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Members who have contributed to at least one play, and their role.
Players are sorted by first name

P Godlee1929The SorcererViola
P Godlee1929Trial By JuryViola
P Reid1964Billy LiarSound Effects
Paddy Kelly1983AladdinEffects and Design
Paddy Kelly1984Toad Of Toad HallPainting
Pamela M Turner1953The HollowPrompt
Pamela Pratt1952The Browning VersionMrs Gilbert
Pamela Short1969The Shop at Sly CornerProperties
Pat Barrett1988The Winter's TaleLord
Pat Barrett1989Jack and The BeanstalkSnatch
Pat Barrett1989Romeo and JulietMercutio
Pat Barrett1990Merry Wives of WindsorDeputy Stage Manager
Pat Barrett1990Seasons GreetingsASM
Pat Barrett1991Dark of the MoonJohn
Pat Barrett1991The Chalk GardenASM
Pat Barrett1992Up 'n' UnderPhil Hopley
Pat Barrett1993Ritual For DollsBravo
Pat Barrett1994The EntertainerASM/Properties
Pat Barrow1978All's Well That Ends WellWardrobe
Pat Barrow1978All's Well That Ends WellWidow Capilet of Florence
Pat Barrow1979Dick WhittingtonWardrobe
Pat Barrow1981Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeWardrobe
Pat Barrow1981Separate TablesMiss Cooper
Pat Barrow1981Separate TablesMiss Cooper
Pat Barrow1983AladdinWardrobe
Pat Barrow1983The Taming of the ShrewWardrobe
Pat Barrow1984Spring In The AirCostumes
Pat Barrow1984Spring In The AirPerformer
Pat Barrow1984Toad Of Toad HallWardrobe
Pat Barrow1985A Midsummer Night's DreamWardrobe
Pat Barrow1985Bedroom FarceWardrobe
Pat Barrow1985When We Are MarriedSet Design
Pat Barrow1985When We Are MarriedWardrobe
Pat Barrow1986Don't Listen LadiesWardrobe
Pat Barrow1986Mother GooseWardrobe
Pat Barrow1986The Noble SpaniardWardrobe
Pat Barrow1986Twelfth NightWardrobe
Pat Barrow1987Sleeping BeautyCostumes
Pat Barrow1987The DresserWardrobe
Pat Barrow1988The Winter's TaleWardrobe
Pat Barrow1989Jack and The BeanstalkWardrobe
Pat Barrow1990Merry Wives of WindsorWardrobe Assistants
Pat Barrow1991Much Ado About NothingWardrobe Assistant
Pat Barrow1991The Chalk GardenWardrobe
Pat Barrow1992The Day After The FairWardrobe
Pat Barrow1992Pack Of LiesWardrobe
Pat Barrow1992The Taming of the ShrewWardrobe
Pat Barrow1992Woman In MindWardrobe
Pat Barrow1993One ActWardrobe
Pat Barrow1993The Comedy of ErrorsCitizen of Ephesus
Pat Barrow1993The Comedy of ErrorsWardrobe
Pat Barrow1995The CrucibleSarah Good
Pat Barrow1996Cabaret CapersCostumes
Pat Barrow1996Hobson's ChoiceASM
Pat Barrow1998Henry VWardrobe
Pat Barrow1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandWardrobe
Pat Barrow1999Children Of A Lesser GodWardrobe
Pat Barrow2000A Midsummer Night's DreamWardrobe
Pat Barrow2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandWardrobe
Pat Barrow2000Once A CatholicCostumes
Pat Barrow2001Amy's ViewWardrobe
Pat Barrow2002Hard TimesCostume
Pat Barrow2002Make Way For LuciaWardrobe
Pat Barrow2003Merry Wives of WindsorWardrobe
Pat Barrow2003Richard IIICostume design and construction
Pat Barrow2004As You Like ItCostumes
Pat Barrow2005A Christmas CarolFred's Sister
Pat Barrow2005A Midsummer's Night DreamWardrobe
Pat Barrow2007The Real Inspector HoundWardrobe
Pat Barrow2008Much Ado About NothingWardrobe Assistant
Pat Barrow2010Measure For MeasureWardrobe
Pat Barrow2010Communicating DoorsWardrobe
Pat Barrow2011MacbethWardrobe
Pat Barrow2012A Chip In The SugarWardrobe
Pat Barrow2012Dumb WaiterWardrobe
Pat Barrow2012Gosforth's FeteWardrobe
Pat Barrow2012The LessonWardrobe
Pat Barrow2013Polar BearsWardrobe
Pat Barrow2014TheftWardrobe
Pat Barrow2015The Thrill of LoveWardrobe
Pat Barrow2016The PriceWardrobe
Pat Barrow2017Talking HeadsWardrobe
Pat Barrow2018Be My BabyWardrobe
Pat Barrow2020April in ParisWardrobe
Pat Barrow2022God of CarnageWardrobe
Pat Barrow2023The RiverWardrobe
Pat Barrow2023These Shining LivesWardrobe
Pat Barrow2023Hindle WakesWardrobe
Pat Carlisle1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampDrums
Pat Carlisle1979Dick WhittingtonPercussion
Pat Carlisle1982Puss In BootsDrums
Pat Carlisle1983AladdinDrums
Pat Carlisle1984Toad Of Toad HallDrums
Pat Carlisle1986Mother GooseDrums
Pat Carlisle1987Sleeping BeautyPercussion
Pat Carlisle1989Jack and The BeanstalkPercussion
Pat Carlisle1993Ritual For DollsMonkey
Pat Carlisle1994The EntertainerPercussion
Pat Gaydon1991Dark of the MoonGreeny Gorman
Pat Gaydon1993Witness for the ProsecutionJury Woman
Pat Higgins1965The Love of Four ColonelsThe Beauty
Pat Higgins1966The Happiest Days of Your LifeMrs Sowter
Pat Keneford1965The Love of Four ColonelsWardrobe Mistress
Pat Masters1972You Never Can TellA Parlour Maid
Pat Orford1977The Importance of Being EarnestLighting
Pat Pinnock2018We Are Three SistersTicket Secretary
Pat Pinnock2019The Playboy of the Western WorldTicket Secretary
Pat Richardson1950Waters Of The MoonProperty Mistress
Pat Richardson1952Harlequinade (1952)Property Mistress
Pat Richardson1952The Browning VersionProperty Mistress
Pat Richardson1951Happiest Days Of Your Life (1951)Property Mistress
Pat Richardson1958A Party For ChristmasProperty Mistress
Pat Richardson1959Dear DelinquentProperty Mistress
Pat Richardson1959Something To HideProperty Mistress
Pat Richardson1961Gilt and GingerbreadProperty Mistress
Pat Richardson1961The Chalk GardenSound
Pat Richardson1962Fool's ParadiseProperty Mistress
Pat Richardson1962The Man In The Bowler HatProperty Mistress
Pat Richardson1963The Bride Comes BackProperty Mistress
Pat Richardson1964The Aspern PapersProperty Mistress
Pat Richardson1965The Rape Of The BeltProperty Mistress
Pat Richardson1968All For MaryProperty Mistress
Pat Richardson1969The Shop at Sly CornerProperties
Pat Richardson1991Much Ado About NothingASM
Pat Wallworth1959Ring Around The MoonIsabelle
Pat Wallworth1960The Queen and The WelshmanMargaret, Lady-In-Waiting
Pat Wallworth1962Seven Set SailSenshuet, a Woman of the Town
Pat Wallworth1963Duet For Two HandsAbigail Sarclet
Pat Wallworth1984The Merchant of VeniceProduction Assistant
Pat Wheeler2005A Christmas CarolHouse Manager
Pat Wheeler2011Independent MeansHouse Manager
Pat Wheeler2013If I Were YouHouse Manager
Pat Williamson1988One ActBackstage Crew
Patricia Barrow1984The Murder of Maria MartenWardrobe
Patricia McLachlan1964The Irregular Verb To LoveMrs Couter
Patrick Barrett1990Stepping OutStage Manager
Patrick Barrett1991Much Ado About NothingClaudio of Florence, companion of Don Pedro
Patrick Barrett1992The Taming of the ShrewTranio, servant to Lucentio
Patrick Lavin2013If I Were YouDean Snaith
Patrick Lavin2014Dealing With ClairAshley/Toby/Vittorio
Patti Wheeler1998A Collier's Tuesday TeaCostumes
Patti Wheeler2008Hay FeverHouse Manager
Patti Wheeler2007Romeo and JulietLady
Patti Wheeler2010Birthday PartyHouse Manager
Paul Antonelli1983AladdinAssistant Scenic Artist
Paul Antonelli1984Outside EdgeSet Design
Paul Antonelli1984Outside EdgeStage Manager
Paul Antonelli1984The Merchant of VeniceFront Cover
Paul Antonelli1984The Murder of Maria MartenLighting
Paul Antonelli1984Toad Of Toad HallPainting
Paul Antonelli1986The Noble SpaniardASM
Paul Banks1998Henry VDuke of Bedford (brother of the king)
Paul Banks1998Henry VMontjoy, a French herald
Paul Burt1995The CrucibleLighting
Paul Clerkin2004As You Like ItOrlando
Paul Connon1964The Irregular Verb To LoveLighting
Paul Connon1965Summer of the Seventh DollLighting
Paul Connon1965The Rape Of The BeltLighting
Paul Coonon1963The Grass Is GreenerLighting
Paul Corcoran1989Romeo and JulietParis
Paul Davies1979Much Ado About NothingBorachio, follower of Don John
Paul Davies1979Much Ado About NothingFriar Francis, a priest
Paul Derrick1974As You Like ItCharles (a wrestler)
Paul Harly1994A Midsummer Night's DreamMusician
Paul Kelly1969The Shop at Sly CornerSteve Hubbard
Paul Kelly1970Hedda GablerLighting and Sound Effects
Paul Kelly1970Spring and Port WineLighting
Paul Kelly1970Ring Round the MoonLighting and Sound Effects
Paul Kelly1970HarlequinadeFirst Halerdier
Paul Kelly1972A View From A BridgeSound
Paul Kelly1973A Midsummer Night's DreamSound and Effects
Paul Kelly1973The GazeboDruker
Paul Kelly1974As You Like ItCorin (shepherd)
Paul Kelly1975The CrucibleSound
Paul Lemmon1976The Winter's TaleMamillius, his son
Paul Lewis1998Henry VAlexander Court
Paul Lewis1998Henry VCaptain Jamy
Paul Lewis1998The LarkJoan's father
Paul Lewis1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandKnave
Paul Lewis1999Habeas CorpusMr. Purdue
Paul Lewis1999Romeo and JulietAbraham
Paul Lewis1999Romeo and JulietFriar John
Paul Lewis2000A Midsummer Night's DreamFriend / House Guest / Servant
Paul Lewis2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandKnave
Paul Lewis2000Don't Dress For DinnerLighting
Paul Lewis2000Don't Dress For DinnerSet Build
Paul Lewis2000Once A CatholicSound
Paul Lewis2000The Cemetery ClubLighting
Paul Lewis2001Amy's ViewSound
Paul Lewis2001An Evening of Alan AyckbournSet Construction
Paul Lewis2001An Evening of Alan AyckbournSound
Paul Lewis2001Dancing At LunaghsaGerry
Paul Lewis2001The RivalsDavid
Paul Lewis2001The RivalsLighting Design
Paul Lewis2001The Taming of the ShrewBartholomew
Paul Lewis2001Wyrd SistersHwel
Paul Lewis2001Wyrd SistersSergeant
Paul Lewis2002Absent FriendsLighting
Paul Lewis2002Absent FriendsPaul
Paul Lewis2002Absent FriendsSet Design and Build
Paul Lewis2002AladdinWishee Washee
Paul Lewis2002Broken GlassLighting
Paul Lewis2002Broken GlassSound
Paul Lewis2002Hard TimesStage Manager
Paul Lewis2002Much Ado About NothingBorachio, follower of Don John
Paul Lewis2003Abigail's PartyLaurence
Paul Lewis2003Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeSet Build
Paul Lewis2003Merry Wives of WindsorSir Hugh Evans, a Welsh Parson
Paul Lewis2003Mr WonderfulSound
Paul Lewis2004A Murder Is AnnouncedUndertaker
Paul Lewis2004As You Like ItCorin
Paul Lewis2004As You Like ItCourtier
Paul Lewis2004As You Like ItCourtier
Paul Lewis2004Breezeblock ParkSyd
Paul Lewis2004The Writing GameSound
Paul Lewis2005A Christmas CarolASM
Paul Lewis2005Plaza SuiteStage Manager
Paul Lewis2006Relatively SpeakingASM
Paul Lewis2007Season's GreetingsEddie
Paul Lewis2007The Real Inspector HoundThe Body
Paul Lewis2007The Real Inspector HoundSet Construction
Paul Lewis2008Much Ado About NothingFriar Francis
Paul Lewis2008Much Ado About NothingMessenger
Paul Lewis2008The FatherHouse Manager
Paul Lewis2009Nobody's FoolSound
Paul Lewis2009The 3 MusketeersMonsieur Bonacieux, a draper
Paul Lewis2010Measure For MeasureHouse Manager
Paul Lewis2012A Midsummer Night's DreamPuck (Robin Goodfellow)
Paul Lewis2014A Chorus of DisapprovalDafydd ap Llewellyn
Paul Lewis2016TwoThe Landlord
Paul Lewis2017HandbaggedActor 2
Paul Lewis2018Mrs Warren's ProfessionSir George Crofts
Paul Lewis2022Single Spies - An Englishman AbroadGuy Burgess
Paul Lewis2022HarveyHouse Manager
Paul Potter1967The PartyHarold Lingham, the paying guest
Paul Potter1967The Tulip TreeRupert Tilling
Paul Potter1969The HeiressDr Austin Sloper
Paul Potter1970Ring Round the MoonMesserschmann
Paul Potter1972The Middle WatchAdmiral Sir Hercules Hewitt, K.C.B.
Paul Potter1973And So To BedA Watchman
Paul Potter1973And So To BedProdgers (Groom of the Bedchamber)
Paul Potter1974As You Like ItAdam (servant of Oliver)
Paul Reid2014TheftSpriggs
Paul Reid2014Charley's AuntColonel Sir Francis Chesney
Paul Reid2015An Experiment with an Air PumpDr Joseph Fenwick / Tom
Paul Reid2016Relatively SpeakingPhilip
Paul Sims1983The Taming of the ShrewDancer
Paul Stocker2000A Midsummer Night's DreamPuck's Lad
Paul Thompson1979Dick WhittingtonFollow Spot Operator
Paul Thompson1979Much Ado About NothingBoy
Paul Thompson1980Loves Labour LostAttendants / Singer / Dancer
Paul Thompson1980The RivalsServant
Paul Thomson1981Romeo and JulietBalthasar, servant to Montague
Paul Williams1997The TempestGuitar
Paula Hamlyn1959Angels In LoveViolet, Comtesse de Chaumont
Paula Hamlyn1963All For MaryMary Millar
Paula Johnson1972The Middle WatchProperties
Paula Keen2006Twelfth NightGentlewoman attandant to Olivia
Paula Keen2011Children's DaySet /Image Design
Paula Keen2023These Shining LivesSet Design
Pauline Brealand1977Plaza SuiteProperties
Pauline Burgess1969The Waltz of The ToreadorsSidonia
Pauline Povall1950Waters Of The MoonMrs Daly
Pauline Povall1953The Blind GoddessLady Brasted
Pauline Povall1953The HollowGerda Cristow
Pauline Povall1956A Question of FactNannie
Pauline Povall1966The Happiest Days of Your LifePrompt
Pauline Thomson1974As You Like ItLady / Hymens Attendant
Penelope Dixon1962Hans, The Witch and The GobbinHunk ????
Penny Chatburn1982She Stoops To ConquerFirst Maid
Penny Chatburn1984Toad Of Toad HallPhoebe
Percy Corry1929The Devil's DiscipleProducer
Percy Corry1933The RumourTorino, Lorian Leader
Percy Corry1933The RumourChancellor of The Exchequer
Percy Corry1933The RumourProducer
Percy Ratcliffe1928PatienceChorus
Pete Grimshaw2021Nell GwynnMusic Director
Peter Birch2011MacbethFight arranger
Peter Boyce1993Witness for the ProsecutionJury Man
Peter Broomhead1952The Browning VersionPeter Gilbert
Peter Burroughs1975Lloyd George Knew My FatherReverend Trevor Simmonds
Peter Burroughs1975The Winslow BoyDickie Winslow
Peter Burroughs1975The Winslow BoyStage Manager
Peter Burroughs1976Arms and The ManCaptain Bluntschli
Peter Burroughs1976CountdownHusband
Peter Burroughs1976Hay FeverStage Manager
Peter Burroughs1976Mixed DoublesVicar
Peter Burroughs1976PermanancePeter
Peter Burroughs1976The Winter's TaleOld Shepherd, reputed father of Perdita
Peter Burroughs1976The Winter's TaleStage Manager
Peter Burroughs1976Winter JourneyDesign
Peter Burroughs1977Merry Wives of WindsorStage Manager
Peter Burroughs1977Plaza SuiteJesse Kiplinger
Peter Burroughs1978Dear BrutusMr. Dearth
Peter Cooper1975The Winslow BoyBonnie Winslow
Peter Darby1968A Man For All SeasonsThe Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshall of England
Peter de la Wyche1975The Winslow BoyJohn Watherstone
Peter de la Wyche1976Winter JourneyPaul Unger
Peter de la Wyche1976Arms and The ManOfficer
Peter de la Wyche1976Hay FeverLighting
Peter de la Wyche1976The Winter's TaleLord
Peter de la Wyche1977Plaza SuiteBorden Eisler
Peter de la Wyche1977Plaza SuiteLighting
Peter de la Wyche1977Merry Wives of WindsorFenton, a young gentleman
Peter de la Wyche1977The Importance of Being EarnestMerriman (Butler to John Worthing)
Peter de la Wyche1978All's Well That Ends WellBertram, Count of Rossillion
Peter de la Wyche1978Dear BrutusMr Purdie
Peter de la Wyche1979The Lion In WinterJohn, youngest son of Henry
Peter de la Wyche1979Not Now DarlingMr Lawson
Peter de la Wyche1980Loves Labour LostLongaville, A Lord attendant to the KIng
Peter de la Wyche1980Trap for a Lonely ManThe Priest
Peter de la Wyche1981Romeo and JulietBenvolio, friend to Romeo and Mercutio
Peter de la Wyche1982Table MannersTom
Peter de la Wyche1982The Comedy of ErrorsAngelo
Peter de la Wyche1983Last Of The Red Hot LoversStage Manager
Peter de la Wyche1983The Taming of the ShrewTranio, servant to Lucentio
Peter de la Wyche1984The Merchant of VeniceSalerio
Peter de la Wyche1984Toad Of Toad HallUsher
Peter de la Wyche1985A Midsummer Night's DreamTom Snout, a tinker
Peter de la Wyche1986Twelfth NightA Priest
Peter de la Wyche1986Twelfth NightCaptain of the wrecked ship
Peter de la Wyche1987Habeas CorpusCanon Throbbing
Peter de la Wyche1988The VigilJoseph - a Wealthy Lawyer
Peter de la Wyche1988The Winter's TaleLord
Peter de la Wyche1989Murder In The CathedralPriest
Peter de la Wyche1990Charley's AuntStephen Spettigue
Peter de la Wyche199184 Charing Cross RoadMr Martin
Peter de la Wyche1992Move Over Mrs MarkhamWalter
Peter de la Wyche1992The Taming of the ShrewHortensio, suitor to Bianca
Peter de la Wyche1993A Woman of No ImportanceMr Kelvil M.P.
