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Members who have contributed to at least one play, and their role.
Players are sorted by first name

J B Dean1928PatienceHon Assistant Stage Manager
J B Dean1929The Devil's DiscipleElectric Lighting, etc
J B Dean1929The SorcererHon Electrician
J B Dean1929Trial By JuryHon Electrician
J B Higgins1933The RumourSmith, A City Clerk
J B Higgins1933The RumourBurastok, Przimia workman
J B Picton1927Princess IdaHon Electrician
J B Picton1926The GondoliersHon Assistant Electrician
J B Smith1930The Last of Mrs CheyneyProperties
J B Smith1956A Question of FactDirector
J Basil Broadbent1931One Acts (1931)William
J Basil Broadbent1933The RumourPooshin, Przimia workman
J Basil Broadbent1933The RumourGrange, Leader of Labour Deputation
J Bell1927Princess IdaTympani
J Brian Walker1950The Importance of Being EarnestAlgernon Moncrieff
J Bryce1926The GondoliersOboe
J F Harcombe1926The GondoliersHon Assistant Stage Manager
J H Jones1927Princess IdaChorus
J H Moores1931Tom JonesChorus
J Hague1959Ring Around The MoonRomainville
J Hardcastle1931Tom JonesChorus
J M Scott1967The Sleeping PrinceLighting
J Pitt1953The HollowHouse Manager
J P Griffiths1931Tom JonesStage Staff
J R Butterworth1927Princess IdaChorus
J R H Clayton1929The SorcererHon Assistant Stage Manager
J R H Clayton1929Trial By JuryHon Assistant Stage Manager
J R H Clayton1931Tom JonesStage Staff
J R H Clayton1933The RumourAssistant Stage Director
J R Harcombe1927Princess IdaHon Assistant Stage Manager
J R Whitaker1926The GondoliersHon Assistant Electrician
J R Whitaker1928PatienceHon Electrician
J R Whitaker1929The Devil's DiscipleAssistant Stage Manager
J R Whitaker1929The SorcererHon Stage Manager
J R Whitaker1929Trial By JuryHon Stage Manager
J R Whitaker1927Princess IdaHon Electrician
J Redfearn1927Princess IdaTrombone
J Redfearn1928PatienceTrombone
J S Firth1968A Man For All SeasonsASM
J Sue Carr1963The Bride Comes BackBarbara Kilpatrick
J W Stevenson1950Waters Of The MoonDeputy House Manager
J W Stevenson1953The HollowDeputy House Manager
J W Stevenson1954Spring At MarinoDeputy House Manager
J Walton1926The GondoliersTrombone
Jack Firth1974How The Other Half LovesStage Manager
Jack Firth1975The CrucibleSet Construction
Jack Frith1972A View From A BridgeStage Manager
Jack Frith1973The Little FoxesStage Manager
Jack Frith1975Lloyd George Knew My FatherStage Manager
Jack Frith1976Winter JourneyCarpenter
Jack Frith1976Winter JourneyHouse Manager
Jack Frith1979Dick WhittingtonStage Manager
Jack Frith1980The EnquiryStage Manager
Jack Taylor1972The Middle WatchMarine Ogg
Jack Taylor1972Twelfth NightA Priest
Jack Taylor1972Twelfth NightCaptain of the wrecked ship
Jack Tweedale1930The Last of Mrs CheyneyWilliam (a Footman)
Jack Watkins1980The EnquiryLighting
Jack Watkinson1980Loves Labour LostLighting
Jack Watkinson1980The RivalsLighting
Jack Watkinson1980Trap for a Lonely ManLighting
Jack Watkinson1981Bell Book and CandleLighting
Jack Watkinson1981Romeo and JulietLighting
Jack Watkinson1982The Comedy of ErrorsLighting
Jack Watkinson1984The Merchant of VeniceLighting
Jacob Samuel2016Relatively SpeakingRehearsal photographs
Jacob Samuel2017Talking HeadsRehearsal photographs
Jacque Bilsborough1973The GazeboSet Design
Jacque Bilsborough1974How The Other Half LovesSet Design
Jacque Bilsborough1975The CrucibleSet Design
Jacque Bilsborough1975The Odd CoupleSet Design
Jacque Bilsborough1976Hay FeverSet Decor
Jacque Bilsborough1985A Midsummer Night's DreamProperties
Jacque Bilsborough1985Present LaughterCover drawing
Jacque Bilsborough1985Present LaughterSet Design
Jacque Bilsborough1985When We Are MarriedProperties
Jacque Bilsborough1986Mother GooseGoose and Special Costumes
Jacque Bilsborough1986Twelfth NightWardrobe
Jacque Bilsborough1988The Winter's TaleWardrobe
Jacque Bilsborough1989Jack and The BeanstalkDame Patty's Wardrobe design and Construction
Jacque Bilsborough1989Jack and The BeanstalkGiant design and Construction
Jacque Bilsborough1989Murder In The CathedralWardrobe
Jacque Bilsborough1990Merry Wives of WindsorFront Cover
Jacque Bilsborough199184 Charing Cross RoadSet Design
Jacque Bilsborough1991Much Ado About NothingWardrobe Assistant
Jacque Bilsborough1992The Day After The FairSet Design
Jacque Bilsborough1992Pack Of LiesWardrobe
Jacque Bilsborough1992The Taming of the ShrewFront Cover
Jacque Bilsborough1992Woman In MindSet Design
Jacque Bilsborough1993One ActWardrobe
Jacque Bilsborough1994A Month of SundaysSet Design
Jacque Bilsborough1995Man Of The MomentWardrobe
Jacque Bilsborough1995The Merchant of VeniceProperties
Jacque Bilsborough1996Cabaret CapersCostumes
Jacque Bilsborough1996Hobson's ChoiceSet
Jacque Bilsborough1998A Collier's Tuesday TeaCostumes
Jacque Bilsborough1998Henry VSpecial Properties
Jacque Bilsborough1998Whose Life Is It AnywayDesigner
Jacque Bilsborough1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandCostumes, Props, and Scenery Design
Jacque Bilsborough1999PygmalionSound
Jacque Bilsborough2000A Midsummer Night's DreamWardrobe
Jacque Bilsborough2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandCostumes, Props, and Scenery Design
Jacque Bilsborough2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandMake-up Design
Jacque Bilsborough2000Once A CatholicCostumes
Jacque Bilsborough2002Hard TimesCostume
Jacque Bilsborough2002Make Way For LuciaWardrobe
Jacque Bilsborough2002Much Ado About NothingGolden Snitch design
Jacque Bilsborough2003Richard IIICostume design and construction
Jacque Bilsborough2003The Wind In The WillowsWardrobe
Jacque Bilsborough2005A Christmas CarolProp Construction
Jacque Bilsborough2005A Christmas CarolCostumes
Jacque Bilsborough2005A Midsummer's Night DreamWardrobe
Jacque Bilsborough2006The Memory Of WaterWardrobe
Jacque Bilsborough2007TartuffeSet Design
Jacque Bilsborough2008Much Ado About NothingMask Creation
Jacque Bilsborough2009Come Blow Your HornSpecial Prop Construction
Jacque Bilsborough2010Measure For MeasureWardrobe
Jacque Bilsborough2011MacbethDesign & Special Effects
Jacque Bilsborough2012A Chip In The SugarWardrobe
Jacque Bilsborough2012Dumb WaiterWardrobe
Jacque Bilsborough2012Gosforth's FeteWardrobe
Jacque Bilsborough2012The LessonWardrobe
Jacque Bilsborough2012Calendar GirlsArt and Special Props
Jacque Bilsborough2014All My SonsWardrobe
Jacque Bilsborough2014A Chorus of DisapprovalPublicity image drawing
Jacque Bilsborough2015An Experiment with an Air PumpModel Maker
Jacque Bilsborough2016Tommy BoyWardrobe
Jacque Bilsborough2016The PriceWardrobe
Jacque Bilsborough2017HandbaggedAssistant Director
Jacque Bilsborough2017HandbaggedScenic Artist
Jacque Bilsborough2017Vincent in BrixtonPublicity Artist
Jacque Bilsborough2017Around the World in 80 DaysScenic Artist
Jacque Bilsborough2017The Winter's TaleProps handiwork
Jacque Bilsborough2018The WeirWardrobe
Jacque Bilsborough2018Alice's Adventures in WonderlandCostume & Props Designer / Wardrobe
Jacque Bilsborough2019The Playboy of the Western WorldSpecial Makeup Effect
Jacque Bilsborough2023The Hound of the BaskervillesDummy construction
Jade Wright1999Romeo and JulietJuliet
Jake Muckersie1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandSet Construction
James Avery2008Much Ado About NothingWatchman
James Avery2009The 3 MusketeersRochefort, Captain of the Cardinal's Guard
James Chadwick1982The Comedy of ErrorsCitizen / Servant
James Schofield2014All My SonsDirector
James Tweedie1993The Pied PiperNarrator
James Tweedy1994A Midsummer Night's DreamFairy
James Worsley1987Sleeping BeautyFairy / Elf
Jamie Rigby1976Arms and The ManSound
Jamie Rigby1976Hay FeverSandy Tyrell
Jamie Rigby1976The Winter's TaleCleomenes, Sicilian Lord
Jamie Rigby1977Merry Wives of WindsorPistol, follower of Falstaff
Jamie Rigby1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampCoolie, Courtier, Washerperson
Jamie Rigby1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampHong - No.1 assistant to Abanazer
Jamie Rigby1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampMaidens devoured by appointment
Jamie King2023Hindle WakesAlan Jeffcote
Jan Ash1997Talking HeadsProperties
Jan Ash1997The TempestASM
Jan Ash1998The Odd Couple (female version)Wardrobe
Jan Ash1998Whose Life Is It AnywayDr. Barr
Jan Ash1999PygmalionASM
Jan Ash2000Don't Dress For DinnerProperties
Jan Atkins2004A Murder Is AnnouncedSound
Jan Atkinson2003Merry Wives of WindsorASM
Jan Atkinson2003The Wind In The WillowsASM/Props
Jan Atkinson2004As You Like ItStage Manager
Jan Atkinson2004WitSound
Jan Atkinson2005A Christmas CarolASM
Jan Atkinson2005A Midsummer's Night DreamProps
Jan Atkinson2005When We Are MarriedStage Manager
Jan Atkinson2006Dick WhittingtonProps
Jan Atkinson2006The Memory Of WaterSound
Jan Atkinson2006The WeekendAssistant Director
Jan Atkinson2006The WeekendStage Manager
Jan Atkinson2006Twelfth NightProperties
Jan Atkinson2006Twelfth NightStage Manager
Jan Atkinson2007TartuffeSound
Jan Atkinson2007Romeo and JulietStage Manager
Jan Atkinson2007Season's GreetingsDirector
Jan Atkinson2008Funny MoneySound
Jan Atkinson2008GaslightDirector
Jan Atkinson2008GaslightSound
Jan Atkinson2008Much Ado About NothingAssistant Director
Jan Atkinson2008Much Ado About NothingStage Manager
Jan Atkinson2008The FatherSound
Jan Atkinson2009Come Blow Your HornSound
Jan Atkinson2009It Runs In The FamilyProperties
Jan Atkinson2009The 3 MusketeersStage Manager
Jan Atkinson2010Communicating DoorsStage Manager
Jan Atkinson2011Deep Blue SeaAssistant Director
Jan Atkinson2011Independent MeansDirector
Jan Atkinson2011Children's DayLiaison
Jan Atkinson2011Children's DayHouse Manager
Jan Atkinson2012A Chip In The SugarPrompt
Jan Atkinson2012Steel MagnoliasStage Manager
Jan Atkinson2012A Midsummer Night's DreamStage Manager
Jan Atkinson2012Blithe SpiritDirector
Jan Atkinson2012Blithe SpiritProperties
Jan Atkinson2012Calendar GirlsLiaison
Jan Atkinson2012Calendar GirlsProperties
Jan Atkinson2013Polar BearsWardrobe
Jan Atkinson2013Wife Begins At FortyWardrobe
Jan Atkinson2013The HollowLiaison
Jan Atkinson2013The Importance Of Being EarnestDirector
Jan Cox1977The Importance of Being EarnestMiss Prism
Jan Roberts1964Billy LiarPrompt
Jane Anderson2003Merry Wives of WindsorLady of Windsor
Jane Anderson2004WitSusie Monahan
Jane Anderson2005Beauty Queen of LeenaneWardrobe
Jane Anderson2005When We Are MarriedNancy Holmes
Jane Anderson2021Nell GwynnTicket Secretary
Jane Anderson2022God of CarnageTicket Secretary
Jane Anderson2023The RiverTicket Secretary
Jane Anderson2023Hindle WakesTicket Secretary
Jane Brown1982Puss In BootsSet construction
Jane Green1950Waters Of The MoonTonetta Landi
Jane Green1953The HollowDoris
Jane Hawarth1985A Midsummer Night's DreamHelena, in love with Demetrius
Jane Hyde2017Vincent in BrixtonUrsula
Jane Hyde2017The Winter's TaleEnsemble
Jane Hyde2018Be My BabyASM
Jane Hyde2018Mrs Warren's ProfessionASM
Jane Hyde2019Ladies' DayPearl
Jane Kirby2019Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect NonsenseScenic Artist
Jane Mayhead1991Dark of the MoonBarbara Allen
Jane Mayhead1991Much Ado About NothingHero, Leonato's daughter
Jane Mayhead1992The Taming of the ShrewKatherina, daughter of Baptista
Jane Newman1993The Comedy of ErrorsLuciana
Jane Newman1996Cabaret CapersPerformer
Jane Newman1996Chorus of DisapprovalSinging Coach
Jane Newman1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandSingers
Jane Newman1999Time Of My LifeStephanie (Glyn's wife)
Jane Newman2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandSinger
Jane Newman2002Absent FriendsMarge
Jane Newman2005A Midsummer's Night DreamFirst Fairy
Jane Newman2005When We Are MarriedLottie Grady
Jane Newman2007Season's GreetingsBelinda
Jane Newman2008Hay FeverProperties
Jane Newman2008Much Ado About NothingUrsula, attendant on Hero
Jane Newman2008Snake In The GrassMiriam Chester
Jane Newman2009It Runs In The FamilyJane Tate
Jane Newman2009Nobody's FoolASM / Properties
Jane Newman2009The 3 MusketeersDonna Estefana, Lady-in-waiting to the Queen
Jane Newman2010Caramba's RevengeProperties
Jane Newman2010Communicating DoorsRuella
Jane Newman2011MacbethProperties / ASM
Jane Newman2012Calendar GirlsAnnie
Jane Newman2014A Chorus of DisapprovalHannah Llewellyn
Jane Newman2022Single Spies - An Englishman AbroadCoral Browne
Jane Volp1986The AnniversaryShirley
Jane Winstanley1987Sleeping BeautyFairy / Elf
Janet Rothwell1977Merry Wives of WindsorChildren of Windsor
Janet Rothwell1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampDancer
Janet Rothwell1978All's Well That Ends WellAttendant / Citizen
Janet Rothwell1979Dick WhittingtonDancers
Janet Slade1996My Mother Said I Never ShouldJackie Metcalfe
Janet Slade1998The Odd Couple (female version)Florence Ungar
Janet Slade1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandMarch Hare
Janet Slade1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandU.V. Movement
Janet Slade2000Don't Dress For DinnerSuzette, the cook
Janet Slade2000Once A CatholicMother Basil
Janet Stavely-Dick1976Hay FeverJackie Coryton
Janet Stavely-Dick1977Plaza SuiteWaitress
Janet Stavely-Dick1977Plaza SuiteWaitress
Janet Warren1979Much Ado About NothingLady of the Court of Messina
Janet Warren1979Not Now DarlingMaud Bodley
Janet Warren1979Relatively SpeakingProperties
Janet Warren1980Loves Labour LostWardrobe
Janet Waters1982Puss In BootsCostumes
Janice Woodman1990Stepping OutChoregraphy (Finale)
Janine Clegg1997The TempestAriel's Spirit
Janine Clegg1999Romeo and JulietServant / Citizen
Janine Walters2019Whisky GalorePallas Player: Bea Comford
Jayne Mayhead199184 Charing Cross RoadCecily Farr
Jayne Stansfield1992The Taming of the ShrewServant to Baptista / Villager
Jayne Willmott1990Merry Wives of WindsorStage Manager
Jayne Willmott1991Much Ado About NothingStage Manager
Jayne Wilmott1990Seasons GreetingsStage Manager
Jayne Wilmott199184 Charing Cross RoadStage Manager
Jayne Wilmott1991The Chalk GardenASM
Jean Barratt2016The PriceStage Manager
Jean Barratt2017Vincent in BrixtonStage Manager
Jean Barratt2018Mrs Warren's ProfessionStage Manager
Jean Barratt2018HeroesStage Manager
Jean Barratt2019The Playboy of the Western WorldASM
Jean Chadwick1979Dick WhittingtonFollow Spot Operator
Jean Donald1983AladdinDancer
Jean Donald1984Toad Of Toad HallProperties
Jean Lightowler1979Dick WhittingtonCoreography
Jean Richards1982Puss In BootsProperties
Jean Richards1982Puss In BootsSet construction
