970HarlequinadeMuriel Palmer
Adele Taylor1971On Monday NextMaud Barron
Adele Taylor1972A View From A BridgeProperties
Adele Taylor1972Night Must FallProperties
Adele Taylor1972You Never Can TellProperties
Adele Taylor1973The GazeboProperties
Adele Taylor1973The Man Most Likely To...Properties
Adele Taylor1974As You Like ItProperties
Adele Taylor1974You Can't Take It With YouProperties
Adele Taylor1974You Can't Take It With YouStage Manager
Adele Taylor1975Lloyd George Knew My FatherHouse Manager
Adele Taylor1975The Odd CoupleStage Manager
Adele Taylor1975The Winslow BoyViolet
Adele Taylor1976Arms and The ManLouka
Adele Taylor1976GaslightProperties
Adele Taylor1976The Winter's TaleEmilia, lady attending Hermione
Adele Taylor1976Winter JourneyPrompt
Adele Taylor1977Merry Wives of WindsorASM
Adele Taylor1977The Flip SideProperties
Adele Taylor1977The Importance of Being EarnestWardrobe
Adele Taylor1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampASM
Adele Taylor1978All's Well That Ends WellDiana, the Widow's daughter
Adele Taylor1978Dear BrutusMrs Coade
Adele Taylor1978Farewell, Farewell EugeneProperties
Adele Taylor1978Relative ValuesPrompt
Adele Taylor1979Dick WhittingtonFairy / Pirate / Indian /Others
Adele Taylor1979Don't Just Lie There - Say SomethingProperties
Adele Taylor1979Much Ado About NothingPrompt
Adele Taylor1979Much Ado About NothingUrsula, attendant on Hero
Adele Taylor1979Not Now DarlingProperties
Adele Taylor1979The Lion In WinterPrompt
Adele Taylor1980Loves Labour LostPrompt
Adele Taylor1980The EnquiryMarcy
Adele Taylor1980The RivalsStage Manager
Adele Taylor1980Trap for a Lonely ManStage Manager
Adele Taylor1981Bell Book and CandleProperties
Adele Taylor1981Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeLady Clentina Beauchamp
Adele Taylor1981Romeo and JulietPrompt
Adele Taylor1982She Stoops To ConquerASM
Adele Taylor1982The Comedy of ErrorsAemilia
Adele Taylor1982The Comedy of ErrorsStaging and Properties
Adele Taylor1982The Princess and The SwineherdASM
Adele Taylor1983A Delicate BalanceClaire
Adele Taylor1983See How They RunProperties
Adele Taylor1984The Merchant of VeniceProperties
Adele Taylor1984The Merchant of VeniceServant / Attendant
Adele Taylor1984The Merchant of VeniceWardrobe
Adele Taylor1984Toad Of Toad HallProperties
Adele Taylor1985A Midsummer Night's DreamWardrobe
Adele Taylor1985Bedroom FarcePrompt
Adele Taylor1985Present LaughterSet Construction
Adele Taylor1985When We Are MarriedLottie Grady
Adele Taylor1986Don't Listen LadiesASM
Adele Taylor1986Mother GooseWardrobe
Adele Taylor1986Twelfth NightPrompt
Adele Taylor1987As You Like ItASM
Adele Taylor1987Habeas CorpusProperties
Adele Taylor1987The DresserMadge
Adele Taylor1988The HeiressASM
Adele Taylor1988The VigilThe Defence Counsel
Adele Taylor1988The Winter's TaleEmilia, lady attending Hermione
Adele Taylor1989Jack and The BeanstalkProperties
Adele Taylor1989Jack and The BeanstalkSpecialist Props
Adele Taylor1989Murder In The CathedralChorus
Adele Taylor1989Romeo and JulietServant / Citizen
Adele Taylor1989Romeo and JulietWardrobe
Adele Taylor1990Merry Wives of WindsorMistress Ford (Alice), wife of Ford
Adele Taylor1991Dark of the MoonMrs Summey
Adele Taylor1991Much Ado About NothingPrompt
Adele Taylor1991The Chalk GardenA little lady
Adele Taylor1992The Day After The FairLetty Harnham
Adele Taylor1992Move Over Mrs MarkhamPrompt
Adele Taylor1992Pack Of LiesBarbara Jackson
Adele Taylor1992The Taming of the ShrewServant to Petruchio
Adele Taylor1992The Taming of the Shrewhead of Baptista's Household
Adele Taylor1992Up 'n' UnderLinesman
Adele Taylor1993A Woman of No ImportanceMrs Arbuthnot
Adele Taylor1993How The Other Half LovesProperties
Adele Taylor1993One ActASM
Adele Taylor1993The Comedy of ErrorsASM
Adele Taylor1993The Late Miss CordellBessie
Adele Taylor1993Witness for the ProsecutionPrompt
Adele Taylor1994A Midsummer Night's DreamPeaseblossom
Adele Taylor1994A Month of SundaysProperties
Adele Taylor1994Crown MatrimonialMabell, Countess of Airlee
Adele Taylor1994Pass The ButlerProperties
Adele Taylor1995After MagritteProperties
Adele Taylor1995Between MouthfulsProperties
Adele Taylor1995The CrucibleTituba
Adele Taylor1995The Merchant of VeniceNerissa
Adele Taylor1996Cabaret CapersPerformer
Adele Taylor1996Chorus of DisapprovalPrompt
Adele Taylor1996Hobson's ChoicePrompt
Adele Taylor1996My Mother Said I Never ShouldDoris Partington
Adele Taylor1996Twelfth NightPrompt
Adele Taylor1997Lady Windermere's FanMrs Cowper Cowper
Adele Taylor1997Outside EdgePrompt
Adele Taylor1997Someone Who'll Watch Over MePrompt
Adele Taylor1997Someone Who'll Watch Over MeProperties
Adele Taylor1997Talking HeadsPrompt
Adele Taylor1997The TempestPrompt
Adele Taylor1998Henry VAssistant Director
Adele Taylor1998Henry VPrompt
Adele Taylor1998Henry VSpecial Properties
Adele Taylor1998The Darling Buds of MayMa
Adele Taylor1998The Odd Couple (female version)Olive Madison
Adele Taylor1998Whose Life Is It AnywayPrompt
Adele Taylor1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandASM
Adele Taylor1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandGardener
Adele Taylor1999Children Of A Lesser GodEdna Klein
Adele Taylor1999Habeas CorpusLady Rumbers
Adele Taylor1999PygmalionPrompt
Adele Taylor1999Time Of My LifeLaura (his wife)
Adele Taylor2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandGardener 2
Adele Taylor2000Breaking The CodeAssistant Director
Adele Taylor2000Breaking The CodePrompt
Adele Taylor2000The Cemetery ClubIda
Adele Taylor2001The RivalsMrs. Malaprop
Adele Taylor2001The Taming of the ShrewPrompt
Adele Taylor2001Wyrd SistersNanny Ogg
Adele Taylor2002AladdinProperties
Adele Taylor2002Make Way For LuciaPrompt/Assistant Director
Adele Taylor2002Much Ado About NothingPrompt
Adele Taylor2003Abigail's PartySet Construction
Adele Taylor2003Merry Wives of WindsorMistress Quickly, Doctor Caius' housekeeper
Adele Taylor2003Mr WonderfulPrompt
Adele Taylor2003Richard IIIThe Duchess of York, their mother
Adele Taylor2003The Wind In The WillowsAssistant Director
Adele Taylor2004A Murder Is AnnouncedLetitia Blacklock
Adele Taylor2004As You Like ItCourtier
Adele Taylor2004As You Like ItLady of The Court
Adele Taylor2004Private LivesPrompt
Adele Taylor2004The Writing GamePrompt
Adele Taylor2005A Christmas CarolAssistant Director
Adele Taylor2005A Christmas CarolCharwoman
Adele Taylor2005A Midsummer's Night DreamContinuity
Adele Taylor2005Death and the MaidenContinuity
Adele Taylor2005When We Are MarriedMaria Helliwell
Adele Taylor2006Dick WhittingtonPrompt
Adele Taylor2006The WeekendVirginia Febble
Adele Taylor2007TartuffeASM
Adele Taylor2007TartuffeAssistant Director
Adele Taylor2007Romeo and JulietNurse, Juliet's foster mother
Adele Taylor2007The Real Inspector HoundStage Management
Adele Taylor2008Hay FeverClara
Adele Taylor2008The FatherContinuity
Adele Taylor2009Come Blow Your HornPrompt
Adele Taylor2009It Runs In The FamilyMother
Adele Taylor2009The 3 MusketeersAssistant Director
Adele Taylor2010Birthday PartyContinuity
Adele Taylor2010Caramba's RevengeLottie
Adele Taylor2010First Things FirstPrompt
Adele Taylor2010The Unexpected GuestPrompt
Adele Taylor2011And Then There Were NoneContinuity
Adele Taylor2012Dumb WaiterPrompt
Adele Taylor2012Steel MagnoliasPrompt
Adele Taylor2012A Midsummer Night's DreamPrompt
Adele Taylor2013Polar BearsMargaret
Adele Taylor2013Curious SavagePrompt
Adele Taylor2013The HollowPrompt
Adele Taylor2014TheftPrompt
Adele Taylor2014A Chorus of DisapprovalPrompt
Adele Taylor2015The Thrill of LovePrompt
Adele Taylor2015Entertaining AngelsRuth
Adele Taylor2015An Experiment with an Air PumpPrompt
Adele Taylor2017HandbaggedPrompt
Adele Taylor2017The Winter's TalePrompt
Adele Taylor2018Alice's Adventures in WonderlandAssistant Director
Adele Taylor2019Whisky GalorePrompt
Adele Taylor2022God of CarnagePrompt
Adrian Barrowdale2012A Midsummer Night's DreamDemetrius (courtier)
Aidan Flatt2006Dick WhittingtonChorus
Aiden Flatt2005A Christmas CarolBoy Cratchit
Aiden Westaway2005A Christmas CarolChild Scrooge
Aiden Westaway2005A Christmas CarolTiny Tim
Ailsa Oakley2016Life & BethBeth
Al Fowkes1983The Taming of the ShrewBiondello
Al Fowkes1983AladdinPekos
Al Fowkes1984Outside EdgeHouse Manager
Al Fowkes1984The Merchant of VeniceLauncelot Gobbo
Al Fowkes1984The Murder of Maria MartenTim Bobbin (A simple Rustic)
Al Fowkes1984Toad Of Toad HallGaoler
Al Fowkes1985A Midsummer Night's DreamFrancis Flute, a bellows mender
Al Fowkes1985Bedroom FarceTrevor
Al Fowkes1986Don't Listen LadiesBlandinet, Daniel's Assistant
Al Fowkes1986The MilitantsStaging Crew
Al Fowkes1986Twelfth NightFabian, a member of her household
Al Fowkes1987As You Like ItLe Beau (a courtier)
Al Fowkes1987As You Like ItSir Oliver Maitext (a country Vicar)
Al Fowkes1987Habeas CorpusHouse Manager
Al Fowkes1987On Golden PondCharlie Martin
Al Fowkes1987Sleeping BeautyThe Chancellor
Al Fowkes1988Funeral DanceDirector
Al Fowkes1988The VigilSadoc - A Private Detective
Al Fowkes1988The Winter's TaleASM
Al Fowkes1988The Zoo StoryDirector
Al Fowkes1989Murder In The CathedralPriest
Al Fowkes1989Romeo and JulietGregory
Al Fowkes1989Romeo and JulietWatch
Al Fowkes1990Charley's AuntCharles Wykeham
Al Fowkes1991Dark of the MoonHank Gudger
Al Fowkes1992Move Over Mrs MarkhamPhilip
Al Fowkes1992Up 'n' UnderFloodlights
Al Fowkes1992Woman In MindSound
Al Fowkes1995The CrucibleReverend John Hale
Al Fowkes1997Lady Windermere's FanMr Dumby
Al Fowkes1998The LarkHangman
Al Fowkes1998The Odd Couple (female version)Sound
Al Fowkes1999Habeas CorpusLighting
Al Fowkes1999Time Of My LifeGlyn (their elder son)
Al Fowkes2001The RivalsFag
Al Fowkes2001Wyrd SistersRobber / Guard / Player / Peasant
Al Fowkes2003Abigail's PartyLighting
Al Fowkes2003Mr WonderfulGeoffrey Lazenby
Al Fowkes2003Richard IIIMurderer
Al Fowkes2005Plaza SuiteSam Nash
Al Fowkes2005When We Are MarriedFront of House
Al Fowkes2006Dick WhittingtonHouse Manager
Al Fowkes2007TartuffeTartuffe, a religious fraud
Al Fowkes2007Season's GreetingsBernard
Al Fowkes2009It Runs In The FamilyDr David Mortimore
Al Fowkes2009Nobody's FoolGus
Al Fowkes2009Separate TablesHouse Manager
Al Fowkes2010Measure For MeasureThe Friar
Al Fowkes2010First Things FirstPete
Al Fowkes2011Fallen AngelsWilliam Banbury
Al Fowkes2011Independent MeansJohn Forsyth
Al Fowkes2012A Chip In The SugarHouse Manager
Al Fowkes2012Dumb WaiterHouse Manager
Al Fowkes2012Gosforth's FeteHouse Manager
Al Fowkes2012The LessonHouse Manager
Al Fowkes2012The Lonesome WestProperties
Al Fowkes2013Curious SavageASM
Al Fowkes2013The Importance Of Being EarnestMerriman
Al Fowkes2014All My SonsHouse Manager
Al Fowkes2014TheftTrevor Farrington
Al Fowkes2015Duets - The HolidayBobby
Al Fowkes2016Tommy BoyHouse Manager
Al Fowkes2016Life & BethDavid
Al Fowkes2017The LadykillersHouse Manager
Al Fowkes2017Talking HeadsHouse Manager
Al Fowkes2017The Winter's TaleHouse Manager
Al Fowkes2018We Are Three SistersTeacher
Al Fowkes2019Whisky GaloreStage Manger
Al Fowkes2020April in ParisHouse Manager
Al Fowkes2021Nell GwynnJohn Dryden
Al Fowkes2022Single SpiesTicket Secretary
Al Fowkes2022Improbable FictionStage Manager
Al Fowkes2022Ladies of ImportanceHouse Manager
Al Fowkes2022HarveyStage Manager
Al Fowkes2023These Shining LivesTicket Secretary
Al Fowkes2023Hindle WakesSir Timothy Farrar
Al O'Rourke1979Dick WhittingtonAlderman Fitzwarren
Al O'Rourke1979Dick WhittingtonBig Chief Rumbal Tumi
Alan Abbott1964The Wind and the RainJohn Williams
Alan Abbott1970Ring Round the MoonFootman
Alan Baillie1979Dick WhittingtonFollow Spot Director
Alan Dinsdale1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampCoolie, Courtier, Washerperson
Alan Dinsdale1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampDroopy the Dragon - Spit roasts a speciality
Alan Dinsdale1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampKong - No.2 assistant to Abanazer
Alan Garner1960A Touch of The SunDenis Lester
Alan James2017The Winter's TaleMusician / ASM
Alan James2021Nell GwynnCourt attendant / ASM
Alan James2022Single SpiesProps
Alan James2022Improbable FictionSound
Alan Johnson1974The Wild DuckSound
Alan Kenny1982She Stoops To ConquerLandlord
Alan Kenny1982The Comedy of ErrorsSecond Merchant
Alan Kenny1984The Merchant of VeniceTubal
Alan Offer1977Merry Wives of WindsorASM
Alan Offer1977The Importance of Being EarnestSound
Alan Offer1978All's Well That Ends WellSound
Alan Offer1978Dear BrutusSound