Peter de la Wyche1993One ActFestival Co-ordinator
Peter de la Wyche1993The Comedy of ErrorsAegeon
Peter de la Wyche1994A Midsummer Night's DreamRobin Starveling
Peter de la Wyche1995After MagritteDirector
Peter de la Wyche1995Man Of The MomentExtras
Peter de la Wyche1995The CrucibleJudge Hathorne
Peter de la Wyche1995The Merchant of VeniceThe Prince of Arragon
Peter de la Wyche1995The Merchant of VeniceTownsfolk
Peter de la Wyche1996Born In The GardensHedley
Peter de la Wyche1996Twelfth NightValentine
Peter de la Wyche1997Outside EdgeDennis
Peter de la Wyche1997Racing DemonRe, Donald 'Streaky' Bacon
Peter de la Wyche1997The TempestMaster of the Ship
Peter de la Wyche1998Henry VEarl of Salisbury
Peter de la Wyche1998Henry VMessenger to the French Court
Peter de la Wyche1998The LarkThe Promoter
Peter de la Wyche1999Children Of A Lesser GodMr Franklin
Peter de la Wyche1999Time Of My LifeGerry (a businessman)
Peter de la Wyche2000A Midsummer Night's DreamPhilostrate
Peter de la Wyche2000DeathtrapSidney Bruhl
Peter de la Wyche2000Don't Dress For DinnerSet Build
Peter de la Wyche2001The Taming of the ShrewBaptista Minola, a rich gentleman of Padua
Peter de la Wyche2002AladdinConfucious
Peter de la Wyche2003Merry Wives of WindsorRobert Shallow, Justice of the Peace
Peter de la Wyche2003Richard IIIArchbishop of York
Peter de la Wyche2003Richard IIIAssistant Director
Peter de la Wyche2003Richard IIIHistorical Research
Peter de la Wyche2003Richard IIISir William Catesby
Peter de la Wyche2004As You Like ItCourtier
Peter de la Wyche2004As You Like ItCourtier
Peter de la Wyche2004As You Like ItSir Oliver Martext
Peter de la Wyche2005A Christmas CarolThe Ghost of Jacob Marley
Peter de la Wyche2005A Christmas CarolOld Joe
Peter de la Wyche2005A Midsummer's Night DreamTheseus (Duke of Athens)
Peter de la Wyche2005Death and the MaidenFront of House
Peter de la Wyche2006Dick WhittingtonAlderman Fitzwarren
Peter de la Wyche2006Dick WhittingtonBig Chief Rumbal Tumi
Peter de la Wyche2006The WeekendFront Of House
Peter de la Wyche2006Twelfth NightCurio (attendant on Orsion)
Peter de la Wyche2007Look Back In AngerColonel Redfern
Peter de la Wyche2007Romeo and JulietAn Apothecary of Mantua
Peter de la Wyche2007Season's GreetingsFront Of House Manager
Peter de la Wyche2008GaslightMan
Peter de la Wyche2008The FatherThe Pastor (Adolf's brother-in-law)
Peter de la Wyche2009The 3 MusketeersCountry Priest
Peter de la Wyche2010Measure For MeasureAbhorson, an executioner
Peter de la Wyche2011Deep Blue SeaHouse Manager
Peter de la Wyche2011And Then There Were NoneNarracott
Peter de la Wyche2011Independent MeansSamuel Ritchie
Peter de la Wyche2012Blithe SpiritHouse Manager
Peter de la Wyche2013Wife Begins At FortyBernard Harper
Peter de la Wyche2013The HollowGudgeon
Peter de la Wyche2015DuetsHouse Manager
Peter de la Wyche2016Tommy BoyJohn Hedges
Peter de la Wyche2017HandbaggedHouse Manager
Peter de la Wyche2017Around the World in 80 DaysMr Naidu / Ensemble
Peter de la Wyche2018Alice's Adventures in WonderlandHouse Manager
Peter de la Wyche2019Whisky GaloreHouse Manager
Peter Floyd1974The Wild DuckWardrobe
Peter Foster2009Humble BoyHouse Manager
Peter Frost1959Angels In LoveCedric, Lord Fauntleroy
Peter Frost1959Ring Around The MoonHugo
Peter Frost1959Ring Around The MoonFrederic
Peter Frost1961The Chalk GardenMaitland, the manservant
Peter Frost1965All For MaryClive Norton
Peter Frost1965The Love of Four ColonelsThe Wicked Fairy
Peter Frost1967The Sleeping PrinceThe Regent
Peter Gerzon2007TartuffeSet Construction
Peter Gerzon2007A Skull In ConnemaraSound
Peter Gerzon2007Season's GreetingsSound Operator
Peter Gerzon2008Snake In The GrassProperties
Peter Gerzon2009It Runs In The FamilySound
Peter Gerzon2009Separate TablesStage Manager
Peter Gerzon2010Birthday PartySound
Peter Gerzon2010Caramba's RevengeSound
Peter Gerzon2010Communicating DoorsSound Operator
Peter Gerzon2011Fallen AngelsSound
Peter Gerzon2012A Chip In The SugarSound
Peter Gerzon2012Dumb WaiterSound
Peter Gerzon2012Gosforth's FeteSound
Peter Gerzon2012The LessonSound
Peter Gerzon2012The Lonesome WestSound
Peter Gerzon2013Curious SavageSound
Peter Gerzon2014All My SonsSound
Peter Gerzon2014Charley's AuntSound
Peter Gerzon2015DuetsSound
Peter Hall1998Henry VLord Rambures
Peter Hall1998Henry VRichard, Earl of Cambridge
Peter Horton1970HarlequinadeGeorge Chudleigh
Peter Janes1975Lloyd George Knew My FatherHubert Boothroyd M.P.
Peter Janes1976GaslightRough
Peter Janes1976The Winter's TalePolixenes, King of Bohemia
Peter Janes1977Merry Wives of WindsorSir John Falstaff
Peter Janes1977The Flip SideDirector
Peter Janes1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampDirector
Peter Janes1978Relative ValuesHouse Manager
Peter Janes1979Dick WhittingtonDirector
Peter Janes1979Much Ado About NothingDirector
Peter Janes1979Relatively SpeakingDirector
Peter Janes1980Trap for a Lonely ManThe Police Inspector
Peter Janes1981Romeo and JulietDirector
Peter Janes1982She Stoops To ConquerMr Hardcastle
Peter Janes1982The Glass MenagerieStage Manager
Peter Janes1984Outside EdgeRoger
Peter Janes1984The Murder of Maria MartenDirector
Peter Janes1986Don't Listen LadiesSound
Peter Janes1987As You Like ItDirector
Peter Janes2005When We Are MarriedSound
Peter Janes2006Dick WhittingtonDirector
Peter Janes2008Funny MoneyPasser-By
Peter Janes2008Hay FeverDirector
Peter Janes2008Hay FeverSet Design
Peter Janes2009Humble BoyProperties/ASM
Peter Janes2009Separate TablesDirector
Peter Kennedy1987As You Like ItAmiens (nobleman)
Peter Kennedy1987As You Like ItJacques (a son of Sir Rowland de Boys)
Peter Lloyd1972Twelfth NightAttendant / Citizen
Peter Lloyd1973A Midsummer Night's DreamDesign of Puck and Fairy costumes
Peter Lloyd1973A Midsummer Night's DreamMusic Arrangement
Peter Lloyd1973A Midsummer Night's DreamPhilostrate, Master of the Revels
Peter Lloyd1973And So To BedPelham Humfrey
Peter Lloyd1974As You Like ItOliver (a son of Sir Rowland de Boys)
Peter Lloyd1974How The Other Half LovesPrompt
Peter Lloyd1974You Can't Take It With YouBoris Kolenkhov
Peter Lloyd1975The CrucibleJohn Proctor
Peter Lloyd1976Mixed DoublesMan
Peter Lloyd1976Resting PlaceOld Man
Peter Lloyd1976Silver WeddingJulian
Peter Lloyd1976The Winter's TaleAutolycus, arogue
Peter Lloyd1976Winter JourneyBernie Dodd
Peter McClory1999Romeo and JulietServant / Citizen
Peter Mendham1994A Midsummer Night's DreamASM
Peter Mendham1994Crown MatrimonialJohn
Peter Mendham1994Crown MatrimonialPage
Peter Mendham1995AmadeusSalieri's Valet
Peter Mendham1995Man Of The MomentASM
Peter Mendham1995Man Of The MomentSound
Peter Mendham1996Chorus of DisapprovalSound
Peter Mendham1996Hobson's ChoiceSound
Peter Mendham1996Twelfth NightASM
Peter Mendham1997Lady Windermere's FanParker
Peter Mendham1997Lady Windermere's FanSound
Peter Mendham1997Outside EdgeSound
Peter Mendham1997Someone Who'll Watch Over MeSound
Peter Mendham1997The TempestASM
Peter Mendham1998A Collier's Tuesday TeaTechnical Crew
Peter Mendham1998The Odd Couple (female version)Lighting
Peter Mendham1998Whose Life Is It AnywaySound
Peter Mendhamis1994Pass The ButlerSound
Peter Molinari1972The Middle WatchFlag Lieutenant (Royal Navy)
Peter Mottage1999Romeo and JulietServant / Citizen
Peter Nixon1994The EntertainerSet
Peter Reid1961Gilt and GingerbreadSound
Peter Reid1961Subway In The SkySound
Peter Reid1962Fool's ParadiseSound
Peter Reid1962The Man In The Bowler HatSound
Peter Reid1963Duet For Two HandsSound
Peter Reid1963The Bride Comes BackSound
Peter Reid1963The Grass Is GreenerSound
Peter Reid1964The Aspern PapersSound
Peter Reid1965The Rape Of The BeltSound
Peter Rickitt1966Nude With ViolinFabrice
Peter Rickitt1966The ManMr Stevens
Peter Rickitt1967The Sleeping PrinceThe Butler
Peter Searle1969The Shop at Sly CornerLighting
Peter Searle1971Birthday HonoursLighting
Peter Searle1971On Monday NextLighting and Sound Effects
Peter Searle1971The Little HutLighting
Peter Searle1972A View From A BridgeLighting
Peter Searle1974The Wild DuckLighting
Peter Shaw1972Twelfth NightSinger
Peter Simpson1973The GazeboLouie
Peter Simpson1979The Lion In WinterGeoffrey, middle son
Peter Simpson1980The RivalsFag
Peter Simpson1981Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeMr. Podgers
Peter Simpson1982Puss In BootsBlotch
Peter Simpson1982She Stoops To ConquerJeremy
Peter Simpson1982The Princess and The SwineherdKing Agramor of Aquaraine
Peter Simpson1983AladdinAbanazer
Peter Simpson1983See How They RunSergeant Towers
Peter Simpson1985When We Are MarriedHerbert Soppitt
Peter Simpson1986The MilitantsReuben Randall
Peter Simpson1987Sleeping BeautyKing Rudoplh
Peter Simpson1987The DresserKent
Peter Simpson1988The VigilLucias - a Soldier
Peter Simpson1989Jack and The BeanstalkGiant Thundercrash
Peter Simpson1993The Oldest ProfessionAdam
Peter Skertchley1980Loves Labour LostAttendants / Singer / Dancer
Peter Thorburn1977Merry Wives of WindsorRobert Shallow
Peter Thorburn1978Dear BrutusLob
Peter Warburton1960The Queen and The WelshmanRainault, a French Gentleman
Phil Charnley1964The Wind and the RainLighting
Phil Charnley1979Relatively SpeakingLighting
Phil Duncan2007Look Back In AngerCliff Lewis
Phil Duncan2007Romeo and JulietBenvolio, friend to Romeo and Mercutio
Phil Duncan2007Romeo and JulietThird Watchman
Phil Porter1974How The Other Half LovesSound
Phil Seymour2005A Midsummer's Night DreamTom Snout (Wall)
Phil Seymour2005Beauty Queen of LeenaneASM
Phil Seymour2005Beauty Queen of LeenaneSet Construction
Philip Ambler1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampCoolie, Courtier, Washerperson
Philip Bradburn1982The Princess and The SwineherdSound
Philip Bradbury1979Don't Just Lie There - Say SomethingSound
Philip Bradbury1982The Comedy of ErrorsCitizen / Servant
Philip Bradury1981Romeo and JulietCitizen / Servant
Philip Charnley1970Ring Round the MoonLighting and Sound Effects
Philip Charnley1973The Man Most Likely To...Stage Manager
Philip Charnley1969The Shop at Sly CornerLighting
Philip Charnley19702 One-ActsLighting
Philip Charnley1970Hedda GablerLighting and Sound Effects
Philip Charnley1970Spring and Port WineLighting
Philip Charnley1973The GazeboLighting
Philip Charnley1973The Little FoxesASM
Philip Charnley1974As You Like ItLighting
Philip Charnley1974You Can't Take It With YouLighting
Philip Charnley1975The CrucibleLighting
Philip Charnley1975The Odd CoupleLighting
Philip Hannam1983AladdinCarpenter
Philip Jackson1979Dick WhittingtonFairy / Pirate / Indian /Others
Philip Jackson1979Don't Just Lie There - Say SomethingLighting
Philip Jackson1986Mother GooseChorus
Philip Johnson1961From Five To Five-ThirtyDirector
Philip Porter1973The GazeboSound
Philip Squire1983AladdinRashid (King's Bodyguard)
Pippa Stockwin1993The Pied PiperRat / Villager
Prue Buxton2000Once A CatholicPupil
Queenie Eadington1926The GondoliersFiametta
Queenie Eadington1927Princess IdaMelissa (Lady Blanche's Daughter)
Queenie Eadington1927Princess IdaChorus
Queenie Eadington1928PatienceChorus
Queenie Eadington1929The SorcererChorus
Queenie Eadington1929Trial By JuryBridesmaid
Queenie Eadington1931One Acts (1931)Celeste
Queenie Eadington1931Tom JonesChorus
Queenie Whitehead1931Tom JonesMiss Western (Squire Western's Sister)
R C Charnley1950Waters Of The MoonHouse Manager
R Chadwick1926The GondoliersGondolier
R Chadwick1928PatienceHon Property Master
R Chadwick1929Trial By JuryAssociate
R F A Mallinson1954Spring At MarinoPaul Petrovitch (Nicholai's Brother)
R F Bloor1958A Party For ChristmasFred Matheson
R F Craighead1933The RumourSir Robert Darnell, Member of Deputation of Business Men
R G Lamb1965Summer of the Seventh DollHouse Manager
R G Lamb1965The Rape Of The BeltHouse Manager
R Goodnight1965The Amorous PrawnLighting
R Goodnight1966Nude With ViolinLighting
R Goodright1964Billy LiarLighting
R Goodright1966The Touch Of FearLighting
R Goodright1967The Tulip TreeLighting
R Gray1926The GondoliersFlute
R J Williams1926The GondoliersGondolier
R W G Roberts1967The Sleeping PrinceHouse Manager
R W R Dodd1953The Blind GoddessSound
R W R Dodd1950The Importance of Being EarnestSound Effects
R Wild1927Princess IdaTrumpet
R Wild1928PatienceTrumpet
Rachael King2013Polar BearsASM
Rachael King2013Polar BearsProperties
Rachael Stronge2013The HollowVeronica Craye
Rachel Ash1997Talking HeadsProperties
Rachel Battilana1995The Merchant of VeniceMusician
Rachel Forrest2000Once A CatholicWardrobe
Rachel Lesley2007Season's GreetingsRachel
Rachel Leslie2008Much Ado About NothingMargaret, attendant on Hero
Rachel Leslie2008The FatherHouse Manager
Rachel McGrath1983AladdinDancer
Rachel Pawson1986Mother GooseASM
Rachel Pawson1987Sleeping Beautydeputy Manager
Rachel Pawson1987The DresserStage Manager
Rachel Volp1984Toad Of Toad HallAnimals
Rachel Volp1984Toad Of Toad HallLucy Rabbit
Rachel Volp1991The Chalk GardenLaurel
Rachel Volp1997Lady Windermere's FanLady Windermere
Rachel Volp1997The TempestMiranda, his daughter
Rachel Volp1998A Collier's Tuesday TeaASM
Rachel Volp1998Henry VKatherine, daughter of the King of France
Rachael King2013Wife Begins At FortyLinda Harper
Rachael King2014TheftDeputy Stage Manager
Rani Jackson2014TheftJenny Farringon
Rani Jackson2014Charley's AuntDonna Lucia D'Alvadorez
Rani Jackson2015An Experiment with an Air PumpSusannah Fenwick / Ellen
Rani Jackson2016Relatively SpeakingSheila
Rani Moorthy1997Racing DemonStella Marr
Ray Austin1977Merry Wives of WindsorSir Hugh Evans, a Welsh Parson
Ray Austin1979Much Ado About NothingAntonio, Leonato's Brother
Ray Smith1976The Winter's TaleFlorize, his son
Ray Walker1983AladdinScenic Artist / Designer
Ray Walker1984Toad Of Toad HallSet Design
Raymond H Cole1952Harlequinade (1952)Policeman
Raymond H Cole1953The HollowDetective Sergeant Penny
Raymond H Cole1958A Party For ChristmasLighting
Raymond H Cole1959Dear DelinquentWilkinson
Raymond H Cole1959Ring Around The MoonLighting
Raymond H Cole1959Something To HideSound
Raymond H Cole1960A Touch of The SunStage Manager
Raymond H Cole1960The Queen and The WelshmanSound
Rebecca Bradley1993The Pied PiperFrau Hip
Rebecca Fentem1990Merry Wives of WindsorServant
Rebecca Harker1993The Pied PiperRat / Villager
Rebecca Leah1993The Pied PiperFrau Finkel