Jean Wilmot1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampCoolie, Courtier, Washerperson
Jean Wilmot1980Loves Labour LostAttendants / Singer / Dancer
Jeanine Clegg2000A Midsummer Night's DreamFirst Fairy's Girl
Jeff Balshaw2011Children's DayAdditional Joinery Work
Jeff Lomas1990Merry Wives of WindsorShallow, a country Justice
Jeff Lomax1991Much Ado About NothingLeonato,Governor of Messina
Jeff Lomax1994A Month of SundaysAylott
Jeff Lomax1994Pass The ButlerRonnie
Jeff Lomax1995After MagritteHarris
Jeff Lomax1996Cabaret CapersPerformer
Jeff Lomax1996Hobson's ChoiceDr MacFarlane
Jeff Tenner1973And So To BedSet Painting
Jeffrey Gartside1974As You Like ItThe Clown (alias Touchstone)
Jen Dykstra1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampWardrobe
Jen Dykstra1978All's Well That Ends WellWardrobe
Jen Dykstra1978Farewell, Farewell EugeneWardrobe
Jen Dykstra1979Dick WhittingtonWardrobe
Jenie Smak1995StrewthInspector
Jennie Atherton1989Red Hot CindersBlind Mouse
Jennie Dykstra1980The RivalsWardrobe
Jennie Dykstra1981Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeWardrobe
Jennie Simcock1960Rock BottomStage Manager
Jennie Smith1969The Waltz of The ToreadorsEugenie, a maid
Jennifer Atherton2007Romeo and JulietLady
Jennifer Atherton2007Season's GreetingsPattie
Jennifer Atherton2007The Real Inspector HoundFelicity Cunningham
Jennifer Bingham1958A Party For ChristmasPamela Sutton
Jennifer Bingham1961From Five To Five-ThirtyGertie
Jennifer Bingham1961The Chalk GardenAnother lady, the third applicant
Jennifer Brookes2018We Are Three SistersAnne Brontë
Jennifer Cockcroft1985A Midsummer Night's DreamAttendant
Jennifer Panton2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandProps
Jennifer Panton2001Dancing At LunaghsaLighting
Jennifer Panton2001The RivalsLighting Design
Jennifer Panton2001The Taming of the ShrewBianca, daughter of Baptista
Jennifer Youatt1980Loves Labour LostAttendants / Singer / Dancer
Jenny Atherton1989Jack and The BeanstalkVillager
Jenny Broughton2011And Then There Were NoneASM
Jenny Broughton2012A Midsummer Night's DreamASM Props
Jenny Ghazilian1965Summer of the Seventh DollBubba Ryan
Jenny Ghazilian1972Twelfth NightMaria, her waiting-gentlewoman
Jenny Ghazilian1974As You Like ItRosalind (daughter of Duke Senior)
Jenny Ghazilian1975The CrucibleWardrobe
Jenny Ghazilian1975The Odd CoupleWardrobe
Jenny Ghazillian1973And So To BedDoll (a Blackamoor)
Jenny Ghazillian1974How The Other Half LovesMary Featherstone
Jenny Ghazillian1974How The Other Half LovesWardrobe
Jenny Hindmarch1997Lady Windermere's FanMrs Erlynne
Jenny Milroy1993The Pied PiperRat / Villager
Jenny Norris2009It Runs In The FamilyASM
Jenny Norris2010Measure For MeasureWhore/Secretary/Nun
Jenny Norris2011MacbethProperties
Jenny Palin1989Jack and The BeanstalkWardrobe
Jenny Panton2001Amy's ViewAmy
Jenny Panton2001An Evening of Alan AyckbournProperties
Jenny Panton2001Wyrd SistersSound & Special Effects
Jenny Panton2002Much Ado About NothingServant / Gentlefolk
Jenny Panton2004A Murder Is AnnouncedLighting
Jenny Panton2009Come Blow Your HornConnie Dayton
Jenny Smith1966The Happiest Days of Your LifeJoyce Harper
Jenny Smith1970Ring Round the MoonIsabelle
Jenny Smith1971Birthday HonoursBeatrice Titheradge
Jenny Smith1972You Never Can TellWardrobe
Jenny Thompstone1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandWardrobe
Jenny Thompstone2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandWardrobe
Jeremey Cleverley1988The VigilThe Judge
Jeremy Cleverley1970Black ComedyColonel Melkett
Jeremy Cleverley1972A View From A BridgeEddie
Jeremy Cleverley1972Twelfth NightOrsino, Duke of Illyria
Jeremy Cleverley1973A Midsummer Night's DreamOberon, King of the Fairies
Jeremy Cleverley1973The GazeboHarlow Edison
Jeremy Cleverley1973The Little FoxesWilliam Marshall
Jeremy Cleverley1974As You Like ItJaques (nobleman)
Jeremy Cleverley1974The Wild DuckHjalmar Ekdal
Jeremy Cleverley1975Lloyd George Knew My FatherGeneral Sir William Boothroyd
Jeremy Cleverley1975The CrucibleThomas Putnam
Jeremy Cleverley1975The Odd CoupleOscar Madison
Jeremy Cleverley1975The Winslow BoyArthur Winslow
Jeremy Cleverley1976Arms and The ManHouse Manager
Jeremy Cleverley1976Hay FeverDirector
Jeremy Cleverley1976The Winter's TaleLeontes, King of Sicilia
Jeremy Cleverley1976Winter JourneyFrank Elgin
Jeremy Cleverley1977Merry Wives of WindsorDirector
Jeremy Cleverley1977Plaza SuiteSam Nash
Jeremy Cleverley1977The Flip SideTheo
Jeremy Cleverley1978All's Well That Ends WellDirector
Jeremy Cleverley1978Dear BrutusDirector
Jeremy Cleverley1979Much Ado About NothingDon Pedro, Prince of Arragon
Jeremy Cleverley1979The Lion In WinterHenry II
Jeremy Cleverley1980Loves Labour LostDirector
Jeremy Cleverley1980Loves Labour LostMercade, a messenger
Jeremy Cleverley1980The RivalsSir Anthony Absolute
Jeremy Cleverley1981Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeBaines
Jeremy Cleverley1981Romeo and JulietCapulet, Head of a Veronese family
Jeremy Cleverley1981Separate TablesMajor Pollock
Jeremy Cleverley1982The Comedy of ErrorsDirector
Jeremy Cleverley1982The Glass MenagerieDirector
Jeremy Cleverley1983Last Of The Red Hot LoversBarney Cashman
Jeremy Cleverley1983See How They RunDirector
Jeremy Cleverley1983The Taming of the ShrewGremio, suitor to Bianca
Jeremy Cleverley1984Toad Of Toad HallMr. Badger
Jeremy Cleverley1985A Midsummer Night's DreamDirector
Jeremy Cleverley1985Bedroom FarceDirector
Jeremy Cleverley1986Don't Listen LadiesDaniel Bachelet, an Antique Dealer
Jeremy Cleverley1986The Noble SpaniardMr Justice Proudfoot (her husband)
Jeremy Cleverley1986Twelfth NightSir Toby Belch, her uncle
Jeremy Cleverley1987Habeas CorpusDirector
Jeremy Cleverley1987The DresserDirector
Jeremy Cleverley1987The DresserSir
Jeremy Cleverley1988The Winter's TaleAntigonus, Sicilian Lord
Jeremy Cleverley1988The Winter's TaleGentleman
Jeremy Cleverley1989Murder In The CathedralDirector
Jeremy Cleverley1990Charley's AuntDirector
Jeremy Cleverley1991Dark of the MoonConjur Man
Jeremy Cleverley1991The Chalk GardenThe Judge
Jeremy Cleverley1992Pack Of LiesStewrat
Jeremy Cleverley1993Elegy for a LadyMan
Jeremy Cleverley1993Witness for the ProsecutionSir Wilfred Robarts QC
Jeremy Cleverley1997Someone Who'll Watch Over MeMichael
Jeremy Cleverley1998The LarkDirector
Jeremy Cleverley1999PygmalionDirector
Jeremy Cleverley2001Amy's ViewDirector
Jeremy Cleverley2001The RivalsSir Anthony Absolute
Jeremy Cleverley2002Make Way For LuciaMajor Benjamin Flint
Jeremy Cleverley2003Merry Wives of WindsorDirector
Jeremy Cleverley2003Richard IIIKing Edward IV, his brother
Jeremy Cleverley2003Richard IIIMayor of London
Jeremy Cleverley2003The Wind In The WillowsBadger
Jeremy Cleverley2005A Christmas CarolPortly Gentleman
Jeremy Cleverley2005A Christmas CarolHeadmaster
Jeremy Cleverley2005A Christmas CarolMr Fezziwig
Jeremy Cleverley2005When We Are MarriedAlderman Joseph Helliwell
Jeremy Cleverley2009Separate TablesMr Fowler
Jeremy Stobart1991Arms and The ManSergius Saranoff
Jeremy Stobart1991Much Ado About NothingBalthasar, a musician
Jeremy Stobart1992The Taming of the ShrewLucentio, son of Vincentio, in love with Bianca
Jeremy Stobart1992Up 'n' UnderTony Burtoff
Jeremy Stobart1993Ritual For DollsGolly
Jeremy Stobart1993The Comedy of ErrorsAntipholus of Syracuse
Jeryl Whitelock2006Twelfth NightGentlewoman attandant to Olivia
Jessica Brush2002Hard TimesNarrator/ASM
Jessica Riley2005A Christmas CarolBelle's daughter
Jessica Riley2005A Christmas CarolMartha
Jessica Trimble2015An Experiment with an Air PumpASM
Jessica Trimble2016Tommy BoySalvation Army Girl / Acting ASM
Jessica Trimble2017The LadykillersConcert Guest
Jessica Trimble2017The LadykillersASM
Jessica Trimble2018Be My BabyDolores
Jessica Trimble2018We Are Three SistersASM
Jessica Trimble2021Nell GwynnLouise de Kerouaille / Court attendant
Jessica Trimble2022Improbable FictionIlsa
Jessica Trimble2023These Shining LivesFrancis
Jessica Trimble2023Hindle WakesBeatrice Farrar
Jill Bleasdale1976Arms and The ManASM
Jill Bleasdale1976Hay FeverASM
Jill Bleasdale1976The Winter's TaleLady in Waiting / Shepherdess
Jill Bleasdale1977Merry Wives of WindsorASM
Jill Bleasdale1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampPrincess Mimosa - Daughter of the Emperor
Jill Bleasdale1978Farewell, Farewell EugeneQueenie Bosworth
Jill Bleasdale1979Not Now DarlingMiss Whittington
Jill Bleasdale1981Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeSybil Merton
Jill Bleasdale1982Puss In BootsPrincess Aurora
Jill Bleasdale1982She Stoops To ConquerConstance Neville, Kate's cousin
Jill Bleasdale1982The Princess and The SwineherdPrincess Clair-de-Lune
Jill Bleasdale1984The Merchant of VenicePortia
Jill Bleasdale1986Mother GooseColin
Jill Bleasdale1986Twelfth NightOlivia, a Countess
Jill Bleasdale1987The DresserIrene
Jill Burroughs1987Sleeping BeautyBallet Dancer
Jill Damen1995AmadeusProperties
Jill Damen1995The Merchant of VeniceProperties
Jill Damen1996Born In The GardensProperties
Jill Damen1996Cabaret CapersChoregraphy
Jill Damen1996Cabaret CapersPerformer
Jill Damen1996Twelfth NightMaid to the Lady Olivia
Jill Damen1996Twelfth NightProperties
Jill Damen1997Lady Windermere's FanProperties
Jill Damen1997The TempestProperties
Jill Damen1999Children Of A Lesser GodStage Manager
Jill Damen1999Habeas CorpusProperties
Jill Damen1999Romeo and JulietStage Manager
Jill Damen2000A Midsummer Night's DreamStage Manager
Jill Damen2001The Taming of the ShrewLandlady
Jill Damen2001The Taming of the ShrewServant to Petruchio
Jill Damen2002Much Ado About NothingStage Manager
Jill Damen2003Merry Wives of WindsorLady of Windsor
Jill Damen2003Merry Wives of WindsorProperties
Jill Damen2003Richard IIIStage Manager
Jill Damen2004As You Like ItProperties
Jill Damen2005A Midsummer's Night DreamStage Manager
Jill Damen2005Beauty Queen of LeenaneProperties
Jill Damen2005Plaza SuiteProperties
Jill Damen2006Twelfth NightGentlewoman attandant to Olivia
Jill Damen2007Romeo and JulietLady Montague
Jill Damen2008Funny MoneyProperties
Jill Hine1999Romeo and JulietProduction Co-Ordinator
Jill Hine1999Romeo and JulietWardrobe
Jill Hine2002Absent FriendsASM
Jill Hine2002AladdinStage Manager
Jill Hine2003Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeASM
Jill Hine2003Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeProperties
Jill Hine2004A Murder Is AnnouncedStage Manager
Jill Hine2005A Christmas CarolStage Manager
Jill Hine2005Death and the MaidenStage Manager
Jill Hine2006Dick WhittingtonASM
Jill Hine2008Hay FeverStage Manager
Jill Hine2010Measure For MeasureStage Manager
Jill Hine2012Steel MagnoliasProperties
Jill Hine2012Calendar GirlsASM
Jill Hine2013Curious SavageStage Manager
Jill Hine2014All My SonsStage Manager
Jill Hine2014Charley's AuntASM/Props
Jill Hine2015The Thrill of LoveStage Manager
Jill Hine2016QuartetStage Manager
Jill Hine2017The LadykillersStage Manager
Jill Hine2017The Winter's TaleStage Manager
Jill Hine2018Be My BabyStage Manager
Jill Hine2018We Are Three SistersStage Manager
Jill Hine2018Alice's Adventures in WonderlandStage Manager
Jill Hine2019Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect NonsenseStage Manager
Jill McKillop1976The Winter's TaleBohemian Page
Jill Ollerenshaw2007TartuffeASM
Jill Ollerenshaw2007Season's GreetingsProperties
Jill Ollerenshaw2008GaslightProperties
Jill Ollerenshaw2008Hay FeverProperties
Jill Ollerenshaw2008Much Ado About NothingLady of Leonato's Court
Jill Ollerenshaw2009Separate TablesMabel
Jill Ollerenshaw2010Birthday PartyProperties
Jill Ollerenshaw2011Macbeth1st Witch
Jill Ollerenshaw2012Steel MagnoliasProperties
Jill Ollerenshaw2012Calendar GirlsMarie
Jill Ollerenshaw2013Wife Begins At FortyASM/Props
Jill Ollerenshaw2014TheftASM/Props
Jill Ollerenshaw2014Veronica's RoomProps/ASM
Jill Ollerenshaw2015Duets - Blind DateWendy
Jill Ollerenshaw2015Entertaining AngelsASM/Props
Jill Ollerenshaw2016Relatively SpeakingASM/Props
Jill Ollerenshaw2016Life & BethASM/Props
Jill Ollerenshaw2018Be My BabyMrs Adams
Jill Stringer1988The VigilMagdalen - A Covert
Jill Stringer1999PygmalionClara Eynsford-Hill
Jill Stringer2001A Talk In The ParkBeryl
Jill Stringer2001Gosforth's FeteMilly
Jill Stringer2004A Murder Is AnnouncedPhillipa Haymes
Jill Stringer2007The Real Inspector HoundLady Cynthia Muldoon
Jill Stringer2008The FatherStage Manager
Jill Stringer2009Separate TablesAnne Shankland
Jill Stringer2009Separate TablesMiss Railton-Bell
Jill Stringer2013Curious SavageLily Belle
Jill Stringer2015Entertaining AngelsAssistant Director
Jill Stringer2015An Experiment with an Air PumpASM
Jill Stringer2016TwoAssistant Director
Jill Stringer2017Vincent in BrixtonAssistant Director
Jill Stringer2018Mrs Warren's ProfessionJoint Director
Jill Stringer2018HeroesDirector
Jill Taylor1996Twelfth NightMaid to the Lady Olivia
Jilly Burroughs1990Stepping OutLighting
Jilly Burrows1989Jack and The BeanstalkChoreographer
Jilly Burrows1989Jack and The BeanstalkVillager
Jilly Burrows1989Lunch GirlsJay
Jilly Burrows1989Romeo and JulietServant / Citizen
Jilly Burrows1990Charley's AuntAmy Spetitigue
Jilly Burrows1990Merry Wives of WindsorChoreography and Dance Training
Jilly Burrows1990Merry Wives of WindsorDancer
Jilly Burrows1990Seasons GreetingsPattie
Jilly Burrows199184 Charing Cross RoadLighting
Jilly Burrows1991Arms and The ManLighting
Jilly Burrows1991Dark of the MoonChoreography
Jilly Burrows1991Dark of the MoonLighting
Jilly Burrows1991Much Ado About NothingAttendant
Jilly Burrows1991Much Ado About NothingChoreography
Jilly Burrows1992The Day After The FairPrompt
Jilly Burrows1992The Day After The FairSet Build
Jilly Burrows1992Move Over Mrs MarkhamJoanna
Jilly Burrows1992The Taming of the ShrewChoreography and Dance Training
Jilly Burrows1992Up 'n' UnderHazel Scott
Jilly Burrows1993A Woman of No ImportanceLighting
Jilly Burrows1993The Comedy of ErrorsChoreography and Dance Training
Jilly Burrows1993The Comedy of ErrorsLighting and Sound
Jilly Burrows1994A Midsummer Night's DreamSound
Jilly Burrows1994The EntertainerChoreography
Jilly Burrows1994The EntertainerLighting
Jilly Burrows1995After MagritteLighting
Jilly Burrows1995Between MouthfulsLighting
Jilly Burrows1995Man Of The MomentProperties
Jilly Burrows1995The Merchant of VeniceJessica
Jilly Burrows1996Born In The GardensTechnical Crew
Jilly Burrows1996Cabaret CapersChoregraphy
Jilly Burrows1996Cabaret CapersPerformer