Alan Offer1978Farewell, Farewell EugeneASM
Alan Offer1979Dick WhittingtonFairy / Pirate / Indian /Others
Alan Offer1979Much Ado About NothingFirst Watchman
Alan Offer1979Not Now DarlingASM
Alan Offer1979Relatively SpeakingSound
Alan Offer1980Loves Labour LostSound
Alan Offer1980The EnquiryTom Walmer
Alan Offer1980The RivalsSound
Alan Offer1980Trap for a Lonely ManSound
Alan Offer1981Bell Book and CandleSound
Alan Offer1981Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeSound
Alan Offer1981Romeo and JulietFriar John, a Franciscan
Alan Offer1981Romeo and JulietSampson, of the Capulet Household
Alan Offer1982She Stoops To ConquerStaging
Alan Offer1982The Comedy of ErrorsFirst Merchant
Alan Offer1982The Comedy of ErrorsStaging and Properties
Alan Offer1982The Princess and The SwineherdStage Manager
Alan Offer1983A Delicate BalanceStage Manager
Alan Offer1983Last Of The Red Hot LoversSound
Alan Offer1983See How They RunSet Design
Alan Offer1983See How They RunSound
Alan Offer1983The Taming of the ShrewMusical Instruments
Alan Offer1983The Taming of the ShrewStaging and Properties
Alan Offer1984Outside EdgeLighting
Alan Offer1984Spring In The AirStage Manager
Alan Offer1984The Merchant of VeniceOld Gobbo
Alan Offer1984The Murder of Maria MartenLighting
Alan Offer1984Toad Of Toad HallSet Construction
Alan Offer1984Toad Of Toad HallStage Manager
Alan Offer1985Bedroom FarceSet Construction
Alan Offer1986Mother GooseSet Construction
Alan Offer1986The MilitantsStage Manager
Alan Offer1986The Noble SpaniardSet
Alan Offer1986Twelfth NightASM
Alan Offer1988The Winter's TaleStage Manager
Alan Offer1990Merry Wives of WindsorProps
Alan Offer1991Dark of the MoonMr Bergen
Alan Offer1991Much Ado About NothingMessenger
Alan Offer1992The Day After The FairSet Build
Alan Offer1992The Taming of the ShrewProperties
Alan Offer1992Up 'n' UnderGroundsman
Alan Offer1993A Woman of No ImportanceSet Construction
Alan Offer1993How The Other Half LovesSet Construction
Alan Offer1993One ActSet Construction
Alan Offer1993The Comedy of ErrorsProperties
Alan Offer1993Witness for the ProsecutionSet Construction
Alan Offer1993Witness for the ProsecutionSet Design
Alan Offer1994A Midsummer Night's DreamProperties
Alan Offer1997The TempestProperties
Alan Offer1998Henry VSpecial Properties
Alan Offer1998The Darling Buds of MayProperties
Alan Offer2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandSet Construction
Alan Offer2003The Wind In The WillowsASM/Props
Alan Offer2004As You Like ItProperties
Alan Robb1962The Man In The Bowler HatChief Villain
Alan Robinson1974As You Like ItSound & Electronics
Alan Robinson1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampSound
Alan Robinson1978All's Well That Ends WellStage Manager
Alan Robinson1978Farewell, Farewell EugeneStage Manager
Alan Robinson1978Relative ValuesStage Manager
Alan Robinson1979Dick WhittingtonSound/Effects
Alan Robinson1979Don't Just Lie There - Say SomethingStage Manager
Alan Robinson1979Much Ado About NothingSound
Alan Robinson1979Much Ado About NothingStage Manager
Alan Robinson1979Not Now DarlingStage Manager
Alan Robinson1979Relatively SpeakingStage Manager
Alan Robinson1979The Lion In WinterSound
Alan Robinson1980Loves Labour LostStage Manager
Alan Robinson1980The EnquirySound
Alan Robinson1981Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeStage Manager
Alan Robinson1983AladdinSet Building
Alan Robinson1986The Noble SpaniardASM
Alan Rough1969The HeiressHouse Manager
Alan Rough1969The Shop at Sly CornerHouse Manager
Alan Rough1969The Waltz of The ToreadorsHouse Manager
Alan Rough1970Hedda GablerHouse Manager
Alan Rough1970Spring and Port WineHouse Manager
Alan Seviour1969The Waltz of The ToreadorsDoctor Bonfant
Alan Seviour1970Black ComedyGeorg Bamberger
Alan Seviour1970HarlequinadeArthur Gosport
Alan Seviour1970Hedda GablerGeorge Tesman, research graduate in cultural history
Alan Seviour1971On Monday NextGeorge
Alan Seviour1972Twelfth NightFeste, her jester
Alan Seviour1973And So To BedSamuel Pepys
Alan Shooter1982The Comedy of ErrorsCitizen / Servant
Alan Stansfield1983AladdinSet Building
Alan Stansfield1992Move Over Mrs MarkhamLighting
Alan Stansfield1993How The Other Half LovesSound
Alan Stansfield1993One ActSound
Alastair Bannerman1952The Browning VersionProducer
Alastair Bannerman1953The HollowJohn Cristow MD, FRCP
Alastair Bannerman1960The Queen and The WelshmanSir Owen Tudor, a Welsh Gentleman-At-Arms
Alastair Bannerman1961The Chalk GardenThe Judge
Alastair Bannerman1962Fool's ParadiseDirector
Alastair Bannerman1965Summer of the Seventh DollDirector
Alastair Bannerman1967The PartyRichard Brough, Henrietta's father
Alastair Bannerman1968Semi-DetachedFred Midway
Alex Ashton2016Tommy BoyHarry Dawkins
Alex Ashton2023Hindle WakesAlfred
Alex Bingle2007Romeo and JulietCount Paris, Kinsman of the Prince and suitor of Juliet
Alex Bingle2008Hay FeverSandy Tyrell
Alex Bingle2008Much Ado About NothingCount Claudio of Florence, companion of Don Pedro
Alex Bingle2009Come Blow Your HornAlan Baker
Alex Bingle2011MacbethMacduff, a Scottish Thane
Alex Bingle2011And Then There Were NoneAnthony Marston
Alex Bingle2011Children's DayPeter Butler
Alex Bingle2011Children's DaySet Artists / Additional Ideas
Alex Bingle2012Steel MagnoliasVoice of the DJ
Alex Howarth2008Hay FeverSorel Bliss
Alex Howarth2008Much Ado About NothingChoreography
Alex Taylor2011MacbethFleance, Banquo's son
Alex Johnson1993The Oldest ProfessionEve
Alex Johnson1994Pass The ButlerStage Manager
Alex Johnson2006Twelfth NightOlivia, a Countess
Alex Johnson2009The 3 MusketeersMilady de Winter
Alex Newman2022Improbable FictionClem
Alexander Baker2011Children's DayChildren's Party Voice
Alexandra Bisset1993The Pied PiperRat / Villager
Alexandra Howarth1991Much Ado About NothingAttendant
Alexandra Howarth1992The Taming of the ShrewServant to Baptista / Villager
Alexandra Howarth1993The Pied PiperCleaning Lady
Alexandra Howarth1995The CrucibleSusanna Wallcot
Alexandra Howarth1995The Merchant of VeniceAttendant on the Prince of Arragon
Alexandra Howarth1995The Merchant of VeniceTownsfolk
Alexandra Howarth1996Twelfth NightMaid to the Lady Olivia
Alexandra Howarth2002AladdinChoreography
Alexandra Howarth2002AladdinDancer / Dragon / Citizens
Alexandra Howarth2003Merry Wives of WindsorChoreography
Alexandra Howarth2003The Wind In The WillowsGaoler's Daughter
Alexandra Howarth2004As You Like ItChoreography
Alexandra Howarth2006Dick WhittingtonChoreography
Alexandra Howarth2007Romeo and JulietChoreography
Alexandra Howarth2007Romeo and JulietLady
Alexandra Johnson1992Move Over Mrs MarkhamMiss Wilkinson
Alexandra Johnson1993A Woman of No ImportanceHester Worsley
Alexandra Johnson1994A Midsummer Night's DreamHermia
Alexandra Johnson1995AmadeusConstanze Weber
Alexandra Johnson1995The CrucibleAbigail Williams
Alexandra Johnson1995The Merchant of VenicePortia
Alexandra Johnson1996Twelfth NightOlivia
Alexandra Johnson1997The TempestJuno
Alexandra Johnson2001The RivalsLydia Languish
Alexandra Johnson2005A Midsummer's Night DreamTitania (Queen of the Fairies)
Alexandra Johnson2010The Unexpected GuestLaura Warwick
Alexandra Johnson2011MacbethLady Macbeth
Alexandra Johnson2023These Shining LivesCatherine Donohue
Alexandria Faure2006Dick WhittingtonMillie La Mane
Alexia Harper1993The Pied PiperRat / Villager
Alexis Bull2006The Memory Of WaterCatherine
Alexis Bull2008The FatherLaura (Adolf's wife)
Ali Devenport2019Whisky GalorePallas Player: Aileen McCormack
Alica Caporn2003The Wind In The WillowsSquirrel Sylvia
Alice Battersby2005A Christmas CarolBelle
Alice Battersby2005A Christmas CarolFred's Wife
Alice Caporn2000A Midsummer Night's DreamLittle Fairy
Alice Caporn2003The Wind In The WillowsMouse Mille
Alice Caporn2003The Wind In The WillowsWeasel Wilhemina
Alice Milton1926The GondoliersContadine
Alice Milton1927Princess IdaChorus
Alice Milton1929The SorcererChorus
Alice Milton1929Trial By JuryVisitor
Alida Long1987As You Like ItRosalind (daughter of Duke Senior)
Alida Long1988The Winter's TalePerdita, his daughter
Alison Davenport2007Look Back In AngerAlison Porter
Alison Dyer1989Red Hot CindersCompere
Alison Fleming2012Gosforth's FeteMilly
Alison Fleming2012The Lonesome WestGirleen
Alison Fleming2012A Midsummer Night's DreamHippolyta (Queen of the Amazons)
Alison Fleming2012Calendar GirlsCora
Alison Fleming2013Polar BearsASM
Alison Fleming2013If I Were YouChrissie Snaith
Alison Fleming2014Dealing With ClairClair
Alison Fleming2014TheftHouse Manager
Alison Fleming2014Veronica's RoomProps/ASM
Alison Fleming2015Entertaining AngelsJo, Grace's daughter
Alison Fleming2015An Experiment with an Air PumpASM
Alison Fleming2016Tommy BoyElsie Arnold
Alison Fleming2016QuartetHouse Manager
Alison Fleming2017The LadykillersConcert Guest
Alison Fleming2017The LadykillersAssistant Director
Alison Fleming2017Vincent in BrixtonASM
Alison Fleming2017Talking Heads - Her Big ChanceLesley
Alison Fleming2017The Winter's TaleHermione
Alison Fleming2018The WeirASM /Props
Alison Fleming2019The Playboy of the Western WorldHonor Blake
Alison Fleming2019Whisky GaloreASM
Alison Jenkins2018Mrs Warren's ProfessionSound
Alison Jenkins2019Ladies' DayStage Manager
Alison Jenkins2020April in ParisStage Manager
Alison Sturt1989Jack and The BeanstalkVillager
Alison Sturt1989Romeo and JulietServant / Citizen
Alison Sturt1991Dark of the MoonMrs Bergen
Alison Sturt1991Much Ado About NothingAttendant
Alison Tyrer1982Puss In BootsSound
Alison Tyrer1982Puss In BootsSet construction
Allan Percival2005A Christmas CarolHouse Manager
Amaia Basanez2017Around the World in 80 DaysPorter/Ensemble
Amanda Martinez1983AladdinThe Princess Balroubadour
Amanda Morley2013The HollowASM
Amanda Stevens2002Make Way For LuciaWardrobe
Amanda Stevens2003Abigail's PartyWardrobe
Amanda Stevens2006The Memory Of WaterWardrobe
Amanda Stevens2007Look Back In AngerWardrobe
Amanda Stevens2008The FatherWardrobe
Amanda Stevens2009Separate TablesWardrobe
Amanda Stevens2010Birthday PartyWardrobe
Amaya Kamali2013The Importance Of Being EarnestCecily Cardew
Amy Louise Lomas1993The Pied PiperRat / Villager
Andrew Bold1997The TempestPercussion
Andrew Crowson1972Twelfth NightSinger
Andrew Edgar2001Ernie's Incredible IllucinationsTimekeeper
Andrew Gething1987As You Like ItCharles (a wrestler)
Andrew Gething1987As You Like ItDancer / Courtier
Andrew Long1983See How They RunThe Intruder
Andrew Long1983The Taming of the ShrewHortensio, suitor to Bianca
Andrew Long1985A Midsummer Night's DreamDemetrius, suitor to Hermia
Andrew Long1986The Noble SpaniardCaptain Chalford
Andrew Long1987As You Like ItThe Clown (alias Touchstone)
Andrew Long1988The Winter's TaleFlorize, his son
Andrew Long1989Romeo and JulietRomeo
Andrew Long1996Twelfth NightOrsino
Andrew Lowcock1974As You Like ItMusician
Andrew Lowcock1975The CrucibleLighting
Andrew Maliphant1982She Stoops To ConquerHastings
Andrew Malliphant1981Romeo and JulietContinuity
Andrew Millward1976Arms and The ManASM
Andrew Millward1977Merry Wives of WindsorJohn Rugby, Doctor Caius' manservant
Andrew Pickering2001Wyrd SistersRobber / Guard / Player / Peasant
Andrew Richardson1976The Winter's TaleArchidamus, a Bohemian Lord
Andrew Rutherford2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandU.V. Movement
Andrew Rutherford2001Ernie's Incredible IllucinationsKid Saracen
Andrew Winton1980Loves Labour LostSir Nathaniel, a Curate
Andrew Winton1982The Comedy of ErrorsDromio of Ephesus
Andrew Winton1982The Princess and The SwineherdPrince Etienne
Andrew Winton1984Toad Of Toad HallMole
Andy Jones1998Henry VEarl of Westmorland
Andy Maliphant1983AladdinWishee-Washee
Andy Neve2022God of CarnageStage manager
Andy Neve2023These Shining LivesRufus Reed
Andy Neve2023Hindle WakesMr Jeffcote
Andy Rutherford2001An Evening of Alan AyckbournASM
Angela Cleverley1972The Middle WatchA Guest
Angela Cleverley1972The Middle WatchWardrobe
Angela Cleverley1972Twelfth NightAttendant / Citizen
Angela Cleverley1973A Midsummer Night's DreamHelena, in love with Demetrius
Angela Cleverley1973The GazeboMrs Chandler
Angela Cleverley1974As You Like ItLady / Hymens Attendant
Angela Cleverley1974How The Other Half LovesTeresa Phillips
Angela Cleverley1974You Can't Take It With YouMrs. Kirby
Angela Cleverley1976GaslightMrs. Manningham
Angela Cleverley1976Mixed DoublesWoman
Angela Cleverley1976PermananceHelen
Angela Cleverley1976Resting PlaceOld Woman
Angela Cleverley1976The Winter's TaleHermione, his wife
Angela Cleverley1977Merry Wives of WindsorMistress Ford, his wife