Reece Towell2014Charley's AuntASM/Props
Reginald Dodd1951Happiest Days Of Your Life (1951)Stage Manager
Reginald Dodd1952Harlequinade (1952)Sound Effects
Reginald Dodd1952The Browning VersionSound Effects
Reg Harvey1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampPiano
Reg Sykes2006Dick WhittingtonMusical Direction
Reg Sykes2006Dick WhittingtonPianist
Reginald Dodd1953The Blind GoddessForeman of the Jury
Rene Roberts1968A Man For All SeasonsPrompt
Rene Roberts1969The HeiressMake-Up
Rene Roberts1970Spring and Port WineMake-Up
Renny Krupinski2004As You Like ItFight Arranger
Renny Krupinski2007Romeo and JulietFight Director
Renny Krupinski2009The 3 MusketeersFight Director
Rhian Mullock1993The Pied Piper3rd Man
Rhianne Statom-Barnett2008GaslightNancy, the maid
Rhianne Statom-Barnett2009The 3 MusketeersClothilde, the Innkeeper's daughter
Rhianne Statom-Barnett2010Measure For MeasureJuliet, betrothed to him
Rhianne Statom-Barnett2010Communicating DoorsJessica
Rhianne Statom-Barnett2011MacbethLady Macduff
Rhianne Statom-Barnett2011Fallen AngelsJasmine Saunders
Rhianne Statom-Barnett2011Independent MeansPrompt
Rhianne Statom-Barnett2011Children's DaySophie Lovelady
Rhianne Statom-Barnett2012Gosforth's FeteASM
Rhianne Statom-Barnett2012Gosforth's FeteProperties
Rhianne Statom-Barnett2012Steel MagnoliasHouse Manager
Rhianne Statom-Barnett2012The Lonesome WestASM
Rhianne Statom-Barnett2012The Lonesome WestAssistant Director
Rhianne Statom-Barnett2012Calendar GirlsElaine
Rhianne Statom-Barnett2013Polar BearsAssistant Director
Rhiannon Lewis1999Romeo and JulietServant / Citizen
Rhiannon Lewis2000A Midsummer Night's DreamFirst Fairy's Girl
Rhiannon Lewis2000Once A CatholicMary O'Gallagher
Rhiannon Lewis2000The Cemetery ClubProperties & ASM
Rhiannon Lewis2001The RivalsSound
Rhiannon Lewis2001The Taming of the ShrewFriend of Lord Simon
Rhiannon Lewis2002Absent FriendsSound
Rhiannon Lewis2002AladdinBalroubadour
Rhiannon Lewis2002Broken GlassSound
Rhiannon Lewis2002Make Way For LuciaSound
Rhiannon Lewis2002Much Ado About NothingHero, Leonato's daughter
Rhiannon Lewis2003Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeSybil Merton, his fiancee
Rhiannon Lewis2003Mr WonderfulStage Manager
Rhiannon Lewis2004As You Like ItCourtier
Rhiannon Lewis2004As You Like ItPhoebe
Rhiannon Lewis2004Breezeblock ParkSandra
Rhiannon Lewis2004The Writing GameASM
Rhiannon Lewis2005Plaza SuiteDirector
Rhiannon Lewis2006Relatively SpeakingHouse Manager
Rhiannon Lewis2006Twelfth NightViola (twin sister of Sebastian)
Rhiannon Lewis2007TartuffeMariane, his daughter
Rhiannon Lewis2015The Thrill of LoveRuth Ellis
Ric Hazlewood2007Romeo and JulietTybalt, nephew of Lady Capulet
Richard Adams1988The Winter's TaleMamillius, his son
Richard Adams1989Romeo and JulietPage
Richard Adams1990Merry Wives of WindsorRobin, Falstaff's Page
Richard Barnes2005A Christmas CarolChild Scrooge
Richard Barnes2005A Christmas CarolTiny Tim
Richard Barraclough2011Deep Blue SeaLiaison
Richard Barraclough2011Fallen AngelsLiaison
Richard Barraclough2012A Chip In The SugarLiaison
Richard Barraclough2012Dumb WaiterLiaison
Richard Barraclough2012Gosforth's FeteLiaison
Richard Barraclough2012The LessonLiaison
Richard Barraclough2012A Midsummer Night's DreamLiaison
Richard Barraclough2017The LadykillersTicket Secretary
Richard Barraclough2017The Winter's TaleTicket Secretary
Richard Barraclough2018HeroesTicket Secretary
Richard Barraclough2019Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Ticket Secretary
Richard Barraclough2022HarveyTicket Secretary
Richard Bateson1991Much Ado About NothingThe Watch
Richard Bateson1992The Murder of Maria MartinSeth Robine
Richard Chadwick1927Princess IdaGuron
Richard Chadwick1928PatienceChorus
Richard Chadwick1929The SorcererChorus
Richard Chadwick1931Tom JonesPimlott
Richard Ellis2007A Skull In ConnemaraThomas Hanlon
Richard Ellis2008GaslightJack Manningham
Richard Ellis2010Measure For MeasureLucio, a fantastic
Richard Ellis2011Deep Blue SeaDr Miller
Richard Ellis2012The LessonThe Professor
Richard Ellis2012The Lonesome WestFather Welsh
Richard Fox1975The Winslow BoyFred
Richard Frost2001The Taming of the ShrewCurtis, servant to Petruchio
Richard Frost2001The Taming of the ShrewThe Hon Hugo-Richards
Richard Frost2002Much Ado About NothingDon John, Don Pedro's bastard brother
Richard Frost2004A Murder Is AnnouncedEdmund Swettenham
Richard Frost2004Private LivesVictor Prynne
Richard Frost2006BetrayalRobert
Richard Frost2006Twelfth NightAntonio (captain, friend to Sebastian)
Richard Frost2007TartuffeCleante, Elmire's brother
Richard Frost2007Romeo and JulietPeter, a servant of Capulet
Richard Frost2008Hay FeverDavid Bliss
Richard Frost2009Separate TablesMr Malcolm
Richard Frost2009Separate TablesMajor Pollock
Richard Frost2010First Things FirstAlan
Richard Frost2011Deep Blue SeaFreddie Page
Richard Frost2011Fallen AngelsFrederick Sterroll
Richard Frost2012Calendar GirlsRod
Richard Frost2013Polar BearsSandy
Richard Frost2013Wife Begins At FortyRoger Dixon
Richard Hammond1980The RivalsServant
Richard Holman1970Ring Round the MoonA General
Richard Holman1971On Monday NextManners
Richard Holman1971The Little HutA Stranger
Richard Holman1972The Middle WatchCommander Baddeley (Royal Navy)
Richard Holman1972Twelfth NightSebastian, her twin brother
Richard Holman1973A Midsummer Night's DreamPeter Quince, a carpenter
Richard Holman1975Lloyd George Knew My FatherSimon Green
Richard Holman1975The CrucibleSound
Richard Honeyman1974How The Other Half LovesDirector
Richard Honeyman1974You Can't Take It With YouDirector
Richard Hughes1991Much Ado About NothingAttendant
Richard Law1995AmadeusJoseph II, Emperor of Austria
Richard Moxom1978All's Well That Ends WellLavatch
Richard R Ford1931One Acts (1931)Harvey Western
Richard Ross1999Romeo and JulietServant / Citizen
Richard Sails2022HarveyWilliam Chumley
Richard Vardon1988The Winter's TaleGaoler
Richard Vardon1988The Winter's TaleOfficer
Rick Hazlewood2008Hay FeverSimon Bliss
Rick Price2005A Christmas CarolBoy Scrooge
Rick Price2005A Christmas CarolPeter
Rick Price2007TartuffeValere, betrothed to Mariane
Rita Dook1964The Wind and the RainWardrobe Mistress
Rob2002Make Way For LuciaSet Construction
Robert Green2002Much Ado About NothingConrade, follower of Don John
Robert Levy1984Outside EdgeAlex
Robert Lowcock1994A Midsummer Night's DreamThe Changeling Boy
Robert Prescott1980The RivalsCaptain Absolute
Robert Turner1997The TempestBass
Robin Brunskill1978Dear BrutusMargaret
Robin Brunskill1979Dick WhittingtonFairy / Pirate / Indian /Others
Robin Goodright1964The Wind and the RainLighting
Robin Goodright1966The ManLighting
Robin Griffin1971On Monday NextJackson Harley
Robin Griffin1972A View From A BridgeAlfieri
Robin Griffin1972The Middle WatchCaptain Maitland (Royal Navy)
Robin Griffin1973A Midsummer Night's DreamNick Bottom, a weaver
Robin Griffin1973The GazeboHouse Manager
Robin Griffin1974As You Like ItDuke Frederick (his brother and usurper)
Robin Griffin1974As You Like ItWilliam (a youth in love with Audrey)
Robin Griffin1974The Wild DuckRelling
Robin Griffin1975The CrucibleReverend Samuel Parris
Robin Griffin1976Arms and The ManMajor Petkoff
Robin Griffin1998Henry VCaptain Fluellen
Robin Lund1978Farewell, Farewell EugeneWilliam Bosworth
Robin Lund1979Much Ado About NothingConrade, follower of Don John
Robin Watkins1980The EnquiryLighting
Robin Watkinson1984The Merchant of VeniceLighting
Robin Watkinson1984The Murder of Maria MartenStage Manager
Robin Watkinson1985A Midsummer Night's DreamLighting
Robin Watkinson1986Mother GooseLighting
Robin Watkinson1986The AnniversaryLighting
Robin Watkinson1986The MilitantsLighting
Robin Watkinson1986Twelfth NightLighting
Robin Watkinson1987As You Like ItLighting
Robin Watkinson1987As You Like ItSound
Robin Watkinson1987On Golden PondLighting
Robin Watkinson1987Sleeping BeautyStage Manager
Robin Watkinson1987The DresserLighting / Sound / Set Design
Robin Watkinson1988The HeiressLighting and Sound
Robin Watkinson1988The VigilLighting
Robin Watkinson1988The Winter's TaleLighting
Robin Watkinson1989Jack and The BeanstalkLighting
Robin Watkinson1989Murder In The CathedralStage Manager
Robin Watkinson1989Romeo and JulietLighting
Robin Watkinson1990Charley's AuntLighting
Robin Watkinson1990Merry Wives of WindsorLighting
Robin Watkinson1990Seasons GreetingsProduction Assistant
Robin Watkinson1990Seasons GreetingsSound
Robin Watkinson1990Stepping OutSound
Robin Watkinson1991Arms and The ManDesign
Robin Watkinson1991Arms and The ManSound
Robin Watkinson1991Much Ado About NothingSound
Robin Watkinson1991The Chalk GardenSound
Robin Watkinson1992The Day After The FairSet Build
Robin Watkinson1992Pack Of LiesLighting and sound
Robin Watkinson1992The Taming of the ShrewSound
Robin Watkinson1993The Comedy of ErrorsLighting and Sound
Robin Watkinson1994A Midsummer Night's DreamLighting
Robin Watkinson1994Crown MatrimonialLighting
Robin Watkinson1994Crown MatrimonialSet
Robin Watkinson1994Pass The ButlerSet Build
Robin Watkinson1995After MagritteSound
Robin Watkinson1995AmadeusSet
Robin Watkinson1995AmadeusSound
Robin Watkinson1995Between MouthfulsSound
Robin Watkinson1995Man Of The MomentLighting
Robin Watkinson1995The Merchant of VeniceLighting
Robin Watkinson1996Born In The GardensTechnical Crew
Robin Watkinson1996Cabaret CapersLighting & Sound
Robin Watkinson1996My Mother Said I Never ShouldSet
Robin Watkinson1996Twelfth NightSet
Robin Watkinson1996Twelfth NightSound
Robin Watkinson1997Outside EdgeLighting
Robin Watkinson1997Outside EdgeSet Construction
Robin Watkinson1997Outside EdgeSet Design
Robin Watkinson1997Someone Who'll Watch Over MeLighting
Robin Watkinson1997Someone Who'll Watch Over MeSet
Robin Watkinson1997Talking HeadsLighting
Robin Watkinson1997Talking HeadsSet
Robin Watkinson1997The TempestSound
Robin Watkinson1998A Collier's Tuesday TeaTechnical Crew
Robin Watkinson1998Henry VBattle Scene creation
Robin Watkinson1998Henry VLighting
Robin Watkinson1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandLighting Design
Robin Watkinson1999Children Of A Lesser GodDesign
Robin Watkinson1999Children Of A Lesser GodLighting
Robin Watkinson1999PygmalionLighting
Robin Watkinson1999Romeo and JulietLighting
Robin Watkinson2000A Midsummer Night's DreamLighting and Sound
Robin Watkinson2000DeathtrapLighting
Robin Watkinson2001Amy's ViewLighting
Robin Watkinson2001Amy's ViewSet Design and Construction
Robin Watkinson2001The Taming of the ShrewLighting and Sound
Robin Watkinson2001The Taming of the ShrewSet Design & Construction
Robin Watkinson2001Wyrd SistersLighting Design
Robin Watkinson2002AladdinLighting
Robin Watkinson2002Broken GlassLighting and Set Design
Robin Watkinson2002Make Way For LuciaLighting
Robin Watkinson2002Much Ado About NothingLighting Design
Robin Watkinson2002Much Ado About NothingQuidditchAdaption
Robin Watkinson2003Abigail's PartyLighting
Robin Watkinson2003Abigail's PartySet Construction
Robin Watkinson2003Merry Wives of WindsorLighting and Sound
Robin Watkinson2003Mr WonderfulLighting
Robin Watkinson2003The Wind In The WillowsLighting Design
Robin Watkinson2004As You Like ItLighting and Sound
Robin Watkinson2004Breezeblock ParkSet Design
Robin Watkinson2004Private LivesLighting
Robin Watkinson2004Private LivesSet Construction
Robin Watkinson2005A Midsummer's Night DreamLights
Robin Watkinson2005Death and the MaidenLighting
Robin Watkinson2007Romeo and JulietLighting
Robin Watkinson2007Romeo and JulietSound
Robyn Forsythe2002Much Ado About NothingChild
Robyn Forsythe2003Merry Wives of WindsorLady of Windsor
Robyn Forsythe2003The Wind In The WillowsHedgehog Tilly
Roger Buckley1959Angels In LoveFurse, the Butler
Roger Buckley1959Ring Around The MoonFootman
Roger Buckley1960A Touch of The SunJohn Lester
Roger Buckley1961Not In The BookMichael
Roger Buckley1962Hans, The Witch and The GobbinHans, a Student
Roger Buckley1962Seven Set SailSenmut, a Young Man
Roger Latham1979Dick WhittingtonFairy / Pirate / Indian /Others
Roger Latham1979Dick WhittingtonGeronimo the Horse
Roger Latham1981Romeo and JulietCitizen / Servant
Roger Livesey2008Much Ado About NothingLord
Roger Livesey2008Much Ado About NothingSeacoal / Sexton
Ron Manwell1970Ring Round the MoonAssistant Stage Manager
Ron Manwell19702 One-ActsStage Manager
Ronald Thompson1962Seven Set SailMertisen, an Agricultural Slave
Ronnie Dykstra1977The Importance of Being EarnestHouse Manager
Ronnie Dykstra1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampHo Choo Choo - Emperor for all China
Ronnie Dykstra1979Dick WhittingtonCaptain the Hon. Freddie (oops pardon) Chuffer
Ronnie Dykstra1979Not Now DarlingGilbert Bodley
Ronnie Dykstra1980The RivalsLighting
Ronnie Dykstra1980Trap for a Lonely ManHouse Manager
Ronnie Dykstra1981Bell Book and CandleHouse Manager
Ronnie Dykstra1981Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeThe Dean of Paddington
Ronnie Dykstra1982Puss In BootsKing Tut
Ronnie Dykstra1983AladdinEmperor
Ronnie Dykstra1983The Taming of the ShrewPrompt
Ronnie Dykstra1984Spring In The AirPerformer
Ronnie Dykstra1985When We Are MarriedCouncillor Albert Parker
Ronnie Dykstra1986Mother GooseSquire Heartybluff
Ronnie Dykstra1986The MilitantsStaging Crew
Ronnie Dykstra1986The Noble SpaniardCount de Morey (a Frenchman)
Ronnie Dykstra1987The DresserThornton
Ronnie Dykstra1992The Taming of the ShrewCurtis, servant to Petruchio
Ronnie Dykstra1995Man Of The MomentRuy, their gardener
Ronnie Dykstra1995The CrucibleReverend Samuel Parris
Ronnie Dykstra1996Cabaret CapersPerformer
Ronnie Dykstra1996Hobson's ChoiceJim Heeler
Ronnie Dykstra1998Henry VAmbassador to the King of England
Ronnie Dykstra1998Henry VDuke of Bourbon
Ronnie Dykstra1998Henry VSir Thomas Grey
Ronnie Dykstra1998The Darling Buds of MayThe Brigadier
Ronnie Dykstra1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandDuchess
Ronnie Dykstra1999Habeas CorpusSet Construction
Ronnie Dykstra1999Habeas CorpusStage Manager
Ronnie Dykstra2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandDuchess
Ronnie Dykstra2000Don't Dress For DinnerSet Build
Ronnie Dykstra2001The RivalsSet Construction
Ronnie Dykstra2002Make Way For LuciaHouse Manager