Jilly Burrows1996Chorus of DisapprovalChoreography
Jilly Burrows1996Hobson's ChoiceAlice Hobson
Jilly Burrows1998A Collier's Tuesday TeaMargery Hackforth
Jim Bond1998Henry VASM
Jim Bond1999Habeas CorpusSet Construction
Jim Bond1999PygmalionSet Construction
Jim Bond2000Once A CatholicSet Design & Construction
Jim Bond2000Once A CatholicStage Manager
Jim Bond2001The RivalsSet Construction
Jim Bond2001The RivalsStage Manager
Jim Gillespie2014A Chorus of DisapprovalJarvis Huntley-Pike
Jim Gillespie2015Duets - The Bride-to-BeToby
Jim Gillespie2015The 39 StepsClown/Man 2
Jim Gillespie2017The Winter's TaleLeontes
Jim Redman1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampLighting
Jim Redman1978Farewell, Farewell EugeneLighting & Effects
Jim Redman1978Relative ValuesLighting
Jim Redman1979Dick WhittingtonLighting
Jim Redman1979Don't Just Lie There - Say SomethingLighting
Jim Redman1979Much Ado About NothingLighting
Jim Redman1979Not Now DarlingLighting
Jim Redman1979The Lion In WinterLighting
Jo Bromley1998A Collier's Tuesday TeaProperties
Jo Constable1993The Pied PiperCouncillor
Jo Everett2015DuetsWardrobe
Jo Everett2017HandbaggedWardrobe
Jo Everett2017The Winter's TaleWardrobe
Jo Everett2018We Are Three SistersWardrobe
Jo Everett2019Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect NonsenseWardrobe
Jo Everett2022Single SpiesWardrobe
Jo Freeman1997Outside EdgeSharon
Jo Freeman1998The Darling Buds of MayPauline Jackson
Jo Freeman1999PygmalionEliza Doolittle
Jo Freeman1999Time Of My LifeMaureen (an outrageous hairdresser)
Jo Freeman2000A Midsummer Night's DreamHelena, in love with Demetrius
Jo Freeman2001Dancing At LunaghsaAgnes
Jo Freeman2002AladdinAladdin
Jo Freeman2002Much Ado About NothingBeatrice, an orphan, Leonato's neice
Jo Freeman2003Abigail's PartyBeverley
Jo Freeman2004As You Like ItRosalind
Jo Freeman2004The Writing GamePenny Sewell
Jo Freeman2005A Midsummer's Night DreamHelena
Jo Freeman2006The Memory Of WaterMary
Jo Freeman2006The WeekendASM
Jo Freeman2007Season's GreetingsProperties
Jo Freeman2008Hay FeverMyra Arundel
Jo Kinsella1992The Murder of Maria MartinBelle
Jo Tomlinson1992The Day After The FairSarah
Jo Tomlinson1996Hobson's ChoiceVickey Hobson
Jo Tomlinson1997Racing DemonFrancis Parnell
Joan Collins2017HandbaggedTicket Secretary
Joan Collins2017Vincent in BrixtonTicket Secretary
Joan Coulson1970HarlequinadeDame Maud Gosport
Joan Dearden1968Semi-DetachedGarnet Hadfield
Joan Dearden1969The HeiressMrs Elizabeth Almond
Joan Dearden1972Night Must FallMrs Terence
Joan Dearden1975The CrucibleTituba
Joan Dearden1977Plaza SuiteDirector
Joan Guinan1952Harlequinade (1952)Wardrobe Mistress
Joan Guinan1952The Browning VersionWardrobe Mistress
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Joan Heggs1976GaslightWardrobe
Joan McGee1996My Mother Said I Never ShouldRosie Metcalfe
Joan McGee1996Twelfth NightViola
Joan McGee1997The TempestAriel, a free spirit
Joan McGee1998Educating RitaRita
Joan McGee2000A Midsummer Night's DreamHermia, his daughter
Joan McGee2001Dancing At LunaghsaRose
Joan O'Hanlon1933The RumourAramya, in charge of the Bar
Joan Sawyer1980The RivalsProperties
Joan Swayer1975Lloyd George Knew My FatherCall Boy
Joan Taylor-Jones2013The HollowHenrietta Angkatell
Joan Taylor-Jones2022God of CarnageAnnette Reille
Joan Taylor-Jones2022Improbable FictionHouse Manager
Joan Taylor-Jones2022Ladies of ImportanceHouse Manager
Joan Taylor-Jones2022HarveyPrompt
Joan Willcock1950The Importance of Being EarnestInterval Music
Joan Willcock1951Happiest Days Of Your Life (1951)Interval Music
Joan Willcock1952Harlequinade (1952)Interval Music
Joan Willcock1952The Browning VersionInterval Music
Joan Willcock1954Spring At MarinoInterval Music
Joanna Chatburn1982The Princess and The SwineherdPrincess Eboni of Ethiopia
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Joanna Chatburn1986The Noble SpaniardLucy (her sister)
Joanna Furnival1993The Comedy of ErrorsChild of Ephesus
Joanna Robson2004WitSpecial Makeup Effects
Joanne Bromley1995The Merchant of VeniceMusician
Joanne Bromley1996Cabaret CapersPerformer
Joanne Jackson1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandU.V. Movement
Jodie Carrell Old2000Once A CatholicPupil
Jodie Murphy2004WitSpecial Makeup Effects
Joe Manley2011Children's DayChildren's Party Voice
Johanna Currie1984Toad Of Toad HallAnimals
Johanna Currie1984Toad Of Toad HallHenrietta Rabbit
Johanna Curry1985A Midsummer Night's DreamMustardseed
John Anderson1970Ring Round the MoonA Guest
John Anderson1970HarlequinadeSecond Halerdier
John Anderson1972A View From A Bridge1st Immigration Officer
John Andrews1973And So To BedSet Design
John Andrews1973And So To BedStage Manager
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John Blain1968A Man For All SeasonsCardinal Wolsey
John Chandler2016Life & BethStage Manager
John Chandler2017The LadykillersHarry
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John Chapman1972You Never Can TellFinch McComas
John Chapman1973The GazeboRyan
John Chapman1973The Little FoxesHorace Giddens
John Chapman1973The Man Most Likely To...Victor Cadwallader
John Chapman1974How The Other Half LovesFrank Foster
John Chapman1975The Winslow BoySir Robert Morton
John Chapman1976GaslightStage Manager
John Chapman1976Hay FeverDavid Bliss
John Chapman1977Plaza SuiteRoy Hubley
John Chapman1978Relative ValuesCrestwell, the Butler
John Chapman1979Dick WhittingtonBosun Arrows (a right quiver full)
John Chapman1979Don't Just Lie There - Say SomethingInspector Ruff
John Chapman1979Much Ado About NothingDogberry, Constable in charge of the Watch
John Chapman1979Relatively SpeakingPhilip
John Chapman1980The EnquiryDirector
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John Chapman1981Romeo and JulietFriar Lawrence, a Franciscan
John Chapman1982The Comedy of ErrorsBalthasar
John Chapman1982The Princess and The SwineherdThe Emperor
John Chapman1983The Taming of the ShrewBaptista, a rich gentleman of Padua
John Chapman1985Bedroom FarceErnest
John Chapman1986Don't Listen LadiesBaron de Charancy
John Chapman1987On Golden PondNorman Thayer, Jr
John Chapman1988The HeiressHouse Manager
John Chapman1989Murder In The CathedralAttendant
John Chapman1989Murder In The CathedralMessenger
John Chidgey1988The Winter's TalePoloxenes, King of Bohemia
John Chidgey1989Murder In The CathedralKnight
John Chidgey1989Romeo and JulietFriar Lawrence
John Chidgey1990Charley's AuntColonel Sir Francis Chesney, Bart
John Chidgey1990Merry Wives of WindsorGeorge Page, a citizen of Windsor
John Chidgey1990Stepping OutGeoffrey
John Chidgey1991Dark of the MoonMr Allen
John Chidgey1991The Chalk GardenDirector
John Chidgey1992Pack Of LiesDirector
John Chidgey1992The Taming of the ShrewBaptista Minola, a rich gentleman of Padua
John Chidgey1993Witness for the ProsecutionCarter (Sir Wilfred's Chief Clerk)
John Chidgey1993Witness for the ProsecutionMr Barton (barrister)
John Chidgey1994Crown MatrimonialDirector
John Chidgey1995The Merchant of VeniceAntonio
John Chidgey1996My Mother Said I Never ShouldDirector
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John Chidgey1998Henry VDirector
John Chidgey1999Romeo and JulietFriar Lawrence
John Chidgey1999Romeo and JulietPrologue
John Chidgey2002Much Ado About NothingDirector
John Chidgey2005A Midsummer's Night DreamDirector
John Chidgey2010First Things FirstDirector
John Chidgey2016Relatively SpeakingDirector
John Chidgey2017Around the World in 80 DaysStage Manager
John Chidgey2017Talking HeadsDirector
John Chidgey2018We Are Three SistersDirector
John Chidgey2019Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Liaison
John Chidgey2020April in ParisDirector
John Chidgey2022Ladies of Importance - A Lady of LettersDirector
John Chidgey2023The Hound of the BaskervillesDirector
John Cockburn1953The Blind GoddessSolicitor
John Coghlan2015The SteamieLighting
John Coghlan2016TwoLighting
John Coghlan2016QuartetASM
John Coghlan2016Relatively SpeakingASM/Props
John Coghlan2016The PriceLighting
John Coghlan2016Life & BethLighting
John Coghlan2017Vincent in BrixtonSound
John Coghlan2017Around the World in 80 DaysLighting/Sound
John Coghlan2017Talking HeadsSound
John Coghlan2018Be My BabySound
John Coghlan2018We Are Three SistersSound
John Coghlan2019Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect NonsenseSound
John Coghlan2019Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Sound
John Coghlan2019Whisky GaloreSound
John Coghlan2020April in ParisSound
John Coghlan2023The RiverStage Manager
John Coghlan2023These Shining LivesSound
John Coghlan2023The Hound of the BaskervillesSound
John Coupe1989Romeo and JulietApothecary
John Coupe1989Romeo and JulietCousin Capulet
John Courtney1998Henry VLanguage Consultant
John Crawford1978Dear BrutusLighting
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John Davenport1958A Party For ChristmasMichael Firbanks
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John Davenport1960The Queen and The WelshmanVilliers, a gentleman
John Davenport1961Subway In The SkyGene Grierson
John Foreman1985Bedroom FarceNick
John Foreman1985When We Are MarriedGerald Forbes
John Foreman1986Mother GooseStage Manager
John Foreman1986The AnniversaryTerry
John Foreman1987Habeas CorpusMr. Purdue
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John Foreman1988The Winter's TaleArchidamus, a Bohemian Lord
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John Foreman1990Seasons GreetingsNeville
John Foreman1991Much Ado About NothingFriar Francis
John Foreman1992The Day After The FairDirector
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John Foreman1992Woman In MindAndy (her dream husband)
John Foreman1993How The Other Half LovesBob Phillips
John Foreman1994A Midsummer Night's DreamPuck
John Foreman1994A Month of SundaysDiector
John Foreman1996Chorus of DisapprovalDirector
John Foreman1996Hobson's ChoiceDirector
John Foreman1998Whose Life Is It AnywayDirector
John Frith1970Hedda GablerStage Manager
John Frith1970Ring Round the MoonStage Manager
John Frith1977The Flip SideStage Manager
John Frith1977The Importance of Being EarnestStage Manager
John Frith1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampASM
John Guinan1950The Importance of Being EarnestFootman
John Guinan1950Waters Of The MoonLighting
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John Guinan1953The HollowLighting
John Guinan1954Spring At MarinoLighting
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John H Davenport1963The Grass Is GreenerSellars
John Haslewood1972Night Must FallHouse Manager
John Henshall1967The PartyHouse Manager
John Henshall1968A Man For All SeasonsHouse Manager
John Henshall1968Semi-DetachedHouse Manager
John Holding1984Toad Of Toad HallLighting
John Keen2001The RivalsFaulkland
John Keen2006Twelfth NightOrsino, Duke of Illyria
John Keen2009The 3 MusketeersThe Duke of Buckingham
John Keen2019Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?George
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John Lawson2005A Christmas CarolDick Wilkins
John Lawson2008Funny MoneyLighting
John Lawson2008GaslightSound
John Lawson2008Hay FeverLighting
John M Horrocks1928PatienceChorus
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John Mark1954Spring At MarinoEugene Bazarov (Friend of Arkady)
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John Mark1963The Scandalous Affair of Mr Kettle and Mrs MoonGeorge Kettle
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John Mark1967The Tulip TreeColin Elliot
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John Martin1953The Blind GoddessLord Chief Justice
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John Moody1952Harlequinade (1952)First Halberdier
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John Scott1983See How They RunLighting
John Scott1983The Taming of the ShrewLighting
John Scott199184 Charing Cross RoadSound
John Scott1991Dark of the MoonLighting
John Scott1991Dark of the MoonSound
John Scott1992The Day After The FairLighting
John Scott1992Up 'n' UnderFloodlights
John Scott1992Woman In MindLighting
John Scott1993A Woman of No ImportanceSound
John Scott1993Witness for the ProsecutionLighting & Sound
John Scott1994A Month of SundaysLighting
John Scott1994Crown MatrimonialSound
John Scott1994The EntertainerSound
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John Shore1929The SorcererChorus
John Shore1929Trial By JuryGentleman of the Jury
John Slevin2010The Unexpected GuestLighting
John Smith1981Romeo and JulietAbraham, servant to Montague
John Smith1981Romeo and JulietCitizen / Servant
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John Smith1982Puss In BootsSet construction
John Smith1982She Stoops To ConquerRoger, servant to Mr Hardcastle
John Smith1982The Comedy of ErrorsCitizen / Servant
John Smith1983A Delicate BalanceHouse Manager
John Smith1983AladdinStage Manager
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John Smith1983The Taming of the ShrewDancer
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John Smith1984Spring In The AirPerformer
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John Smith1984The Murder of Maria MartenPharos Lee (An officer of the law)
John Smith1984Toad Of Toad HallASM
John Smith1985A Midsummer Night's DreamSnug, a joiner
John Smith1985Bedroom FarceStage Manager
John Smith1985Present LaughterFred
John Smith1985When We Are MarriedFred Dyson
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John Smith1986The AnniversaryProperties
John Smith1986The MilitantsStaging Crew
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John Smith1989Romeo and JulietSampson
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John Wallace1997The TempestCaliban, a deformed slave
John Wallace1998The LarkBeauchamp
John Wallace1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandMusicians
John Wallace1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandSingers
John Wallace1999PygmalionColonel Pickering
John Wallace2000A Midsummer Night's DreamRobin Starveling, a Tailor
John Wallace2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandMusician
John Wallace2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandSinger
John Wallace2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandWhite Rabbit
John Wallace2001The RivalsSir Lucius O'Trigger
John Wallace2002Hard TimesBitzer