Angela Cleverley1977Plaza SuiteNorma Hubley
Angela Cleverley1978Dear BrutusPrompt
Angela Cleverley1978Farewell, Farewell EugeneMinerva Goody
Angela Cleverley1978Relative ValuesMrs Dora Moxton (Moxie)
Angela Cleverley1979Dick WhittingtonFairy / Pirate / Indian /Others
Angela Cleverley1980Loves Labour LostRosaline
Angela Cleverley1980The EnquiryKate Walmer
Angela Cleverley1981Bell Book and CandleMiss Holroyd
Angela Cleverley1983Last Of The Red Hot LoversJeanette Fisher
Angela Cleverley1983See How They RunWardrobe
Angela Cleverley1984Spring In The AirPerformer
Angela Cleverley1984Toad Of Toad HallBargewoman
Angela Cleverley1985Bedroom FarceDelia
Angela Cleverley1986Mother GooseWardrobe
Angela Cleverley1986The Noble SpaniardCountess de Morey (his English Wife)
Angela Cleverley1987The DresserHer Ladyship
Angela Cleverley1989Jack and The BeanstalkWardrobe
Angela Cleverley1989Murder In The CathedralChorus
Angela Cleverley1991Dark of the MoonMrs Allen
Angela Cleverley1993A Woman of No ImportanceLady Stutfield
Angela Cleverley1993One ActASM
Angela Lynham1977The Importance of Being EarnestWardrobe
Angela Stephenson2006BetrayalHand Models
Angharad Palin1989Jack and The BeanstalkVillager
Angharad Palin1989Red Hot CindersBlind Mouse
Angharad Palin1990Merry Wives of WindsorServant
Angharad Palin1992The Murder of Maria MartinAbigail
Angus Macalister2009It Runs In The FamilyLesley
Angus Macalister2010Measure For MeasurePC
Angus Macalister2011MacbethMalcolm
Anji McGregor2019Whisky GalorePallas Player: Win Hewitt
Ann Cockram1951Happiest Days Of Your Life (1951)Barbara Cahoun
Ann G Mitchell1963The Bride Comes BackSerena Tilney
Ann Hargreaves1962Fool's ParadiseSusan Dawson
Ann Pitt1950The Importance of Being EarnestCecily Cardew (Ward to John Worthing)
Ann Powell1958A Party For ChristmasCaroline Firbanks
Ann Savill1971On Monday NextAvis Clare
Ann Saville1972Twelfth NightAttendant / Citizen
Ann Short1962Fool's ParadiseBrigette Blair
Ann Slater1977The Importance of Being EarnestHon Gwendolen Fairfax (her daughter)
Ann Slater1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampPrompt
Ann Worrall1984Toad Of Toad HallAnimals
Anna Boswell1984Toad Of Toad HallAnimals
Anna Boswell1984Toad Of Toad HallFirst Field Mouse
Anna Boswell1984Toad Of Toad HallFox
Anna Boswell1984Toad Of Toad HallThe White Rabbit
Anna Boswell1984Toad Of Toad HallTurkey
Anna Boswell1986Mother GooseChorus
Anna Boswell1987Sleeping BeautyLady in Waiting
Anna Boswell1988The Winter's TaleLady in Waiting
Anna Carne2012Blithe SpiritChild's Voice
Anna Coyle2001Ernie's Incredible IllucinationsLibrarian
Anna Shooter1979Much Ado About NothingLady of the Court of Messina
Anna Shooter1980Loves Labour LostJaquenetta
Anna Shooter1980The EnquiryValentine
Anna Shooter1981Romeo and JulietCitizen / Servant
Anna Shooter1981Separate TablesWardrobe
Anna Shooter1982She Stoops To ConquerFront cover design
Anna Shooter1982The Glass MenagerieProperties
Anna Shooter1982The Princess and The SwineherdPrincess Siesta of Spain
Anna Shooter1983Last Of The Red Hot LoversWardrobe
Anna Sillitoe2015An Experiment with an Air PumpHarriet Fenwick / Kate
Anna Sillitoe2016Tommy BoyRosie Carr
Anna Sillitoe2017Vincent in BrixtonEugenie
Anna Williamson2001Ernie's Incredible IllucinationsBarker
Anna Young1986Mother GooseChorus
Anne Bond1967The Sleeping PrinceMary
Anne Bond1982The Glass MenagerieLaura
Anne Butterworth1970Ring Round the MoonMake-up
Anne Cichocki2000A Midsummer Night's DreamProperties and Staging
Anne Cichocki2000Breaking The CodeProperties
Anne Cichocki2000DeathtrapProperties and ASM
Anne Cichocki2001The Taming of the ShrewFriend of Lord Simon
Anne Cichocki2001The Taming of the ShrewServant to Petruchio
Anne Cichocki2001Wyrd SistersProperties
Anne Cichocki2002Much Ado About NothingASM
Anne Cichocki2003The Wind In The WillowsStage Manager
Anne Cichocki2003Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeWardrobe
Anne Cichocki2004Breezeblock ParkProperties
Anne Cichocki2006BetrayalProperties
Anne Cichocki2007A Skull In ConnemaraProperties
Anne Cichocki2007Season's GreetingsFront Of House Manager
Anne Cichocki2007Romeo and JulietASM
Anne Cichocki2008Funny MoneyProperties
Anne Cichocki2010Measure For MeasureProperties
Anne Cichocki2011Fallen AngelsHouse Manager
Anne Cichocki2013Polar BearsHouse Manager
Anne Cichocki2014Charley's AuntProps / House Manager
Anne Cichocki2016QuartetProperties
Anne Cichocki2017HandbaggedHouse Manager
Anne Cichocki2018Mrs Warren's ProfessionHouse Manager
Anne Cichocki2021Nell GwynnHouse Manager
Anne Cichocki2022Improbable FictionHouse Manager
Anne Cichocki2022Ladies of ImportanceHouse Manager
Anne Cichocki2022HarveyHouse Manager
Anne Dodd1980Loves Labour LostAttendants / Singer / Dancer
Anne Goodbehere1953The Blind GoddessMary Dering
Anne Kennedy1982Puss In BootsChoreographer
Anne Kennedy1982She Stoops To ConquerKate Hardcastle
Anne Kennedy1983The Taming of the ShrewChoreography
Anne Powell1959Dear DelinquentPenelope Shawn
Anne Preston1965The Amorous PrawnProperty Mistress
Anne Saville1970Spring and Port WineHilda Crompton
Anne Short1964The Irregular Verb To LoveRachel Stone
Anne-Marie Lonsdale2004A Murder Is AnnouncedJulia Simmons
Anne-Marie Lonsdale2004Private LivesAmanda Prynne
Annette Hevicon1979Dick WhittingtonDancers
Annie Goodricke1926The GondoliersVittoria
Annie Goodricke1927Princess IdaChorus
Annie Whitehead1928PatienceChorus
Annie Whitehead1929The SorcererChorus
Annie Whitehead1929Trial By JuryVisitor
Anthony Ashton1933The RumourNewsboy
Anthony E Whitworth1953The HollowSound
Anthony J Peck1959Ring Around The MoonPatrice Bombelles
Anthony J Peck1970Ring Round the MoonPatrice Bombelles
Anthony Peek1960Rock BottomDirector
Anthony Spurgin1964The Wind and the RainDr. Paul Duhamel
Anthony Spurgin1964The Irregular Verb To LoveSound
Anthony Spurgin1965Summer of the Seventh DollSound
Anthony Spurgin1965The Amorous PrawnSound
Anthony Spurgin1965The Love of Four ColonelsSound
Anthony Spurgin1966Nude With ViolinObadiah
Anthony Spurgin1966Nude With ViolinSound
Anthony Spurgin1966The Happiest Days of Your LifeSound
Anthony Spurgin1966The ManMr Franks
Anthony Spurgin1966The Touch Of FearSound
Anthony Spurgin1967The Tulip TreeRobert Elliot
Anthony Spurgin1968Semi-DetachedSound
Anthony Spurgin1969The Waltz of The ToreadorsSound
Anthony Whitworth1961Gilt and GingerbreadJeremy
Anthony Whitworth1962Seven Set SailLighting
Anthony Whitworth1963The Bride Comes BackLighting
Anthony Whitworth2004A Murder Is AnnouncedSet Design and Construction
Anthony Whitworth2005When We Are MarriedFront of House
Anwen Jones2001Ernie's Incredible IllucinationsSoldier
Anwen Jones2005A Christmas CarolGirl Cratchit
Anwen Jones2006Dick WhittingtonChorus
Archibald Marshall1927Princess IdaChorus
Archibald Marshall1928PatienceChorus
Archibald Marshall1929The SorcererChorus
Archibald Marshall1929Trial By JuryGentleman of the Jury
Arnold Whitehead1928PatienceChorus
Arnold Whitehead1931Tom JonesGrizzle
Arthur Muir1952Harlequinade (1952)Second Halberdier
Arthur Muir1953The HollowGudgeon
Arthur Muir1959Ring Around The MoonJoshua
Arthur Smithies1926The GondoliersGondolier
Arthur Smithies1927Princess IdaChorus
Arthur Smithies1928PatienceChorus
Arthur Smithies1929The Devil's DiscipleMajor Swindon
Arthur Smithies1929The SorcererSir Marmaduke Poindextre (an elderley baronet)
Arthur Wilkes1926The GondoliersMarco Palmieri
Arthur Wilkes1927Princess IdaCyril
Arthur Wilkes1929The SorcererAlexis (of the Grenadier Guards)
Arthur Wilkes1929Trial By JuryThe Defendant
Arwel Pritchard2007Romeo and JulietFriar John, a Franciscan
Arwel Pritchard2007Romeo and JulietGentleman
Ash McDowell2017Vincent in BrixtonVincent
Atusa Sade2014All My SonsASM/Props
Atusa Sade2014Charley's AuntLighting
Atusa Sade2015The Thrill of LoveVickie Martin
Atusa Sade2016Tommy BoyMay Pickford
Atusa Sade2016Life & BethElla
Atusa Sade2018Be My BabyNorma
Atusa Sade2019Whisky GalorePallas Player: Connie Calvert
Audrey Hughes1952Harlequinade (1952)Muriel Palmer
Audrey Hughes1963The Scandalous Affair of Mr Kettle and Mrs MoonMrs Twigg, the Housekeeper
B Bythell1929The SorcererSecond Violin
B Bythell1929Trial By JurySecond Violin
B Meads1930The Last of Mrs CheyneyAssistant Stage Manager
B Meads1931Tom JonesStage Staff
Barbara Barrett1994The EntertainerASM/Properties
Barbara Currie1985Present LaughterProperties
Barbara Davenport1959Dear DelinquentHelen Chandler
Barbara Elsy1972Twelfth NightSinger
Barbara Fowler1968A Man For All SeasonsLady Margaret More, Sir Thomas's daughter
Barbara Fowler1969The Waltz of The ToreadorsMlle. Ghislaine de Ste-Euverte
Barbara Fowler1970Ring Round the MoonLady India
Barbara Fowler19702 One-ActsPrompt
Barbara Fowler1972You Never Can TellGloria Clandon
Barbara Fowler1973And So To BedMrs Pepys
Barbara Fowler1973The Little FoxesRegina Giddens
Barbara Glossop1973The Little FoxesAddie
Barbara Godlee1931Tom JonesLady Bellaston (a Lady of Quality)
Barbara Heggs1966The ManProperty Mistress
Barbara Heggs1969The HeiressProperty Mistress
Barbara Heggs1970Hedda GablerProperty Mistress
Barbara Heggs1972The Middle WatchCall Boy
Barbara Laughton1984The Murder of Maria MartenWardrobe
Barbara Laughton1985Present LaughterJaonna Lyppiatt
Barbara Laughton1986The AnniversaryWardrobe
Barbara Laughton1986The MilitantsWardrobe
Barbara Laughton1989Jack and The BeanstalkWardrobe
Barbara Laughton1990Stepping OutWardrobe
Barbara Laughton199184 Charing Cross RoadMaxine Stuart
Barbara Laughton199184 Charing Cross RoadWardrobe
Barbara Lawton1993A Woman of No ImportanceWardrobe
Barbara Little1978Farewell, Farewell EugenePrompt
Barbara Littler1979Dick WhittingtonPrompt
Barbara Mencel1976The Winter's TaleCostune Design
Barbara Mencel1976The Winter's TaleWardrobe
Barbara Rhodes1953The Blind GoddessWardrobe
Barbara Ritchie1990Stepping OutRose
Barbara Roberts1962The Man In The Bowler HatMoll
Barbara Robinson1967The PartyDirector
Barbara Stansfield1996My Mother Said I Never ShouldProperties
Barbara Stansfield1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandWardrobe
Barbara Stansfield2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandWardrobe
Barbara Turner1931One Acts (1931)Smithers
Barbara Turner1960Rock BottomMildred Purvis
Bobbie Mallinson1926The GondoliersPages
Barbara Weaver1979Dick WhittingtonFairy / Pirate / Indian /Others
Barbara Williamson1986The MilitantsDirector
Barbara Wood1989Jack and The BeanstalkProperties
Barbara Wood1990Merry Wives of WindsorDeputy Stage Manager
Barbara Wood1990Seasons GreetingsASM
Barbara Wood1991Much Ado About NothingAttendant
Barbara Woodcock1975The Odd CoupleGwendolyn Pigeon
Barrie Dean1970HarlequinadeTom Palmer
Barrie Wood1968A Man For All SeasonsSignor Chapuys, the Spanish Ambassador
Barrie Wood1970Black ComedyDirector
Barrie Wood1970Hedda GablerJudge Brack
Barrie Wood1971On Monday NextDirector
Barrie Wood1972Night Must FallThe Lord Chief Justice
Barrie Wood1973A Midsummer Night's DreamTom Snout, a tinker
Barrie Wood1973The GazeboDirector
Barrie Wood1973The Little FoxesHouse Manager
Barrie Wood1974How The Other Half LovesHouse Manager
Barrie Wood1974The Wild DuckMolvik
Barrie Wood1974You Can't Take It With YouMr. De Pinna
Barrie Wood1975The Odd CoupleRoy
Barrie Wood1975The Winslow BoyDirector
Barrie Wood1977Plaza SuiteDirector
Barry Bloom1999Romeo and JulietMontague
Barry Philips1982Puss In BootsGriswald
Barry Philips1982Puss In BootsSet construction
Barry Philips1983AladdinCarpenter
Barry Spencer1986Twelfth NightFeste, her jester
Barry Wood1988The VigilThaddeus - a Professor
Barun Chatterjee2004Breezeblock ParkTim
Barun Chatterjee2005A Midsummer's Night DreamGentlefolk
Barun Chatterjee2005Plaza SuiteASM
Barun Chatterjee2006The WeekendASM
Barun Chaterjee2007TartuffeLaurent, his acolyte
Basil Garratt1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampCoolie, Courtier, Washerperson
Basil Garratt1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampHorse Extraordinary to Emperor of all China
Basil Garratt1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampMephistopheles - Prince of Darkness
Basil Garratt1978Relative ValuesAdmiral Sir John Hayling
Basil Garrett1992Up 'n' UnderGroundsman
Basil Spurgin1969The HeiressMorris Townsend
Basil Spurgin1969The Shop at Sly CornerSound
Basil Spurgin19702 One-ActsSound
Basil Spurgin1970Spring and Port WineWilfred Crompton
Basil Spurgin1971Birthday HonoursPeter Varley
Basil Spurgin1971On Monday NextJerry Winterton
Basil Spurgin1973The Little FoxesSound