Ronnie Dykstra2003Abigail's PartySet Construction
Ronnie Dykstra2003The Wind In The WillowsFox
Ronnie Dykstra2003The Wind In The WillowsRabbit Robert
Ronnie Dykstra2003The Wind In The WillowsSetting
Ronnie Dykstra2003The Wind In The WillowsTrain Driver
Ronnie Dykstra2004A Murder Is AnnouncedSet Design and Construction
Ronnie Dykstra2004WitSet Construction
Ronnie Dykstra2005A Christmas CarolUndertaker's Man
Ronnie Dykstra2005A Christmas CarolSet Construction
Ronnie Dykstra2005Beauty Queen of LeenaneSet Construction
Ronnie Dykstra2005Death and the MaidenFront of House
Ronnie Dykstra2005Plaza SuiteWaiter
Ronnie Dykstra2005When We Are MarriedReverend Clement Mercer
Ronnie Dykstra2006Dick WhittingtonBos'un Arrows
Ronnie Dykstra2006Twelfth NightValentine (attendant on Orsino)
Ronnie Dykstra2007Look Back In AngerHouse Manager
Ronnie Dykstra2007Season's GreetingsSet / Scenery Painting
Ronnie Dykstra2007TartuffeSet Construction
Ronnie Dykstra2008GaslightSet Construction
Ronnie Dykstra2008Hay FeverSet Construction
Ronnie Dykstra2008Snake In The GrassSet Construction
Ronnie Dykstra2009Come Blow Your HornSet Painter/Help
Ronnie Dykstra2009Nobody's FoolSet Build
Ronnie Dykstra2009Separate TablesSet
Ronnie Dykstra2010Birthday PartyPetey
Ronnie Dykstra2010Deep Blue SeaFront Of House
Ronnie Dykstra2011MacbethDirector
Ronnie Dykstra2011Fallen AngelsHouse Manager
Ronnie Dykstra2011Children's DayHouse Manager
Ronnie Dykstra2012The Lonesome WestHouse Manager
Ronnie Dykstra2014Dealing With ClairHouse Manager
Ronnie Dykstra2014TheftHouse Manager
Ronnie Dykstra2016Tommy BoyJoe Gates
Ronnie Dykstra2019Whisky GaloreHouse Manager
Ronnie Dykstra2021Nell GwynnHouse Manager
Ronnie Dykstra2022Improbable FictionHouse Manager
Ronnie Watkinson1987Habeas CorpusStage Manager
Rory Gradon2014Charley's AuntJack Chesney
Rosanne Williams1966The Touch Of FearRose Owen
Roscoe Chalk1995StrewthJames
Roscoe Chalk2003Mr WonderfulMr Wonderful
Rosemary Haughton1967The PartyFrances Brough
Rosemary Haughton1967The Sleeping PrinceThe Countess
Rosemary Haughton1971Birthday HonoursProperties
Rosemary Haughton1971The Little HutSusan
Rosemary Haughton1972Twelfth NightViola, a shipwrecked lady,
Rosemary Haughton1974How The Other Half LovesFiona Foster
Rosemary J Broady1952Harlequinade (1952)Joyce Langland
Rosemary Reid1962Hans, The Witch and The GobbinAlicia, a Princess
Rosemary Reid1963Duet For Two HandsWardrobe
Rosemary Reid1965The Amorous PrawnPrivate Biddy O'Hara, WRAC
Rosemary Turner1959Angels In LoveBurton, a maid
Rosemary Turner1960Rock BottomJane Daventry
Roslyn Heywood1978Relative ValuesMiranda Frayle
Ross Donald2001An Evening of Alan AyckbournLighting Operation
Ross Donald2002Absent FriendsLighting
Rover Jetson1995StrewthThe Vicar (Rupert)
Rowena Harker1959Angels In LoveLettice
Rowena Harker1959Something To HideStella
Roy Derrick1968A Man For All SeasonsThomas Cromwell
Roy Derrick1975The CrucibleDeputy-Governor Danforth
Roy L Farrington1928PatienceChorus
Roy L Farrington1929The SorcererChorus
Roy L Farrington1929Trial By JuryGentleman of the Jury
Roy L Farrington1930The Last of Mrs CheyneyCharles (a Butler)
Roy Mair1969The Waltz of The ToreadorsFather Ambrose
Ruby Smith1979Don't Just Lie There - Say SomethingPrompt
Ruby Smith1981Separate TablesASM
Rupert Richards1981Romeo and JulietPage to Capulet
Russell Potter1972The Middle WatchAble Seaman
Ruth Findlater1979Dick WhittingtonDancers
Ruth Findlater1980Loves Labour LostMoth, a page to Don Adriano de Armado
Ruth Green1971On Monday NextWardrobe
Ruth Horton1973And So To BedMrs Knight
Ruth Murray1975The CruciblePrompt
Ruth O'Hara2005Beauty Queen of LeenaneMaureen Folan
Ruth O'Hara2007TartuffeElmire, his wife
Ruth O'Keefe1995After MagritteTuba
Ruth Phelan2010Caramba's RevengeRonnie
Ruth Summerly-Barron2008GaslightBella Manningham
Ruth Summerly-Barron2008Much Ado About NothingASM
Ruth Summerly-Barron2009The 3 MusketeersConstance Bonacieux, Wardrobe Maid to the Queen
Ruth Summerly-Barron2012A Midsummer Night's DreamHermia (courtier)
Ruth Williamson1931Tom JonesHonour (Maid to Sophia)
Ryan Johnson2005A Midsummer's Night DreamWardrobe
Ryan Johnson2005Plaza SuiteBellhop
Ryan Johnson2005Plaza SuiteBorden Eisler
S E Crookell1953The Blind GoddessMeyer
S E Crookell1956A Question of FactArthur Lamb
S E Crookell1963The Grass Is GreenerDirector
S E Crookell1950Waters Of The MoonProducer
S E Crookell1951Happiest Days Of Your Life (1951)Director
S E Crookell1952Harlequinade (1952)George Chudleigh
S E Mottram1968A Man For All SeasonsASM
S E Mottram19702 One-ActsASM
S E Mottram1971The Little HutStage Manager
S E Mottram1973The GazeboStage Manager
S Howell1950The Importance of Being EarnestDeputy House Manager
S Johnson1926The GondoliersDrums
S L Keyman1929The Devil's DiscipleProperty Mistress
S L Wood1931Tom JonesChorus
S Rhodes1951Happiest Days Of Your Life (1951)House Manager
S Rhodes1952Harlequinade (1952)House Manager
S Rhodes1952The Browning VersionHouse Manager
S Rhodes1953The Blind GoddessHouse Manager
S W Dronsfield1926The GondoliersGondolier
S W Dronsfield1928PatienceReginald Bunthorne
S W Dronsfield1929The Devil's DiscipleChristopher Dudgeon
S W Dronsfield1929The SorcererChorus
S W Dronsfield1929Trial By JuryThe Learned Judge
S W Dronsfield1930The Last of Mrs CheyneyStage Manager
Sally Dabbs1961From Five To Five-ThirtyMrs Treetops
Sally Dabbs1963The Grass Is GreenerHattie
Sally Dabbs1964Billy LiarLiz
Sally Dabbs1965The Amorous PrawnPrivate Suzie Tidmarsh, WRAC
Sally Dabbs1965The Rape Of The BeltHippolyte
Sally Dabbs1966The Touch Of FearSarah Stanham
Sally Dabbs1969The Waltz of The ToreadorsWardrobe
Sally Dabbs1971Birthday HonoursMonica Bestwood
Sally Egginton2004WitASM
Sally Egginton2004WitDoctor / Student / Technician
Sally Egginton2009Come Blow Your HornPeggy Evans
Sally Gibson1960Rock BottomWardrobe
Sally Mills1979Dick WhittingtonDancers
Sally Price1987As You Like ItDancer / Courtier
Sally Stagg1989Jack and The BeanstalkVillager
Sally Stagg1989Red Hot CindersRoland Rat
Sam Constable2001Ernie's Incredible IllucinationsEddie Grinder Edwards
Sam Palin2001Wyrd SistersTomjon
Sam Stevenson2003Merry Wives of WindsorLady of Windsor
Samantha Hughes1986Twelfth NightAttendant / Citizen
Samantha Lovenbury2001Ernie's Incredible IllucinationsSoldier
Samantha Taylor1985A Midsummer Night's DreamFairy
Samuel Burrow1990Merry Wives of WindsorServant
Samuel Burrows1993The Comedy of ErrorsChild of Ephesus
Samuel Burrows1995The Merchant of VeniceTownsfolk
Sandra Lawson2000A Midsummer Night's DreamFriend / House Guest / Servant
Sandra Lawson2000A Midsummer Night's DreamWardrobe
Sandra Potter1973And So To BedWardrobe
Sandra Spriggs1980Loves Labour LostAttendants / Singer / Dancer
Sandra Spriggs1980The RivalsMaid
Sandy Clark2006Dick WhittingtonChorus
Sandy McGregor2007A Skull In ConnemaraMick Dowd
Sandy McGregor2010Birthday PartyMcCann
Sandy McGregor2012The Lonesome WestColeman
Sandy McGregor2018The WeirFinbar
Sandy Willcocks1993The Comedy of ErrorsCitizen of Ephesus
Sandy Willcocks1994A Midsummer Night's DreamFriend / House Guest / Servant
Sandy Willcocks1995The Merchant of VeniceTownsfolk
Sara McEwen1974You Can't Take It With YouAlice
Sara Mottram1967The Sleeping PrinceLouisa
Sara Mottram1968Semi-DetachedPrompt
Sara Mottram1972The Middle WatchNancy Hewitt
Sara Mottram1973A Midsummer Night's DreamAttendant
Sara Mottram1973And So To BedSue
Sara Roberts1970Hedda GablerPrompt
Sara Roberts1970Ring Round the MoonPrompt
Sara Wells1999Romeo and JulietWardrobe
Sarah Baker2005A Midsummer's Night DreamGentlefolk
Sarah Bell1993The Pied PiperRat / Villager
Sarah Boyce1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampDancer
Sarah Boyce1979Dick WhittingtonDancers
Sarah Burke2000Don't Dress For DinnerSuzanne, Bernard's mistress
Sarah Caroll2006Dick WhittingtonChorus
Sarah Field2010Communicating DoorsPoopay
Sarah Field2011Children's DayPolly Butler
Sarah Field2012Steel MagnoliasM'Lynn
Sarah Field2012A Midsummer Night's DreamOberon's Court
Sarah Field2015Duets - The HolidayShelley
Sarah Field2015The SteamieMagrit
Sarah Finney1992The Murder of Maria MartinDora Manning
Sarah G Wood1973A Midsummer Night's DreamMoth
Sarah Hadland1985A Midsummer Night's DreamFairy
Sarah Hadland1986Twelfth NightAttendant / Citizen
Sarah Hannam1982Puss In BootsHal
Sarah Lawless1990Merry Wives of WindsorServant
Sarah Levine1926The GondoliersContadine
Sarah Mavius1974The Wild DuckCall Boy
Sarah McGlashan1982The Comedy of ErrorsCitizen / Servant
Sarah Mottram1972Night Must FallPrompt
Sarah Mottram1974As You Like ItAudrey (a country wench)
Sarah Mottram1974The Wild DuckPrompt
Sarah Mountain1998The Darling Buds of MayZinnia
Sarah Mountain2000Once A CatholicMary Flanagan
Sarah Newton1989Jack and The BeanstalkVillager
Sarah Newton1989Red Hot CindersHerald
Sarah Pilkington1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampDancer
Sarah Pilkington1979Dick WhittingtonFairy / Pirate / Indian /Others
Sarah Powell2001The RivalsASM
Sarah Powell2001The RivalsServant
Sarah Powell2001The Taming of the ShrewAlehouse Reveller
Sarah Powell2001The Taming of the ShrewServant to Petruchio
Sarah Powell2001The Taming of the ShrewWidow, who has long loved Hortensio
Sarah Priestley2019Ladies' DayJan
Sarah Roberts1983AladdinDancer
Sarah Roberts1992The Day After The FairAnna
Sarah Roberts1992Move Over Mrs MarkhamSylvie
Sarah Roberts1993Ritual For DollsArabella
Sarah Roberts1993Witness for the ProsecutionSarah Clegg (laboratory assistant)
Sarah Roberts1993Witness for the ProsecutionThe Other Woman
Sarah Roberts1994Crown MatrimonialWardrobe
Sarah Roberts1998A Collier's Tuesday TeaVictoria Hepplethwaite
Sarah Roberts1998The Darling Buds of MayAngela Snow
Sarah Roberts1998Whose Life Is It AnywayKay Sadler
Sarah Roberts2000A Midsummer Night's DreamHippolyta, Affianced to Theseus
Sarah Wilkinson1978All's Well That Ends WellAttendant / Citizen
Sarah Wood1976Arms and The ManRaina Petkoff
Sarah Wood1976The Winter's TaleLady in Waiting / Shepherdess
Sarah Wood1976The Winter's TaleTime
Sarah Wood1977Merry Wives of WindsorASM
Sarah Wood1981Romeo and JulietJuliet, daughter of Capulet
Sarah Wood1983Last Of The Red Hot LoversBobbi Michele
Sarat Broughton2012Calendar GirlsCelia
Scarlett Dean2018Alice's Adventures in WonderlandAlice
Scarlett Dean2019The Playboy of the Western WorldSarah Tansey
Scarlett Newton2022Ladies of Importance - Lady Bracknell's ReturnVanessa
Scarlett Newton2022HarveyMyrtle Mae Simmons
Scott Thompson1983The Taming of the ShrewDancer
Sean McArdle1975The Odd CoupleVinnie
Sean McCardle1975The CrucibleFrancis Nurse
Sebastian Thompson1998The Darling Buds of MayMontgomery
Sebastian Thompson1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandFrog footman / Gardener
Sebastian Thompson2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandFrog footman / Gardener 5
Sebastian Thompson2000Breaking The CodeNikos
Sebastian Thompson2000Once A CatholicCuthbert
Shan Bristow2004Breezeblock ParkSoft Furnishings
Shan Bristow2006Twelfth NightGentlewoman attandant to Olivia
Shan Bristow2007Romeo and JulietLady
Shan Bristow2008Much Ado About NothingLady of Leonato's Court
Shan Bristow2017The LadykillersHouse Manager
Shan Bristow2017Talking HeadsHouse Manager
Shan Bristow2018Be My BabyHouse Manager
Shan Bristow2018We Are Three SistersHouse Manager
Shan Bristow2019The Playboy of the Western WorldHouse Manager
Shan Bristow2019Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect NonsenseOn-stage Dresser
Shan Bristow2019Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?ASM
Shan Bristow2019Whisky GaloreHouse Manager
Sheena Mitchell1983A Delicate BalanceLighting
Sheena Mitchell1983AladdinLighting
Sheena Mitchell1983See How They RunLighting
Sheena Mitchell1983The Taming of the ShrewSound
Sheena Mitchell1984The Merchant of VeniceServant / Attendant
Sheena Mitchell1984The Murder of Maria MartenLighting
Sheena Mitchell1984Toad Of Toad HallLighting
Sheena Mitchell1986The Noble SpaniardLighting
Sheena Rawel1989Romeo and JulietServant / Citizen
Sheena Rawle1986Twelfth NightAttendant / Citizen
Sheenal Rawel1986Mother GooseChorus
Sheila Bird1981Romeo and JulietStage Manager
Sheila Bird1981Separate TablesLady Matheson
Sheila Bird1981Separate TablesLady Matheson
Sheila Bird1982She Stoops To ConquerStage Manager
Sheila Bird1982The Glass MenagerieHouse Manager
Sheila Bird1982The Princess and The SwineherdHouse Managers
Sheila Bird1983See How They RunHouse Manager
Sheila Burke1965The Rape Of The BeltDiasta
Sheila Chatburn1981Romeo and JulietLady Montague
Sheila Chatburn1981Separate TablesMiss Meacham
Sheila Chatburn1981Separate TablesMiss Meacham
Sheila Chatburn1982She Stoops To ConquerHouse Manager
Sheila Chatburn1982The Princess and The SwineherdASM
Sheila Chatburn1983Last Of The Red Hot LoversHouse Manager
Sheila Chatburn1984Toad Of Toad HallWasherwoman
Sheila Chatburn1985When We Are MarriedMaria Helliwell
Sheila Chatburn1986The MilitantsWardrobe
Sheila Chatburn1986The Noble SpaniardHouse Manager
Sheila Chatburn1987On Golden PondProperties
Sheila Chatburn1987The DresserHouse Manager
Sheila Chatburn2005When We Are MarriedContinuity
Sheila Chatburn2007Look Back In AngerProperties
Sheila Davidson1964The Wind and the RainAnne Hargreaves
Sheila Hine1954Spring At MarinoThenichka (Nicholai's Housekeeper)
Sheila Hine1961The Chalk GardenOlivia, Laurel's mother
Sheila Hine1962Fool's ParadiseCatherine Hayling
Sheila Hine1963Duet For Two HandsHerda Sarclet
Sheila Hine1964The Aspern PapersMrs Priest, HJs friend
Sheila Hine1966Nude With ViolinMarie-Celeste
Sheila Hine1966The Happiest Days of Your LifeMrs Peck
Sheila Hine1967The Tulip TreeClare Elliot
Sheila Hine1970Spring and Port WineDaisy Crompton
Sheila Hine1972A View From A BridgeBeatrice
Sheila Hine1973A Midsummer Night's DreamWardrobe
Sheila Hine1973And So To BedMrs Pierce
Sheila Hine1975Lloyd George Knew My FatherLady Sheila Boothroyd
Sheila Hine1975The CrucibleMake-Up
Sheila Hine1977Merry Wives of WindsorMistress Page, his wife
Sheila Hine1977The Importance of Being EarnestLady Bracknell
Sheila Hine1978All's Well That Ends WellThe Countess of Rossillion
Sheila Hine1978Dear BrutusWardrobe
Sheila Hine1979Relatively SpeakingSheila