John Wallace2002Hard TimesJames Harthouse
John Wallace2002Hard TimesJosiah Bounderby
John Wallace2002Hard TimesMr Sleary
John Wallace2002Hard TimesSlackbridge
John Wallace2003Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeLord Arthur Savile
John Wallace2006The Memory Of WaterFrank
John Walton1965The Rape Of The BeltZeus
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John Westbrook2022Single Spies - A Question of AttributionAnthony Blunt
John2002Make Way For LuciaSet Construction
Jon Haynes1986Mother GooseIdle Jack
Jon Kerr2005A Midsummer's Night DreamFrancis Flute (Flute)
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Jonathan Alexander-Williams2001Wyrd SistersWitch 2
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Jonathan Coyle2001Ernie's Incredible IllucinationsReferee
Jonathan Leslie2007Season's GreetingsFront Of House Manager
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Jonathan White2018We Are Three SistersCurate
Josh Neary2013Wife Begins At FortyLeonard Harper
Josh Neary2013If I Were YouSam Rodale
Josh Neary2014TheftASM/Props
Josh Neary2014Charley's AuntCharles Wykeham
Josh Neary2015The 39 StepsASM
Josh Neary2015An Experiment with an Air PumpPeter Mark Roget
Josh Neary2016Relatively SpeakingGreg
Josh Neary2016Life & BethMartin
Josh Neary2017HandbaggedSound
Josie Brown1993One ActMusic
Josie Harrison2022Improbable FictionGrace
Joy Hilton1977Merry Wives of WindsorASM
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Joy Lindell1972Twelfth NightCourt Dances
Joy Linnel1972The Middle WatchMary Carlton
Joy Linnell1970Hedda GablerBerthe, a maid
Joy Linnell1972Twelfth NightAttendant / Citizen
Joy Munton1985Present LaughterAssistant Stage Manager
Joy Munton1986Don't Listen LadiesProperties
Joy Ovey1989Romeo and JulietProperties
Joy Peacock1971On Monday NextProperties
Joy Peacock1973The Man Most Likely To...Make-Up
Joy Peacocke1972A View From A BridgeMake-up
Joy Peacocke1972Night Must FallMake-up
Joy Peacocke1972The Middle WatchMake-up
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Joy Peacocke1973And So To BedMake-up
Joy Peacocke1973The GazeboMake-up
Joy Peacocke1974As You Like ItProperties
Joy Peacocke1974How The Other Half LovesMake-up
Joy Peacocke1974The Wild DuckMake-up
Joy Peacocke1974You Can't Take It With YouMake-up
Joy Peacocke1975The CrucibleMake-Up
Joy Peacocke1975The Winslow BoyMake-up
Joy Peacocke1976Arms and The ManMake-up
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Joy Rickman1979Dick WhittingtonMarvel the Cat (a mighty moggie)
Joy Rickman1979The Lion In WinterWardrobe
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Joyce Muir1953The Blind GoddessJunior Counsel
Joyce Wilkinson1958A Party For ChristmasWardrobe
Joyce Wilkinson1959Dear DelinquentWardrobe
Joyce Wilkinson1960The Queen and The WelshmanWardrobe
Joyce Wilkinson1961From Five To Five-ThirtyWardrobe
Joyce Wilkinson1961Not In The BookWardrobe
Joyce Wilkinson1961The Chalk GardenA lady, the second applicant
Joyce Wilkinson1962Fool's ParadiseWardrobe
Joyce Wilkinson1962Seven Set SailWardrobe
Joyce Wilkinson1962The Man In The Bowler HatWardrobe
Joyce Wilkinson1963The Scandalous Affair of Mr Kettle and Mrs MoonWardrobe Mistress
Joyce Wilkinson1965The Rape Of The BeltWardrobe
Joyce Wilkinson1966The ManWardrobe
Joyce Wilkinson1971All For MaryWardrobe
Joyce Wilkinson1972Night Must FallWardrobe
Joyce Wilkinson1972You Never Can TellWardrobe
Judith Barker1966The Touch Of FearProperty Mistress
Judith Davies1979Much Ado About NothingWardrobe Mistress
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Julia Boyce1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampDancer
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Julia Burgess1992The Murder of Maria MartinJenny (the maid)
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Julia Rutherford2001Wyrd SistersRobber / Guard / Player / Peasant
Julia Rutherford2003Merry Wives of WindsorServant / ASM
Julian Donald2001Wyrd SistersWitch 3
Julian Donald2003Merry Wives of WindsorServant / ASM
Julian Rawel1983AladdinHaroud (King's Bodyguard)
Julian Rawel1983AladdinShahriyan (King of the Persians)
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Julian Rawel1987The DresserAlbany
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Julian Rawel1991Dark of the MoonMr Sumney
Julian Rawle1985Present LaughterRoland Maule
Julian Rawle1986Twelfth NightValentine, gentleman attendant on Orsino
Julie Dooley2012Blithe Spirit 2012Wardrobe
Julie Dooley2013The HollowHair
Julie Dooley2014Dealing With ClairWardrobe/Hair
Julie Dooley2014A Chorus of DisapprovalHair
Julie Dooley2014Veronica's RoomHair
Julie Dooley2014Charley's AuntHair/Wigs
Julie Dooley2015The Thrill of LoveHair
Julie Dooley2015An Experiment with an Air PumpHair
Julie Dooley2016The PriceHair/Wigs
Julie Parton1993The Comedy of ErrorsCitizen of Ephesus
Julie Parton1994A Midsummer Night's DreamMustardseed
Juliet Jones2021Nell GwynnSet Design
Juliet N Wood1971The Little HutThe Monkey
Juliet N. Wood1973A Midsummer Night's DreamPeaseblossom
Juliet Redman1979Dick WhittingtonFollow Spot Operator
Juliet Wood1974As You Like ItDuke Senior's Page
June Janes1976GaslightNancy
June Janes1977The Flip SideCandida
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June Janes1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampChoregraphy
June Janes1979Dick WhittingtonFairy Thump
June Janes1979Don't Just Lie There - Say SomethingWendy
June Janes1979Much Ado About NothingChoreography
June Janes1980Loves Labour LostChoreography
June Janes1980Loves Labour LostKatharine
June Janes1980The RivalsLydia Languish
June Janes1981Romeo and JulietChoreography
June Janes1982She Stoops To ConquerChoreography
June Janes1982The Comedy of ErrorsLuciana
June Janes1983AladdinChoreography
June Janes1983See How They RunPenelope Toop, his wife
June Janes1984Spring In The AirChoreography
June Janes1984The Murder of Maria MartenChoregraphy
June Janes1985Bedroom FarceSusannah
June Janes1986Mother GooseChoreography
June Janes1986Mother GooseQueen of Air
June Janes1986Twelfth NightAttendant / Citizen
June Janes1986Twelfth NightChoreography
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June Janes2009Nobody's FoolLetitia
June Janes2009Separate TablesDoreen
June Janes2009The 3 MusketeersChoreographer
June Janes2010Caramba's RevengeDoris
June Janes2013Curious SavageFairy May
June Janes2014Dealing With ClairASM/Props
June Janes2014A Chorus of DisapprovalASM
June Janes2015Duets - The Bride-to-BePrompt
June Janes2015Entertaining AngelsPrompt
June Janes2015The SteamiePrompt
June Janes2016QuartetCecily
June Janes2017Around the World in 80 DaysAssistant Director/Prompt/Choreographer
June Janes2017The Winter's TaleChoreography
June Janes2018We Are Three SistersPrompt
June Janes2019Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect NonsensePrompt
June Janes2019Whisky GaloreChoreography
June Janes2020April in ParisRehearsal Prompt
June Lee1989Romeo and JulietStage Manager
June Robson1981Separate TablesStage Manager
June Wilson1964The Wind and the RainPrompt
Justus Landquist1954Spring At MarinoNicholai Petrovitch Kirsanov
K Aston1965Summer of the Seventh DollProperty Mistress
K B Bean1931One Acts (1931)Mrs Western
K C G Frost1967The Sleeping PrinceHouse Manager
K C G Frost1978Farewell, Farewell EugeneHouse Manager
K Cargill1931Tom JonesChorus
K Dean1931Tom JonesChorus
K G Swale1931Tom JonesSquire Cloddy
K Kellett1931Tom JonesChorus
K Potter1930The Last of Mrs CheyneyElectrician
K Potter1931Tom JonesLighting
K Potter1933The RumourAssistant Electrician
K W Stansby1965The Love of Four ColonelsLighting
K W Stansby1966The Happiest Days of Your LifeLighting
Karl Greenwood2012A Midsummer Night's DreamLysander (courtier)
Karl Greenwood2012Calendar GirlsLawrence
Karl Greenwood2012Calendar GirlsLiam
Karl Greenwood2016Tommy BoyTommy Barnes
Karl Greenwood2019Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Nick
Kate Aston1973The Man Most Likely To...Properties
Kate Fentem1990Merry Wives of WindsorServant
Kate Fletcher2006Dick WhittingtonChorus
Kate Lowery1980Loves Labour LostPrincess of France
Kate Percival1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampDancer
Kate Percival1979Dick WhittingtonDancers
Kate Percival1981Romeo and JulietCitizen / Servant
Kate Williamson2002Broken GlassLighting
Kath Aston1970Ring Round the MoonProperties
Kath Aston1971Birthday HonoursProperties
Kath Kelly1976GaslightProperties
Kath Kelly1976The Winter's TaleCall Boy
Kath Kelly1977Merry Wives of WindsorASM
Katherine Bickmore1975The Winslow BoyWardrobe
Katherine Edgar2001Ernie's Incredible IllucinationsSoldier
Katherine Sutton1998The Darling Buds of MayPrimrose
Katherine Thirsk1997The TempestAriel's Spirit
Katherine Thirsk1999Romeo and JulietServant / Citizen
Kathleen Aston1952Harlequinade (1952)Property Mistress
Kathleen Aston1952The Browning VersionProperty Mistress
Kathleen Aston1953The HollowProperty Mistress
Kathleen Aston1960The Queen and The WelshmanProperty Mistress
Kathleen Aston1961From Five To Five-ThirtyProperty Mistress
Kathleen Aston1961Not In The BookProperty Mistress
Kathleen Aston1962Seven Set SailProperty Mistress
Kathleen Aston1963Duet For Two HandsProperty Mistress
Kathleen Aston1963The Scandalous Affair of Mr Kettle and Mrs MoonProperty Mistress
Kathleen Aston1965The Love of Four ColonelsProperty Mistress
Kathleen Aston1966Nude With ViolinProperty Mistress
Kathleen Aston1966The Happiest Days of Your LifeProperty Mistress
Kathleen Aston1967The Sleeping PrinceProperties
Kathleen Aston1968A Man For All SeasonsProperty Mistress
Kathleen Aston1968Semi-DetachedProperty Mistress
Kathleen Aston1969The Waltz of The ToreadorsProperty Mistress
Kathleen Aston19702 One-ActsProperty Mistress
Kathleen Aston1970Spring and Port WineProperties
Kathleen Aston1972You Never Can TellProperties
Kathleen Aston1973And So To BedProperties
Kathleen M Gibson1929The SorcererConstance
Kathleen McGhie1950The Importance of Being EarnestInterval Music
Kathleen McGhie1951Happiest Days Of Your Life (1951)Interval Music
Kathleen McGhie1952Harlequinade (1952)Interval Music
Kathleen McGhie1952The Browning VersionInterval Music
Kathleen McGhie1954Spring At MarinoInterval Music
Kathleen Ousey1926The GondoliersContadine
Kathleen Ousey1927Princess IdaChloe
Kathleen Ousey1927Princess IdaChorus
Kathleen Ousey1928PatienceChorus
Kathleen Ousey1929The SorcererChorus
Kathleen Ousey1929Trial By JuryBridesmaid
Kathleen Ousey1931Tom JonesChorus
Kathryn Bailey1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampDancer
Kathryn Bailey1979Dick WhittingtonFairy / Pirate / Indian /Others
Kathryn Ryan1989Romeo and JulietServant / Citizen
Kathryn Stephenson1984The Murder of Maria MartenAnne Marten (Maria’s younger sister)
Kathryn Stevenson1984Toad Of Toad HallProperties
Kathryn Wolstenholme1997The TempestAriel's Spirit
Kathy Chadwick2005A Midsummer's Night DreamGentlefolk
Katie Johnson1973A Midsummer Night's DreamFairy
Katie Johnson1975The CrucibleBetty Parris
Katie Lee2002AladdinDancer / Dragon / Citizens
Katie Stagg1989Jack and The BeanstalkVillager
Katie Stagg1989Red Hot CindersGuest
Katy Aldridge2000DeathtrapProperties and ASM
Katy Watson1993The Pied Piper2nd Man
Kay Connell1982Puss In BootsChorus
Kay Connell1983AladdinDancer
Kay Lowery1981Bell Book and CandleGillian Holyroyd
Kay Lowery1983A Delicate BalanceJulia
Kay Mottram1969The HeiressWardrobe
Kay Mottram1969The Shop at Sly CornerWardrobe
Kay Mottram1970Hedda GablerWardrobe
Kay Mottram1970Spring and Port WineWardrobe
Kay Mottram1970Ring Round the MoonWardrobe
Kay Mottram19702 One-ActsWardrobe Mistress
Kay Mottram1971Birthday HonoursWardrobe
Kay Mottram1971The Little HutWardrobe
Kay Smith1972Twelfth NightA Page
Keeley Chesworth2012Steel MagnoliasAnnelle
Keeley Chesworth2012Blithe SpiritElvira
Keeley Chesworth2013/TD>The Importance Of Being EarnestGwendolen Fairfax
Keith2004As You Like ItMusician
Keith Cooney2014TheftStage Manager
Keith Cooney2014Veronica's RoomStage Manager
Keith Cooney2015An Experiment with an Air PumpSound
Keith Cooney2016QuartetSet Design
Keith Cooney2016The PriceSet Design
Keith Cooney2016Life & BethSet Design/Special Effects
Keith Cooney2017Vincent in BrixtonLighting
Keith Cooney2017Around the World in 80 DaysLighting/Sound
Keith Jones2005Beauty Queen of LeenaneLighting
Keith Jones2005Plaza SuiteLighting
Keith Jones2006The Memory Of WaterLighting
Keith Jones2006The WeekendLighting
Keith Jones2007A Skull In ConnemaraLighting
Keith Jones2008Funny MoneyLighting
Keith Jones2008GaslightLighting
Keith Jones2008The FatherLighting
Keith Jones2009It Runs In The FamilyLighting
Keith Jones2009Separate TablesLighting
Keith Jones2010Caramba's RevengeLighting design and operation
Keith Jones2010First Things FirstLighting
Keith Jones2011Deep Blue SeaLighting
Keith Jones2011Fallen AngelsLighting
Keith Jones2012Steel MagnoliasLighting
Keith Jones2012Calendar GirlsLighting
Keith Jones2013Curious SavageLighting
Keith Jones2013If I Were YouLighting
Keith Jones2014All My SonsLighting
Keith Jones2014Charley's AuntLighting
Keith Jones2015DuetsLighting
Keith Jones2016Tommy BoyLighting
Keith Jones2017The LadykillersLighting
Keith Jones2018The WeirLighting
Keith Jones2018HeroesLighting
Keith Jones2019Whisky GaloreLighting
Keith Thompson2023Hindle WakesChristopher Hawthorn
Keith Ward2009The 3 MusketeersCardinal's Guard
Ken Currah1990Merry Wives of WindsorSir John Falstaff
Ken Curran1991Arms and The ManMajor Petkoff
Ken Rushton1970HarlequinadeFred Ingram
Ken Rushton1971The Little HutPhilip
Ken Sawyer1974As You Like ItJacques (a son of Sir Rowland de Boys)
Ken Sawyer1974As You Like ItLe Beau (a courtier)
Ken Sawyer1976The Winter's TaleAntigonus, Sicilian Lord
Ken Sawyer1976Winter JourneyRalph
Ken Sawyer1977Merry Wives of WindsorGeorge Page, a citizen of Windsor
Ken Sawyer1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampHo Ho Ho - Minister for Fun and Games
Ken Sawyer1978Dear BrutusHouse Manager
Ken Sawyer1983A Delicate BalanceHarry
Ken Sawyer1984The Murder of Maria MartenThomas Marten (An honest rustic in the vale of years)
Ken Sawyer1984Toad Of Toad HallJudge
Ken Sawyer1985A Midsummer Night's DreamEgeus, Hermia's father
Ken Sawyer1989Romeo and JulietServant / Citizen
Ken Wallace1991Dark of the MoonMr Biggs
Ken Wallace1991Much Ado About NothingThe Watch
Ken Wallace1992The Taming of the ShrewServant to Petruchio
Kenenth Sawyer1976The Winter's TaleDion