Becky Ingram1985A Midsummer Night's DreamFairy
Belinda Coghlan1979Much Ado About NothingPrograme cover design
Belinda Coghlan1980The EnquiryCollins
Belinda Coghlan1988The VigilEsther - A Country Girl
Belinda Coghlan2002Broken GlassSylvia Gellburg
Belinda Coghlan2002Make Way For LuciaWardrobe
Belinda Coghlan2002Much Ado About NothingUrsula, attendant on Hero
Belinda Coghlan2003Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeLady Clementina Beauchamp, his great aunt
Belinda Coghlan2005A Christmas CarolMrs Fezziwig
Belinda Coghlan2005A Christmas CarolMrs Dilber
Belinda Coghlan2005A Midsummer's Night DreamCobweb
Belinda Coghlan2006The WeekendPrompt
Belinda Coghlan2009It Runs In The FamilyMatron
Belinda Coghlan2009Separate TablesProperties
Belinda Coghlan2010The Unexpected GuestMrs Warwick
Belinda Coghlan2011MacbethPrompt
Belinda Coghlan2011Fallen AngelsProperties
Belinda Coghlan2011Children's DayPrompt
Belinda Coghlan2012A Midsummer Night's DreamMustardseed
Belinda Coghlan2013The HollowLady Angkatell
Belinda Coghlan2014All My SonsSue Bayliss
Belinda Coghlan2015Duets - Secretarial SkillsPrompt
Belinda Coghlan2015DuetsWedding Cakes
Belinda Coghlan2015The 39 StepsPrompt
Belinda Coghlan2015The SteamieASM
Belinda Coghlan2016TwoPrompt
Belinda Coghlan2016QuartetWardrobe
Belinda Coghlan2016Relatively SpeakingPrompt
Belinda Coghlan2016Life & BethPrompt
Belinda Coghlan2017The LadykillersMrs Tromleyton
Belinda Coghlan2017Talking Heads - Bed Among the LentilsSusan
Belinda Coghlan2018Be My BabyPrompt
Belinda Coghlan2018Mrs Warren's ProfessionWardrobe
Belinda Coghlan2018We Are Three SistersTabitha Ackroyd
Belinda Coghlan2018Alice's Adventures in WonderlandDuchess
Belinda Coghlan2019Ladies' DayPrompt
Belinda Coghlan2019Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect NonsenseASM
Belinda Coghlan2019Whisky GaloreProps
Belinda Coghlan2020April in ParisASM
Belinda Coghlan2021Nell GwynnNancy
Belinda Coghlan2022God of CarnageProps / ASM
Belinda Coghlan2022Single SpiesProps
Belinda Coghlan2022Ladies of Importance - A Lady of LettersIrene Ruddock
Belinda Coghlan2022Ladies of Importance - Lady Bracknell's ReturnPrompt
Belinda Coghlan2022HarveyPrompt
Belinda Coghlan2023These Shining LivesPrompt / Props
Belinda Coghlan2023The Hound of the BaskervillesPrompt / Props
Belinda Coghlan2023Hindle WakesPrompt
Belinda Mencel1964The Wind and the RainMrs.McFie
Belinda Mencel1965The Love of Four ColonelsMme Ikonenko
Belinda Mencel1966The ManPrompt
Belinda Mencel1967The Sleeping PrinceThe Baroness
Belinda Mencel1967The Tulip TreeSarah Elliot
Belinda Mencel1968Semi-DetachedProperty Mistress
Belinda Mencel1969The HeiressCatherine
Belinda Mencel1969The Shop at Sly CornerMake-up
Belinda Mencel1970Black ComedyClea
Belinda Mencel1970Hedda GablerMake-Up
Belinda Mencel1971On Monday NextSandra Layton
Belinda Mencel1971The Little HutDirector
Belinda Mencel1972Twelfth NightAttendant / Citizen
Belinda Mencel1972Twelfth NightJewellery & Headdresses
Belinda Mencel1972You Never Can TellA Waitress
Belinda Mencel1974As You Like ItLord
Belinda Mencel1975Lloyd George Knew My FatherMaud Boothroyd
Belinda Mencel1975Lloyd George Knew My FatherWardrobe Mistress
Belinda Mencel1975The CrucibleMrs Elizabeth Proctor
Belinda Mencil1976The Winter's TaleDorcas, shepherdess
Belinda Mencel1973A Midsummer Night's DreamTitania, Queen of the Fairies
Ben Dixon1992The Murder of Maria MartinMr Marten
Ben Furnival1991Much Ado About NothingAttendant
Ben Furnival1992The Taming of the ShrewServant to Baptista / Villager
Ben Fursland1986The AnniversaryHouse Manager
Ben Gibson1995AmadeusServant / Citizen of Vienna
Ben Shotton2011MacbethApparition
Ben Shotton2011MacbethMacbeth's Servant
Ben Shotton2015An Experiment with an Air PumpASM
Ben Shotton2016Tommy BoyCarl Lehmann / Phil Nelson / Lt Heslop
Ben Tabard2001An Evening of Alan AyckbournLighting Assistant
Ben Tarbard2001The RivalsServant
Ben Turner2003The Wind In The WillowsMouse Malcolm
Ben Turner2003The Wind In The WillowsSquirrel Samuel
Ben Wilson2014All My SonsBert
Bentley Fursland1974You Can't Take It With YouPaul Sycamore
Bentley Fursland1978Dear BrutusMr Coade
Bentley Fursland1980The EnquiryReverend John Shillitoe
Bentley Fursland1980The RivalsDavid
Bentley Fursland1982Puss In BootsChancellor Egbert
Bentley Fursland1982She Stoops To ConquerSir Charle Marlow, Marlow's Father
Bernie Rickman1979Dick WhittingtonASM
Bernie Rickman1979Not Now DarlingASM
Bernie Rickman1979The Lion In WinterASM
Beryl Frith1970Hedda GablerProperty Mistress
Beryl Frith1970Ring Round the MoonProperties
Beryl Frith1971The Little HutProperties
Beryl Frith1974The Wild DuckProperties
Beryl Frith1975The Winslow BoyProperties
Beryl Frith1976Arms and The ManProperties
Beryl Frith1977The Importance of Being EarnestProperties
Beryl Frith1979Dick WhittingtonASM
Beryl Frith1979The Lion In WinterASM
Beryl Frith1980The EnquiryProperties
Beryl Smith1973The Little FoxesProperties
Beryl Smith2013Curious SavageWardrobe
Beryl Smith2016Life & BethWardrobe
Beth Williamson2001Ernie's Incredible IllucinationsSoldier
Bethan Shotton2011Children's DayChildren's Party Voice
Bethan Shotton2012A Midsummer Night's DreamFairy Child
Bethan Shotton2012Blithe SpiritChild's Voice
Bethan Shotton2013Polar BearsGirl
Bethan Williams1992The Murder of Maria MartinMaria Marten
Betty Hannam1983AladdinSet Building
Betty Hannam1983AladdinWardrobe
Betty Hannam1984Outside EdgeWardrobe
Betty Percival1987Sleeping BeautyPianist
Beverley Dykstra1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandWardrobe
Beverley Dykstra2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandWardrobe
Biddy Williams1959Ring Around The MoonDiana Messerschmann
Biddy Williams1961Subway In The SkyAnna Grant
Biddy Williams1964Billy LiarFlorence Boothroyd
Biddy Williams1965Summer of the Seventh DollPrompt
Biddy Williams1965The Love of Four ColonelsMme Frappot
Biddy Williams1966Nude With ViolinIsobel Sorodin
Biddy Williams1967The Tulip TreeMary Weldon
Biddy Williams1969The HeiressMrs Lavinia Penniman
Biddy Williams1969The Shop at Sly CornerMathilde Heiss
Bill Glasgow1994A Midsummer Night's DreamMusician
Bill Glasgow1997The TempestFlute/Clarinet/Sax
Bill Lawson1999Romeo and JulietCapulet
Bill Lawson2000A Midsummer Night's DreamEgeus
Bill McCullough1975The CrucibleSet Construction
Bill McCullough1975The Odd CoupleSet Construction
Bill McCullough1976Winter JourneyCarpenter
Bill Mitchell1985Present LaughterSet Construction
Bill Mitchell1986The MilitantsStaging Crew
Bill Mitchell1987Sleeping BeautyGuest
Bill Mitchell1987Sleeping BeautySet Design and Construction
Bill Mitchell1988The Winter's TaleASM
Bill Mitchell1994The EntertainerSet
Bill Nolan1997Outside EdgeBob
Bill Nolan1997Racing DemonEwan Gilmour
Bill Nolan1998The Darling Buds of MayCharlie Charlton
Bill Nolan1998Whose Life Is It AnywayPhilip Hill
Bill Nolan1999Children Of A Lesser GodSound
Bill Nolan1999Habeas CorpusDennis Wicksteed
Bill Nolan1999PygmalionA Bystander
Bill Nolan1999PygmalionSet Construction
Bill Nolan2000DeathtrapSet Design and Construction
Bill Nolan2000DeathtrapSound
Bill Nolan2000The Cemetery ClubSet Build
Bill Nolan2010Measure For MeasurePompey, her pimp
Bill Nolan2012The Lonesome WestValene
Bill Paulson2005A Christmas CarolFiddler
Bill Pinnock2016QuartetASM
Bill Pinnock2017Vincent in BrixtonHouse Manager
Bill Platt1993The Comedy of ErrorsAngelo
Bill Platt1998The Odd Couple (female version) Director
Bill Platt1998The Odd Couple (female version)Manolo
Bill Salkeld2022HarveyRehearsal Photos
Bill Upton1971On Monday NextLighting and Sound Effects
Bill Upton1972A View From A BridgeLighting
Bill Upton1972The Middle WatchLighting
Bill Warburton1962Hans, The Witch and The GobbinGob, a Gobbin
Bob Chaloner1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampWishee Washee - No.1 Bagwashman
Bob Chaloner1979Dick WhittingtonIdle Jack
Bob Chaloner1982Puss In BootsWidow Nellie Trump
Bob Chaloner1982She Stoops To ConquerTony Lumpkin, his stepson
Bob Chaloner1983AladdinGenie of the Lamp
Bob Merry1989Romeo and JulietFight Arranger
Bob Merry1999Romeo and JulietFight Arranger
Bob Prescott1980Loves Labour LostHolofernes, a schoolmaster
Bob Prescott1986The Noble SpaniardThe Duke of Hermanos (a Spaniard)
Bob Stewart2008GaslightRough
Bob Stewart2009It Runs In The FamilyBill
Bob Stewart2009Nobody's FoolStage Manager
Bob Stewart2009The 3 MusketeersAn Innkeeper
Bob Stewart2010Communicating DoorsJulian
Bob Stewart2011Deep Blue SeaSound Operation
Bob Stewart2011Fallen AngelsStage Manager
Bob Stewart2011And Then There Were NoneSound
Bob Stewart2011Independent MeansStage Hand
Bob Stewart2011Children's DayTom Sutton
Bob Stewart2012A Chip In The SugarHouse Manager
Bob Stewart2012A Chip In The SugarRehearsal Photographs
Bob Stewart2012Dumb WaiterHouse Manager
Bob Stewart2012Gosforth's FeteHouse Manager
Bob Stewart2012The LessonHouse Manager
Bob Stewart2012A Midsummer Night's DreamRobin Starveling (A tailor/Moonshine)
Bob Stewart2012Blithe SpiritStage Manager
Bob Stewart2012Calendar GirlsJohn
Bob Stewart2013Polar BearsSound
Bob Stewart2013Wife Begins At FortyHouse Manager
Bob Stewart2013The HollowSound
Bob Stewart2013The Importance Of Being EarnestStage Manager
Bob Stewart2014Dealing With ClairSound
Bob Stewart2014A Chorus of DisapprovalSound
Bob Stewart2014Veronica's RoomSound
Bob Stewart2014Charley's AuntHouse Manager
Bob Stewart2015The Thrill of LoveSound
Bob Stewart2015Entertaining AngelsSound
Bob Stewart2015An Experiment with an Air PumpStage Manager
Bob Stewart2016TwoSound
Bob Stewart2016Tommy BoyStage Manager
Bob Stewart2016Relatively SpeakingSound
Bob Stewart2016The PriceHouse Manager
Bob Stewart2017The LadykillersConstable MacDonald
Bob Stewart2017Around the World in 80 DaysLighting/Sound
Bonio Swatkin1995StrewthSound
Bonnie Reilly2000Once A CatholicPupil
Brenda Peck1960Rock BottomProperty Mistress
Brian Nixon1994Crown MatrimonialLighting
Brian Parker2019Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect NonsenseScenic Artist
Brian Shaw1999Romeo and JulietSecond Capulet
Brian Shaw1999Romeo and JulietServant / Citizen
Brian Stoner2002AladdinAbanazar
Brian Stoner2003Merry Wives of WindsorThe Host of the Garter Inn
Brian Stoner2003The Wind In The WillowsSetting
Brian Stoner2004A Murder Is AnnouncedSet Design and Construction
Brian Stoner2004As You Like ItDuke Frederick
Brian Stoner2004WitDr Kelekian
Brian Stoner2004WitMr Bearing
Brian Stoner2004WitSet Construction
Brian Stoner2006Dick WhittingtonJointrekin Jessie
Brian Stoner2006Twelfth NightSir Andrew Aguecheek (a companion of Sir Toby)
Brian Stoner2008Much Ado About NothingDon John, Don Pedro's bastard brother
Brian Stoner2009Nobody's FoolLenny
Brian Walker1951Happiest Days Of Your Life (1951)Dick Tassell
Brooke Keneford1961Subway In The SkyPolice Sergeant Mulloy
Brooke Keneford1964Billy LiarArthur Crabtree
Bruce Williams2004Private LivesLighting
Bruce Williams2004WitLighting
Bruce Williams2005Beauty Queen of LeenaneLighting
Bruce Williams2005Death and the MaidenLighting
Bruce Williams2005When We Are MarriedLighting
Bruce Williams2006BetrayalLighting
Bruce Williams2006Relatively SpeakingLighting
Bruce Williams2006The WeekendLighting
Bruce Williams2007Look Back In AngerLighting
Bruce Williams2007The Real Inspector HoundLighting
Bruce Williams2007TartuffeLighting
Bruce Williams2008GaslightLighting
Bruce Williams2008Hay FeverLighting
Bruce Williams2008Snake In The GrassLighting
Bruce Williams2009Come Blow Your HornLighting
Bruce Williams2009Come Blow Your HornSet Painter/Help
Bruce Williams2009Humble BoyLighting
Bruce Williams2009Nobody's FoolLighting
Bruce Williams2010Birthday PartyLighting
Bruce Williams2010The Unexpected GuestLighting
Bruce Williams2010The Unexpected GuestProgramme Photography
Bruce Williams2010Communicating DoorsLighting Design and Operator
Bruce Williams2011MacbethLighting
Bruce Williams2011And Then There Were NoneLighting
Bruce Williams2011Independent MeansLighting and Projection
Bruce Williams2012A Chip In The SugarRehearsal Photographs
Bruce Williams2012A Chip In The SugarLighting
Bruce Williams2012Dumb WaiterLighting
Bruce Williams2012Gosforth's FeteLighting
Bruce Williams2012Gosforth's FeteRehearsal Photographs
Bruce Williams2012The LessonLighting
Bruce Williams2012Steel MagnoliasRehearsal Photographs
Bruce Williams2012The Lonesome WestLighting
Bruce Williams2012A Midsummer Night's DreamLights/Sound
Bruce Williams2012A Midsummer Night's DreamRehearsal Photographs
Bruce Williams2012Blithe SpiritLighting