Sheila Hine1979The Lion In WinterEleanor, wife of Henry
Sheila Hine1980The RivalsPrompt
Sheila Hine1981Romeo and JulietNurse, Juliet's foster mother
Sheila Hine1981Romeo and JulietWardrobe Mistress
Sheila Hine1982She Stoops To ConquerMiss Hardcastle
Sheila Hine1982She Stoops To ConquerProperties
Sheila Hine1982The Comedy of ErrorsNell
Sheila Hine1982The Glass MenagerieWardrobe
Sheila Hine1983The Taming of the ShrewWardrobe
Sheila Hine1984The Merchant of VeniceWardrobe
Sheila Hine1986Don't Listen LadiesDirector
Sheila Hine1986The Noble SpaniardLady Proudfoot
Sheila Hine1986Twelfth NightWardrobe
Sheila Hine1987As You Like ItWardrobe
Sheila Hine1987Habeas CorpusMrs. Swab
Sheila Hine1987On Golden PondEthel Thayer
Sheila Hine1988The Winter's TaleDirector
Sheila Hine1989Murder In The CathedralChorus
Sheila Hine1989Romeo and JulietAssistant to the Director
Sheila Hine1990Merry Wives of WindsorWardrobe Assistants
Sheila Hine1990Stepping OutDirector
Sheila Hine199184 Charing Cross RoadDirector
Sheila Hine1991The Chalk GardenMrs. St. Maugham
Sheila Hine1992The Taming of the ShrewASM
Sheila Hine1992Woman In MindDirector
Sheila Hine1993A Woman of No ImportanceLady Caroline Pontefract
Sheila Hine1993Witness for the ProsecutionDirector
Sheila Hine1994A Midsummer Night's DreamPrompt
Sheila Hine1994Crown MatrimonialQueen Mary
Sheila Hine1994Pass The ButlerLady Charles
Sheila Hine1995The CrucibleWardrobe
Sheila Hine1995The Merchant of VenicePrompt
Sheila Hine1996Born In The GardensMaud
Sheila Hine1996Twelfth NightLady Friend to Sir Toby
Sheila Hine1997Lady Windermere's FanWardrobe
Sheila Hine1997Talking HeadsNuriel
Sheila Hine1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandFish footman / Gardener
Sheila Hine1999Romeo and JulietPrompt
Sheila Hine2000A Midsummer Night's DreamBook and Bells
Sheila Hine2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandFish footman / Gardener 7
Sheila Hine2000DeathtrapHelga ten Dorp
Sheila Hine2000The Cemetery ClubWardrobe
Sheila Hine2001Amy's ViewEvelyn
Sheila Hine2001The RivalsPrompt
Sheila Hine2001The Taming of the ShrewAlehouse Reveller
Sheila Hine2001The Taming of the ShrewServant to Petruchio
Sheila Hine2002Make Way For LuciaMrs Wyse
Sheila Hine2002Much Ado About NothingASM
Sheila Hine2002Much Ado About NothingServant / Gentlefolk
Sheila Hine2003Merry Wives of WindsorPrompt
Sheila Hine2003Mr WonderfulPhoebe Green
Sheila Hine2003Richard IIIPrompt
Sheila Hine2004As You Like ItPrompt
Sheila Hine2005A Midsummer's Night DreamMoth
Sheila Hine2006Twelfth NightContinuity
Sheila Hine2007TartuffeFlipote, Mme Pernelle's maid
Sheila Hine2007Romeo and JulietCountess Capulet
Sheila Hine2007The Real Inspector HoundPrompt
Sheila Hine2009Separate TablesContinuity
Sheila Lake1977Merry Wives of WindsorASM
Sheila Lake1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampProperties
Sheila Lake1978All's Well That Ends WellProperties
Sheila Lake1978Dear BrutusProperties
Sheila Lake1978Relative ValuesProperties
Sheila Lake1979Dick WhittingtonProperties
Sheila Lake1979The Lion In WinterProperties
Sheila Lake1980The EnquiryMarion Oates
Sheila Lake1981Romeo and JulietCitizen / Servant
Sheila Tighe1982Table MannersProperties
Sheila Tighe1982The Comedy of ErrorsStage Manager
Sheila Tighe1983A Delicate BalanceProperties
Sheila Tighe1985A Midsummer Night's DreamStage Manager
Sheila Tighe1986The Noble SpaniardProperties
Sheila Tighe1986Twelfth NightStage Manager
Sheila Tighe1987On Golden PondProperties
Sheila Wood1933The RumourLena Jackson, Jackson's Daughter
Sheila Wood1933The RumourLena Jackson
Shelley Webb1991Arms and The ManRaina Petkoff
Shelley Webb1992The Taming of the ShrewBianca, daughter of Baptista
Shelly Webb1992Pack Of LiesWardrobe
Shirley Chandler2016Life & BethASM/Props
Shirley Chandler2017The LadykillersConcert Guest
Shirley Chandler2017The Winter's TaleASM
Shirley Keen1973The Little FoxesWardrobe
Shirley Keen1976Arms and The ManWardrobe
Shirley Keen1976GaslightWardrobe
Shirley Pell2001An Evening of Alan AyckbournProperties
Shirley Reynolds1969The HeiressMrs Montgomery
Shirley Reynolds1972You Never Can TellMrs Clandon
Shirley Reynolds1973The Little FoxesBirdie Hubbard
Shirley Reynolds1974The Wild DuckGina Ekdal
Shirley Reynolds1975The Winslow BoyGrace Winslow
Shirley Reynolds1976The Winter's TaleMopsa, shepherdess
Shirley Reynolds1980The EnquiryPrompt
Shirley Reynolds1980The RivalsMrs Malatrop
Shirley Reynolds1982The Comedy of ErrorsPrompt
Shirley Reynolds1983A Delicate BalanceAgnes
Shirley Reynolds1985A Midsummer Night's DreamASM
Shirley Reynolds1985When We Are MarriedClara Soppitt
Sian McGee1998The Darling Buds of MayVictoria
Sian McGee2000A Midsummer Night's DreamLittle Fairy
Sian McGee2001Ernie's Incredible IllucinationsWoman / Officer
Sid Mottram1969The Shop at Sly CornerStage Manager
Sidney Mottram1974As You Like ItStage Manager
Silly Jowburr1995StrewthLighting
Simon Barratt1985A Midsummer Night's DreamMoth
Simon Caporn1999PygmalionFreddy Eynsford-Hill
Simon Caporn1999Romeo and JulietApothecary
Simon Caporn1999Romeo and JulietGregory
Simon Caporn2000A Midsummer Night's DreamFrancis Flute, A Bellows mender
Simon Caporn2000Don't Dress For DinnerRobert
Simon Caporn2001The Taming of the ShrewHortensio, suitor to Bianca
Simon Caporn2001Wyrd SistersRobber / Guard / Player / Peasant
Simon Caporn2002Much Ado About NothingDon Pedro, Prince of Arragon
Simon Caporn2003Merry Wives of WindsorFenton, a young gentleman,
Simon Caporn2003Richard IIILord Grey, her son by first marriage
Simon Caporn2003Richard IIIThe Earl of Richmond, later Henry VII
Simon Caporn2003The Wind In The WillowsMotorist Rupert
Simon Caporn2003The Wind In The WillowsOtter
Simon Caporn2003The Wind In The WillowsParkinson - Car Salesman
Simon Caporn2003The Wind In The WillowsSquirrel Raymond
Simon Caporn2005A Christmas CarolFred, Scrooge's Nephew
Simon Caporn2005When We Are MarriedGerald Forbes
Simon Caporn2007The Real Inspector HoundMoon
Simon Caporn2008Much Ado About NothingWatchman
Simon Caporn2010Measure For MeasureElbow, a simple constable
Simon Caporn2010Measure For MeasureBarnardine, a drunken prisoner
Simon Caporn2010Communicating DoorsReece
Simon Caporn2012A Midsummer Night's DreamPhilostrate (Master of the Revels)
Simon Caporn2012A Midsummer Night's DreamEgeus (Hermiaís father)
Simon Caporn2013Curious SavageSamuel
Simon Caporn2015Duets - Secretarial SkillsBarrie
Simon Caporn2017The Winter's TalePolixenes
Simon Caporn2018Alice's Adventures in WonderlandKing
Simon Caporn2021Nell GwynnThomas Killigrew
Simon Cleverley1975The Winslow BoySound
Simon Cleverley1976The Winter's TaleSound
Simon Cleverley1977Merry Wives of WindsorSound
Simon Cleverley1982The Glass MenagerieSound
Simon Darlington2023The RiverThe Man
Simon Dew2000A Midsummer Night's DreamMusic
Simon Donnan1982Puss In BootsChild
Simon Donnan1989Murder In The CathedralPriest
Simon Donnan1990Merry Wives of WindsorPeter Simple, Slender's servant
Simon Donnan1992Woman In MindTony (her dream brother)
Simon Donnon1994A Month of SundaysSound
Simon Ginty2007Romeo and JulietRomeo, son of Montague
Simon Gray1988The Winter's TaleMamillius, his son
Simon Gray1989Romeo and JulietPage
Simon Gray1990Merry Wives of WindsorRobin, Falstaff's Page
Simon Janes2004Private LivesASM
Simon Janes2004Private LivesSet Construction
Simon Janes2004The Writing GameSet Construction
Simon Janes2005A Midsummer's Night DreamASM
Simon Janes2005Beauty Queen of LeenaneSet Construction
Simon Janes2005When We Are MarriedSet Construction
Simon Janes2006Dick WhittingtonASM
Simon Janes2007Romeo and JulietASM
Simon Rowland1994A Midsummer Night's DreamDemetrius
Simon Rowland1994The EntertainerFrank Rice
Simon Taylor1997Racing DemonRev. Tony Ferris
Simon Taylor1998Henry VKing Henry V
Simon Taylor1998The LarkCharles, the Dauphin
Simon Taylor1999Romeo and JulietTybalt
Simon Taylor2000A Midsummer Night's DreamNick Bottom, a Weaver
Simon Taylor2000Breaking The CodeJohn Smith
Simon Taylor2001Dancing At LunaghsaMichael
Simon Taylor2001The RivalsCaptain Jack Absolute
Simon Taylor2001Wyrd SistersLeonal Felmet
Simon Taylor2002Absent FriendsSet Design and Build
Simon Taylor2002Hard TimesMr Gradgrind
Simon Taylor2002Hard TimesStephen Blackpool
Simon Taylor2002Hard TimesTom
Simon Taylor2003Merry Wives of WindsorDoctor Caius, a French physician
Simon Taylor2003Mr WonderfulSet Construction
Simon Taylor2003Richard IIIRichard Duke of Gloucester, later Richard III
Simon Taylor2004As You Like ItOliver
Simon Taylor2004Breezeblock ParkLighting
Simon Taylor2004The Writing GameDirector
Simon Taylor2004The Writing GameSet Construction
Simon Webber1999Romeo and JulietServant / Citizen
Simon Webber2000A Midsummer Night's DreamPuck's Lad
Simon Webber2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandLighting
Simon Webber2001The RivalsSet Construction
Simon Webber2001The RivalsSet Design
Simon Webber2001The Taming of the ShrewFriend of Lord Simon
Simon Webber2001The Taming of the ShrewServant to Petruchio
Simon Webber2001Wyrd SistersSet Construction
Simon Webber2001Wyrd SistersSet Design
Simon Webber2002Broken GlassSet Construction
Simon Webber2002Broken GlassStage Manager
Simon Webber2002Much Ado About NothingServant / Gentlefolk
Simon Webber2003Mr WonderfulSet Construction
Simon Webber2003Mr WonderfulSet Design
Simon Webber2003Richard IIISet Construction
Simon Webber2003Richard IIISet Design
Simon Webber2003The Wind In The WillowsSet Design
Simon Webber2004The Writing GameSet Construction
Simon Webber2004The Writing GameSet Design
Simon Webber2005Death and the MaidenSet Design
Simon Webber2006Dick WhittingtonSet Construction
Simon Webber2007A Skull In ConnemaraSet Design
Sofia Lucarini2018Alice's Adventures in WonderlandFlower / Gardener 2 / Fish Footman
Sonia Dykstra1986Mother GooseDirector
Sonia Dykstra1987On Golden PondDirector
Sonia Dykstra1987Sleeping BeautyCostumes
Sonia Dykstra1988The Winter's TaleHermione, his wife
Sonia Dykstra1989Jack and The BeanstalkDirector
Sonia Dykstra1989Romeo and JulietNurse
Sonia Dykstra1990Merry Wives of WindsorWardrobe Mistress
Sonia Dykstra1990Seasons GreetingsPhyllis
Sonia Dykstra199184 Charing Cross RoadHelene Hauff
Sonia Dykstra1992The Murder of Maria MartinDirector
Sonia Dykstra1992The Taming of the ShrewDirector
Sonia Dykstra1993The Comedy of ErrorsDirector
Sonia Dykstra1993The Pied PiperDirector
Sonia Dykstra1994The EntertainerPhoebe Rice
Sonia Dykstra1996Cabaret CapersPerformer
Sonia Dykstra1996Cabaret CapersWritten and Director
Sonia Dykstra1996Twelfth NightDirector
Sonia Dykstra1997The TempestWardrobe
Sonia Dykstra1998Henry VAlice, attendant on Katherine
Sonia Dykstra1998The Darling Buds of MayLady Bluff-Gore
Sonia Dykstra1998The Darling Buds of MayWardrobe
Sonia Dykstra1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandAdapted and Director
Sonia Dykstra1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandSingers
Sonia Dykstra2000A Midsummer Night's DreamNanny Fairy
Sonia Dykstra2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandAdapted and Director
Sonia Dykstra2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandMarch Hare
Sonia Dykstra2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandSinger
Sonia Dykstra2001The Taming of the ShrewDirector
Sonia Dykstra2001The Taming of the ShrewMusical Director
Sonia Dykstra2002Hard TimesMary Stokes
Sonia Dykstra2002Hard TimesMrs Gradgrind
Sonia Dykstra2002Hard TimesMrs Sparsit
Sonia Dykstra2002Hard TimesRacheal
Sonia Dykstra2002Hard TimesSissy Jupe
Sonia Dykstra2005A Christmas CarolCostumes
Sonia Dykstra2005Beauty Queen of LeenaneMag Folan
Sonia Dykstra2005Plaza SuiteFront of House
Sonia Dykstra2007Romeo and JulietDirector
Sonia Dykstra2008Much Ado About NothingCostumes
Sonia Dykstra2009Come Blow Your HornMrs Baker
Sonia Dykstra2009It Runs In The FamilyHouse Manager
Sonia Dykstra2011And Then There Were NoneDirector
Sonia Dykstra2012Steel MagnoliasWardrobe
Sonia Dykstra2012Calendar GirlsBrenda Hulse
Sonia Dykstra2012Calendar GirlsLady Cravenshire
Sonia Dykstra2013The HollowDirector
Sonia Dykstra2013The HollowGerda Cristow
Sonia Dykstra2013The Importance Of Being EarnestLady Bracknell
Sonia Dykstra2015Entertaining AngelsHouse Manager
Sonia Dykstra2015The SteamieMrs Culfeathers
Sonia Dykstra2016Tommy BoyHouse Manager
Sonia Dykstra2017Vincent in BrixtonHouse Manager
Sonia Dykstra2017The Winter's TaleHouse Manager
Sonia Dykstra2018The WeirWardrobe
Sonia Dykstra2019Ladies' DayHouse Manager
Sonia Dykstra2019Whisky GalorePallas Player: Flora Bellerby
Sonia Dykstra2020April in ParisHouse Manager
Sonia Dykstra2021Nell GwynnMa Gwynn
Sonia Dykstra2022HarveyDirector / House Manager
Sonia Hoole1978Dear BrutusMrs Purdie
Sonia Hoole1979Dick WhittingtonDick Whittington (a likely lad!)
Sonia Hoole1979Don't Just Lie There - Say SomethingGiselle Parkyn
Sonia Hoole1979Relatively SpeakingGinny
Sonia Hoole1982Table MannersDirector
Sonia Hoole1982The Comedy of ErrorsAdriana
Sonia Hoole1983The Taming of the ShrewKatherina, daughter of Baptista
Sonia Hoole1984Spring In The AirPerformer
Sonia Hoole1984Toad Of Toad HallDirector
Sonia Hoole1985When We Are MarriedLighting
Sonia Hoole1985When We Are MarriedMrs. Northrop
Sonia Hoole1985When We Are MarriedProperties
Sonia Hoole1986Don't Listen LadiesProperties
Sonia Hoole1986AlbertDirector
Sonia Hoole1986The Noble SpaniardStage Manager
Sonia Hoole1986Twelfth NightMaria, her waiting-gentlewoman
Sophia Llewellyn1978All's Well That Ends WellChoregraphy
Sophia Llewellyn1978All's Well That Ends WellPrompt
Sophie Lee2002AladdinDancer / Dragon / Citizens
Sophie Rave2002Much Ado About NothingServant / Gentlefolk
Steph Peak2016Relatively SpeakingASM/Props
Stephanie Lawson1987Sleeping BeautyLady in Waiting
Stephanie Watt1993The Pied PiperRat / Villager
Stephen Akamo2005A Midsummer's Night DreamFight Arranger
Stephen Barry1971Birthday HonoursSound
Stephen Barry1971The Little HutSound Effects
Stephen Barry1975Lloyd George Knew My FatherSound
Stephen Barry1975The CrucibleLighting
Stephen M Barry19702 One-ActsSound
Stephen Moss2018HeroesPhillippe
Stephen Upton1969The Shop at Sly CornerJohn Elliot
Stephen Upton1972A View From A BridgeTony
Stephen Upton1972Night Must FallHubert Laurie
Stephen Upton1972You Never Can TellWalter Bohun, Q.C.