Kenenth Sawyer1988The Winter's TaleDion
Keneth Sawyer1987Sleeping BeautyHerbert (a mule)
Kenneth Frost1950Waters Of The MoonRobert Lancaster
Kenneth Frost1953The HollowInspector Colquhoun, CID
Kenneth Frost1956A Question of FactCharles Trafford
Kenneth Frost1959Something To HideInspector Davies
Kenneth Frost1960A Touch of The SunRobert Lester
Kenneth Frost1961Gilt and GingerbreadHarry
Kenneth Frost1962Seven Set SailThe Guide
Kenneth Frost1963The Bride Comes BackJason Kilpatrick
Kenneth Harcombe1930The Last of Mrs CheyneyJim (a Chauffeur)
Kenneth Mackay1973The Little FoxesLeo Hubbard
Kenneth Rushton1969The Shop at Sly CornerRobert Graham
Kenneth Sawyer1975The CrucibleJudge Hathorne
Kenneth Sawyer1975The Odd CoupleSound
Kenneth Sawyer1976GaslightHouse Managers
Kenneth Sawyer1978All's Well That Ends WellLafew, an old Lord
Kenneth Sawyer1978Relative ValuesThe Honourable Peter Ingleton,
Kenneth Sawyer1979Don't Just Lie There - Say SomethingThe Rt Hon Wilfred Pott MP
Kenneth Sawyer1979Much Ado About NothingLeonato,Governor of Messina
Kenneth Sawyer1979Much Ado About NothingPublicity
Kenneth Sawyer1980Loves Labour LostBoyet, a Lord
Kenneth Sawyer1980Loves Labour Lostattendant on the Princess of France
Kenneth Sawyer1980The RivalsAcres
Kenneth Sawyer1980Trap for a Lonely ManThe Tramp
Kenneth Sawyer1981Romeo and JulietAn Apothecary of of Mantua
Kenneth Sawyer1981Romeo and JulietMontague, Head of a Veronese family
Kenneth Sawyer1981Romeo and JulietPublicity
Kenneth Sawyer1981Separate TablesMr Fowler
Kenneth Sawyer1981Separate TablesMr Fowler
Kenneth Sawyer1982The Comedy of ErrorsSolinus
Kenneth Sawyer1983The Taming of the ShrewA Pedant of Manchua
Kenneth Sawyer1984Spring In The AirPerformer
Kenneth Sawyer1984The Merchant of VeniceShylock
Kenneth Sawyer1986Mother GooseTwist
Kenneth Sawyer1986The MilitantsPC Thomas Dougan
Kenneth Sawyer1986Twelfth NightAttendant / Citizen
Kenneth Sawyer1987As You Like ItDancer / Courtier
Kenneth Sawyer1988The VigilThe Guard
Kenneth Sawyer1989Murder In The CathedralAttendant
Kera Donnan1991Much Ado About NothingAttendant
Kerry McGee2001Ernie's Incredible IllucinationsBarker
Kevan Earl1983AladdinSet Building
Keith Jones2011Children's DayLighting
Kieran Donnan1990Merry Wives of WindsorServant
Kim Armston2020April in ParisBet
Kim Thompson1976Arms and The ManStage Manager
Kim Thompson1976Hay FeverPrompt
Kim Thompson1977Plaza SuiteStage Manager
Kim Thompson1978Dear BrutusStage Manager
Kim Thompson1979The Lion In WinterStage Manager
Kim Thomson1976The Winter's TaleASM
Kim Thomson1977Merry Wives of WindsorASM
Kim Thomson1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampStage Manager
Kim Thomson1979Dick WhittingtonASM
Kirsten Lea1994A Midsummer Night's DreamFairy
Kirsty Turpin2017The Winter's TalePerdita / Mamillius
Kitsy Bickmore1974As You Like ItLady / Hymens Attendant
Kitty O'Connor2013If I Were YouASM
Kitty O'Connor2014Dealing With ClairAnna
Kitty O'Connor2014A Chorus of DisapprovalLinda Washbrook
Kitty O'Connor2014Veronica's RoomLighting
Kitty O'Conner2014Charley's AuntKitty Verdun
Kitty O'Conner2016TwoLighting
Kristian Gorman1993The Pied Piper1st Man
Kyran Donald1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandU.V. Movement
Kyran Donald2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandU.V. Movement
Kyran Donald2000Breaking The CodeChristopher Morcom
Kyran Donald2000Once A CatholicCuthbert
Kyran Donald2001Ernie's Incredible IllucinationsMan
Kyran Donald2001The Taming of the ShrewFriend of Lord Simon
Kyran Donald2001The Taming of the ShrewHaberdasher
Kyran Donald2001The Taming of the ShrewServant to Petruchio
Kyran Donald2001Wyrd SistersFool
Kyran Donald2003The Wind In The WillowsWeasel Norman
Kyran Donald2004As You Like ItASM
Kyran Donald2004Breezeblock ParkJohn
Kyran Donald2006Twelfth NightSebastian (twin brother to Viola)
Kyran Donald2009It Runs In The FamilyDr Mike Connolly
L A Cowcill1931Tom JonesChorus
L P Samuels1950The Importance of Being EarnestJohn Worthing JP
L P Samuels1950Waters Of The MoonJulius Winterhalter
L P Samuels1951Happiest Days Of Your Life (1951)Godfrey Pond
L P Samuels1952The Browning VersionDr Frobisher
L P Samuels1953The HollowEdward Angkatell
L P Samuels1959Angels In LoveEustace Pomeroy-Jones
L P Samuels1959Ring Around The MoonMesserschmann
L P Samuels1962Seven Set SailPasar, a Scribe
L P Samuels1963The Scandalous Affair of Mr Kettle and Mrs MoonMr Clinton
Lara Massey1984The Murder of Maria MartenProperties
Lara Wells1999Romeo and JulietServant / Citizen
Lara Wells2000A Midsummer Night's DreamLittle Fairy
Lara Wells2002AladdinDancer / Dragon / Citizens
Lara Wells2002Much Ado About NothingChild
Lara Wells2002Much Ado About NothingServant / Gentlefolk
Lara Wells2003Merry Wives of WindsorRobin, Falstaff's Page
Lara Wells2003The Wind In The WillowsHedgehog Hilary
Lara Wells2003The Wind In The WillowsMouse Margaret
Lara Wells2005A Midsummer's Night DreamGentlefolk
Larry Waller1982Puss In BootsBugle Boy
Laura Crow2017Around the World in 80 DaysMrs Aouda
Laura Galt1987Sleeping BeautySound
Laura Goddard1994A Midsummer Night's DreamFairy
Laura Goddard1994A Midsummer Night's DreamFriend / House Guest / Servant
Laura Goddard1995The CrucibleBetty Parris
Laura Goddard1996Born In The GardensASM
Laura Goddard1996Chorus of DisapprovalLinda Washbrook
Laura Goddard1998A Collier's Tuesday TeaTechnical Crew
Laura Harvey1986Don't Listen LadiesMadeleine, Daniel's Second Wife
Laura McGurk1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandU.V. Movement
Laura McGurk2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandU.V. Movement
Laura McGurk2000Once A CatholicMary Mooney
Laura McGurk2001The Taming of the ShrewAlehouse Reveller
Laura Moore2013Polar BearsASM
Laura Moore2013Wife Begins At FortyASM/Props
Laura Moore2013The HollowProps
Laura Short2006Dick WhittingtonAlice Fitzwarren
Laura Swindells1993The Pied PiperRat / Villager
Lauren O'Toole2000Once A CatholicPupil
Laurence Povall1950The Importance of Being EarnestInterval Music
Laurence Povall1951Happiest Days Of Your Life (1951)Interval Music
Laurence Povall1952Harlequinade (1952)Interval Music
Laurence Povall1952The Browning VersionInterval Music
Laurence Povall1954Spring At MarinoInterval Music
Laurie Johnson2011MacbethApparition
Laurie Johnson2011MacbethDonalbain, King Duncan's younger son
Laurie Johnson2011MacbethSeyton, Macbeth's Armourer
Leanne Richards1982Puss In BootsDancer
Leanne Richards1983AladdinDancer
Lee Thistlewaite1926The GondoliersHon Musical Director
Lee Thistlewaite1927Princess IdaHon Musical Director
Lee Thistlewaite1928PatienceHon Musical Director
Lee Thistlewaite1929The SorcererMusical Director
Lee Thistlewaite1929Trial By JuryMusical Director
Lee Thistlewaite1931Tom JonesConductor
Leni Neds1995StrewthHubert (their son)
Leonard Harding1927Princess IdaFlorian
Les Sawyer1991Arms and The ManOfficer
Les Smith1972The Middle WatchSound
Les Smith1973The Little FoxesLighting
Les Stringer2018Mrs Warren's ProfessionRehearsal Photographs
Les Stringer2018HeroesRehearsal Photographs
Lesley Beeley1990Merry Wives of WindsorServant
Leslie Dalton1958A Party For ChristmasRobert Firbanks
Leslie Dalton1959Angels In LoveDirector
Leslie Dalton1961Gilt and GingerbreadCharles Yeder
Leslie Dalton1961Not In The BookDoctor Locke
Leslie Dalton1962Seven Set SailDirector
Leslie Dalton1962The Man In The Bowler HatDirector
Leslie Hattersley2007The Real Inspector HoundMajor Magnus Muldoon
Leslie Hattersley2007TartuffeHouse Manager
Leslie Sayers1989Jack and The BeanstalkFoggy Foghorn
Leslie Sayers1989Romeo and JulietAbraham
Leslie Sayers1991Much Ado About NothingSexton
Leslie Sayers1992The Taming of the ShrewServant to Petruchio
Leslie Smith1972A View From A BridgeLighting
Leslie Smith1972Night Must FallLighting
Leslie Smith1972You Never Can TellLighting and Sound
Leslie Wharton1926The GondoliersLuiz (Attendant)
Leslie Wharton1927Princess IdaChorus
Leslie Wharton1928PatienceLieutenant The Duke of Dunsatble
Leslie Wharton1929The SorcererChorus
Leslie Wharton1929Trial By JuryCounsel for the Plaintiff
Liam Branagan2011MacbethApparition
Liam Branagan2011MacbethMessenger
Lilian H Dewhirst1929The SorcererChorus
Lilian H Dewhirst1929Trial By JuryVisitor
Lilian Heap1927Princess IdaRehearsals Accompanist
Lilian Heap1927Princess IdaPiano
Lilian Heap1928PatienceRehearsals Accompanist
Lilian Heap1928PatiencePiano
Lilian Reid Lunn1930The Last of Mrs CheyneyMrs Cheyney
Lily Beving1929The Devil's DiscipleJudith Anderson
Lily Beving1931One Acts (1931)Producer
Lily Beving1933The RumourRanskaya, Lorian Woman
Linda Batson1993The Comedy of ErrorsAemilia
Linda Batson1993Witness for the ProsecutionCourt Usher
Linda Batson1994A Midsummer Night's DreamMoth
Linda Batson1994Crown MatrimonialAlice, Duchess of Gloucester
Linda Batson1994Pass The ButlerKitty
Linda Batson1995After MagritteThelma
Linda Batson1995AmadeusMadame Salieri
Linda Batson1995AmadeusServant / Citizen of Vienna
Linda Batson1995AmadeusWardrobe
Linda Batson1995Man Of The MomentExtras
Linda Batson1995Man Of The MomentWardrobe
Linda Batson1995The CrucibleProperties
Linda Batson1995The Merchant of VeniceTownsfolk
Linda Batson1996Chorus of DisapprovalHannah Llewellyn
Linda Batson1996Hobson's ChoiceProperties
Linda Batson1996My Mother Said I Never ShouldWardrobe
Linda Batson1996Twelfth NightMaid to the Lady Olivia
Linda Batson1997Lady Windermere's FanLady Stutfield
Linda Batson1997Outside EdgeProperties
Linda Batson1997Outside EdgeWardrobe
Linda Batson1997Racing DemonHeather Espy
Linda Batson1997The TempestCeres
Linda Batson1998A Collier's Tuesday TeaJo Clegghorn
Linda Batson1998Henry VWardrobe
Linda Batson1998The LarkQueen Yolande
Linda Batson1998The Odd Couple (female version)Properties
Linda Batson1998Whose Life Is It AnywayDr. Emerson
Linda Batson1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandCheshire Cat
Linda Batson1999Habeas CorpusASM
Linda Batson1999Habeas CorpusAssistant Director
Linda Batson1999PygmalionMrs Eynsford-Hill
Linda Batson1999PygmalionWardrobe
Linda Batson1999Romeo and JulietLady Capulet
Linda Batson1999Romeo and JulietWardrobe
Linda Batson2000A Midsummer Night's DreamCobweb
Linda Batson2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandCheshire Cat
Linda Batson2000Breaking The CodeWardrobe
Linda Batson2000DeathtrapMyra Bruhl
Linda Batson2000Once A CatholicWardrobe
Linda Batson2000The Cemetery ClubProperties & ASM
Linda Batson2001Amy's ViewWardrobe
Linda Batson2001The RivalsWardrobe
Linda Batson2001The Taming of the ShrewFriend of Lord Simon
Linda Batson2001The Taming of the ShrewProperties
Linda Batson2001The Taming of the ShrewServant to Petruchio
Linda Batson2001The Taming of the ShrewWardrobe
Linda Batson2001Wyrd SistersDemon
Linda Batson2001Wyrd SistersMrs Vitoller
Linda Batson2001Wyrd SistersWitch 1
Linda Batson2002AladdinWardrobe
Linda Batson2002Broken GlassAssistant Director
Linda Batson2002Broken GlassMargaret Hyman
Linda Batson2002Much Ado About NothingAssistant to Wardrobe Mistress
Linda Batson2002Much Ado About NothingVerges
Linda Batson2003Abigail's PartyProperties
Linda Batson2003Abigail's PartySet Construction
Linda Batson2003Abigail's PartyWardrobe
Linda Batson2003Lord Arthur Savile's CrimePrompt
Linda Batson2003Richard IIIASM
Linda Batson2003The Wind In The WillowsHedgehog Hettie
Linda Batson2003The Wind In The WillowsWardrobe
Linda Batson2003The Wind In The WillowsWasherwoman
Linda Batson2004A Murder Is AnnouncedMiss Jane Marple
Linda Batson2004As You Like ItCostumes
Linda Batson2004Breezeblock ParkAssistant Director
Linda Batson2004Breezeblock ParkSoft Furnishings
Linda Batson2005A Christmas CarolFred's Sister
Linda Batson2005A Christmas CarolCostumes
Linda Batson2005A Midsummer's Night DreamWardrobe
Linda Batson2005When We Are MarriedWardrobe, Costume Design and Making
Linda Batson2006Relatively SpeakingSheila
Linda Batson2007Season's GreetingsPrompt
Linda Batson2008Funny MoneyWardrobe
Linda Batson2008Much Ado About NothingWardrobe Assistant
Linda Batson2008The FatherNanny (Nurse to Adolf and then to Bertha)
Linda Batson2009Humble BoyMercy
Linda Batson2009Separate TablesLady Matheson
Linda Batson2010Birthday PartyProperties
Linda Batson2010Measure For MeasureProperties
Linda Batson2010Caramba's RevengeWardrobe
Linda Batson2010The Unexpected GuestASM
Linda Batson2010First Things FirstWardrobe
Linda Batson2011Macbeth3rd Witch
Linda Batson2011Fallen AngelsWardrobe
Linda Batson2011And Then There Were NoneEmily Brent
Linda Batson2011Children's DayAssistant Director
Linda Batson2012A Midsummer Night's DreamWardorbe
Linda Batson2012Blithe SpiritWardrobe
Linda Batson2013Polar BearsLiaison
Linda Batson2013Curious SavageMrs Paddy
Linda Batson2013Wife Begins At FortyWardrobe
Linda Batson2013The Importance Of Being EarnestMiss Prism
Linda Batson2014Dealing With ClairWardrobe/Hair
Linda Batson2014A Chorus of DisapprovalWardrobe
Linda Batson2014Charley's AuntWardrobe
Linda Batson2015The 39 StepsWardrobe
Linda Batson2015An Experiment with an Air PumpAssistant Director / Wardrobe
Linda Batson2016Tommy BoyWardrobe
Linda Batson2016QuartetJean
Linda Batson2017The LadykillersMrs Wilberforce
Linda Batson2017Around the World in 80 DaysWardrobe
Linda Batson2017The Winter's TaleEnsemble / Assistant director / ASM
Linda Batson2018Mrs Warren's ProfessionWardrobe
Linda Batson2018HeroesWardrobe
Linda Batson2018Alice's Adventures in WonderlandFlower / Gardener 7
Linda Batson2019The Playboy of the Western WorldAssistant Director
Linda Batson2021Nell GwynnWardrobe
Linda Batson2022Single Spies - A Question of AttributionDirector
Linda Batson2022HarveyBetty Chumley
Linda Batson2023The Hound of the BaskervillesWardrobe
Linda Batson2023Hindle WakesMrs Hawthorn
Linda Brown1972Night Must FallProperties
Linda Laird1962Seven Set SailKuscha, a Young Girl
Linda Sinclair1974As You Like ItLord
Linda Sinclair1975The CrucibleMercy Lewis
Lindsey Barker2011And Then There Were NoneVera Claythorne
Lindsey Barker2011Independent MeansSidney Forsyth
Lindsey Barker2012Blithe SpiritRuth Condomine
Lindsey Fowler1973A Midsummer Night's DreamCobweb
Lindsey Fowler1973And So To BedBoy to Pepys
Lindsey Fowler1975The CrucibleSusanna Wallcot
Lindsey Barker2012The LessonThe Pupil
Lindsey Barker2012Steel MagnoliasTruvy
Lisa Johnson2003The Wind In The WillowsWardrobe
Lisa Rogers1985A Midsummer Night's DreamFairy
Lise Banks2011Children's DaySet Artists / Additional Ideas
Lise Nivern Banks2019Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Martha/Set Design