Bruce Williams2012Calendar GirlsCalendar Photographs
Bruce Williams2012Calendar GirlsRehearsal Photographs
Bruce Williams2013Polar BearsLighting
Bruce Williams2013Curious SavageRehearsal Photography
Bruce Williams2013Wife Begins At FortyLighting
Bruce Williams2013The HollowLighting
Bruce Williams2013The HollowRehearsal Photographs
Bruce Williams2013If I Were YouRehearsal Photographs
Bruce Williams2013The Importance Of Being EarnestLighting
Bruce Williams2014Dealing With ClairLighting
Bruce Williams2014TheftLighting
Bruce Williams2014A Chorus of DisapprovalLighting
Bruce Williams2014Veronica's RoomLighting
Bruce Williams2015DuetsRehearsal Photographs
Bruce Williams2015The Thrill of LoveLighting
Bruce Williams2015Entertaining AngelsLighting
Bruce Williams2015The 39 StepsLighting
Bruce Williams2015An Experiment with an Air PumpLighting
Bruce Williams2016TwoLighting
Bruce Williams2016Tommy BoyRehearsal Photographs
Bruce Williams2016QuartetLighting
Bruce Williams2016Relatively SpeakingLighting
Bruce Williams2016The PriceLighting
Bruce Williams2016Life & BethSet Design/Lighting
Bruce Williams2017HandbaggedLighting
Bruce Williams2017The LadykillersSound
Bruce Williams2017The LadykillersRehearsal Photographs
Bruce Williams2017Around the World in 80 DaysLighting/Sound
Bruce Williams2017Talking HeadsSet Build
Bruce Williams2017The Winter's TaleLighting
Bruce Williams2018Be My BabyLighting
Bruce Williams2018The WeirRehearsal photos
Bruce Williams2018Mrs Warren's ProfessionLighting
Bruce Williams2018We Are Three SistersLighting
Bruce Williams2018HeroesRehearsal Photographs
Bruce Williams2018Alice's Adventures in WonderlandLighting
Bruce Williams2019Ladies' DayLighting/Rehearsal Photographs
Bruce Williams2019The Playboy of the Western WorldLighting
Bruce Williams2019Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect NonsenseLighting
Bruce Williams2019Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Lighting
Bruce Williams2019Whisky GaloreLighting / Rehearsal Photographs
Bruce Williams2020April in ParisLighting
Bruce Williams2021Nell GwynnLighting
Bruce Williams2022God of CarnageRehearsal Photographs
Bruce Williams2022Single SpiesLighting
Bruce Williams2022Improbable FictionLighting
Bruce Williams2022Ladies of ImportanceLighting
Bruce Williams2022HarveyLighting
Bruce Williams2023The RiverLighting
Bruce Williams2023These Shining LivesLighting / Programme Photographs
Bruce Williams2023The Hound of the BaskervillesLighting
Bruce Williams2023Hindle WakesLighting
Bryan Lowe1965The Amorous PrawnThe Prawn
Bryan Lowe1968A Man For All SeasonsThomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury
Bryan Lowe1968Semi-DetachedRobert Freeman
Bryan Lowe1970Black ComedyHarold Corringe
Bryan Lowe1973The GazeboThe Dook
Bryan M Lowe1966The Touch Of FearFred Owen
Bryn Thomas2008The FatherAdolf (A Captain in the cavalry and a scientist)
Bryn Thomas2011MacbethMacbeth
Bryn Thomas2011Children's DayRobin Partridge
C A Beving1929The Devil's DiscipleLawyer Hawkins
C A Beving1929The Devil's DiscipleChaplain Brudenell
C A Beving1931One Acts (1931)Assistant Stage Manager
C A Beving1933The RumourAssistant Stage Director
C Dunnington ARMCM1926The GondoliersFirst Violin (leader)
C H Nickson1927Princess IdaHon Property Mistress
C H Nickson1929The SorcererHon Property Mistress
C H Nickson1929Trial By JuryHon Property Mistress
C R Charnley1958A Party For ChristmasHouse Manager
C R Charnley1959Angels In LoveHouse Manager
C R Charnley1959Ring Around The MoonHouse Manager
C R Charnley1959Something To HideDeputy House Manager
C R Charnley1960A Touch of The SunHouse Manager
C R Charnley1960Rock BottomHouse Manager
C R Charnley1960The Queen and The WelshmanHouse Manager
C Webb1931Tom JonesChorus
Caitlan Jones2001Ernie's Incredible IllucinationsSoldier
Caitlan Jones2003Merry Wives of WindsorLady of Windsor
Caitlan King2011Children's DayChildren's Party Voice
Callum Veale2016Tommy BoyFred Pickford / Suit Yourself Wayland
Cameron Chandler1999Romeo and JulietServant / Citizen
Capt J E E E Oakley MC1926The GondoliersFlute
Carl Walker2000A Midsummer Night's DreamDemetrius, suitor to Hermia
Carl Walker2000DeathtrapClifford Anderson
Carloe Stewart1973A Midsummer Night's DreamFairy
Carly Southern2002AladdinASM
Carly Southern2003Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeLighting
Carmel Bird2005A Midsummer's Night DreamRobin Starveling (Moonshine)
Carmel Bird2009Separate TablesMiss Cooper
Carmel Bird2011Deep Blue SeaHester Collyer
Carmel Bird2015The Thrill of LoveSylvia Shaw
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Carol Cockcroft1989Jack and The BeanstalkVillager
Carol Heggs1974As You Like ItLord
Carol Heggs1976Arms and The ManWardrobe
Carol White1972Night Must FallOlivia Grayne
Carol White1973The GazeboMatilda
Carol White1974As You Like ItPhebe (shepherdess)
Carol White1975The CrucibleMary Warren
Carol White1975The Winslow BoyCatherine Winslow
Carole Cockcroft1983AladdinChorus
Carole Cockcroft1986The MilitantsProperties
Carole Holmes2004Breezeblock ParkSoft Furnishings
Carole Holmes2005A Christmas CarolCostumes
Carole Holmes2005When We Are MarriedWardrobe, Costume Design and Making
Carole Holmes2005A Midsummer's Night DreamWardrobe
Carole Holmes2007Look Back In AngerWardrobe
Carole Holmes2007Romeo and JulietWardrobe
Carole Holmes2008GaslightWardrobe
Carole Holmes2008Much Ado About NothingWardrobe Assistant
Carole Holmes2008Hay FeverWardrobe
Carole Holmes2009Humble BoyWardrobe
Carole Holmes2009Separate TablesWardrobe
Carole Holmes2009The 3 MusketeersWardrobe
Carole Holmes2010Birthday PartyWardrobe
Carole Holmes2010The Unexpected GuestWardrobe
Carole Holmes2010Communicating DoorsWardrobe
Carole Holmes2011MacbethWardrobe
Carole Holmes2011And Then There Were NoneWardrobe
Carole Holmes2011Independent MeansWardrobe
Carole Holmes2012Calendar GirlsWardrobe
Carole Holmes2013Curious SavageWardrobe
Carole Holmes2013The HollowWardrobe
Carole Holmes2013The Importance Of Being EarnestWardrobe
Carole Holmes2015Duets - Blind DatePrompt
Carole Holmes2015An Experiment with an Air PumpWardrobe
Carole Holmes2016QuartetWardrobe
Carole Holmes2016The PricePrompt
Carole Holmes2018We Are Three SistersWardrobe
Carole Holmes2018HeroesWardrobe
Carole Holmes2019The Playboy of the Western WorldWardrobe
Carole Holmes2019Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Wardrobe
Carole Holmes2020April in ParisWardrobe
Carole Mullineux2014Dealing With ClairLiz
Carole Mullineux2014A Chorus of DisapprovalFay Hubbard
Carole Mullineux2016Life & BethConnie
Carole Mullineux2018The WeirValerie
Caroline Cooney1987Sleeping BeautyLady in Waiting
Caroline Cooney1987Sleeping BeautyNurse
Caroline Fuller1987Sleeping BeautyLady in Waiting
Caroline Janes1986Mother GooseChorus
Caroline Janes1986Twelfth NightAttendant / Citizen
Caroline Janes1987Sleeping BeautyLady in Waiting
Caroline Janes1988The Winter's TaleLady in Waiting
Caroline Jones1993The Pied PiperNarrator
Caroline Lucas2000Once A CatholicASM
Caroline Lucas2003Abigail's PartySusan
Caroline Lucas2006The Memory Of WaterTheresa
Caroline Lucas2007Look Back In AngerProperties
Caroline Lucas2007Season's GreetingsProperties
Caroline Lucas2008Funny MoneySlater
Caroline Lucas2009It Runs In The FamilySister
Caroline Lucas2012Steel MagnoliasASM
Caroline Lucas2012A Midsummer Night's DreamASM Props
Caroline Lucas2012Blithe SpiritASM
Caroline Lucas2012Calendar GirlsRuth
Caroline Lucas2013Wife Begins At FortyBetty Dixon
Caroline Lucas2014TheftASM/Props
Caroline Lucas2014A Chorus of DisapprovalASM
Caroline Lucas2015Duets - Secretarial SkillsJanet
Caroline Lucas2015The Thrill of LoveHouse Manager
Caroline Lucas2015Entertaining AngelsSound
Caroline Lucas2016The PriceHouse Manager
Caroline Lucas2016Life & BethASM/Props
Caroline Lucas2017HandbaggedMags, Younger Thatcher
Caroline Lucas2017Vincent in BrixtonASM
Caroline Lucas2018Be My BabyHouse Manager
Caroline Lucas2018Mrs Warren's ProfessionASM
Caroline Lucas2018Alice's Adventures in WonderlandHouse Manager
Caroline Lucas2022Improbable FictionHouse Manager
Caroline Lucas2022Ladies of ImportanceHouse Manager
Caroline Lucas2022HarveyHouse Manager
Caroline Melliar-Smith1982Puss In BootsFairy Moonbeam
Caroline Melliar-Smith1983AladdinSee-ay-don't
Caroline Melliar-Smith1986Mother GooseChorus
Caroline Melliar-Smith1986The MilitantsRachel Randall
Caroline Melliar-Smith1988The HeiressMrs Montgomery (Morris's sister)
Caroline Melliar-Smith1988The Winter's TaleDorcas, shepherdess
Caroline Melliar-Smith1989Murder In The CathedralChorus
Caroline Melliar-Smith1990Merry Wives of WindsorDirector
Caroline Melliar-Smith1990Stepping OutDorothy
Caroline Melliar-Smith1999Romeo and JulietNurse
Caroline Melliar-Smith2000A Midsummer Night's DreamFriend / House Guest / Servant
Caroline Melliar-Smith2000A Midsummer Night's DreamProperties and Staging
Caroline Melliar-Smith2000Once A CatholicAssistant Director
Caroline Melliar-Smith2000Once A CatholicMother Thomas Aquinas
Caroline Melliar-Smith2001Dancing At LunaghsaKate
Caroline Melliar-Smith2001The Taming of the ShrewProperties
Caroline Melliar-Smith2001Wyrd SistersGranny Weatherwax
Caroline Melliar-Smith2002Hard TimesProperties
Caroline Melliar-Smith2003Merry Wives of WindsorLady of Windsor
Caroline Melliar-Smith2003The Wind In The WillowsDresser
Caroline Melliar-Smith2004A Murder Is AnnouncedDirector
Caroline Melliar-Smith2005A Christmas CarolThe Spirit of Christmas Past
Caroline Melliar-Smith2005A Christmas CarolFred's Sister
Caroline Melliar-Smith2005A Midsummer's Night DreamPeaseblossom
Caroline Melliar-Smith2006The Memory Of WaterDirector
Caroline Schofield1982Puss In BootsChorus
Caroline Schofield1982The Princess and The SwineherdA vegetable woman
Caroline Schofield1983AladdinChorus
Caroline Schofield1983The Taming of the ShrewDancer
Caroline Schofield1984The Merchant of VeniceStephanie
Caroline Schofield1984Toad Of Toad HallChief Ferret
Caroline Schofield1985Present LaughterProperties
Caroline Schofield1985When We Are MarriedRuby Birtle
Caroline Schofield1986Mother GooseProperties
Caroline Schofield1986The MilitantsNelly Brown
Caroline Schofield1986Twelfth NightAttendant / Citizen
Caroline Schofield1987Sleeping BeautyLady Sophia
Caroline Schofield1988The HeiressMaria (the parlour maid)
Caroline Schofield1989Jack and The BeanstalkDaisy-Bell (cow)
Caroline Schofield1990Charley's AuntFront Of House
Caroline Schofield1990Stepping OutGirl/Fairy
Caroline Schofield1990Stepping OutProperties
Caroline Schofield199184 Charing Cross RoadWilhelima Humphries (Billie)
Caroline Schofield1991Dark of the MoonEdna Sumney
Caroline Schofield1991Much Ado About NothingAttendant
Caroline Schofield1993A Woman of No ImportanceLady Hunstanton's Maid
Caroline Schofield1993A Woman of No ImportanceMrs Arbuthnot's Maid
Caroline Schofield1993The Comedy of ErrorsCitizen of Ephesus
Caroline Schofield1993The Late Miss CordellJane
Caroline Schofield1993Witness for the ProsecutionGreta (typist to Sir Wilfred)
Caroline Schofield1994A Month of SundaysWardrobe
Caroline Schofield1994Crown MatrimonialWardrobe
Caroline Schofield1995The CrucibleMercy Lewis
Caroline Schofield1996Cabaret CapersPerformer
Caroline Schofield1996Hobson's ChoiceAda Figgins
Caroline Schofield1997Outside EdgeMaggie
Caroline Schofield1999Habeas CorpusConnie Wicksteed
Caroline Schofield2000The Cemetery ClubPrompt
Caroline Schrempt1993The Pied PiperRat / Villager
Caroline Smith1982Puss In BootsChorus
Caroline Willcocks1995The Merchant of VeniceTownsfolk
Caroline Willocks1993The Pied PiperRat / Villager
Caroline Willocks1994A Midsummer Night's DreamFriend / House Guest / Servant
Carolyn Atherton1989Jack and The BeanstalkVillager
Carolyn Hooper1982The Princess and The SwineherdPrincess Chow-Tung of China
Carolyn Wilson1959Something To HideJulie
Carolyn Wilson1961From Five To Five-ThirtyAlice
Carolyn Wilson1961Gilt and GingerbreadManuela
Carolyn Wilson1962Fool's ParadiseFiona Renshaw
Carys Jones2022Improbable FictionVivvi
Carys Jones2023The Hound of the BaskervillesSir Henry Baskerville & other parts
Caron Wood1979Dick WhittingtonDancers
Caron Wood1993The Comedy of ErrorsCitizen of Ephesus
Caron Wood1994The EntertainerJean Rice
Cat Moss2000A Midsummer Night's DreamFirst Fairy's Girl
Cath Aston1972A View From A BridgeProperties
Cath Kelly1977The Flip SideProperties
Catherine Armstrong1984Toad Of Toad HallAnimals
Catherine Bailey1978All's Well That Ends WellAttendant / Citizen
Catherine Charnley1962Hans, The Witch and The GobbinHank ????