Stephen Upton1973A Midsummer Night's DreamSnug, a joiner
Stephen Upton1973The GazeboMr Thorpe
Stephen Upton1974You Can't Take It With YouDonald
Steve2002Make Way For LuciaSet Construction
Steve Barry1976Winter JourneySound
Steve Berrington2020April in ParisAl
Steve Berrington2021Nell GwynnKing Charles II
Steve Carlise1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampGenie of the Lamp
Steve Carlise1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampHero - By Appointment
Steve Carlisle1979Dick WhittingtonFairy / Pirate / Indian /Others
Steve Carlisle1979Dick WhittingtonGeronimo the Horse
Steve Carlisle1984Toad Of Toad HallThe Back Legs of Alfred
Steve Carlisle1992Move Over Mrs MarkhamSound
Steve Carlisle1992Up 'n' UnderSteve Edwards
Steve Carlisle1992Woman In MindRick (her son)
Steve Gillespie2006BetrayalHand Models
Steve Johnson1990Merry Wives of WindsorFenton, a young gentleman
Steve Johnston1990Seasons GreetingsClive
Steve Mansfield2004As You Like ItMusician
Steve Mills1980Loves Labour LostAttendants / Singer / Dancer
Steve Prescott1973And So To BedASM
Steve Smith1981Romeo and JulietCitizen / Servant
Steve Williams1988The VigilThe Gardener - the Defendant
Steve Williamson1984The Merchant of VeniceLorenzo
Steve Williamson1985A Midsummer Night's DreamNick Bottom, a weaver
Steve Williamson1985Bedroom FarceMalcolm
Steve Williamson1985Present LaughterMorris Dixon
Steve Williamson1986Don't Listen LadiesMichel Aubrion
Steve Williamson1986The AnniversaryTom
Steve Williamson1986The MilitantsRichard Ward
Steve Williamson1986Twelfth NightSebastian, her twin brother
Steve Williamson1987As You Like ItSilvius (shepherd)
Steve Williamson1987On Golden PondBill Ray
Steve Williamson1987Sleeping BeautyGuest
Steve Williamson1987Sleeping BeautyHerbert (a mule)
Steve Williamson1988One ActBackstage Crew
Steve Williamson1988The Winter's TaleLeontes, King of Sicilia
Steve Williamson1989Romeo and JulietTybalt
Steve Williamson1990Merry Wives of WindsorFrank Ford, a citizen of Windsor
Steve Williamson1991Dark of the MoonMarvin Hudgens
Steve Williamson1991Much Ado About NothingDon John, Don Pedro's bastard brother
Steve Williamson1992Move Over Mrs MarkhamDirector
Steve Williamson1992Up 'n' UnderFrank Rowley
Steve Williamson1993A Woman of No ImportanceSet Design
Steve Williamson1993How The Other Half LovesWilliam Featherstone
Steve Williamson1993The Comedy of ErrorsAntipholus of Ephesus
Steve Williamson1993Witness for the ProsecutionSet Construction
Steve Williamson1994A Midsummer Night's DreamNick Bottom
Steve Williamson1994Pass The ButlerDirector
Steve Williamson1994Pass The ButlerSet Build
Steve Williamson1995AmadeusJohann Kilian von Strack
Steve Williamson1995The Merchant of VeniceShylock
Steve Williamson1996My Mother Said I Never ShouldSet
Steve Williamson1996Twelfth NightLighting
Steve Williamson1997Outside EdgeSet Construction
Steve Williamson1997Racing DemonRt. Rev. Gilbert Hefferman
Steve Williamson1997The TempestLighting
Steve Williamson1998Henry VDuke of Exeter (uncle of the King)
Steve Williamson1998The Odd Couple (female version)Set
Steve Williamson1998Whose Life Is It AnywayKen Harrison
Steve Williamson1999Habeas CorpusDr. Wicksteed
Steve Williamson1999PygmalionDesign Consultant
Steve Williamson1999Time Of My LifeDirector
Steve Williamson2000A Midsummer Night's DreamOberon
Steve Williamson2000Breaking The CodeMick Ross
Steve Williamson2000DeathtrapDirector
Steve Williamson2000DeathtrapSet Design and Construction
Steve Williamson2000Don't Dress For DinnerSet Build
Steve Williamson2001A Talk In The ParkDirector
Steve Williamson2001The Taming of the ShrewPetruchio, a gentleman of Verona, suitor of Katherina
Steve Williamson2001The Taming of the ShrewSet Design & Construction
Steve Williamson2001Wyrd SistersDirector
Steve Williamson2002Broken GlassDr.Harry Hyman
Steve Williamson2002Much Ado About NothingDogberry
Steve Williamson2002Much Ado About NothingServant / Gentlefolk
Steve Williamson2003Richard IIIGeorge Duke of Clarence, his Brother
Steve Williamson2003Richard IIISir Richard Ratcliffe
Steve Williamson2003The Wind In The WillowsAlbert, a horse
Steve Williamson2004As You Like ItJaques
Steve Williamson2004Breezeblock ParkTed
Steve Williamson2004The Writing GameLeo Rafkin
Steve Williamson2005A Christmas CarolSound
Steve Williamson2005A Christmas CarolSet Design
Steve Williamson2005A Christmas CarolSet Construction
Steve Williamson2005Beauty Queen of LeenaneHouse Manager
Steve Williamson2005Death and the MaidenGerardo Escobar
Steve Williamson2005When We Are MarriedSet Construction
Steve Williamson2006BetrayalSet Design
Steve Williamson2006Dick WhittingtonStage Manager
Steve Williamson2006The Memory Of WaterMike
Steve Williamson2006The WeekendGod
Steve Williamson2006The WeekendSet
Steve Williamson2006Twelfth NightDirector
Steve Williamson2006Twelfth NightPriest
Steve Williamson2007A Skull In ConnemaraSet Construction
Steve Williamson2007A Skull In ConnemaraHouse Manager
Steve Williamson2007Look Back In AngerSet Construction
Steve Williamson2007Romeo and JulietFriar Lawrence, a Franciscan
Steve Williamson2007Season's GreetingsDirector
Steve Williamson2007The Real Inspector HoundThe Body
Steve Williamson2007TartuffeSet Construction
Steve Williamson2008Funny MoneyVic Johnson
Steve Williamson2008Much Ado About NothingLeonato,Governor of Messina
Steve Williamson2008Snake In The GrassSet Construction
Steve Williamson2008The FatherStage Construction
Steve Williamson2009It Runs In The FamilySet Design and build
Steve Williamson2009It Runs In The FamilyDirector
Steve Williamson2009Nobody's FoolHouse Manager
Steve Williamson2009The 3 MusketeersAramis, King's Musketeer
Steve Williamson2009The 3 MusketeersSet Construction
Steve Williamson2010Measure For MeasureEscalus,an ancient Lord
Steve Williamson2010The Unexpected GuestDirector
Steve Williamson2010The Unexpected GuestSound
Steve Williamson2010First Things FirstStage Manager
Steve Williamson2010Communicating DoorsHouse Manager
Steve Williamson2011MacbethBanquo, A Scottish Thane
Steve Williamson2011Fallen AngelsSet Design
Steve Williamson2011And Then There Were NoneSir Lawrence Wargarve
Steve Williamson2011Independent MeansStage Hand
Steve Williamson2012Dumb WaiterBen
Steve Williamson2012A Midsummer Night's DreamNick Bottom (A weaver/Pyramus)
Steve Williamson2013Curious SavageHouse Manager
Steve Williamson2013Wife Begins At FortyDirector
Steve Williamson2013The HollowSir Henry Angkatell
Steve Williamson2014All My SonsJoe Keller
Steve Williamson2014A Chorus of DisapprovalAssociate Director
Steve Williamson2014Veronica's RoomHouse Manager
Steve Williamson2015Duets - Blind DateJonathan
Steve Williamson2015Entertaining AngelsStage Manager
Steve Williamson2015The 39 StepsStage Manager
Steve Williamson2017The LadykillersHouse Manager
Steve Williamson2017Around the World in 80 DaysInspector Fix
Steve Williamson2017Talking HeadsLighting
Steve Williamson2017The Winter's TaleAutolycus
Steve Williamson2018The WeirStage Manager
Steve Williamson2018HeroesGustave
Steve Williamson2018Alice's Adventures in WonderlandExecutioner
Steve Williamson2019Ladies' DayHouse Manager
Steve Williamson2019The Playboy of the Western WorldOld Mahon
Steve Williamson2019Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Stage Manager
Steve Williamson2021Nell GwynnCourt attendant / Stage Manager
Steve Williamson2022God of CarnageSound
Steve Williamson2022Single SpiesHouse Manager
Steve Williamson2022HarveyJudge Gaffney
Steve Williamson2023These Shining LivesStage Manager
Steven Findlater1979Dick WhittingtonLighting
Steven Findlater1979Don't Just Lie There - Say SomethingLighting
Sue Ambler1974As You Like ItA Masquer (representing Hymen)
Sue Barry1968A Man For All SeasonsASM
Sue Barry1969The HeiressSound
Sue Bishop2012A Midsummer Night's DreamASM
Sue Broadhurst2011And Then There Were NoneProperties
Sue Broadhurst2011Children's DayProperties
Sue Broadhurst2012The Lonesome WestStage Manager
Sue Broadhurst2012A Midsummer Night's DreamASM Props
Sue Burroughs1976Arms and The ManPrompt
Sue Burroughs1977Merry Wives of WindsorPrompt
Sue Burroughs1977Plaza SuiteMuriel Tate
Sue Burroughs1978Dear BrutusJoanna Trout
Sue Burroughs1979The Lion In WinterAlais, a French Princess
Sue Carr1964Billy LiarRita
Sue Carr1965The Rape Of The BeltPrompt
Sue Carr1976Hay FeverSorel Bliss
Sue Downes1982Puss In BootsDancer
Sue Furnival1991Arms and The ManStage Manager
Sue Furnival1991Much Ado About NothingASM
Sue Furnival1992The Taming of the ShrewStage Manager
Sue Furnival1993The Comedy of ErrorsStage Manager
Sue Grimshaw1984The Murder of Maria MartenMeg Bobbin (Timís sister)
Sue Grimshaw1984The Murder of Maria MartenCarmen James (A gypsy)
Sue Grimshaw1985A Midsummer Night's DreamAttendant
Sue Hinde2002Make Way For LuciaGrosvenor
Sue Hinde2004Private LivesSybil Chase
Sue Hinde2005Plaza SuiteMuriel Tate
Sue Holman1970Ring Round the MoonDiana Messerschmann
Sue Holman1971On Monday NextPrompt
Sue Holman1971The Little HutPrompt
Sue Johnson1973A Midsummer Night's DreamAttendant
Sue Johnson1975The Odd CoupleCecily Pigeon
Sue Jones1982She Stoops To ConquerASM
Sue Jones1983Last Of The Red Hot LoversElaine Navazio
Sue Jones1983The Taming of the ShrewStage Manager
Sue Jones1984Outside EdgeMaggie
Sue Jones1985Bedroom FarceProperties
Sue Jones1985Present LaughterMonica Reed
Sue Jones1986Don't Listen LadiesValentine, Daniel's First Wife
Sue Jones1986Mother GooseHouse Manager
Sue Jones1986The AnniversaryProperties
Sue Jones1986The MilitantsHouse Manager
Sue Jones1986The Noble SpaniardMarian Nairn (a young widow)
Sue Jones1990Charley's AuntDonna Lucia D'Alvadorez
Sue Jones1990Stepping OutProperties
Sue Jones1992Up 'n' UnderMatch Equipment
Sue Jones1992Woman In MindMuriel (her sister-in-law)
Sue Jones1993Witness for the ProsecutionRomaine
Sue Jones1994A Month of SundaysStage Manager
Sue Jones1995Between MouthfulsProperties
Sue Jones1996Cabaret CapersPerformer
Sue Jones1998Henry VASM
Sue Jones1998The Darling Buds of MayMiss Pilchester
Sue Jones2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandASM
Sue Jones2002AladdinProperties
Sue Jones2002Make Way For LuciaGodiva Plaistow
Sue Jones2004A Murder Is AnnouncedPrompt
Sue Jones2006The Memory Of WaterContinuity
Sue Jones2008Funny MoneyPrompt
Sue Jones2009Humble BoyPrompt
Sue Jones2010Caramba's RevengeMarge
Sue Jones2012Calendar GirlsWardrobe
Sue Jones2013The Importance Of Being EarnestPrompt
Sue Lee1988The HeiressStage Manager
Sue Lee1988The VigilStage Manager
Sue Lee1988The VigilSusannea - a Housewife
Sue Lee1989Jack and The BeanstalkStage Manager
Sue Lee1990Merry Wives of WindsorASM
Sue Mills1964The Wind and the RainProperty Mistress
Sue Mills1966The Touch Of FearDilys Buchanan
Sue Mills1967The PartyProperty Mistress
Sue Mills1967The Tulip TreeProperty Mistress
Sue Mills1968A Man For All SeasonsProperty Mistress
Sue Mooney1991Much Ado About NothingASM
Sue Mooney1992Pack Of LiesHelen Kroger
Sue Mooney1992The Taming of the ShrewServant to Petruchio
Sue Mooney1992Woman In MindSusan
Sue Mooney1994A Midsummer Night's DreamHippolyta
Sue Mooney1994Crown MatrimonialElizabeth, Duchess of York
Sue Mooney1994Shirley ValentineShirley Valentine
Sue Mooney1995AmadeusPrompt
Sue Mooney1995Man Of The MomentTrudy, his wife
Sue Mooney1997Talking HeadsIrene Ruddock
Sue Mooney1997The TempestIris
Sue Mooney1998A Collier's Tuesday TeaDirector
Sue Mooney1998Educating RitaDirector
Sue Mooney2015The SteamieDolly
Sue Mooney2016Relatively SpeakingSatge Manager
Sue Mottram1967The PartyHenrietta Brough
Sue Nicholls1973And So To BedLettice
Sue Offer1977Merry Wives of WindsorASM
Sue Offer1978All's Well That Ends WellASM
Sue Offer1978Farewell, Farewell EugeneMrs Flack
Sue Offer1978Relative ValuesASM
Sue Offer1979Dick WhittingtonASM
Sue Offer1979Don't Just Lie There - Say SomethingProperties
Sue Offer1979Much Ado About NothingProperties
Sue Offer1979Not Now DarlingASM
Sue Offer1980Loves Labour LostProperties
Sue Offer1980The RivalsASM
Sue Offer1980Trap for a Lonely ManASM
Sue Offer1981Bell Book and CandleASM
Sue Offer1981Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeProperties
Sue Offer1981Romeo and JulietProperties
Sue Offer1982Puss In BootsSet construction
Sue Offer1982The Comedy of ErrorsStaging and Properties
Sue Offer1983AladdinProperties
Sue Offer1983The Taming of the ShrewStaging and Properties
Sue Offer1984The Merchant of VeniceProperties
Sue Offer1984The Murder of Maria MartenProperties
Sue Offer1984Toad Of Toad HallProperties
Sue Offer1985A Midsummer Night's DreamProperties
Sue Offer1985Bedroom FarceSet Construction
Sue Offer1986Mother GooseProperties
Sue Offer1986Twelfth NightAttendant / Citizen
Sue Offer1986Twelfth NightProperties
Sue Offer1987As You Like ItProperties
Sue Offer1987The DresserProperties
Sue Offer1989Jack and The BeanstalkSpecialist Props
Sue Offer1990Charley's AuntProperties
Sue Offer1990Merry Wives of WindsorProps
Sue Offer1990Seasons GreetingsProperties
Sue Offer199184 Charing Cross RoadProperties
Sue Offer1991The Chalk GardenNurse
Sue Offer1991The Chalk GardenWardrobe
Sue Offer1992Move Over Mrs MarkhamProperties
Sue Offer1992The Taming of the ShrewProperties
Sue Offer1993The Comedy of ErrorsProperties
Sue Offer1994A Midsummer Night's DreamProperties
Sue Offer1995The Merchant of VeniceProperties
Sue Offer1997The TempestProperties
Sue Offer1998Henry VSpecial Properties
Sue Offer1998The Darling Buds of MayProperties
Sue Offer2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandProps
Sue Offer2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandSet Construction
Sue Offer2000DeathtrapProperties and ASM
Sue Offer2002Make Way For LuciaProperties
Sue Offer2003The Wind In The WillowsASM/Props
Sue Offer2004As You Like ItProperties
Sue Offer2005When We Are MarriedProperties
Sue Offer2008GaslightProperties
Sue Radcliffe2014All My SonsKate Keller
Sue Spurgin1965The Love of Four ColonelsPrompt
Sue Spurgin1966Nude With ViolinJane Sorodin
Sue Spurgin1966The ManRuth
Sue Spurgin1967The Sleeping PrincePrompt
Sue Spurgin1968Semi-DetachedAvril Hadfield
Sue Spurgin1969The Shop at Sly CornerPrompt
Sue Spurgin1970Black ComedyCarol Melkett
Sue Spurgin1970Hedda GablerMrs Elvsted
Sue Spurgin1971On Monday NextDaphne Wray
Sue Spurgin1972The Middle WatchWardrobe
Sue Spurgin1972You Never Can TellDolly Clandon
Sue Spurgin1973A Midsummer Night's DreamHermia, in love with Lysander
Sue Spurgin1973The Man Most Likely To...Shirley Hughes
Sue Spurgin1976The Winter's TaleLady in Waiting / Shepherdess
Sue Spurgin1976The Winter's TaleServant
Sue Webb1983AladdinChorus
Sue Webb1983The Taming of the ShrewStaging and Properties
Sue Webb1984Outside EdgeProperties
Sue Webb1984The Merchant of VeniceASM
Sue Webb1984The Murder of Maria MartenRosa Post (A gypsy)
Sue Webb1984The Murder of Maria MartenAlice Rumble (Corderís maid)
Sue Webb1984Toad Of Toad HallMama Rabbit
Sue Webb1985A Midsummer Night's DreamASM
Sue Webb1985A Midsummer Night's DreamAttendant
Sue Webb1985Present LaughterStage Manager
Sue Webb1986Don't Listen LadiesStage Manager
Sue Webb1986The AnniversaryStage Manager
Sue Webb1986Twelfth NightAttendant / Citizen
Sue Webb1986Twelfth NightStage Manager
Sue Whitworth1982The Glass MenagerieASM
Sue Wood1971On Monday NextMake-Up
Sue Wood1983AladdinChorus
Sue Wood1984Toad Of Toad HallNurse
Sue Wood1988The VigilLady Procula - the Governor's Wife
Sue Wood1988The Winter's TalePrompt
Sue Wood1989Romeo and JulietProperties
Susan Bloom1999Romeo and JulietASM
Susan Bryant1981Separate TablesMiss Railton-Bell
Susan Bryant1982Table MannersHouse Manager
Susan Bryant1983See How They RunASM
Susan Bryant1983The Taming of the ShrewPrompt
Susan Bryant1984Outside EdgeMiriam