Liz Brown[1]1999Romeo and JulietServant / Citizen
Liz Brown[1]2000Once A CatholicMary McGingty
Liz Brown[2]2005When We Are MarriedRuby Birtle
Liz Carlisle1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampDancer
Liz Carlisle1979Dick WhittingtonMillie La Mane
Liz Cook1992The Day After The FairProperties
Liz Cook1994A Midsummer Night's DreamFriend / House Guest / Servant
Liz Cook1994Crown MatrimonialLiason
Liz Cook1994Pass The ButlerLiaison
Liz Cook1994The EntertainerLiason
Liz Cook1995AmadeusASM
Liz Cook1995Man Of The MomentExtras
Liz Cook1995Man Of The MomentStage Manager
Liz Cook1995The Merchant of VeniceAttendant on the Prince of Morocco
Liz Cook1995The Merchant of VeniceJulia
Liz Cook1995The Merchant of VeniceLiason
Liz Cook1995The Merchant of VeniceTownsfolk
Liz Cook1996Born In The GardensASM
Liz Cook1996Chorus of DisapprovalProperties
Liz Cook1996My Mother Said I Never ShouldStage Manager
Liz Cook1996Twelfth NightLady Friend to Sir Toby
Liz Cook1997Outside EdgeStage Manager
Liz Cook1997The TempestASM
Liz Cook1998A Collier's Tuesday TeaStage Manager
Liz Cook1998Henry VASM
Liz Cook1998The Darling Buds of MayProperties
Liz Cook1998The Odd Couple (female version)Stage Manager
Liz Cook1999Romeo and JulietProperties
Liz Cook2000A Midsummer Night's DreamFriend / House Guest / Servant
Liz Cook2000A Midsummer Night's DreamProperties and Staging
Liz Cook2000Breaking The CodeASM
Liz Cook2000Don't Dress For DinnerStage Manager
Liz Cook2000The Cemetery ClubSet Build
Liz Cook2000The Cemetery ClubStage Manager
Liz Cook2001The Taming of the ShrewAlehouse Reveller
Liz Cook2001The Taming of the ShrewServant to Petruchio
Liz Cook2002Absent FriendsProperties
Liz Cook2002AladdinASM
Liz Cook2002AladdinProperties
Liz Cook2002Make Way For LuciaProperties
Liz Cook2002Much Ado About NothingProperties
Liz Cook2003Merry Wives of WindsorASM
Liz Cook2003Mr WonderfulProperties
Liz Cook2004As You Like ItProperties
Liz Cook2004The Writing GameStage Manager
Liz Cook2005A Christmas CarolASM
Liz Cook2006Twelfth NightASM
Liz Cook2008Funny MoneyStage Manager
Liz Cook2008Much Ado About NothingASM
Liz Cook2009Humble BoyProperties/ASM
Liz Cook2009It Runs In The FamilyASM
Liz Cook2009Nobody's FoolPrompt
Liz Cook2009The 3 MusketeersASM
Liz Cook2010Measure For MeasureASM
Liz Cook2010Caramba's RevengePrompt
Liz Cook2010The Unexpected GuestASM
Liz Cook2010Communicating DoorsASM
Liz Cook2011And Then There Were NoneASM
Liz Cook2012Gosforth's FetePrompt
Liz Cook2012A Midsummer Night's DreamASM
Liz Cook2012Blithe SpiritPrompt
Liz Cook2012Calendar GirlsPrompt
Liz Cook2013The HollowASM
Liz Cook2014A Chorus of DisapprovalASM
Liz Cook2017The LadykillersPrompt
Liz Cook2017Around the World in 80 DaysProperties
Liz Cook2018Mrs Warren's ProfessionPrompt
Liz Evans1992Pack Of LiesNeighbours
Liz Evans1992Pack Of LiesSally
Liz Evans1994A Month of SundaysJulia
Liz Evans1995The CrucibleMary Warren
Liz Evans1995The Merchant of VeniceASM
Liz Evans1996Hobson's ChoiceMaggie Hobson
Liz McClory2004Private LivesLoiuse
Liz McClory2005A Midsummer's Night DreamHermia
Liz McClory2005A Midsummer's Night DreamFight arranger
Liz Richards2002AladdinASM
Liz Stokes1990Merry Wives of WindsorServant
Liz Stokes1990Seasons GreetingsProperties
Liz Stokes199184 Charing Cross RoadProperties
Liz Stokes1991Dark of the MoonProperties
Liz Stokes1991Much Ado About NothingAttendant
Liz Stokes1991The Chalk GardenProperties
Liz Stokes1992Move Over Mrs MarkhamStage Manager
Liz Stokes1992Pack Of LiesStage Manager
Liz Stokes1992The Taming of the ShrewServant to Petruchio
Liz Stokes1992Up 'n' UnderStadium Supervisor
Liz Stokes1993A Woman of No ImportanceStage Manager
Liz Stokes1993How The Other Half LovesStage Manager
Liz Stokes1993One ActProperties
Liz Stokes1993One ActStage Manager
Liz Stokes1993The Comedy of ErrorsCitizen of Ephesus
Liz Stokes1994A Month of SundaysProperties
Liz Topalion1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampCoolie, Courtier, Washerperson
Liz Topalion1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampSlave of the Ring
Lizzy Rosenthal1993The Pied PiperRat / Villager
Lloika Lewis1996My Mother Said I Never ShouldWardrobe
Lloika Lewis1997Lady Windermere's FanWardrobe
Lloika Lewis1998A Collier's Tuesday TeaCostumes
Lloika Lewis1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandWardrobe
Lloika Lewis2001An Evening of Alan AyckbournWardrobe
Loise Hamilton-Welsh1989Jack and The BeanstalkJack
Lorna Kong2014Dealing With ClairASM/Props
Lorna Kong2014All My SonsLydia
Lorna Kong2014A Chorus of DisapprovalProps
Lorna Kong2014Veronica's RoomThe girl
Lorna Kong2015DuetsASM/Props
Lorna Kong2015Entertaining AngelsSarah
Lorna Kong2015The 39 StepsAnnabella/Pamela/Margaret
Lorna Kong2015The SteamieDoreen
Lorna Kong2016Relatively SpeakingGinny
Lorna Kong2017Around the World in 80 DaysHouse Manager
Lorna Kong2018Mrs Warren's ProfessionVivie Warren
Lorna Kong2018We Are Three SistersHouse Manager
Lorna Kong2021Nell GwynnNell Gwynn
Lorna Kong2023The Hound of the BaskervillesDr Watson & other parts
Lorna Nowell1926The GondoliersContadine
Lottie Tyler2008Much Ado About NothingHero, Leonato's daughter
Lottie Tyler2009Come Blow Your HornStage Manager
Lottie Tyler2009Humble BoyRosie Pye
Lottie Tyler2009Separate TablesMiss Tanner
Lottie Tyler2009Separate TablesMrs Stratton
Lottie Tyler2009The 3 MusketeersAnne of Austria, Queen to Louis XIII
Lottie Tyler2010Birthday PartyStage Manager
Lottie Tyler2010Measure For MeasureIsabella, sister to Claudio
Lottie Tyler2011Deep Blue SeaAnn Welch
Lottie Tyler2011MacbethLiaison
Lottie Tyler2011Fallen AngelsJane Banbury
Lottie Tyler2011Independent MeansASM
Lottie Tyler2012The LessonDirector
Lottie Tyler2012A Midsummer Night's DreamHelena (courtier)
Lottie Tyler2013Polar BearsKay
Lottie Tyler2013Wife Begins At FortyStage Manager
Lottie Tyler2014All My SonsAnn
Louis Davis2007Romeo and JulietBalthasar, servant to Montague
Louise Hobbs1929The Devil's DiscipleEssie
Louise Sawyer1981Romeo and JulietCitizen / Servant
Louise Sawyer1982The Comedy of ErrorsCitizen / Servant
Louise Sawyer1985A Midsummer Night's DreamAttendant
Louise Shakeshaft1993The Pied PiperRat / Villager
Louise Watson1982Puss In BootsSet construction
Louise Watson1983See How They RunASM
Louise Watson1983The Taming of the ShrewDancer
Lousie Watson1983A Delicate BalanceASM
Lucy Bond1984Toad Of Toad HallAnimals
Lucy Bond1984Toad Of Toad HallMarigold
Lucy Bond1986Mother GooseChorus
Lucy Bond1987Sleeping BeautyCrispo
Lucy Greig2011Children's DayChildren's Party Voice
Luisa Yeates2001Ernie's Incredible IllucinationsBarker
Luisa Yeates2002Hard TimesNarrator/ASM
Lynn Macdonald2013If I Were YouJill Rodale
Lyn Singleton1992The Murder of Maria MartinAssistant Director
Lynda Barry1974How The Other Half LovesProperties
Lynda Barry1975Lloyd George Knew My FatherProperties
Lynda Barry1975The CrucibleProperties
Lynda Barry1975The Odd CoupleProperties
Lynda Barry1976Winter JourneyProperties
Lynda Brown1973The Man Most Likely To...Properties
Lynda Brown1974The Wild DuckProperties
Lynda Brown1974You Can't Take It With YouProperties
Lynda Brown1974You Can't Take It With YouStage Manager
Lynda Brown1975The Odd CoupleStage Manager
Lynda Pearson1972A View From A BridgeProperties
Lynda Pearson1973The Little FoxesProperties
Lynda Pearson1973The Man Most Likely To...Call Boy
Lynda Sinclair1974How The Other Half LovesCall Boy
Lyndon Brook1976Mixed DoublesScore
Lynn Banner1987Sleeping BeautyDirector
M Benson1931Tom JonesChorus
M Betty Higgins1933The RumourSecretary
M Jarvis1926The GondoliersFirst Violin
M Kathleen Davies1926The GondoliersGianetta
M Kathleen Davies1927Princess IdaPrincess Ida (Gamas Daughter)
M Kathleen Gibson1929Trial By JuryVisitor
M Kathleen Gibson1931Tom JonesBetty
M L Combridge1967The PartyLighting
M L Combridge1968A Man For All SeasonsLighting and Sound
M L Combridge1968Semi-DetachedStage Manager
M Milnes1929The SorcererSecond Violin
M Milnes1929Trial By JurySecond Violin
M Muir1964Billy LiarProperty Mistress
M Spencer1931Tom JonesChorus
Mabel Evans1929The Devil's DiscipleMrs Titus
Mabel Evans1950The Importance of Being EarnestLady Bracknell
Mabel Evans1950Waters Of The MoonMrs Whyte
Mabel Evans1952Harlequinade (1952)Producer
Mabel Evans1954Spring At MarinoProducer
Mabel Evans1953The HollowLady Angkatell
Mabel Evans1959Ring Around The MoonDirector
Mabel Evans1960The Queen and The WelshmanDirector
Mabel Evans1961Not In The BookDirector
Mabel Evans1962Seven Set SailHetepa, a Woman of Substance
Mabel Evans1964The Aspern PapersDirector
Mabel Warburton1963The Bride Comes BackMrs Gow
Mad Gerriller Joe1995StrewthThe Cook
Maddie Roberts2011Children's DayChildren's Party Voice
Madeleine Healey2023These Shining LivesPearl
Madeleine Wellings1986The MilitantsCaptain Ada Leyland
Madeleine Wellings1987Sleeping BeautyQueen Gwendolin
Maddie Roberts2012Blithe SpiritChild's Voice
Maggie Spencer1976GaslightPrompt
Maisie Pring1972Twelfth NightAttendant / Citizen
Maisie Spencer1986Don't Listen LadiesJulie Bille-en-Bois, an ex-Actress
Malcolm Savill1970Spring and Port WineHarold Crompton
Malcolm Savill1970Ring Round the MoonHugo / Frederic
Malcolm Savill1972Twelfth NightMalvolio, Olivia's steward
Malcolm Seddon1974You Can't Take It With YouMan
Malcolm Spence1972A View From A BridgeRudolpho
Malcolm Spence1972Twelfth NightAttendant / Citizen
Malcolm Spence1973A Midsummer Night's DreamLysander, loved by Hermia
Malcolm Spence1973And So To BedHouse Manager
Malcolm Spence1973The Little FoxesOscar Hubbard
Malcolm Spence1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampOscar Hubbard
Malcolm Tyrer1982Puss In BootsSpecial Effects
Malcolm Tyrer1982Puss In BootsSet construction
Malcolm Tyrer1983AladdinSee-ay-do
Malcom Spence1974The Wild DuckGregers Werle
Malcom Spence1974You Can't Take It With YouHenderson
Malcom Spence1974You Can't Take It With YouMan
Mandy Cheetham1982Puss In BootsDancer
Margaret Bailey1960The Queen and The WelshmanQueen Katherine, Widow of Henry V
Margaret Bennett1969The Shop at Sly CornerJoan Deal
Margaret Bird1973The Man Most Likely To...Joan Cadwallader
Margaret Bird1974You Can't Take It With YouPrompt
Margaret Cocker1973The GazeboNell Nash
Margaret Cocker1976Hay FeverJudith Bliss
Margaret Cocker1978Dear BrutusMrs Dearth
Margaret Douglas1979Dick WhittingtonFairy / Pirate / Indian /Others
Margaret Edmunds2008Much Ado About NothingWardrobe Assistant
Margaret Muir1959Angels In LoveProperty Mistress
Margaret Muir1959Ring Around The MoonProperty Mistress
Margaret Muir1960A Touch of The SunProperty Mistress
Margaret Muir1961Subway In The SkyProperty Mistress
Margaret Muir1961The Chalk GardenProperty Mistress
Margaret Muir1963The Grass Is GreenerProperty Mistress
Margaret Muir1964The Irregular Verb To LoveProperty Mistress
Margaret Norris1982She Stoops To ConquerSet design
Margaret Robinson1981Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeASM
Margaret Savaage1950Waters Of The MoonHelen Lancaster
Margaret Savaage1956A Question of FactGrace Smith
Margaret Savaage1959Ring Around The MoonMadame Desmermortes
Margaret Savaage1960A Touch of The SunMary Lester
Margaret Savaage1961The Chalk GardenMrs. St. Maugham
Margaret Savaage1963The Grass Is GreenerHilary
Margaret Savaage1965Summer of the Seventh DollEmma Leech
Margaret Savaage1965The Amorous PrawnLady Fitzadam
Margaret Savaage1967The Sleeping PrinceThe Archduchess
Margaret Savaage1968A Man For All SeasonsLady Alice More, Sir Thomas's wife
Margaret Savaage1969The Shop at Sly CornerMrs Catt
Margaret Savaage1970Ring Round the MoonMadame Desmortes
Margaret Savaage1972The Middle WatchLady Hewitt
Margaret Savaage1972The Middle WatchWardrobe
Margaret Savaage1972Twelfth NightAttendant / Citizen
Margaret Savaage1982She Stoops To ConquerProperties
Margaret Savaage1984Spring In The AirPerformer
Margaret Savaage1985Present LaughterMiss Erikson
Margaret Seddon1969The Shop at Sly CornerMargaret Heiss
Margaret Seddon1969The Waltz of The ToreadorsPamela, a maid
Margaret Seddon1971Birthday HonoursPrompt
Margaret Seddon1972Night Must FallDora Parkoe
Margaret Seddon1973And So To BedCall Boy
Margaret Seddon1974You Can't Take It With YouRheba
Margaret Seddon1975The CrucibleAbigail Williams
Margaret Seddon1975The Winslow BoyPrompt
Margaret Seddon1979Not Now DarlingMiss Tipdale
Margaret Seddon1981Bell Book and CandlePrompt
Margaret Seddon1982Table MannersAnnie
Margaret Seddon1984Outside EdgePrompt
Margaret Seddon1991The Chalk GardenOlivia
Margaret Seddon1993A Woman of No ImportanceContinuity
Margaret Seddon1993How The Other Half LovesPrompt
Margaret Seddon1993The Late Miss CordellHarriet
Margaret Seddon1995Man Of The MomentPrompt
Margaret Seddon1997Outside EdgeProperties
Margaret Seddon1998The Darling Buds of MayPrompt
Margaret Seddon1999Children Of A Lesser GodPrompt
Margaret Seddon2000Don't Dress For DinnerPrompt
Margaret Seddon2001Amy's ViewPrompt
Margaret Seddon2002Absent FriendsPrompt
Margaret Seddon2002Broken GlassPrompt
Margaret Seddon2003Abigail's PartyPrompt
Margaret Seddon2003Mr WonderfulASM
Margaret Seddon2004Breezeblock ParkPrompt
Margaret Seddon2004WitContinuity
Margaret Seddon2006Relatively SpeakingContinuity
Margaret Seddon2007A Skull In ConnemaraASM (book)
Margaret Seddon2008Snake In The GrassContinuity
Margaret Seddon2015Duets - The HolidayPrompt
Margaret Seddon2016QuartetPrompt
Margaret Seddon2018The WeirPrompt
Margaret Seddon2019Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Prompt
Margaret Waller1982Puss In BootsSet construction
Margeret Robinson1979Not Now DarlingProperties
Margery Goodger1953The Blind GoddessJunior Counsel
Margary Keymer1926The GondoliersPages
Margery Bailey1926The GondoliersContadine
Margery Eva1933The RumourRuby
Margot Osborn1929The SorcererChorus
Margot Osborn1929Trial By JuryFirst Bridesmaid
Margot Osborn1931Tom JonesBessie Wiseacre
Marian Hannah1985When We Are MarriedNancy Holmes
Marina Anderson2007Romeo and JulietLady Capulet
Marion Hannah1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampMona Lee Sa - Handmaiden to Princess Mimosa
Marion Hannah1978Relative ValuesAlice, the house maid
Marion Hannah1979Dick WhittingtonAlice Fitzwarren
Marion Hannah1980The RivalsLucy
Marion Hannah1981Separate TablesDoreen
Marion Hannah1981Separate TablesDoreen
Marion Hannah1984Spring In The AirPerformer
Marion Hannah1986Mother GooseSukie
Marion Hannah1987Sleeping BeautyPrincess Adora
Marion Hannah1990Charley's AuntEla Delahay