Catherine Charnley1966The Happiest Days of Your LifeBarbara Cahoun
Catherine Furber1999Romeo and JulietPage
Catherine Furber2000A Midsummer Night's DreamFirst Fairy's Girl
Catherine Furber2000Once A CatholicMary Hennessy
Catherine Furber2001The Taming of the ShrewFriend of Lord Simon
Catherine Glancey1950Waters Of The MoonMake Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1952Harlequinade (1952)Make Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1952The Browning VersionMake Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1954Spring At MarinoMake Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1958A Party For ChristmasMake-Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1959Angels In LoveMake-Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1959Dear DelinquentMake-Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1959Ring Around The MoonMake-Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1959Something To HideMake-Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1960A Touch of The SunMake-Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1960The Queen and The WelshmanMake-Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1961From Five To Five-ThirtyMake-Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1961Gilt and GingerbreadMake-Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1961Not In The BookMake-Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1961Subway In The SkyMake-Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1961The Chalk GardenMake-Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1962Fool's ParadiseMake-Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1962Seven Set SailMake-Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1962The Man In The Bowler HatMake-Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1963Duet For Two HandsMake-Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1963The Bride Comes BackMake-Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1963The Grass Is GreenerMake-Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1963The Scandalous Affair of Mr Kettle and Mrs MoonMake-Up
Catherine Glancey1964Billy LiarMake-Up
Catherine Glancey1964The Wind and the RainMake-Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1964The Aspern PapersMake-Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1964The Irregular Verb To LoveMake-Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1965Summer of the Seventh DollMake-Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1965The Amorous PrawnMake-Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1965The Love of Four ColonelsMake-Up
Catherine Glancey1965The Rape Of The BeltMake-Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1966Nude With ViolinMake-Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1966The Happiest Days of Your LifeMake-Up
Catherine Glancey1966The ManMake-Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1966The Touch Of FearMake-Up
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Catherine Glancey1967The Sleeping PrinceMake-Up
Catherine Glancey1967The Tulip TreeMake-Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1968A Man For All SeasonsMake-Up Artiste
Catherine Glancey1968Semi-DetachedMake-Up Artiste
Catherine Hull2009The 3 MusketeersNun
Catherine Hunton1974As You Like ItCall Boy
Catherine Kelly1975The CrucibleProperties
Caz Atherton1989Red Hot CindersBlind Mouse
Cecil A Grinham1959Dear DelinquentHenry Shawn
Cecil A Grinham1960A Touch of The SunGerald Harcourt
Cecil A Grinham1960The Queen and The WelshmanHumphrey, Duke of Gloucester
Cecil A Grinham1961Not In The BookPedro Juarez
Cecil A Grinham1962Seven Set SailSalatis, a Soldier
Cecil A Grinham1963Duet For Two HandsEdward Sarclett
Cecil A Grinham1963The Bride Comes BackSmith
Cecil A Grinham1963The Grass Is GreenerCharles
Cecil A Grinham1964The Irregular Verb To LoveFelix Rankin
Cecil A Grinham1965The Amorous PrawnLarry Hoffman
Cecil A Grinham1965The Rape Of The BeltHeracles
Cecil Grinham1961Gilt and GingerbreadMortimer Wilmot
Cecil Grinham1964All For MaryVictor Montenay
Cecil Grinham1964Billy LiarGeoffrey Fisher
Cedric Keen1950The Importance of Being EarnestLane (Mr Moncrieff's manservant)
Cedric Keen1951Happiest Days Of Your Life (1951)Rupert Billings
Cedric Keen1952The Browning VersionFrank Hunter
Cedric Keen1953The Blind GoddessDerek Waterhouse
Celia Bonner1990Merry Wives of WindsorDancer
Celia Bonner1990Stepping OutMavis
Celia Bonner1991Arms and The ManDirectot
Celia Bonner1991Much Ado About NothingUrsula, attendant on Hero
Celia Bonner1992The Taming of the ShrewServant to Petruchio
Celia Bonner1993A Woman of No ImportanceDirector
Celia Bonner1993A Woman of No ImportanceSet Design
Celia Bonner1993The Comedy of ErrorsAdriana
Celia Bonner1994Crown MatrimonialMary, Pricess Royal
Celia Bonner1995AmadeusThe Venticelli
Celia Bonner1995The Merchant of VeniceDirector
Celia Bonner1998Henry VDresser
Celia Bonner1998Whose Life Is It AnywaySister Anderson
Celia Bonner1999Habeas CorpusSound
Celia Bonner1999PygmalionDialect Coach
Celia Bonner1999PygmalionMrs Higgins
Celia Bonner2000A Midsummer Night's DreamDirector
Celia Bonner2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandSound
Celia Bonner2000Breaking The CodeDirector
Celia Bonner2000DeathtrapProperties and ASM
Celia Bonner2001Wyrd SistersPrompt
Celia Bonner2002Make Way For LuciaDirector
Celia Bonner2002Much Ado About NothingASM
Celia Bonner2002Much Ado About NothingServant / Gentlefolk
Celia Bonner2002Much Ado About NothingText Interpretation
Celia Bonner2003The Wind In The WillowsDirector
Celia Bonner2004As You Like ItDirector
Celia Bonner2005A Christmas CarolDirector
Celia Bonner2006Dick WhittingtonHouse Manager
Celia Bonner2007TartuffeDirector
Celia Bonner2007A Skull In ConnemaraMaryjohnny Rafferty
Celia Bonner2007Romeo and JulietASM
Celia Bonner2008GaslightElizabeth
Celia Bonner2008Much Ado About NothingASM
Celia Bonner2008Snake In The GrassHouse Manager
Celia Bonner2009The 3 MusketeersDirector
Celia Bonner2010Birthday PartyMeg
Celia Bonner2010Measure For MeasureHouse Manager
Celia Bonner2010The Unexpected GuestMiss Bennett
Celia Bonner2010The Unexpected GuestAssistant Director
Celia Bonner2011Deep Blue SeaSound Operation
Celia Bonner2011Macbeth2nd Witch
Celia Bonner2011Fallen AngelsDirector
Celia Bonner2011And Then There Were NoneStage Manager
Celia Bonner2011Independent MeansHouse Manager
Celia Bonner2012The LessonThe Maid
Celia Bonner2012A Midsummer Night's DreamDirector
Celia Bonner2013Curious SavageDirector
Celia Bonner2013The HollowASM
Celia Bonner2013If I Were YouStage Manager
Celia Bonner2014Dealing With ClairHouse Manager
Celia Bonner2014A Chorus of DisapprovalStage Manager
Celia Bonner2015DuetsOverall Director
Celia Bonner2015Entertaining AngelsDirector
Celia Bonner2015The 39 StepsDirector
Celia Bonner2015The SteamieDirector
Celia Bonner2016TwoHouse Manager
Celia Bonner2017HandbaggedMargaret Thatcher
Celia Bonner2017HandbaggedDirector
Celia Bonner2017Around the World in 80 DaysDirector
Celia Bonner2017Talking HeadsStage Manager
Celia Bonner2017The Winter's TalePaulina
Celia Bonner2018The WeirHouse Manager
Celia Bonner2018Alice's Adventures in WonderlandQueen
Celia Bonner2021Nell GwynnJoint Director
Celia Bonner2022God of CarnageHouse Manager
Celia Bonner2022Single SpiesHouse Manager
Celia Bonner2022Ladies of Importance - Lady Bracknell's ReturnDirector
Celia Bonner2022Ladies of ImportanceHouse Manager
Celia Bonner2022HarveySound
Celia Bonner2023These Shining LivesDirector
Celia Forsberg1984The Murder of Maria MartenPetra Andrews (A gypsy)
Celia Forsberg1986The MilitantsProperties
Celia Forsberg1987Sleeping BeautyLady Beatrice
Celia Forsberg1988One ActBackstage Crew
Celia Forsberg1988The VigilThe Clerk of the Court
Celia Forsberg1988The Winter's TaleLady in Waiting
Celia Fosberg1985Bedroom FarceProperties
Celia Fosberg1987Sleeping BeautyCostumes
Charisse Holder1992The Murder of Maria MartinSarah Herne
Charles Aldridge1953The Blind GoddessLord Brasted
Charles Hulme1966Nude With ViolinJacob Friedland, an art dealer
Charlie Cook1987As You Like ItDancer / Courtier
Charlie Cook1987As You Like ItDennis (servant of Oliver)
Charlie Cook1989Murder In The CathedralKnight
Charlie Cook1990Merry Wives of WindsorJohn Rugby, Dr Caius' manservant
Charlie Cook1990Merry Wives of WindsorNym, a follower of Falstaff
Charlie Cook1990Seasons GreetingsEddie
Charlie Cook1991Arms and The ManCaptain Bluntschli
Charlie Cook1991Dark of the MoonSound
Charlie Cook1991Much Ado About NothingBorachio, follower of Don John
Charlie Cook1991The Chalk GardenStage Manager
Charlie Cook1992The Day After The FairSound
Charlie Cook1992Move Over Mrs MarkhamAlastair Spendlow
Charlie Cook1992The Taming of the ShrewServant to Petruchio
Charlie Cook1992The Taming of the ShrewTailor
Charlie Cook1992Up 'n' UnderPublic Address
Charlie Cook1993A Woman of No ImportanceGerald Arbuthnot
Charlie Cook1993How The Other Half LovesDirector
Charlie Cook1993How The Other Half LovesMusic (written and performed)
Charlie Cook1993One ActSound
Charlie Cook1993The Comedy of ErrorsDromio of Ephesus
Charlie Cook1994A Midsummer Night's DreamFrancis Flute
Charlie Cook1994Crown MatrimonialBertie, Duke of York
Charlie Cook1994Pass The ButlerHarris
Charlie Cook1994Pass The ButlerSound
Charlie Cook1994The EntertainerGraham Dodd
Charlie Cook1995AmadeusCount Orsini-Rosenberg
Charlie Cook1995Man Of The MomentKenny Collins, Vic's manager
Charlie Cook1995The Merchant of VeniceLauncelot Gobbo
Charlie Cook1996Born In The GardensMo
Charlie Cook1996My Mother Said I Never ShouldSound
Charlie Cook1996Twelfth NightFabian
Charlie Cook1997Lady Windermere's FanLord Windermere
Charlie Cook1997Outside EdgeDirector
Charlie Cook1997Outside EdgeSoul Limbo adaption and performance
Charlie Cook1997The TempestFrancisco, a Lord
Charlie Cook1998A Collier's Tuesday TeaJed Throttle
Charlie Cook1998Henry VBardolph
Charlie Cook1998Henry VMichael Williams
Charlie Cook1998The Darling Buds of MayTax Inspector
Charlie Cook1998The Odd Couple (female version)Jesus
Charlie Cook1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandMad Hatter
Charlie Cook1999Habeas CorpusMr. Shanks
Charlie Cook1999Romeo and JulietPeter
Charlie Cook2000A Midsummer Night's DreamPeter Quince, a Carpenter
Charlie Cook2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandMad Hatter
Charlie Cook2000Breaking The CodeSound
Charlie Cook2000Don't Dress For DinnerBernard
Charlie Cook2000The Cemetery ClubDirector
Charlie Cook2000The Cemetery ClubSet Build
Charlie Cook2000The Cemetery ClubMusic (composed and performed)
Charlie Cook2001The Taming of the ShrewAlehouse Reveller
Charlie Cook2001The Taming of the ShrewGrumio, servant to Pertruchio
Charlie Cook2002Absent FriendsColin
Charlie Cook2002Absent FriendsSet Design and Build
Charlie Cook2002Absent FriendsSound
Charlie Cook2002AladdinPC Hi-Lo
Charlie Cook2002AladdinSound
Charlie Cook2002Make Way For LuciaGeorgie Pillson
Charlie Cook2002Much Ado About NothingMessenger
Charlie Cook2002Much Ado About NothingServant / Gentlefolk
Charlie Cook2002Much Ado About NothingWatchman
Charlie Cook2003Abigail's PartyPublicity Photograph
Charlie Cook2003Abigail's PartySoundtrack
Charlie Cook2003Merry Wives of WindsorAbraham Slender, Shallow's nephew
Charlie Cook2003Mr WonderfulDirector
Charlie Cook2004As You Like ItTouchstone
Charlie Cook2004Breezeblock ParkSound Effects
Charlie Cook2004The Writing GameJeremy Deane
Charlie Cook2004The Writing GameSound
Charlie Cook2005A Christmas CarolBob Cratchit
Charlie Cook2006Dick WhittingtonCaptain the Hon. Freddie (Oops Pardon) Chuffer
Charlie Cook2006Twelfth NightFabian (attendant on Olivia)
Charlie Cook2007The Real Inspector HoundRadio Announcer
Charlie Cook2008Funny MoneyHenry Perkins
Charlie Cook2008Much Ado About NothingAntonio, Leonato's brother
Charlie Cook2008Much Ado About NothingMusic
Charlie Cook2009Come Blow Your HornMusic recording
Charlie Cook2009Humble BoyProperties/ASM
Charlie Cook2009It Runs In The FamilyDr Hubert Bonney
Charlie Cook2009Nobody's FoolDirector
Charlie Cook2009Nobody's FoolOriginal music
Charlie Cook2009Nobody's FoolSound
Charlie Cook2009The 3 MusketeersPlanchet, a thief
Charlie Cook2009The 3 MusketeersSound
Charlie Cook2010Birthday PartySound
Charlie Cook2010Measure For MeasureAngelo, Deputy
Charlie Cook2010Caramba's RevengeDirector
Charlie Cook2010Caramba's RevengeOriginal Music
Charlie Cook2010The Unexpected GuestSergeant Cadwallader
Charlie Cook2010Communicating DoorsHarold
Charlie Cook2011And Then There Were NoneRogers
Charlie Cook2011Independent MeansProperties
Charlie Cook2012Gosforth's FeteGosforth
Charlie Cook2012A Midsummer Night's DreamASM
Charlie Cook2012Blithe SpiritDr George Bradman
Charlie Cook2012Calendar GirlsDirector
Charlie Cook2012Calendar GirlsSound Design
Charlie Cook2012Calendar GirlsTheme Song
Charlie Cook2013The HollowDetective Sergeant Penny
Charlie Cook2014A Chorus of DisapprovalTed Washbrook
Charlie Cook2014A Chorus of DisapprovalReplica Newspaper
Charlie Cook2016TwoSound Effects
Charlie Cook2017The LadykillersMajor Courtney
Charlie Cook2017Around the World in 80 DaysCaptain Speedy/Ensemble
Charlie Cook2018Mrs Warren's ProfessionRev Samuel Gardner
Charlie Cook2022Single Spies - An Englishman AbroadTolya / Tailor / Shop Assistant