Susan Bryant1986The MilitantsSophie Ormesby
Susan Bryant1986The Noble SpaniardHouse Manager
Susan Gorton1972Twelfth NightSinger
Susan Gray1973The Little FoxesAlexander Giddens
Susan Green1973A Midsummer Night's DreamFairy
Susan J Stevenson19702 One-ActsWardrobe Mistress
Susan Johnson1974You Can't Take It With YouCall Boy
Susan Jones1958A Party For ChristmasMaid
Susan Jones1981Romeo and JulietCitizen / Servant
Susan Jones1981Separate TablesMrs Shankland
Susan Jones1987On Golden PondChelsea Thayer Wayne
Susan L M Wood1970Spring and Port WineBetsy Jane
Susan L N Wood1967The PartyElsie Sharp
Susan L N Wood1969The HeiressPrompt
Susan L N Wood1969The Waltz of The ToreadorsEmily
Susan L N Wood1970Ring Round the MoonSet Design
Susan L N Wood1970HarlequinadeEdna Selby
Susan L N Wood1971The Little HutMake-Up
Susan L N Wood1973And So To BedMrs Knepp
Susan L N Wood1973A Midsummer Night's DreamMake-up
Susan L N Wood1990Stepping OutWoman/Fairy
Susan Lee1986Mother GooseGretel
Susan Lee1986The MilitantsVivian Malin
Susan Lee1987As You Like ItA Masquer (representing Hymen)
Susan Lee1987On Golden PondStage Manager
Susan Lee1987Sleeping BeautyFairy Appleblossom
Susan Lee1988The Winter's TaleMopsa, shepherdess
Susan Shore1971Birthday HonoursElizabeth Wilton
Susan Thompson2002Broken GlassCellist
Susan Webb1983Last Of The Red Hot LoversProperties
Susan Webb1985Bedroom FarceASM
Susan Wood1972You Never Can TellMake-up
Susan Wood1973A Midsummer Night's DreamAttendant
Susan Wood1981Romeo and JulietCitizen / Servant
Susan Wood1988Funeral DanceMrs Cowrie
Susie Casson1991Much Ado About NothingASM
Susie Henstock1987Sleeping BeautyLady in Waiting
Susie Kinsella1990Merry Wives of WindsorServant
Susie Moulton1997The TempestAriel's Spirit
Suusie Henstock1986Mother GooseChorus
Suzanne Goddard1992The Day After The FairSet Build
Suzanne Goddard1992The Day After The FairStage Manager
Suzanne Goddard1993How The Other Half LovesTeresa Phillips
Suzanne Goddard1994A Midsummer Night's DreamHelena
Suzanne Goddard1995The CrucibleLiaison
Suzanne Goddard1995The CrucibleMrs Elizabeth Proctor
Suzanne Goddard1996Born In The GardensQueenie
Suzanne Goddard1996Chorus of DisapprovalStage Manager
Suzanne Goddard1997Lady Windermere's FanDirector
Suzanne Goddard1997Lady Windermere's FanSet
Suzanne Goddard1997Outside EdgeGinnie
Suzanne Goddard1998A Collier's Tuesday TeaIda Hepplethwaite
Suzi Kinsella1989Jack and The BeanstalkVillager
Suzy Mangnall2001Ernie's Incredible IllucinationsLibrary Assistant
Sybil Cotton1960A Touch of The SunCaroline Lester
Sydney Shaw1926The GondoliersAnnibale
Sylvia Stewart2011Fallen AngelsPrompt
Sylvia Stewart2011And Then There Were NoneProperties
Sylvia Stewart2011Independent MeansProperties
Sylvia Stewart2012A Chip In The SugarDirector
Sylvia Stewart2012The Lonesome WestProperties
Sylvia Stewart2012A Midsummer Night's DreamCobweb
Sylvia Stewart2012Blithe SpiritViolet Bradman
Sylvia Stewart2013Polar BearsDirector
Sylvia Stewart2013Wife Begins At FortyLiaison
Sylvia Stewart2013Wife Begins At FortyPrompt
Sylvia Stewart2013The HollowASM
Sylvia Stewart2013The HollowStage Manager (Styal)
Sylvia Stewart2014TheftDirector
Sylvia Stewart2014A Chorus of DisapprovalASM
Sylvia Stewart2014Veronica's RoomDirector
Sylvia Stewart2014Charley's AuntPrompt
Sylvia Stewart2015The Thrill of LoveASM/Props
Sylvia Stewart2016Tommy BoyProps ASM
Sylvia Stewart2016Relatively SpeakingASM/Props
Sylvia Stewart2016Life & BethAssisitant Director
Sylvia Wilson1979Relatively SpeakingProperties
T Barker1958A Party For ChristmasStage Manager
T Barker1964Billy LiarStage Manager
T Barker1965Summer of the Seventh DollStage Manager
T Barker1965The Rape Of The BeltStage Manager
T C Sanders1933The RumourHon Algernon Moodie
T Clayton1929The SorcererCello
T Clayton1929Trial By JuryCello
T G Whitaker1927Princess IdaHon Sec and Business Manager
T G Whitaker1928PatienceHon Sec and Business Manager
T G Whitaker1929The Devil's DiscipleHon Secretary
T G Whitaker1929The SorcererHon Sec and Business Manager
T G Whitaker1929Trial By JuryHon Sec and Business Manager
T G Whitaker1931Tom JonesWardrobe
T G Whitaker1933The RumourKaprikan, Przimia workman
T Percy Jones1931Tom JonesTom Jones (a foundling)
T Thornber1927Princess IdaSecond Bassoon
T Thornber1928PatienceSecond Bassoon
Tamzin Burrows1990Merry Wives of WindsorServant
Tamzin Burrows1993The Comedy of ErrorsChild of Ephesus
Tamzin Burrows1995The Merchant of VeniceTownsfolk
Tamzin Burrows1996Hobson's ChoiceSalvation Army Girl
Ted Walker2018We Are Three SistersBranwell Brontë
Ted Walker2021Nell GwynnCharles Hart
Terry Bebbington1980Loves Labour LostAttendants / Singer / Dancer
Terry Hooper1981Romeo and JulietPage to Count Paris
Terry Hooper1981Romeo and JulietParis, Kinsman of the Prince and suitor of Juliet
Terry Hooper1982The Princess and The SwineherdPrince Dominic
Terry Hooper1985A Midsummer Night's DreamPeter Quince, a carpenter
Terry Hooper1986The MilitantsInspector Nathan Arkwright
Terry Hooper1994A Midsummer Night's DreamPhilostrate
Terry Hooper1994Pass The ButlerSlater
Terry Hooper1995After MagritteHolmes
Terry Hooper1995Man Of The MomentAshley Barnes
Terry Hooper1995The CrucibleStage Manager
Terry Willis1977Merry Wives of WindsorDoctor Caius, a French physician,
Terry Willis1978All's Well That Ends WellThe King of France
Terry Willis1979Dick WhittingtonASM
Terry Willis1979The Lion In WinterASM
Thea Findlater1978Farewell, Farewell EugeneLighting & Effects
Thea Findlater1978Relative ValuesLighting
Thea Findlater1979Dick WhittingtonLighting Co-ordinator
Thea Findlater1979Don't Just Lie There - Say SomethingLighting
Thea Findlater1979Much Ado About NothingLighting
Thea Findlater1979Not Now DarlingLighting
Thea Findlater1979The Lion In WinterLighting
Thea de Gallier2013The Importance Of Being EarnestPublicity Design
Thelma Skermer1952The Browning VersionMillie Crocker-Harris
Thelma Skermer1953The HollowVeronica Craye
Thelma Skermer1961Gilt and GingerbreadPerdita Cull
Thomas Barker1961From Five To Five-ThirtyStage Manager
Thomas Barker1961Gilt and GingerbreadStage Manager
Thomas Barker1961Not In The BookStage Manager
Thomas Barker1962Seven Set SailStage Manager
Thomas Barker1963Duet For Two HandsStage Manager
Thomas Barker1963The Bride Comes BackStage Manager
Thomas Barker1963The Grass Is GreenerStage Manager
Thomas Barker1963The Scandalous Affair of Mr Kettle and Mrs MoonStage Manager
Thomas Barker1966The Touch Of FearStage Manager
Thomas Barker1967All For MaryStage Manager
Thos Turner1951Happiest Days Of Your Life (1951)Edgar Sowter
Tim Cooper2016Tommy BoyMuddy Waters
Tim Cooper2017HandbaggedActor 1
Tim Cooper2017Around the World in 80 DaysJean Passepartout
Tim Cooper2017The Winter's TaleClown
Tim Franks1997The TempestPercussion
Tim Hayward1964The Wind and the RainGilbert Raymond
Tim Hodgkinson1997Someone Who'll Watch Over MeAdam
Tim Hodgson1995The Merchant of VeniceGratiano
Tim Hodgson1997The TempestProspero, rightful Duke of Milan
Tim Hodson1997Talking HeadsGraham
Tim Hodson1998A Collier's Tuesday TeaDaniel Obadiah Hepplethwaite
Tim Norfolk1966The Happiest Days of Your LifeThe Reverend Edward Peck
Tim Norfolk1975The Winslow BoyDesmond Curry
Tim Norfolk1976Resting PlaceSongs
Tim Norfolk1991Dark of the MoonMr Atkins
Tim Norfolk1993The Comedy of ErrorsCitizen of Ephesus
Tim Norfolk1993Witness for the ProsecutionWarder
Tim Norfolk1994The EntertainerBilly Rice
Tim Norfolk1995The CrucibleGiles Corey
Tim Norfolk1996Cabaret CapersPerformer
Tim Norfolk1998The LarkM. de la Tremouille
Tim Norfolk1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandSingers
Tim Norfolk2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandSinger
Tim Norfolk2002AladdinEmperor
Tim Norfolk2002Make Way For LuciaMr Wyse
Tim Powell1972Twelfth NightAttendant / Citizen
Tim Strang2018Mrs Warren's ProfessionFrank Gardner
Timothy D M Powell1970HarlequinadePoliceman
Timothy Duffy1951Happiest Days Of Your Life (1951)Hopcroft
Timothy Hayward1964The Irregular Verb To LoveAndrew Rankin
Timothy Norfolk1963The Scandalous Affair of Mr Kettle and Mrs MoonHenry Moon, her husband
Timothy Norfolk1965The Love of Four ColonelsColonel Wesley Breitenspiegel
Timothy Norfolk1966The Touch Of FearAlec Barnes
Timothy Powell1972Twelfth Night2nd Officer
Tina Fitgerald1977Merry Wives of WindsorAnne Page, their daughter
Tina Fitzgerald1976Winter JourneyNancy Stoddard
Tina Fitzgerald1977Plaza SuiteMimsey Hubley
Tina Fitzgerald1978All's Well That Ends WellLady-In-Waiting
Toady Roxof1995StrewthMr D'Arcy
Toby Harris2018Alice's Adventures in WonderlandMad Hatter / Mock Turtle
Toby Harris2019The Playboy of the Western WorldShawn Keogh
Toby Harris2019Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect NonsenseBertie Wooster
Toby Harris2022Single Spies - A Question of AttributionPhillips
Toby Jones2001Ernie's Incredible IllucinationsErnie
Toby Jones2002Much Ado About NothingBoy
Toby Jones2003Merry Wives of WindsorJohn Rugby, Dr Caius' manservant
Toby Jones2003Richard IIIThe Duke of York, son of Edward IV
Toby Jones2004As You Like ItDennis
Toby Jones2004As You Like ItDuke Senior's Page
Toby Jones2005A Midsummer's Night DreamPuck (Robin Goodfellow)
Toby Jones2007TartuffeDamis
Toby Jones2007A Skull In ConnemaraMairtin Hanlon
Toby Makin2014Dealing With ClairASM/Props
Toby Makin2014All My SonsLights
Toby Makin2014Charley's AuntASM/Rehearsal Photographs
Tom Carr1963The Scandalous Affair of Mr Kettle and Mrs MoonSuperintendant Street
Tom Carr1964The Irregular Verb To LoveMr Andrikos
Tom Carr1964The Wind and the RainDirector
Tom Carr1965The Amorous PrawnPrivate Albert Huggins
Tom Carr1965The Love of Four ColonelsThe Mayor of Herzogenburg
Tom Carr1966The Happiest Days of Your LifeRainbow
Tom Carr1970Ring Round the MoonJoshua
Tom Carr1970HarlequinadeDirector
Tom Carr1972The Middle WatchHouse Manager
Tom Carr1973The GazeboDr Wyner
Tom Carr1973The Little FoxesCal
Tom Cleverley1977Merry Wives of WindsorBardolph, follower of Falstaff
Tom Cleverley1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampBass
Tom Healey2000A Midsummer Night's DreamPuck's Lad
Tom Healey2001The Taming of the ShrewFriend of Lord Simon
Tom Healey2001The Taming of the ShrewServant to Petruchio
Tom Healey2002Much Ado About NothingServant / Gentlefolk
Tom Seal2011MacbethMacduff's son
Tom Thistleton2004Breezeblock ParkDirector
Tom Thistleton2005Plaza SuiteDirector
Tom Thistleton1992The Day After The FairCharles Bradford
Tom Thistleton1993How The Other Half LovesSet Construction
Tom Thistleton1993The Comedy of ErrorsCitizen of Ephesus
Tom Thistleton1993The Comedy of ErrorsDr Pinch
Tom Thistleton1993Witness for the ProsecutionInspector Hearne
Tom Thistleton1994A Midsummer Night's DreamSnug
Tom Thistleton1995The CrucibleHerrick
Tom Thistleton1995The Merchant of VeniceThe Prince Of Morocco
Tom Thistleton1995The Merchant of VeniceTownsfolk
Tom Thistleton1996Cabaret CapersPerformer
Tom Thistleton1996Chorus of DisapprovalIan Hubbard
Tom Thistleton1996Twelfth NightCaptain
Tom Thistleton1997Outside EdgeAlex
Tom Thistleton1997The TempestFollow Spot
Tom Thistleton1998A Collier's Tuesday TeaP.C. Clement Boothroyd
Tom Thistleton1999Romeo and JulietProperties
Tom Thistleton2000A Midsummer Night's DreamASM
Tom Thistleton2001The Taming of the ShrewASM
Tom Thistleton2002Absent FriendsJohn
Tom Thistleton2002AladdinGenie of the Lamp
Tom Thistleton2002AladdinGraphics
Tom Thistleton2002Much Ado About NothingServant / Gentlefolk
Tom Thistleton2002Much Ado About NothingWatchman
Tom Thistleton2003Abigail's PartyTony
Tom Thistleton2003Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeDirector
Tom Thistleton2003Merry Wives of WindsorBardolph, follower of Falstaff
Tom Thistleton2003Richard IIILord Cardinal Bourchier
Tom Thistleton2003Richard IIIThe Marquis of Dorset, her son by first marriage
Tom Thistleton2003The Wind In The WillowsSergeant Fred Ferret
Tom Thistleton2004A Murder Is AnnouncedUndertaker
Tom Thistleton2004As You Like ItCharles (a wrestler)
Tom Thistleton2004As You Like ItCourtier
Tom Thistleton2005A Christmas CarolMr Topper
Tom Thistleton2005A Christmas CarolProp Construction
Tom Thistleton2006Dick WhittingtonKing Rat
Tom Thistleton2006Relatively SpeakingStage Manager
Tom Thistleton2009The 3 MusketeersMonsieur De Treville, Captain of the King's Musketeers
Tom Thistleton2012A Midsummer Night's DreamSnug (A joiner/Lion)
Tom Thistleton2015The 39 StepsSigns
Tonto Meltshit1995StrewthThe Corpse (Henry)
Tony Axford1994A Midsummer Night's DreamCobweb
Tony Axford1995Man Of The MomentVic Parks
Tony Axford1995The Merchant of VeniceSalerio
Tony Axford1996Twelfth NightSir Toby Belch
Tony Axford1997Racing DemonTommy Adair
Tony Axford1997The TempestTrinculo, a jester
Tony Axford1998The LarkRobert de Beaudricourt
Tony Axford1999PygmalionAlfred Doolittle
Tony Axford2000A Midsummer Night's DreamFriend / House Guest / Servant
Tony Cockcroft1984The Merchant of VeniceStage Manager
Tony Cockcroft1984Toad Of Toad HallStage Manager
Tony Cockcroft1985When We Are MarriedStage Manager
Tony Cockcroft1987As You Like ItStage Manager
Tony Cockcroft1989Romeo and JulietStage Manager
Tony Forster1966The ManDoug
Tony Godley1984Toad Of Toad HallAlfred
Tony Hughes2014A Chorus of DisapprovalMr Ames
Tony James1996Cabaret CapersPerformer
Tony Richards1982Puss In BootsStage Manager
Tony Richards1982Puss In BootsSet construction
Tony Webb1983Last Of The Red Hot LoversProperties
Tony Webb1984Outside EdgeSound
Tony Webb1984The Merchant of VeniceSound
Tracey Clapham2002Absent FriendsEvelyn
Tracey Parker1987Sleeping BeautyFairy / Elf
Tracey Viner1983See How They RunIda, a maid
Tracey Viner1983The Taming of the ShrewCurtis, servant to Petruchio
Tracey Viner1983The Taming of the ShrewDancer
Tracey Viner1984Outside EdgeSharon
Tracy Burns1999PygmalionASM
Tracy Burns1999PygmalionSet Construction
Tracy Burns2000A Midsummer Night's DreamTitania
Tracy Burns2001Dancing At LunaghsaMaggie
Tracy Burns2001The Taming of the ShrewKatherina, daughter of Baptista
Tracy Burns2002Hard TimesChairwoman
Tracy Burns2002Hard TimesLouisa
Tracy Burns2002Hard TimesMrs Blackpool
Tracy Burns2002Hard TimesMrs Pegler
Tracy Burns2003Richard IIIQueen Elizabeth, wife of Edward IV
Tracy Burns2005Death and the MaidenPaulina Escobar
Tracy Burns2006BetrayalEmma
Tracy Burns2007Look Back In AngerContinuity
Tracy Burns2008Much Ado About NothingBeatrice, an orphan, Leonato's neice
Tracy Burns2010Measure For MeasureMariana, once engaged to Angelo
Tracy Burns2011Children's DayEmma Partridge
Tracy Burns2012A Midsummer Night's DreamTitania (Queen of the Fairies)
Tracy Burns2018Mrs Warren's ProfessionMrs Kitty Warren
Tracy Clapham2005Plaza SuiteJean McCormack
Tracy Clapham2006Relatively SpeakingGinny
Tracy Clapham2007Look Back In AngerHelena Charles
Trevor Jones1981Romeo and JulietCitizen / Servant
Trevor Jones1983The Taming of the ShrewA Haberdasher
Trevor Jones1983The Taming of the ShrewDancer
Trevor Jones1985Present LaughterSet Construction
Trevor Jones1986The AnniversarySet Design
Trevor Jones1987On Golden PondSet Design and Construction
Trevor Jones1988The HeiressSet Design and Construction
Trevor Jones1989Jack and The BeanstalkPublicity
Trevor Jones1993One ActSet Construction
Trevor Jones1994A Month of SundaysSet Build
Trevor Jones1996Cabaret CapersPerformer
Trevor Jones1996Hobson's ChoiceSet
Trevor Jones1998The Darling Buds of MaySir George Bluff-Gore
Trevor Jones1999Habeas CorpusSet Construction
Trevor Jones2003Abigail's PartySet Construction
Trevor Jones2003The Wind In The WillowsSetting
Trevor Jones2004A Murder Is AnnouncedSet Design and Construction
Trevor Jones2005A Christmas CarolHouse Manager
Trevor Jones2008GaslightHouse Manager
Trevor Jones2009Humble BoyHouse Manager