Marion Norbury1992Woman In MindLucy (her dream daughter)
Marion Norbury1999Habeas CorpusFelicity Rumpers
Marion Norbury2006Dick WhittingtonDick Whittington
Marjorie Mills1972Night Must FallNurse Libby
Marjorie Mills1973The Man Most Likely To...Prompt
Marjorie Mills1974As You Like ItLady / Hymens Attendant
Marjorie Mills1974You Can't Take It With YouGay Wellington
Marjorie Mills1975The CrucibleSarah Good
Marjorie Mills1975The Odd CouplePrompt
Marjorie Taylor1966The Touch Of FearBrenda Stanham
Marjory Eva1931One Acts (1931)Rose Jordan
Mark Ambrose1976GaslightSound
Mark Bennett1991Much Ado About NothingConrade, follower of Don John
Mark Bridgford1986Mother GooseChorus
Mark Edgar2001Amy's ViewDominic
Mark Grattan1987Sleeping BeautyHurry
Mark Gratton1984Toad Of Toad HallAnimals
Mark Gratton1984Toad Of Toad HallSecond Field Mouse
Mark Gratton1986Mother GooseShout
Mark Gratton1986Twelfth NightPage
Mark Humphreys1960A Touch of The SunA Schoolboy
Mark Humphreys1964The Wind and the RainPeter Morgan
Mark Humphreys1966Nude With ViolinGeorge, a press photographer
Mark Humphreys1968Semi-DetachedTom Midway
Mark Humphreys1970HarlequinadeJack Wakefield
Mark Jephcott1989Romeo and JulietBalthasar
Mark Jephcott1995The Merchant of VeniceBassanio
Mark Jephcott1996Twelfth NightSebastian
Mark Jephcott1997The TempestSebastian, his brother
Mark Jephcott1998Henry VLewis, the Dauphin
Mark Jephcott1999Romeo and JulietMercutio
Mark Jephcott2000A Midsummer Night's DreamLysander, in love with Hermia
Mark Jephcott2001The Taming of the ShrewTranio, servant to Lucentio
Mark Jephcott2002Much Ado About NothingFriar Francis
Mark Jephcott2003Abigail's PartyDirector
Mark Jephcott2003Merry Wives of WindsorPistol, follower of Falstaff
Mark Jephcott2003Mr WonderfulProperties
Mark Jephcott2004As You Like ItCourtier
Mark Jephcott2004As You Like ItCourtier
Mark Jephcott2004As You Like ItSilvius
Mark Jephcott2004Breezeblock ParkTommy
Mark Jephcott2005A Midsummer's Night DreamPeter Quince
Mark Jephcott2005Plaza SuiteJesse Kiplinger
Mark Jephcott2006BetrayalSound
Mark Jephcott2006Twelfth NightDirector
Mark Jephcott2006Twelfth NightSea Captain (friend to Viola)
Mark Jephcott2007Romeo and JulietPrince Escalus, of Verona
Mark Jephcott2007The Real Inspector HoundInspector Hound
Mark Jephcott2008Much Ado About NothingDon Pedro, Prince of Arragon
Mark Jephcott2009Come Blow Your HornDirector
Mark Jephcott2009Come Blow Your HornSet Design
Mark Jephcott2009The 3 MusketeersASM
Mark Jephcott2010The Unexpected GuestMichael Starkwedder
Mark Jephcott2011And Then There Were NonePhilip Lombard
Mark Jephcott2011Children's DayDirector
Mark Jephcott2012A Midsummer Night's DreamTheseus (Duke of Athens)
Mark Jephcott2013The HollowDr John Cristow
Mark Jephcott2016QuartetSound
Mark Jephcott2016The PriceDirector/Set Design/Furniture Acquisition
Mark Jephcott2017Around the World in 80 DaysColonel Proctor/Ensemble
Mark Jephcott2018Alice's Adventures in WonderlandKnave
Mark Jephcott2019The Playboy of the Western WorldPhilly Cullen
Mark Jephcott2019Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Director/Set Design
Mark Rowlands2013If I Were YouMal Rodale
Mark Rowlands2014TheftJohn Miles
Mark Rowlands2014A Chorus of DisapprovalGuy Jones
Mark Rowlands2015An Experiment with an Air PumpThomas Armstrong
Mark Seyler2003The Wind In The WillowsSound
Mark Seyler2004As You Like ItLighting and Sound
Mark Seyler2004As You Like ItMusician
Mark Seyler2005Death and the MaidenSound
Mark Seyler2006The WeekendSound
Mark Seyler2010Measure For MeasureSound Design and Operator
Mark Seyler2010Communicating DoorsSound Design
Mark Seyler2011Deep Blue SeaSound Design
Mark Seyler2011MacbethSound & original music
Mark Seyler2011Independent MeansSound and Projection
Mark Seyler2012Steel MagnoliasSound Design
Mark Seyler2012Blithe SpiritSound
Mark Seyler2013Wife Begins At FortySound
Mark Seyler2013If I Were YouSound
Mark Seyler2013The Importance Of Being EarnestSound
Mark Seyler2014TheftSound
Mark Seyler2014A Chorus of DisapprovalSound
Mark Seyler2015Duets - The HolidayDirector
Mark Seyler2015The Thrill of LoveSound Design
Mark Seyler2015The 39 StepsSound
Mark Seyler2016Tommy BoySound
Mark Seyler2016QuartetAssistant Director / Sound Design
Mark Seyler2016Relatively SpeakingSound
Mark Seyler2016The PriceSound
Mark Seyler2016Life & BethSound/Special Effects
Mark Seyler2017HandbaggedSound
Mark Seyler2017The LadykillersSound
Mark Seyler2017Around the World in 80 DaysLighting/Sound
Mark Seyler2017Talking HeadsSound Design
Mark Seyler2017The Winter's TaleSound
Mark Seyler2018The WeirSound
Mark Seyler2018Mrs Warren's ProfessionSound
Mark Seyler2018We Are Three SistersSound
Mark Seyler2018HeroesSound
Mark Seyler2018Alice's Adventures in WonderlandMusic Arranger/Sound
Mark Seyler2019Ladies' DaySound
Mark Seyler2019The Playboy of the Western WorldSound
Mark Seyler2019Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Sound
Mark Seyler2019Whisky GaloreSound
Mark Seyler2020April in ParisSound
Mark Seyler2021Nell GwynnSound
Mark Seyler2022Single SpiesSound / Projections
Mark Seyler2022Improbable FictionSound
Mark Seyler2022Ladies of ImportanceSound
Mark Seyler2022HarveySound
Mark Seyler2023The RiverSound
Mark Seyler2023These Shining LivesSound
Mark Seyler2023The Hound of the BaskervillesSound
Mark Seyler2023Hindle WakesSound
Mark Sumner1966Nude With ViolinLauderdale
Mark Sumner1966The Happiest Days of Your LifeHopcroft
Mark Vincent2003Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeMr. Podgers, a cheiromantist
Mark Winstanley1987Sleeping BeautyFairy / Elf
Martin Fitzgerald2011Deep Blue SeaJackie Jackson
Martin Fitzgerald2011MacbethCaptain
Martin Fitzgerald2011Fallen AngelsMaurice Duclos
Martin Fitzgerald2011MacbethCaptain
Martin Fitzgerald2011MacbethFirst Murderer
Martin Fitzgerald2011MacbethSeyward, Earl of Northumberland
Martin Fitzgerald2012Gosforth's FeteStewart
Martin McGee1995AmadeusBaron von Swieten
Martin McGee1996Chorus of DisapprovalGuy Jones
Martin McGee1999Habeas CorpusSir Percy Shorter
Martin Pritchard1998Henry VBishop of Ely
Martin Pritchard1998Henry VCharles Delabreth, Constable of France
Martin Pritchard1998The LarkThe Inquisitor
Martin Pritchard1999Children Of A Lesser GodJames Leeds
Martin Pritchard2001Amy's ViewFrank
Martin Pritchard2001Dancing At LunaghsaJack
Martin Pritchard2001The RivalsBob Acres
Martin Pritchard2001The Taming of the ShrewGremio, suitor to Bianca
Martin Pritchard2003Merry Wives of WindsorGeorge Page, a citizen of Windsor
Martin Pritchard2003The Wind In The WillowsToad
Martin Pritchard2004The Writing GameHenry Lockett (voice only)
Martin Pritchard2005A Midsummer's Night DreamNick Bottom (Pyramus)
Martin Pritchard2005Beauty Queen of LeenanePato Dooley
Martin Pritchard2005Death and the MaidenRoberto Miranda
Martin Pritchard2006BetrayalJerry
Martin Pritchard2006Twelfth NightFeste (jester in Olivia's household)
Martin Pritchard2007Romeo and JulietLord Montague, Head of a Veronese family
Martin Pritchard2008Funny MoneyBill
Martin Pritchard2008Much Ado About NothingSignor Benedick of Padua, companion of Don Pedro
Martin Pritchard2009Humble BoyThe Gardener
Martin Pritchard2016The PriceWalter Franz
Martin Pritchard2018The WeirJack
Martin Robb1964The Wind and the RainCharles Tritton
Martin Theobald1983AladdinSet Building
Martin Theobald1983AladdinSound and Special Effects
Martin Theobald1986Mother GooseSet Construction
Martin Theobald1986The MilitantsSet Design
Martin Theobald1986Twelfth NightLighting
Martin Theobald1987As You Like ItLighting
Martin Theobald1987Habeas CorpusLighting
Martin Theobald1987Sleeping BeautyLighting
Martin Theobald1987The DresserTechnical Assistance
Martin Theobald1988The VigilTechnical Assistance
Martin Theobald1988The Winter's TaleProduction Electrician
Martin Theobald1989Jack and The BeanstalkDeputy Stage Manager
Martin Theobald1989Murder In The CathedralLighting
Martin Theobald1989Romeo and JulietProduction Electrician
Martin Theobald1993One ActLighting
Martin Theobald1994The EntertainerDesigner
Martin Theobald1996Chorus of DisapprovalLighting
Martin Theobald1996Hobson's ChoiceLighting
Martin Theobald1996My Mother Said I Never ShouldLighting
Martin Theobald1998Whose Life Is It AnywayLighting
Martin Theobald1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandSet Construction
Martin Theobald1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandSpeciality Props
Martin Theobald2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandSet Construction
Martin Theobald2001Dancing At LunaghsaLighting Design
Martin Theobald2005A Christmas CarolLighting
Martin Theobald2006Dick WhittingtonLighting
Martin Theobald2007Season's GreetingsLighting
Martin Theobald2010Measure For MeasureLighting Design and Operator
Mary Allen1968A Man For All SeasonsWardrobe
Mary Colborn-Roberts2016QuartetHouse Manager
Mary Cotton2010Caramba's RevengeGrace
Mary Cotton2011Children's DayMavis Pawson
Mary Cotton2012Steel MagnoliasClairee
Mary Dronsfield1929The SorcererChorus
Mary Dronsfield1929Trial By JuryVisitor
Mary Edwards1976Winter JourneyStage Manager
Mary Higgins1973And So To BedJulia
Mary Norris1960Rock BottomMiss Fisher
Mary Ogden1926The GondoliersContadine
Mary Pritchard2001The RivalsDirector
Mary Pritchard2003Merry Wives of WindsorASM
Mary Pritchard2003The Wind In The WillowsStoat Stacey
Mary Pritchard2005A Midsummer's Night DreamMustartseed
Mary Pritchard2005Death and the MaidenDirector
Mary Pritchard2006Twelfth NightASM
Mary Pritchard2007Romeo and JulietASM
Mary Pritchard2008Much Ado About NothingASM
Mary Pritchard2010Birthday PartyDirector
Mary Pritchard2012Dumb WaiterDirector
Matthew Thistleton2002Much Ado About NothingServant / Gentlefolk
Matt Bird2013Polar BearsJohn
Matt Johnson2013Polar BearsJesus
Matt Johnson2013Polar BearsTheme Music
Matt Johnson2013Wife Begins At FortyLighting
Matt Jones2003Merry Wives of WindsorServant / ASM
Matt Stead2006Twelfth NightFirst Officer
Matthew Ash1995AmadeusServant / Citizen of Vienna
Matthew Ash1996Chorus of DisapprovalASM
Matthew Ash1997Talking HeadsProperties
Matthew Bloxham1994A Midsummer Night's DreamFairy
Matthew Quellin1989Red Hot CindersGrace
Matthew Thistleton2002AladdinSing-Sing
Matthew Thistleton2002Much Ado About NothingWatchman
Matthew Thistleton2003Richard IIIEdward Prince of Wales, son of Edward IV
Matthew Thistleton2003The Wind In The WillowsMouse Mark
Matthew Thistleton2003The Wind In The WillowsRabbit Tommy
Matthew Thistleton2004As You Like ItDuke Senior's Page
Matthew Thistleton2006Dick WhittingtonIdle Jack
Maud Maycroft1973And So To BedProperties
Maureen Grundy1961From Five To Five-ThirtyEdith
Maureen Land1995AmadeusProperties
Maureen Land1995The Merchant of VeniceTownsfolk
Maureen Land1996Born In The GardensASM
Maureen Land1996Chorus of DisapprovalASM
Maureen Land1996Twelfth NightMaid to the Lady Olivia
Maureen Land1998Henry VASM
Maureen Land1998Whose Life Is It AnywayASM
Maureen Land2000Once A CatholicASM
Maureen Ransome1994Shirley ValentineDirector
Maureen Whittaker1981Separate TablesASM
Maureen Wynne1997Talking HeadsDirector
Mavis Carlise1992Pack Of LiesContinuity
Mavis Carlisle1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampMusical Direction
Mavis Carlisle1979Dick WhittingtonFairy Nuff (no she isnt)
Mavis Carlisle1979Dick WhittingtonMusical Direction
Mavis Carlisle1979Not Now DarlingPrompt
Mavis Carlisle1979Relatively SpeakingASM
Mavis Carlisle1982Puss In BootsMusical Director
Mavis Carlisle1982Puss In BootsPrompt
Mavis Carlisle1983A Delicate BalanceASM
Mavis Carlisle1983AladdinMusical Director
Mavis Carlisle1984Toad Of Toad HallMusical Director
Mavis Carlisle1985When We Are MarriedAssistant Stage Manager
Mavis Carlisle1986Mother GooseMusical Director
Mavis Carlisle1987Sleeping BeautyMusical Director
Mavis Carlisle1987The DresserASM
Mavis Carlisle1988The VigilMrs Haris - the Charwoman
Mavis Carlisle1989Jack and The BeanstalkMusical Director
Mavis Carlisle1989Murder In The CathedralChorus
Mavis Carlisle1990Charley's AuntASM
Mavis Carlisle1990Stepping OutPrompt
Mavis Carlisle1991Dark of the MoonConjur Woman
Mavis Carlisle1991The Chalk GardenPrompt
Mavis Carlisle1992Up 'n' UnderMatch Equipment
Mavis Carlisle1992Woman In MindLiaison
Mavis Carlisle1993One ActProperties
Mavis Carlisle1993Witness for the ProsecutionMiss Justice Wainwright
Mavis Carlisle1994A Midsummer Night's DreamASM
Mavis Carlisle1994Crown MatrimonialPrompt
Mavis Carlisle1995Man Of The MomentASM
Mavis Carlisle1995The CrucibleProducer's Assistant
Mavis Carlisle1995The Merchant of VeniceASM
Mavis Carlisle1996Cabaret CapersPerformer
Mavis Carlisle1996My Mother Said I Never ShouldPrompt
Mavis Carlisle1996Twelfth NightASM
Mavis Carlisle1997Lady Windermere's FanPrompt
Mavis Carlisle1997The TempestASM
Mavis Carlisle1998Henry VWardrobe
Mavis Carlisle1998The Odd Couple (female version)Prompt
Mavis Carlisle1999Habeas CorpusPrompt
Mavis Carlisle1999Romeo and JulietASM
Mavis Carlisle2000Once A CatholicPrompt
Mavis Carlisle2001An Evening of Alan AyckbournPrompt
Mavis Carlisle2001The Taming of the ShrewASM
Max Lewis1974As You Like ItDirector
Max Lewis1974The Wild DuckDirector
Max Lewis1974The Wild DuckGraaberg
Max Lewis1975The CrucibleEzekiel Cheever
Max Lewis1976GaslightDirector
Max Lewis1977The Importance of Being EarnestDirector
Max Lewis1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampHouse Manager
Max Lewis1978Farewell, Farewell EugeneDirector
Max Lewis1979Not Now DarlingHouse Manager
Max Lewis1981Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeDirector
Max Townsend2001The Taming of the ShrewBiondello, servant to Lucentio
May Allen1929The SorcererChorus
May Allen1929Trial By JuryVisitor
Meabh Kennedy2019The Playboy of the Western WorldFidler
Mel Beswick2018We Are Three SistersCharlotte Brontë
Mel Beswick2021Nell GwynnRose Gwynn
Mel Beswick2023The RiverThe Other Woman
Meera Mohindra2014Dealing With ClairASM/Props
Meera Mohindra2018HeroesHouse Manager
Meg Brassington2023These Shining LivesCharlotte
Melanie Charnley1973The Man Most Likely To...Wardrobe
Melanie Charnley1973The Man Most Likely To...Wardrobe
Melanie Wright1999Children Of A Lesser GodLydia
Melissa Megginson1993The Pied PiperFrau Hof
Melissa Thompson2022Improbable FictionASM
Meurig Palin1991Much Ado About NothingBoy
Micahel Fenton1967The Sleeping PrinceSecond Footman
Michael Combridge1967The Sleeping PrinceSound Effects
Michael Combridge1967The Tulip TreeSound