Charlie Cook2022Single Spies - A Question of AttributionRestorer / Colin
Charlie Cook2022Improbable FictionBrevis
Charlie Cook2023The Hound of the BaskervillesSherlock Holmes & other parts
Charlie Gallagher2018Alice's Adventures in WonderlandWhite Rabbit / Frog Footman
Charlie Gallagher2019The Playboy of the Western WorldChristy Mahon
Charlie Nolan2014All My SonsBert
Charlotte Ashworth2001Ernie's Incredible IllucinationsLibrarian
Charlotte Bridges2001Ernie's Incredible IllucinationsBarker
Charlotte Duck1990Merry Wives of WindsorServant
Cherrill Wyche1985Bedroom FarceKate
Cherrill Wyche1985A Midsummer Night's DreamHippolyta, Queen of The Amazons
Cherrill Wyche1986AlbertKarin
Cherrill Wyche1987Sleeping BeautyProperties
Cherrill Wyche1986The MilitantsProperties
Cherrill Wyche1987As You Like ItCelia (daughter of Duke Frederick)
Cherrill Wyche1988The HeiressCatherine (his daughter)
Cherrill Wyche1988The Winter's TaleLady in Waiting
Cherrill Wyche2017The Winter's TaleEnsemble
Cherrill Wyche2018Alice's Adventures in WonderlandMarch Hare
Cheryl Blackshaw1986Don't Listen LadiesHenriette, a Maid
Cheryl Hammerslay1982Puss In BootsPuss In Boots
Cheryl Hammersley1979Dick WhittingtonASM
Cheryl Hammersley1979Not Now DarlingSue Lawson
Cheryl Hammersley1981Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeNellie
Cheryl Hammersley1981Separate TablesMiss Tanner
Cheryl Hammersley1981Separate TablesMrs Stratton
Cheryl Hammersley1982The Princess and The SwineherdA baker woman
Cheryl Hammersley1983The Taming of the ShrewA Widow
Cheryl Hammersley1984The Merchant of VeniceNerissa
Cheryl Hammersley1985A Midsummer Night's DreamAttendant
Cheryl Hammersley1986The AnniversaryKaren
Cheryl Hammersley1986Twelfth NightAttendant / Citizen
Chris Broadhurst2005A Midsummer's Night DreamGentlefolk
Chris Bullimore2014Veronica's RoomHair
Chris Bullimore2016The PriceHair/Wigs
Chris Bullimore2018HeroesPrompt
Chris Hall1990Stepping OutMrs Fraser
Chris Hall199184 Charing Cross RoadJoan Todd
Chris Hall1993The Late Miss CordellMiss Simpson
Chris Hall1994The EntertainerPiano
Chris Hall1995AmadeusMusical Director
Chris Hall1995AmadeusServant / Citizen of Vienna
Chris Hall1995Man Of The MomentMarta, their maid
Chris Hall1995The Merchant of VeniceMusical Director
Chris Hall1996Cabaret CapersPerformer
Chris Hall1996Chorus of DisapprovalMusical Director
Chris Hall1996Twelfth NightLady Friend to Sir Toby
Chris Hall1998The Odd Couple (female version)Sylvie
Chris Hills1997Outside EdgeLighting
Chris Hills1998The Darling Buds of MayLighting
Chris Hills1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandLighting
Chris Hills2000Breaking The CodeLighting
Chris Hills2000Once A CatholicLighting
Chris Hills2000The Cemetery ClubLighting
Chris Hills2001An Evening of Alan AyckbournLighting Design
Chris Hills2002Broken GlassLighting
Chris Hills2002Hard TimesLighting Design and Lighting
Chris Hills2003Richard IIILighting
Chris Hills2004A Murder Is AnnouncedLighting
Chris Hills2004As You Like ItPhotographs
Chris Hills2004The Writing GameLighting
Chris Hills2004WitLighting
Chris Hills2005Beauty Queen of LeenaneLighting
Chris Hills2005Plaza SuiteLighting
Chris Hills2006Relatively SpeakingHouse Manager
Chris Hills2006The Memory Of WaterLighting
Chris Hills2006The WeekendLighting
Chris Hills2006Twelfth NightRehearsal Photography
Chris Hills2007A Skull In ConnemaraLighting
Chris Hills2007Romeo and JulietRehearsal Photography
Chris Hills2008Funny MoneyLighting
Chris Hills2008GaslightLighting
Chris Hills2008Much Ado About NothingRehearsal Photography
Chris Hills2008The FatherLighting
Chris Hills2009It Runs In The FamilyLighting
Chris Hills2009Separate TablesLighting
Chris Hills2009The 3 MusketeersRehearsal Photography
Chris Hills2010Measure For MeasureRehearsal Photographs
Chris Hills2010Caramba's RevengeLighting design and operation
Chris Hills2010First Things FirstLighting
Chris Hills2011Deep Blue SeaLighting
Chris Hills2011Fallen AngelsLighting
Chris Hills2011Independent MeansRehearsal Photographs
Chris Hills2011Children's DayLighting
Chris Hills2012A Chip In The SugarLighting
Chris Hills2012Dumb WaiterLighting
Chris Hills2012Gosforth's FeteLighting
Chris Hills2012The LessonLighting
Chris Hills2012Dumb WaiterRehearsal Photographs
Chris Hills2012The LessonRehearsal Photographs
Chris Hills2012Steel MagnoliasLighting
Chris Hills2012A Midsummer Night's DreamRehearsal Photographs
Chris Hills2012Blithe SpiritLighting
Chris Hills2012Blithe SpiritRehearsal Photographs
Chris Hills2012Calendar GirlsLighting
Chris Hills2013Polar BearsRehearsal Photos
Chris Hills2013Curious SavageLighting
Chris Hills2013If I Were YouLighting
Chris Hills2013The Importance Of Being EarnestRehearsal Photos
Chris Hills2014Dealing With ClairRehearsal Photos
Chris Hills2014All My SonsLighting
Chris Hills2014TheftRehearsal Photos
Chris Hills2014A Chorus of DisapprovalRehearsal Photos
Chris Hills2014Charley's AuntLighting
Chris Hills2015DuetsLighting
Chris Hills2015The 39 StepsRehearsal Photos
Chris Hills2015An Experiment with an Air PumpRehearsal Photos
Chris Hills2015The SteamieLighting
Chris Hills2016TwoPublicity Photos
Chris Hills2016Tommy BoyLighting
Chris Hills2016QuartetRehearsal Photos
Chris Hills2016Relatively SpeakingProgramme photographs
Chris Hills2016The PricePhotography
Chris Hills2016Life & BethRehearsal Photos
Chris Hills2017The LadykillersLighting
Chris Hills2017Around the World in 80 DaysLighting/Sound/Rehearsal Photos
Chris Hills2017Talking HeadsLighting Design
Chris Hills2017The Winter's TaleRehearsal Photos
Chris Hills2018Be My BabyLighting
Chris Hills2018The WeirLighting
Chris Hills2018Be My BabyRehearsal Photos
Chris Hills2018We Are Three SistersRehearsal Photos
Chris Hills2018HeroesLighting
Chris Hills2018Alice's Adventures in WonderlandLighting/Rehearsal Photos
Chris Hills2019The Playboy of the Western WorldLighting/Rehearsal Photos
Chris Hills2019Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect NonsenseLighting/Rehearsal Photos
Chris Hills2019Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Rehearsal Photos
Chris Hills2019Whisky GaloreLighting
Chris Hills2020April in ParisLighting
Chris Hills2021Nell GwynnRehearsal Photos
Chris Hills2022God of CarnageLighting
Chris Hills2022Single SpiesLighting/Rehearsal Photos
Chris Hills2022Improbable FictionLighting/Rehearsal Photos
Chris Hills2022Ladies of ImportanceLighting/Rehearsal Photos
Chris Hills2022HarveyLighting/Rehearsal Photos
Chris Hills2023The RiverRehearsal Photos
Chris Hills2023These Shining LivesLighting
Chris Hills2023The Hound of the BaskervillesRehearsal Photos
Chris Hills2023Hindle WakesRehearsal Photos
Chris Hughes1989Romeo and JulietBenvolio
Chris Jorgensson1998Henry VLord Grandpre
Chris Jorgensson1999Romeo and JulietParis
Chris McClory1998Henry VMusical Director
Chris McClory1998The LarkJoan's mother
Chris McClory1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandAdaption and arrangement of songs
Chris McClory1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandMusicians
Chris McClory1999Romeo and JulietMusical Director
Chris McClory2000A Midsummer Night's DreamMusic
Chris McClory2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandAdaption and arrangement of songs
Chris McClory2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandMusician
Chris McClory2002Much Ado About NothingMusic compiled by
Chris McClory2003Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeNellie, a maid
Chris McClory2003Merry Wives of WindsorChoral Coach
Chris McClory2003Richard IIIMusic Research
Chris McClory2004As You Like ItSinging Coach
Chris McClory2005A Christmas CarolMusic
Chris McClory2005A Midsummer's Night DreamMusic
Chris McClory2006Twelfth NightMusic
Chris McClory2007The Real Inspector HoundStage Management
Chris McClory2008Much Ado About NothingMusic
Chris McClory2009The 3 MusketeersMother Superior, of the Little Sisters of St Cecilia
Chris McClory2015The SteamieMusic
Chris McClory2017The Winter's TaleMusic Director
Chris McClory2018Be My BabyMusic Director
Chris McClory2021Nell GwynnMusic Director
Chris McClory2022Improbable FictionMusical Supervision
Chris Megginson1989Jack and The BeanstalkVillager
Chris Megginson199184 Charing Cross RoadThomas
Chris Megginson1991Dark of the MoonFloyd Allen
Chris Mills2003Abigail's PartySound
Chris Mills2009The 3 MusketeersSound
Chris Richards1982Puss In BootsBackstage
Chris Simmons2007Romeo and JulietFirst Watchman
Chris Simmons2007Romeo and JulietGentleman
Chris Simmons2009The 3 MusketeersCardinal's Guard
Chris Simmons2011MacbethPorter
Chris Simmons2011MacbethSecond Murderer
Chris Simmons2016Tommy BoyKipper Kipling
Chris Simmons2017Vincent in BrixtonSam
Chris Swinhoe-Standon1985A Midsummer Night's DreamLighting
Chris Swinhoe-Standon1985Present LaughterLighting
Chris Turner2012A Midsummer Night's DreamWardorbe
Christina Dillon1986The MilitantsEulalia Powle
Christina Howarth1987Sleeping BeautyQuickly
Christina Howarth1988Funeral DanceIda
Christina Howarth1988The VigilASM
Christina Howarth1989Jack and The BeanstalkEustace
Christina Howarth1989Murder In The CathedralASM
Christina Howarth1990Charley's AuntStage Manager
Christina Howarth1990Merry Wives of WindsorMistress Page (Margaret), wife of Page
Christina Howarth1990Seasons GreetingsRachel
Christina Howarth1991Arms and The ManProperties
Christina Howarth1991Dark of the MoonStage Manager
Christina Howarth1991Much Ado About NothingAttendant
Christina Howarth1992The Day After The FairEdith Harnham
Christina Howarth1992Pack Of LiesThelma
Christina Howarth1992The Taming of the ShrewServant to Petruchio
Christina Howarth1992Woman In MindStage Manager
Christina Howarth1993How The Other Half LovesProperties
Christina Howarth1993One ActStage Manager
Christina Howarth1994A Midsummer Night's DreamStage Manager
Christina Howarth1994A Month of SundaysNurse Wilson
Christina Howarth1994The EntertainerStage Manager
Christina Howarth1995After MagritteStage Manager
Christina Howarth1995Between MouthfulsStage Manager
Christina Howarth1995The Merchant of VeniceStage Manager
Christina Howarth1996Born In The GardensASM
Christina Howarth1996Cabaret CapersPerformer
Christina Howarth1996Chorus of DisapprovalFay Hubbard
Christina Howarth1996Hobson's ChoiceStage Manager
Christina Howarth1996Twelfth NightStage Manager
Christina Howarth1997Lady Windermere's FanASM
Christina Howarth1997Lady Windermere's FanLady Jedburgh
Christina Howarth1997Someone Who'll Watch Over MeStage Manager
Christina Howarth1997The TempestASM
Christina Howarth1998A Collier's Tuesday TeaProperties
Christina Howarth1998Henry VStage Manager
Christina Howarth1998The Odd Couple (female version)Rene
Christina Howarth1998Whose Life Is It AnywayStage Manager
Christina Howarth1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandSet Construction
Christina Howarth1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandStage Manager
Christina Howarth2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandSet Construction
Christina Howarth2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandStage Manager
Christina Howarth2000DeathtrapStage Manager
Christina Howarth2000The Cemetery ClubLucille
Christina Howarth2002Hard TimesCostume
Christina Howarth2007Romeo and JulietPrompt
Christina Theobald2002AladdinSlave of the Ring
Christina Theobald2003Merry Wives of WindsorMistress Page, his wife
Christina Theobald2003Richard IIIProperties
Christina Theobald2004Breezeblock ParkBetty
Christina Theobald2004WitVivian Bearing
Christina Theobald2005A Christmas CarolASM
Christina Theobald2006Dick WhittingtonFairy Nuff
Christina Theobald2006Dick WhittingtonMusical Direction
Christina Theobald2007Look Back In AngerStage Manager
Christina Theobald2007Season's GreetingsProperties
Christina Theobald2008Much Ado About NothingASM (Book)
Christina Theobald2008Snake In The GrassAnnabel Chester
Christina Theobald2009Humble BoyFlora Humble
Christina Theobald2009It Runs In The FamilyRosemary
Christina Theobald2009Nobody's FoolFran
Christina Theobald2009The 3 MusketeersASM
Christina Theobald2010Measure For MeasureContinuity (book)
Christina Theobald2010Caramba's RevengeSet Construction
Christina Theobald2010Caramba's RevengeStage Manager
Christina Theobald2010First Things FirstJessica
Christina Theobald2011MacbethChaperone for the Juniors
Christina Theobald2011And Then There Were NoneDr Armstrong
Christina Theobald2012A Chip In The SugarStage Manager
Christina Theobald2012Dumb WaiterStage Manager
Christina Theobald2012Gosforth's FeteStage Manager
Christina Theobald2012The LessonStage Manager
Christina Theobald2012Steel MagnoliasOuiser
Christina Theobald2012A Midsummer Night's DreamWardorbe
Christina Theobald2012Calendar GirlsChris
Christina Theobald2013The HollowStage Manager
Christina Theobald2014A Chorus of DisapprovalRebecca Huntley-Pike
Christina Theobald2014Charley's AuntASM/Props
Christine Byrne1989Murder In The CathedralChorus Direction
Christine Gerzon2007A Skull In ConnemaraProperties
Christine Gerzon2007The Real Inspector HoundProperties
Christine Gerzon2008Snake In The GrassProperties
Christine Gerzon2009It Runs In The FamilyProperties
Christine Gerzon2009Separate TablesStage Manager
Christine Gerzon2010Communicating DoorsLiaison
Christine Gerzon2012The LessonPrompt
Christine Gerzon2012Steel MagnoliasLiaison
Christine Gerzon2012The Lonesome WestASM
Christine Gerzon2012Calendar GirlsASM