Trevor Jones2010Caramba's RevengeHouse Manager
Trevor Jones2012Calendar GirlsHouse Manager
Trevor Kealy1994A Midsummer Night's DreamMusician
Trevor Jones2011MacbethHouse Manager
Trevor Tighe1981Romeo and JulietSound
Trevor Tighe1982Table MannersSound
Trevor Tighe1982The Comedy of ErrorsSound
Trevor Tighe1983A Delicate BalanceSound
Trevor Tighe1984Spring In The AirBarman
Trevor Tighe1984The Merchant of VeniceSound
Trevor Tighe1985A Midsummer Night's DreamSound
Trevor Tighe1986The Noble SpaniardProperties
Trevor Tighe1986The Noble SpaniardSound
Trevor Tighe1986Twelfth NightSound
Trevor Tighe1987On Golden PondSound
Trevor Tighe1988The Winter's TaleSound
Trevor Tighe1989Romeo and JulietSound
Tricia Bailey1978All's Well That Ends WellAttendant / Citizen
Trish Francis1995The Merchant of VeniceAttendant on the Prince of Arragon
Trish Francis1995The Merchant of VeniceTownsfolk
Trish Woodhead1998Whose Life Is It AnywayLighting
Twani Savlon1995StrewthDirector
Uncle Doug MacDonald2002AladdinMusical Director / Pianist
V G Hill1929The SorcererFirst Violin
V G Hill1929Trial By JuryFirst Violin
V Simpson1929The SorcererFirst Violin
V Simpson1929Trial By JuryFirst Violin
Val Dyer1972Night Must FallMrs Bramson
Val Dyer1973A Midsummer Night's DreamHippolyta, Queen of The Amazons
Val Dyer1973The GazeboPrompt
Val Dyer1974As You Like ItPrompt
Val Dyer1974The Wild DuckMrs Soerby
Val Eliot1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampAladdin - Son of Widow Twankey
Val Eliot1979Much Ado About NothingBeatrice, Leonato's neice
Val Elliot1975Lloyd George Knew My FatherSally
Val Elliot1976Five One ActsDirector
Val Elliot1976Mixed DoublesBride
Val Elliot1976Mixed DoublesSheila
Val Elliot1977The Flip SideSharon
Val Elliott1977Plaza SuiteDirector
Val Eloit1976The Winter's TalePaulina, wife of Antigonus
Val Eloit1977Merry Wives of WindsorMistress Quickly, Doctor Caius' housekeeper
Val Fentem1983AladdinAladdin
Val Fentem1988The Winter's TalePaulina, wife of Antigonus
Val Fentem1989Lunch GirlsVee
Val Fentem1989Murder In The CathedralChorus
Val Fentem1989Romeo and JulietServant / Citizen
Val Fentem1989Romeo and JulietWardrobe
Val Fentem1990Merry Wives of WindsorASM
Val Fentem1990Merry Wives of WindsorServant
Val Fentem1990Seasons GreetingsLighting
Val Fentem1990Stepping OutAndy
Val Fentem1991Dark of the MoonDirector's assistant
Val Fentem1991The Chalk GardenLighting
Val Middleton-Egan2011Deep Blue SeaMrs Elton
Val Middleton-Egan2011MacbethGentlewoman
Val Middleton-Egan2011And Then There Were NoneMrs Rogers
Val Middleton-Egan2011Independent MeansJane Gregory
Val Middleton-Egan2012The LessonASM
Val Middleton-Egan2012A Chip In The SugarASM/Props
Val Middleton-Egan2012Blithe SpiritMadame Arcati
Val Middleton-Egan2014Dealing With ClairHouse Manager
Val Middleton-Egan2014Veronica's RoomThe woman
Val Middleton-Egan2022Ladies of Importance - Lady Bracknell's ReturnLady Bracknell
Val Middleton-Egan2023The Hound of the BaskervillesWardrobe
Val Middleton-Egan2023Hindle WakesMrs Jeffcote
Val Watkinson1990Charley's AuntKitty Verdun
Val Watkinson1991Arms and The ManLouka
Val Watkinson1991Much Ado About NothingLighting
Val Watkinson1992The Day After The FairAssistant Director
Val Watkinson1992Pack Of LiesLighting and sound
Val Watkinson1992The Taming of the ShrewLighting
Val Watkinson1993Elegy for a LadyWoman
Val Watkinson1993How The Other Half LovesMary Featherstone
Val Watkinson1993The Comedy of ErrorsLuce
Val Watkinson1994A Midsummer Night's DreamTitania
Val Watkinson1994A Month of SundaysContinuity
Val Watkinson1994Crown MatrimonialStage Manager
Val Watkinson1994Pass The ButlerLighting
Val Watkinson1995AmadeusStage Manager
Val Watkinson1995The Merchant of VeniceAttendant on the Prince of Morocco
Val Watkinson1995The Merchant of VeniceSound
Val Watkinson1996Born In The GardensStage Manager
Val Watkinson1996Cabaret CapersStage Manager
Val Watkinson1996My Mother Said I Never ShouldMargaret Bradley
Val Watkinson1996Twelfth NightMaria
Val Watkinson1997Outside EdgeASM
Val Watkinson1997Someone Who'll Watch Over MeDirector
Val Watkinson1997Talking HeadsStage Manager
Val Watkinson1997The TempestStage Manager
Val Watkinson1998A Collier's Tuesday TeaSet
Val Watkinson1998Henry VSound
Val Watkinson1998The Darling Buds of MayStage Manager
Val Watkinson1999Children Of A Lesser GodMrs Norman
Val Watkinson1999PygmalionMrs Pearce
Val Watkinson1999Romeo and JulietSound
Val Watkinson2000A Midsummer Night's DreamLighting and Sound
Val Watkinson2001The Taming of the ShrewLighting and Sound
Val Watkinson2002AladdinDirector
Val Watkinson2002AladdinLighting
Val Watkinson2002Make Way For LuciaStage Manager
Val Watkinson2002Much Ado About NothingSound
Val Watkinson2002Much Ado About NothingText Interpretation
Val Watkinson2003The Wind In The WillowsLighting Operation
Val Watkinson2004As You Like ItLighting and Sound
Val Watkinson2004Breezeblock ParkStage Manager
Val Watkinson2004Private LivesSound
Val Watkinson2005A Christmas CarolASM
Val Watkinson2005A Midsummer's Night DreamSound
Val Watkinson2006Twelfth NightLighting
Val Watkinson2008Funny MoneyStage Manager
Val Watkinson2008Snake In The GrassStage Manager
Val Watkinson2010Measure For MeasureWPC
Val Watkinson2014Charley's AuntStage Manager
Valerie Elliot1982Puss In BootsHarum
Valerie Fentem1982Puss In BootsScarum
Valerie Watkinson2007The Real Inspector HoundStage Management
Vanessa Bellamy1985A Midsummer Night's DreamFairy
Vanessa Bellamy1986Twelfth NightAttendant / Citizen
Vanessa Wolstenholme1997The TempestChoreography
Vera Hampson1930The Last of Mrs CheyneyMary
Veronica Boult1956A Question of FactRachel Gardiner
Veronica Fleming2017The LadykillersConcert Guest
Veronica Fleming2017The Winter's TaleEnsemble / ASM
Vi Pope2003The Wind In The WillowsClerk Of Court
Vi Pope2003The Wind In The WillowsGypsy
Vi Pope2003The Wind In The WillowsSquirrel Shirley
Vi Pope2004As You Like ItASM
Vi Pope2004As You Like ItProperties
Vi Pope2005A Christmas CarolSpirit of Christmas Yet To Come
Vi Pope2005A Midsummer's Night DreamProps
Vi Pope2005A Midsummer's Night DreamASM
Vi Pope2005Beauty Queen of LeenaneProperties
Vi Pope2005When We Are MarriedDirector
Vi Pope2006Dick WhittingtonProps
Vi Pope2006The Memory Of WaterProperties
Vi Pope2006The WeekendDirector
Vi Pope2006Twelfth NightASM
Vi Pope2006Twelfth NightProperties
Vi Pope2007The Real Inspector HoundProperties
Vi Pope2008Funny MoneyDirector
Vi Pope2008Much Ado About NothingASM
Vi Pope2009Come Blow Your HornProperties
Vi Pope2009The 3 MusketeersASM
Vi Pope2012Steel MagnoliasDirector
Vi Pope2012Blithe SpiritASM / Properties
Vickey Hughes1985A Midsummer Night's DreamFairy
Vicky Bourne2015The 39 StepsASM
Vicky Bourne2015An Experiment with an Air PumpMaria Fenwick
Vicky Estill1986Mother GooseChorus
Vicky Jackson2008Snake In The GrassASM
Vicky Jones1993The Pied PiperOffice Boy
Vicky Maxsted1982Puss In BootsDancer
Victor Hassan1978All's Well That Ends WellThe Dike of Florence
Victor Hassan1978Relative ValuesNigel, Earl of Marshwood
Victor Hassan1979Much Ado About NothingClaudio of Florence, companion of Don Pedro
Victor Hassan1979Not Now DarlingArnold Crouch
Victor Hassan1979The Lion In WinterPhillip, King of France
Victor Hassan1980Loves Labour LostFerdinand, King of Navarre
Victor Hassan1980The RivalsFaulkland
Victor Hassan1981Bell Book and CandleDirector
Victor Hassan1981Romeo and JulietTybalt, nephew of Lady Capulet
Victor Hassan1982Puss In BootsBackstage
Victor Hassan1982The Comedy of ErrorsDromio of Syracuse
Victor Hassan1983AladdinStage Manager
Victor Hassan1983The Taming of the ShrewDirector
Victor Hassan1984Outside EdgeDirector
Victor Hassan1984The Merchant of VeniceThe Prince of Arragon
Victor Hassan1986Twelfth NightDirector
Victor Hassan1987As You Like ItOliver (a son of Sir Rowland de Boys)
Victor Hassan1987The DresserNorman
Victor Hassan1988The HeiressDirector
Victor Hassan199184 Charing Cross RoadFrank Doel
Victor Hassan1991Much Ado About NothingDirector
Victor Hassan1994A Month of SundaysPeter
Victor Hassan1994The EntertainerDirector
Victor Hassan1996Twelfth NightMalvolio
Victor Hassan1997Racing DemonRt. Rev. Charlie Allen
Victor Hassan1999Time Of My LifeAggi (a waiter)
Victor Hassan1999Time Of My LifeBengie (yet another waiter)
Victor Hassan1999Time Of My LifeCalvinu (a restaurant owner)
Victor Hassan1999Time Of My LifeDinka (another waiter)
Victor Hassan1999Time Of My LifeTuto (head waiter)
Victor Hassan2000Breaking The CodeDillwyn Knox
Victor Hassan2003Merry Wives of WindsorFrank Ford, another citzen of Windsor
Victor Hassan2003Richard IIIThe Duke of Buckingham
Victor Hassan2004Private LivesFront of House
Victor Hassan2005When We Are MarriedCouncillor Albert Parker
Victor Hassan2006Dick WhittingtonHouse Manager
Victor Hassan2007Look Back In AngerHouse Manager
Victor Hassan2008Funny MoneyDavenport
Victor Hassan2008GaslightHouse Manager
Victor Hassan2009Come Blow Your HornMr Baker
Victor Hassan2010First Things FirstHouse Manager
Victor Hassan2013Wife Begins At FortyGeorge Harper
Victor Hassan2014All My SonsHouse Manager
Victor Hassan2014Charley's AuntDirector
Victor Hassan2018Mrs Warren's ProfessionMr Praed
Victor Hassan2019Ladies' DayDirector
Victor Hassan2019The Playboy of the Western WorldHouse Manager
Victor Hassan2019Whisky GaloreDirector
Victor Hassan2022Improbable FictionDirector
Victoria Hughes1986Twelfth NightAttendant / Citizen
Victoria Johnson2015Duets - The Bride-to-BeAngela
Victoria Johnson2016TwoThe Landlady
Victoria Johnson2017HandbaggedLiz, Younger Queen
Victoria Johnson2017Around the World in 80 DaysCaptain von Speedy/Ensemble
Victoria Johnson2018We Are Three SistersAssistant Director/Set Design
Victoria Johnson2019The Playboy of the Western WorldWidow Quin
Victoria Johnson2021Nell GwynnQueen Catherine
Victoria Johnson2022Single SpiesStage Manager
Victoria Johnson2022Improbable FictionJess
Victoria Johnson2022HarveyVeta Louise Simmons
Victoria Johnson2023The Hound of the BaskervillesASM
Victoria Winter2000Once A CatholicPupil
Vikki Maxted1983AladdinDancer
Vince Chadwick1972Night Must FallSound
Vince Chadwick1973And So To BedSound
Vince Chadwick1973The Man Most Likely To...Sound
Vincent Chadwick1972A View From A BridgeSound
Vincent Chadwick1972You Never Can TellLighting and Sound
Vincent Powell1971On Monday NextLighting and Sound Effects
Violet Pope2003Merry Wives of WindsorProperties
Violet Pope2004WitProf E. M Ashford
Virgina Craven1982Puss In BootsChorus
Virginia Cleverley1973A Midsummer Night's DreamFairy
Virginia Cleverley1974As You Like ItDuke Senior's Page
Virginia Cleverley1980Loves Labour LostAttendants / Singer / Dancer
Virginia Craven1982The Comedy of ErrorsCitizen / Servant
Virginia Craven1983The Taming of the ShrewDancer
Vivian Sassoon1987Sleeping BeautyLady in Waiting
Vladimir Vishniak1992Pack Of LiesNeighbours
W A D Riley1967The Sleeping PrinceStage Manager
W Bowden1970Ring Round the MoonHouse Manager
W Bowden19702 One-ActsHouse Manager
W Bowden1971Birthday HonoursHouse Manager
W Bowden1971On Monday NextHouse Manager
W Bowden1971The Little HutHouse Manager
W D Lawson1926The GondoliersGondolier
W D Lawson1927Princess IdaChorus
W F Fitton1926The GondoliersGiorgio
W F Fitton1926The GondoliersHon Property Master
W F Fitton1927Princess IdaScynthius
W F Fitton1927Princess IdaHon Property Master
W H Williamson1933The RumourLa Rubia
W Holmes1931Tom JonesStage Manager
W Holmes1931Tom JonesProducer
W Holmes1931Tom JonesMake Up
W Hope1926The GondoliersSecond Violin
W Johnson1927Princess IdaFirst Bassoon
W Johnson1928PatienceFirst Bassoon
W M Ford1929The Devil's DiscipleAnthony Anderson
W M Ford1930The Last of Mrs CheyneyProducer
W M Ford1931One Acts (1931)His Honour Judge Banket
W M Ford1933The RumourOld Soresti, Kata Soresti's father
W M Ford1933The RumourM Raffanel, representative of France
W M Mair1954Spring At MarinoProkovitch (Nicholai's Servant)
W Mottershead1931Tom JonesChorus
W Murtagh1926The GondoliersClarionet
W Oughtred1929The Devil's DiscipleGeneral Burgoyne
W R Upton1968A Man For All SeasonsLighting and Sound
W Reid Lunn1930The Last of Mrs CheyneyLord Dilling
W Stafford1931Tom JonesChorus
Wallace Ardern1950The Importance of Being EarnestStage Manager
Waroir Hans-stich1995StrewthStage Manager
Wendy A Dalby1970HarlequinadeMiss Fishlock
Wendy Dalby1970Spring and Port WineProperties
Wendy Dalby1971On Monday NextProperties
Wendy Dalby1971The Little HutProperties
Wendy Porter1973The GazeboProperties
Wez Emery1995The Merchant of VeniceMusician
Wez Emery1996Cabaret CapersMusic
Wez Emery1996Cabaret CapersPerformer
Will Bishop2012A Midsummer Night's DreamFrancis Flute (A bellow maker/Flute)
Will Bishop2013The Importance Of Being EarnestAlgernon Moncrieff
Will Bishop2014All My SonsGeorge
Will Whitehead1999Romeo and JulietBenvolio
William Bolton1962Hans, The Witch and The GobbinSenna, a Physician
William D Lawson1928PatienceMajor Murgatroyd
William Keil1963Duet For Two HandsDirector
William Keil1964The Irregular Verb To LoveDirector
William Keil1965The Amorous PrawnDirector
William Keil1966The Happiest Days of Your LifeDirector
William Keil1966The Touch Of FearHouse Manager
William Keil1967The Sleeping PrinceDirector
William Keil1967The Tulip TreeDirector
William Keil1968A Man For All SeasonsDirector
William Keil1969The Waltz of The ToreadorsDirector
William Keil1970Hedda GablerDirector
William Keil1972Night Must FallDirector
William Nolan2000Once A CatholicFather Mullarkey
William Nolan2001A Talk In The ParkArthur
William Nolan2001Gosforth's FeteStewart
William Nolan2018The WeirJim
William Oughtred1933The RumourDeanne, British Free-lance Missionary
William Oughtred1933The RumourDeane
William Peck1959Dear DelinquentSir George Martin
William Peck1961Gilt and GingerbreadFrancis Bolderwood
William R Upton1968Semi-DetachedLighting
William R Upton1969The HeiressLighting
William R Upton1969The Waltz of The ToreadorsLighting
William R Upton1970Hedda GablerLighting and Sound Effects
William R Upton1970Spring and Port WineStage Manager
William R Upton1970Ring Round the MoonLighting and Sound Effects
William R Upton19702 One-ActsLighting
William Watkins1981Romeo and JulietRomeo, son of Montague
William Watkins1985A Midsummer Night's DreamLysander, loved by Hermia
William Watkins1987As You Like ItOrlando (a son of Sir Rowland de Boys)
Winifred Cottrell1931One Acts (1931)Clem (Mrs) Galloway
Winifred Cottrill1926The GondoliersContadine
Winifred Cottrill1927Princess IdaPrincess Ida (Gamas Daughter)
Winifred Cottrill1927Princess IdaChorus
Winifred Cottrill1928PatienceThe Lady Saphir
Winifred Cottrill1931Tom JonesPeggy
Winifred Jordan1950Waters Of The MoonEvelyn Daly
Winifred Jordan1951Happiest Days Of Your Life (1951)Miss Gossage
Winifred Jordan1953The HollowMidge Harvey
Winifred Jordan1959Ring Around The MoonCapulet
Winifred Jordan1961Subway In The SkyDinah Hollander
Winifred Jordan1961The Chalk GardenMiss Madrigal, the first applicant
Winifred Jordan1964The Aspern PapersMiss Tina, Miss Bordereau's niece
Winifred Jordan1965Summer of the Seventh DollPearl Cunningham
Winifred Jordan1965The Love of Four ColonelsMrs Breitenspeigel
Winifred Jordan1967The Sleeping PrinceThe Grand Duchess
Winifred Jordan1969The HeiressDirector
Winston Ini1968A Man For All SeasonsChapuy's Attendant
Yvonne Jowett1977Merry Wives of WindsorChildren of Windsor
Yvonne McLean2019Ladies' DayShelley
Zaida Mcatee1991Much Ado About NothingASM
Zita Reynolds1967The PartyWardrobe
Zita Reynolds1967The Sleeping PrinceWardrobe
Zita Reynolds1967The Tulip TreeWardrobe
Zita Reynolds1968A Man For All SeasonsWardrobe
Zita Reynolds1968Semi-DetachedWardrobe Mistress
Zoe Hockibelt1995StrewthPrompt
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