Christine Gerzon2013Curious SavageProperties
Christine Gerzon2014All My SonsASM/Props
Christine Gerzon2014Charley's AuntASM/Props
Christine Gerzon2015DuetsASM/Props
Christine Gerzon2016Tommy BoyASM
Christine Hall1997Talking HeadsProperties
Christine Nowell1975The Winslow BoyMiss Barnes
Christine Ratcliffe1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampCoolie, Courtier, Washerperson
Christine Singer2000A Midsummer Night's DreamProperties and Staging
Christine Singer2000Don't Dress For DinnerProperties
Christine Singer2001The RivalsProperties
Christine Singer2001The RivalsServant
Christine Singer2001The Taming of the ShrewStage Manager
Christine Upton1973A Midsummer Night's DreamAttendant
Christine Unwin2012A Midsummer Night's DreamMoth
Christine Unwin2013The HollowDoris
Christine Unwin2014A Chorus of DisapprovalBridget Baines
Christine Unwin2014Veronica's RoomAssistant director
Christine Unwin2015Duets - Secretarial SkillsDirector
Christine Unwin2015The Thrill of LoveDoris Judd
Christine Unwin2015The 39 StepsASM
Christine Unwin2017The Winter's TaleDorcas / Cleomena
Christine Unwin2018We Are Three SistersASM / Props
Christine Unwin2018Alice's Adventures in WonderlandFlower / Gardener 5
Christine Unwin2022HarveyRuth Kelly
Christine Unwin2023The RiverASM
Christine Unwin2023The Hound of the BaskervillesASM
Christopher Salisbury1974How The Other Half LovesWilliam Featherstone
Christopher Salisbury1974The Wild DuckPettersen
Christopher Salisbury1975The Odd CoupleSpeed
Ciara Donnan1991Dark of the MoonMiss Hattie
Clair Hart1980Loves Labour LostAttendants / Singer / Dancer
Clair Louise Boyle1989Romeo and JulietJuliet
Clair McGlashan1972A View From A BridgeMrs Lipari
Clair McGlashan1977The Flip SideHouse Manager
Clair McGlashan1978Dear BrutusLady Caroline Laney
Clair McGlashan1978Relative ValuesHouse Manager
Clair McGlashan1987Habeas CorpusLady Rumbers
Clair McGlashan1989Romeo and JulietChorus
Clair McGlashan2001Wyrd SistersLady Felmet
Claire Broomhead1987Sleeping BeautyFairy / Elf
Claire Gillepsie1999PygmalionParlourmaid
Claire Hulme1989Red Hot CindersStep-Mother
Claire McGlashan1976CountdownWife
Claire McGlashan1976Silver WeddingAudrey
Claire McGlashan1982The Comedy of ErrorsWardrobe Mistress
Claire McGlashan1985A Midsummer Night's DreamWardrobe
Claire McGlashan1990Seasons GreetingsWardrobe
Claire McGlashan1991Much Ado About NothingWardrobe Mistress
Claire McGlashan1993The Comedy of ErrorsWardrobe
Claire McGlashan1996Hobson's ChoiceLiason
Claire McGlashan1997Someone Who'll Watch Over MeProperties
Claire McGlashan1999PygmalionWardrobe
Claire O'Rourke2019The Playboy of the Western WorldSusan Brady
Claire Scott1966Nude With ViolinPamela Sorodin (Colin's Wife)
Clara Edler2012Blithe SpiritChild's Voice
Clare Ashton1983AladdinGenie of the Ring
Clare Edler2011Children's DayChildren's Party Voice
Clare Gillespie1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandAlice
Clare Hart1980The RivalsMaid
Clare Ledward1959Dear DelinquentLady Warren
Clare Ledward1959Something To HideMiss Cunningham
Clare Lewis1987Sleeping BeautyFairy / Elf
Clare Lewis1999Romeo and JulietWardrobe
Clare Lewis2000A Midsummer Night's DreamMoth
Clare Lewis2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandMarch Hare
Clare Lewis2000Breaking The CodeStage Manager
Clare Lewis2000Don't Dress For DinnerSound
Clare Lewis2000Once A CatholicMother Peter
Clare Lewis2000The Cemetery ClubBridesmaid gowns
Clare Lewis2000The Cemetery ClubMildred
Clare Lewis2001Amy's ViewEsme
Clare Lewis2001Dancing At LunaghsaSound
Clare Lewis2001The RivalsLucy
Clare Lewis2001The RivalsWardrobe
Clare Lewis2001The Taming of the ShrewProperties
Clare Lewis2001The Taming of the ShrewWardrobe
Clare Lewis2001Wyrd SistersLighting
Clare Lewis2002AladdinWardrobe
Clare Lewis2002Broken GlassASM
Clare Lewis2002Broken GlassProperties
Clare Lewis2002Much Ado About NothingMargaret, attendant on Hero
Clare Lewis2002Much Ado About NothingWardrobe Mistress
Clare Lewis2003Abigail's PartyStage Manager
Clare Lewis2003Merry Wives of WindsorDirector
Clare Lewis2003Merry Wives of WindsorStage Manager
Clare Lewis2003Mr WonderfulNorma Green
Clare Lewis2004As You Like ItAudrey
Clare Lewis2004As You Like ItCostumes
Clare Lewis2004As You Like ItCourtier
Clare Lewis2004Breezeblock ParkVera
Clare Lewis2004The Writing GameMaude Lockett
Clare Lewis2004WitStage Manager
Clare Lewis2005Plaza SuiteWardrobe
Clare Lewis2006Relatively SpeakingDirector
Clare Lewis2006Twelfth NightWardrobe
Clare Lewis2007The Real Inspector HoundDirector
Clare Lewis2008Hay FeverJudith Bliss
Clare Lewis2009Nobody's FoolWardrobe
Clare Lewis2015Entertaining AngelsSound
Clare Lewis2015An Experiment with an Air PumpASM / Props
Clare Lewis2016TwoDirector
Clare Lewis2016The PriceEsther Franz
Clare Lewis2017Vincent in BrixtonWardrobe
Clare Lewis2017The Winter's TaleMopsa / Emila
Clare Lewis2018Mrs Warren's ProfessionASM
Clare Lewis2022Ladies of ImportanceHouse Manager
Clare McGlashan19702 One-ActsPrompt
Clare McGlashan1972Twelfth NightOlivia, a Countess
Clare McGlashan1974As You Like ItLady / Hymens Attendant
Clare McGlashan1974You Can't Take It With YouOlga
Clare McGlashan1975The CrucibleMrs Ann Putnam
Clare McGlashan1976GaslightElizabeth
Clare McGlashan1976Hay FeverClara
Clare McGlashan1977Plaza SuiteKaren Nash
Clare McGlashan1978Farewell, Farewell EugeneMrs Bosworth
Clare McGlashan1979Much Ado About NothingMargaret, attendant on Hero
Clare McGlashan1980The RivalsHouse Managers
Clare McGlashan1981Romeo and JulietLady Capulet
Clare McGlashan1982Table MannersSarah
Clare McGlashan1982The Princess and The SwineherdHouse Managers
Clare McGlashan1983A Delicate BalanceEdna
Clare McGlashan1983AladdinWardrobe
Clare McGlashan1984The Merchant of VeniceServant / Attendant
Clare McGlashan1984The Merchant of VeniceWardrobe
Clare McGlashan1984The Murder of Maria MartenNell Hatfield (A gypsy woman)
Clare McGlashan1984Toad Of Toad HallWardrobe
Clare McGlashan1986Mother GooseASM
Clare McGlashan1986Mother GooseWardrobe
Clare McGlashan1987On Golden PondWardrobe Mistress
Clare McGlashan1987Sleeping BeautyCostumes
Clare McGlashan1988Funeral DanceMrs Beat
Clare McGlashan1988The HeiressWardrobe
Clare McGlashan1988The Winter's TaleWardrobe
Clare McGlashan1989Jack and The BeanstalkWardrobe
Clare McGlashan1989Murder In The CathedralChorus
Clare McGlashan1990Merry Wives of WindsorMistress Quickly, Doctor Caius' servant
Clare McGlashan1991The Chalk GardenAnother lady
Clare McGlashan1992The Taming of the ShrewWardrobe Mistress
Clare McGlashan1992The Taming of the ShrewWidow, who has long loved Hortensio
Clare McGlashan1993A Woman of No ImportanceMrs Allonby
Clare McGlashan1993How The Other Half LovesProperties
Clare McGlashan1993One ActWardrobe
Clare McGlashan1993The Comedy of ErrorsCitizen of Ephesus
Clare McGlashan1994A Month of SundaysASM / Liason
Clare McGlashan1994Crown MatrimonialMargaret Wyndham
Clare McGlashan1994Pass The ButlerProperties
Clare McGlashan1995AmadeusWardrobe
Clare McGlashan1995Between MouthfulsMrs Pearce
Clare McGlashan1995The CrucibleRebecca Nurse
Clare McGlashan1996Chorus of DisapprovalRebecca Huntley-Pike
Clare McGlashan1997The TempestWardrobe
Clare McGlashan1998Henry VIsabel, Queen of France
Clare McGlashan1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandQueen
Clare McGlashan2000A Midsummer Night's DreamPeaseblossom
Clare McGlashan2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandQueen
Clare McGlashan2001Dancing At LunaghsaWardrobe
Clare McGlashan2001The Taming of the ShrewWardrobe Mistress
Clare McGlashan2002Broken GlassWardrobe
Clare McGlashan2002Much Ado About NothingServant / Gentlefolk
Clare McGlashan2003Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeLady Julia Merton, Sybil's Mother
Clare McGlashan2003The Wind In The WillowsBargewoman
Clare McGlashan2003The Wind In The WillowsMotorist Monica
Clare McGlashan2003The Wind In The WillowsRabbit Rose
Clare McGlashan2003The Wind In The WillowsWardrobe
Clare McGlashan2004A Murder Is AnnouncedWardrobe
Clare McGlashan2004As You Like ItCostumes
Clare McGlashan2005When We Are MarriedProperties
Clare McGlashan2005When We Are MarriedWardrobe, Costume Design and Making
Clare Melliar-Smith1982Puss In BootsChild
Clelia Dixon1950The Importance of Being EarnestWardrobe Mistress
Clelia Dixon1950Waters Of The MoonWardrobe Mistress
Clelia Dixon1951Happiest Days Of Your Life (1951)Wardrobe Mistress
Clelia Dixon1952Harlequinade (1952)Wardrobe Mistress
Clelia Dixon1952The Browning VersionWardrobe Mistress
Clelia Dixon1954Spring At MarinoWardrobe Mistress
Clelia Dixon1953The Blind GoddessWardrobe
Clelia Dixon1953The HollowWardrobe
Clive Williams1986The AnniversaryHenry
Clive Williams1986Twelfth Night1st Officer
Clive Williams1987Habeas CorpusDennis Wicksteed
Clive WIlliams1987The DresserGloucester
Clive Williams1988The HeiressArthur Townsend (Marian's fiance)
Clive Williams1988The Zoo StoryPeter
Clive Williams1989Romeo and JulietServant / Citizen
Colette Fitton1989Jack and The BeanstalkMrs Thundercrash
Colette Fitton1989Lunch GirlsBee
Colette Fitton1990Stepping OutSylvia
Colette Fitton199184 Charing Cross RoadMegan Wells
Colette Fitton1991Arms and The ManProperties
Colette Fitton1991Dark of the MoonASM
Colette Fitton1992Move Over Mrs MarkhamLinda
Colette Fitton1993A Woman of No ImportanceASM/Liason
Colette Fitton1993One ActFestival Co-ordinator
Colette Fitton1993Witness for the ProsecutionJanet MacKenzie
Colette Fitton1994Pass The ButlerAnnabelle
Colette Fitton1994The EntertainerPrompt
Colette Fitton1995Between MouthfulsPolly
Colette Fitton1995The CrucibleProperties
Colette Fitton1996Cabaret CapersPerformer
Colette Fitton1996Chorus of DisapprovalEnid Washbrook
Colette Fitton1998Whose Life Is It AnywayASM
Colette Fitton1999Habeas CorpusMuriel Wicksteed
Colette Fitton1999PygmalionASM
Colette Fitton2000Don't Dress For DinnerJacqueline, his wife
Colette Fitton2001Amy's ViewProperties
Colette Fitton2001The RivalsProperties
Colette Fitton2002Absent FriendsDiana
Colette Fitton2002AladdinPC Eve Ning-All
Colette Fitton2004A Murder Is AnnouncedMitzi
Colette Fitton2004Breezeblock ParkASM
Colette Fitton2004Private LivesFront of House
Colette Fitton2005Death and the MaidenProperties
Colette Fitton2005Plaza SuiteKaren Nash
Colette Fitton2005When We Are MarriedClara Soppitt
Colette Fitton2006BetrayalStage Manager
Colette Fitton2006Dick WhittingtonFairy Thump
Colette Fitton2006The Memory Of WaterVi
Colette Fitton2007TartuffeHouse Manager
Colette Fitton2007A Skull In ConnemaraStage Manager
Colette Fitton2007Romeo and JulietASM
Colette Fitton2007The Real Inspector HoundStage Management
Colette Fitton2008Funny MoneyJean Perkins
Colette Fitton2008The FatherStage Manager
Colette Fitton2009It Runs In The FamilyHouse Manager
Colette Fitton2010Birthday PartyLulu
Colette Fitton2010Caramba's RevengeASM
Colette Fitton2010First Things FirstSarah
Colette Fitton2010Fallen AngelsHouse Manager
Colette Fitton2012The LessonASM
Colette Fitton2012The LessonProperties
Colette Fitton2012A Midsummer Night's DreamWardorbe
Colette Fitton2012Calendar GirlsJessie
Colette Fitton2013The HollowProps
Colette Fitton2013If I Were YouHouse Manager
Colette Fitton2014Dealing With ClairStage Manager
Colette Fitton2014TheftBarbara Miles
Colette Fitton2015DuetsStage Manager
Colette Fitton2015The 39 StepsProps
Colette Fitton2015The SteamieStage Manager
Colette Fitton2016TwoHouse Manager
Colette Fitton2017The LadykillersASM
Colette Fitton2018Be My BabyMatron
Colette Fitton2018Be My BabyAssistant Director
Colette Fitton2018The WeirHouse Manager
Colette Fitton2018HeroesASM/Props
Colette Fitton2019Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?House Manager
Colette Fitton2019Whisky GalorePallas Player: Doris Sanderson
Colette Fitton2022Improbable FictionPrompt
Colette Fitton2023Hindle WakesStage Manager
Colin Beattie2019Ladies' DayRehearsal Photographs
Colin Beattie2019Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect NonsenseRehearsal Photographs
Colin Beattie2020April in ParisRehearsal Photographs
Colin Beattie2023These Shining LivesRehearsal Photographs
Colin Read1970Spring and Port WineRafe Crompton
Colin Read1972You Never Can TellWilliam
Colin Read1973A Midsummer Night's DreamHouse Manager
Colin Read1974As You Like ItHouse Manager
Colin Read1975The Odd CoupleHouse Manager
Colin Read1976The Winter's TaleHouse Manager
Colin Read1977Merry Wives of WindsorHouse Manager
Colin Read1977The Importance of Being EarnestRev Canon Chasuble D.D.
Colin Read1978All's Well That Ends WellHouse Manager
Colin Read1978All's Well That Ends WellPublicity
Colin Read1979Dick WhittingtonHouse Manager
Colin Read1979Much Ado About NothingHouse Manager
Colin Read1979Much Ado About NothingPublicity
Colin Read1980Loves Labour LostHouse Manager
Colin Read1980The EnquiryHouse Managers
Colin Read1981Romeo and JulietHouse Manager
Colin Read1981Romeo and JulietPublicity
Colin Read1982The Comedy of ErrorsHouse Manager
Colin Read1982The Comedy of ErrorsPublicity
Colin Read1983The Taming of the ShrewHouse Manager
Colin Reed1974You Can't Take It With YouMartin Vanderhof
Colin Reed1975Lloyd George Knew My FatherRobertson
Colin Reed1976Arms and The ManNicola
Connie Potter1972The Middle WatchPrompt
Constance Potter1973The Little FoxesWardrobe
Copper1971On Monday NextDumpy
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