Michael Brady2014A Chorus of DisapprovalCrispin Usher
Michael Fenton1961Gilt and GingerbreadVan Man
Michael Fenton1962Fool's ParadisePhilip Hayling
Michael Fenton1962Hans, The Witch and The GobbinScratch, a Secretary
Michael Fenton1964Billy LiarBIlly Fisher
Michael Fenton1967The Tulip TreeIvor Evans
Michael Fenton1968A Man For All SeasonsThe Common Man
Michael Fenton1969The Waltz of The ToreadorsGaston
Michael Fenton1970Spring and Port WineArthur
Michael Fenton1972Twelfth NightAttendant / Citizen
Michael Fenton1972Twelfth NightFabian, a member of her household
Michael Hobson1956A Question of FactPaul Gardiner
Michael Janes1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampAbanazer - Minister for Jelly and Custard
Michael Lane1969The HeiressArthur Townsend
Michael Lord1965Summer of the Seventh DollJohnnie Dowd
Michael Monahan1973A Midsummer Night's DreamEgeus, Hermia's father
Michael Rhodes2003Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeSet Build
Michael Rhodes2003Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeSet Design
Michael Rhodes2005Plaza SuiteSet Construction
Michael Seddon1965The Love of Four ColonelsColonel Alexander Ikonenko
Michael Seddon1966The Happiest Days of Your LifeDick Tassell
Michael Seddon1966The Touch Of FearMichael Stanham
Michael Seddon1967The Sleeping PrinceThe Major-Domo
Michael Seddon1967The Tulip TreeDavid Burton
Michael Seddon1970Hedda GablerEilert Loevborg
Michael Seddon1971The Little HutHenry
Michael Seddon1972You Never Can TellValentine
Michael Seddon1972Twelfth NightValentine, gentleman attendant on Orsino
Michael Seddon1973And So To BedCharles II
Michael Seddon1973The Man Most Likely To...Martin Morley
Michael Seddon1974You Can't Take It With YouHouse Manager
Michael Seddon1975The CrucibleGiles Corey
Michael Seddon1975The Winslow BoyLighting
Michael Seddon1976GaslightLighting
Michael Seddon1977The Importance of Being EarnestAlgernon Moncrieff
Michael Seddon1977Plaza SuiteHouse Manager
Michael Seddon1978Dear BrutusHouse Manager
Michael Seddon1979Not Now DarlingHarry McMichael
Michael Seddon1981Bell Book and CandleSidney Redlitch
Michael Seddon1982Table MannersReg
Michael Seddon1983A Delicate BalanceTobias
Michael Seddon1983Last Of The Red Hot LoversLighting
Michael Stanton1970Spring and Port WineSound Effects
Michael Thirsk1986The AnniversaryTerry's Kid
Michael Waterhouse1983See How They RunThe Bishop of Lax
Michaela Hammersley1984The Merchant of VeniceServant / Attendant
Michaela Hammersley1986Mother GooseJill
Michaela Hammersley1986Twelfth NightAttendant / Citizen
Michelle Anderson2004WitASM
Michelle Anderson2004WitDoctor / Student / Technician
Michelle Auty2006Dick WhittingtonProps
Michelle Auty2006The WeekendDiana
Michelle Bright2004A Murder Is AnnouncedASM
Michelle Bright2004As You Like ItASM
Michelle Curzon1984The Murder of Maria MartenASM
Michelle Curzon1984Toad Of Toad HallProperties
Michelle Ghatan2001Ernie's Incredible IllucinationsDoctor
Mike Bullimore1976Hay FeverSimon Bliss
Mike Bullimore1977Merry Wives of WindsorAbaraham Slender, Shallow's nephew,
Mike Bullimore2004As You Like ItAmiens
Mike Bullimore2005When We Are MarriedHenry Ormonroyd
Mike Bullimore2007TartuffeOrgon, a gentleman
Mike Bullimore2010Birthday PartyStanley
Mike Bullimore2011MacbethDoctor
Mike Bullimore2011MacbethKing Duncan
Mike Bullimore2011And Then There Were NoneRecording voice
Mike Bullimore2016The PriceGregory Solomon
Mike Bullimore2017Vincent in BrixtonDirector
Mike Bullimore2017Vincent in BrixtonSet Design
Mike Bullimore2018Mrs Warren's ProfessionSet Design
Mike Bullimore2018HeroesHenri
Mike Dadson1969The Shop at Sly CornerCorder Morris
Mike Farrell2008The FatherSvard (A young soldier, batman to Adolf)
Mike Fenton1969The Shop at Sly CornerArchie Fellowes
Mike Fenton1971On Monday NextThe Producer
Mike Fenton1972A View From A Bridge2nd Immigration Officer
Mike Fenton1972A View From A BridgeLouis
Mike Fenton1972The Middle WatchCorporal Duckett (Royal Marines)
Mike Fenton1973The Man Most Likely To...Director
Mike Fenton1975The Odd CoupleDirector
Mike Fenton1976Arms and The ManSergius Saranoff
Mike Gallagher2018The WeirBrendan
Mike Gallagher2019The Playboy of the Western WorldMichael James Flaherty
Mike Janes1974The Wild DuckOld Ekdal
Mike Janes1978Farewell, Farewell EugeneMick Delaney
Mike Janes1979Dick WhittingtonJointrekin Jessie
Mike Janes1979Not Now DarlingDirector
Mike Janes1980The RivalsSir Lucius O'Trigger
Mike Janes1980Trap for a Lonely ManThe Man
Mike Janes1981Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeHerr Winkelkopf
Mike Janes1983AladdinWidow Twankey
Mike Janes1984Spring In The AirPerformer
Mike Janes1984The Murder of Maria MartenWilliam Corder (The squire’s son)
Mike Janes1984Toad Of Toad HallChief Weasel
Mike Janes1984Toad Of Toad HallDuck
Mike Janes1985When We Are MarriedAlderman Joseph Helliwell
Mike Janes1986AlbertNico
Mike Janes1986Mother GooseMother Goose
Mike Janes1986Mother GooseWriter
Mike Janes1988The VigilPeter - a Fisherman
Mike Janes1989Jack and The BeanstalkDame Patricia
Mike Janes1989Jack and The BeanstalkWriter
Mike Janes1991Dark of the MoonPreacher Haggler
Mike Janes1992The Taming of the ShrewGrumio, servant to Pertruchio
Mike Janes1993A Woman of No ImportanceThe Hon James Daubeny DD
Mike Janes1993The Comedy of ErrorsSolinus
Mike Janes1993Witness for the ProsecutionStage Manager
Mike Janes1995Between MouthfulsPearce
Mike Janes1995The CrucibleThomas Putnam
Mike Janes1996Cabaret CapersPerformer
Mike Janes1996Cabaret CapersWritten and Director
Mike Janes1996Chorus of DisapprovalJarvis Huntley-Pike
Mike Janes1996Hobson's ChoiceHenry Horatio Hobson
Mike Janes1996Twelfth NightA Priest
Mike Janes1997Outside EdgeRoger
Mike Janes1998The Darling Buds of MayPop
Mike Janes1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandCaterpillar / Gryphon
Mike Janes2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandCaterpillar / Gryphon
Mike Janes2000The Cemetery ClubSam
Mike Janes2002AladdinWidow Twankey
Mike Janes2002AladdinWritten and Director
Mike Janes2003Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeHerr Winkelkopf, an anarchist
Mike Janes2003The Wind In The WillowsASM/Props
Mike Janes2003The Wind In The WillowsSetting
Mike Janes2005A Christmas CarolScrooge
Mike Jones1981Separate TablesSound
Mike Lane1969The Shop at Sly CornerASM
Mike Palmer2008Much Ado About NothingConrade, follower of Don John
Mike Palmer2008The FatherJoseph (A junior cavalry officer)
Mike Palmer2009Separate TablesCharles Stratton
Mike Palmer2009The 3 MusketeersD'Artagnan, a would-be musketeer
Mike Palmer2011Independent MeansEdgar Forsyth
Mike Palmer2013Curious SavageJeffrey
Mike Palmer2013The HollowEdward Angkatell
Mike Rhodes2001The RivalsSet Construction
Mike Rhodes2002Absent FriendsSet Design and Build
Mike Rhodes2002AladdinSet Design and Construction
Mike Rhodes2003Abigail's PartySet Construction
Mike Rhodes2004Breezeblock ParkSet Construction
Mike Rhodes2005A Christmas CarolSet Construction
Mike Rhodes2006Dick WhittingtonSet Construction
Mike Rhodes2006Relatively SpeakingSet Construction
Mike Rhodes2007Look Back In AngerSet Construction
Mike Rhodes2007The Real Inspector HoundSet Construction
Mike Rhodes2008GaslightSet Construction
Mike Rhodes2008Hay FeverSet Construction
Mike Rhodes2008Snake In The GrassSet Construction
Mike Rhodes2009Come Blow Your HornSet Construction
Mike Rhodes2009Come Blow Your HornSet Painter/Help
Mike Rhodes2009Nobody's FoolSet Build
Mike Rhodes2009Separate TablesSet
Mike Rogerson1990Merry Wives of WindsorJohn, one of Ford's servants
Mike Rogerson1990Merry Wives of WindsorPistol, a follower of Falstaff
Mike Rogerson1991Much Ado About NothingDogberry
Mike Rogerson1992Up 'n' UnderDirector
Mike Rogerson1993Elegy for a LadyDirector
Mike Rogerson1994A Midsummer Night's DreamDirector
Mike Rogerson1995AmadeusDirector
Mike Rogerson1995Man Of The MomentDirector
Mike Rogerson1997Racing DemonDirector
Mike Rogerson1997The TempestDirector
Mike Rogerson1998Henry VPistol (married to Mistress Quickly)
Mike Rogerson2000A Midsummer Night's DreamDirector
Mike Rogerson2001Dancing At LunaghsaDirector
Mike Rogerson2002Broken GlassDirector
Mike Rogerson2002Make Way For LuciaSignor Cortese
Mike Rogerson2003Richard IIIDirector
Mike Rogerson2004As You Like ItDirector
Mike Rogerson2004WitSet Design
Mike Rogerson2005Beauty Queen of LeenaneDirector
Mike Rogerson2005Plaza SuiteFront of House
Mike Rogerson2007A Skull In ConnemaraDirector
Mike Rogerson2008Hay FeverHouse Manager
Mike Rogerson2008Much Ado About NothingDirector
Mike Rogerson2008Much Ado About NothingMusic
Mike Rogerson2009Separate TablesHouse Manager
Mike Rogerson2010Measure For MeasureDirector
Mike Rogerson2010Communicating DoorsDirector
Mike Rogerson2011Deep Blue SeaHouse Manager
Mike Rogerson2012The Lonesome WestDirector
Mike Rogerson2012A Midsummer Night's DreamASM
Mike Rogerson2013Polar BearsHouse Manager
Mike Rogerson2013If I Were YouDirector
Mike Rogerson2015The Thrill of LoveDirector
Mike Rogerson2015Entertaining AngelsHouse Manager
Mike Rogerson2015An Experiment with an Air PumpDirector
Mike Rogerson2016The PriceFurniture Acquisition
Mike Rogerson2016Life & BethHouse Manager
Mike Rogerson2017The Winter's TaleDirector
Mike Rogerson2018Alice's Adventures in WonderlandHouse Manager
Mike Rogerson2019The Playboy of the Western WorldDirector
Mike Rogerson2021Nell GwynnJoint Director
Mike Rogerson2022HarveyHouse Manager
Mike Rogerson2023The RiverDirector
Mike Stocks1974You Can't Take It With YouSet
Mike Stocks1989Jack and The BeanstalkSet Design
Mike Waterhouse1984Spring In The AirPerformer
Mike Waterhouse1984Toad Of Toad HallPoliceman
Mike Waterhouse1985When We Are MarriedHenry Ormonroyd
Mike Waterhouse1986The MilitantsAlderman Josih Malin
Mike Waterhouse1987Sleeping BeautyQueen Katherina
Mike Waterhouse1988The VigilPontius Pilate - the Governor
Mike Waterhouse1989Jack and The BeanstalkKing Nutcutlet
Mike Waterhouse1992Woman In MindGerald (her husband)
Mike Woodhead1996Hobson's ChoiceWilliam Mossop
Mike Woodhead1998Whose Life Is It AnywayJohn
Mike Woodhead2001Ernie's Incredible IllucinationsMike Woodhead
Mike Woodhead2002Hard TimesDirector
Milly Oliver2012Blithe SpiritChild's Voice
Miranda Rutter2000A Midsummer Night's DreamMusic
Miss Allen1931One Acts (1931)Properties
Miss Ballingall1929The SorcererClarinet
Miss Ballingall1929Trial By JuryClarinet
Miss Ballinghall1931Tom JonesClarinet
Miss Bamford1927Princess IdaViola
Miss Boon1933The RumourAssistant Property Mistress
Miss Brown1928PatienceSecond Violin
Miss Dean1933The RumourAssistant Property Mistress
Miss Dobson1931Tom JonesViolin
Miss Dunnington1931Tom JonesViolin (leader)
Miss Grenhalgh1927Princess IdaSecond Violin
Miss Hume1931Tom JonesMake Up
Miss Liddell1927Princess IdaFlute
Miss Lockhart1928PatienceFirst Violin
Miss Mason1931Tom JonesViolin
Miss Milnes1928PatienceSecond Violin
Miss Milnes1931Tom JonesViolin
Miss Morris1931Tom JonesViolin
Miss Moss1933The RumourAssistant Stage Director
Miss Nixon1931Tom JonesViolin
Miss Simpson1931Tom JonesViolin
Miss Stancliffe1931Tom JonesFlute
Miss Stancliffe1933The RumourAssistant Stage Director
Miss Thompson1931Tom JonesViolin
Miss Walsh1931Tom JonesViolin
Miss Walsh1928PatienceFirst Violin
Miss West1928PatienceFirst Violin
Miss Wilcox1927Princess IdaFirst Violin
Miss Wilkinson1931One Acts (1931)Properties
Mollie Langton1926The GondoliersContadine
Mollie Langton1927Princess IdaChorus
Molly Pistachio Shakespeare Kerr-Gibbons2005A Midsummer Night's Dream 2005Dog (Dog)
Montague Cooke1959Dear DelinquentSound
Morag Gray1992The Taming of the ShrewServant to Baptista / Villager
Morgan Morison1974As You Like ItSilvius (shepherd)
Morgan Morison1973A Midsummer Night's DreamRobin Starveling, a tailor
Morgan Morison1975The Odd CoupleMurray
Morgan Morison1972Twelfth NightAntonio, another sea-Captain
Morgan Wild2019Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Honey
Moyra Hampson1985Present LaughterLady Saltburn
Moyra Hampson1986The MilitantsScript Assistant
Moyra Hampson1987As You Like ItASM
Mr Agte1931Tom JonesViolin
Mr Ball1928PatienceTympani
Mr Ball1929The SorcererDrums
Mr Ball1929Trial By JuryDrums
Mr Frischmann1931Tom JonesCello
Mr Godlee1928PatienceViola
Mr Godlee1931Tom JonesViola
Mr Hardy1931Tom JonesTrombone
Mr Harker1928PatienceOboe
Mr Harrison1931Tom JonesOboe
Mr Haworth1928PatienceSecond Violin
Mr Hill1928PatienceFirst Violin
Mr Howarth1929The SorcererBass
Mr Howarth1929Trial By JuryBass
Mr Howarth1931Tom JonesViola
Mr Howarth1931Tom JonesBass
Mr Johnson1929The SorcererBassoon
Mr Johnson1929Trial By JuryBassoon
Mr Lewis1931Tom JonesClarinet
Mr Milburn1931Tom JonesViola
Mr Old1929The SorcererTrombone
Mr Old1929Trial By JuryTrombone
Mr Poval1931Tom JonesViolin
Mr Prendergast1960Rock BottomMiss Price
Mr Ridgeway1928PatienceFlute
Mr Rutherford1931Tom JonesFlute
Mr Seville1929The SorcererFlute
Mr Seville1929Trial By JuryFlute
Mr Spirey1931Tom JonesDrums
Mr Wandsworth1929The SorcererOboe
Mr Wandsworth1929Trial By JuryOboe
Mr Whitaker1926The GondoliersBassoon
Mr Whitaker1931Tom JonesBassoon
Mr Wild1926The GondoliersTrumpet
Mr Wild1929The SorcererTrumpet
Mr Wild1929Trial By JuryTrumpet
Mr Wild1931Tom JonesTrumpet
Mrs Beving1931Tom JonesProperties
Mrs Beving1930The Last of Mrs CheyneyProperties
Mrs Blease1929The SorcererHon Accompanist
Mrs Blease1929Trial By JuryHon Accompanist
Mrs Blease1931Tom JonesPiano
Mrs Blease1931Tom JonesHon. Accompanist
Mrs Brown1933The RumourProperty Mistress
Mrs Brown1931Tom JonesWardrobe
Mrs Bythell1928PatienceFirst Violin
Mrs Bythell1931Tom JonesViolin
Mrs Camden1928PatienceFirst Violin (leader)
Mrs Camden1929The SorcererLeader
Mrs Camden1929Trial By JuryLeader
Mrs Camden1927Princess IdaFirst Violin (leader)
Mrs Carter1931Tom JonesWardrobe
Mrs Clayton1931Tom JonesCello
Mrs Eva1927Princess IdaHon Wardrobe Mistress
Mrs Eva1928PatienceHon Wardrobe Mistress
Mrs Eva1929The SorcererHon Wardrobe Mistress
Mrs Eva1929Trial By JuryHon Wardrobe Mistress
Mrs Gilbert Ashworth1931One Acts (1931)Producer
Mrs Harcombe1927Princess IdaHon Wardrobe Mistress
Mrs Harcombe1928PatienceHon Wardrobe Mistress
Mrs Harcombe1929The SorcererHon Wardrobe Mistress
Mrs Harcombe1929Trial By JuryHon Wardrobe Mistress
Mrs Kelstrop1931Tom JonesViolin
Mrs Moscrop1931Tom JonesViolin
Mrs Mosscrop1928PatienceSecond Violin
Mrs Ogg1931Tom JonesViola
Mrs Peck1951Happiest Days Of Your Life (1951)Margery Goodger
Mrs Scott1927Princess IdaCello
Mrs Scott1928PatienceCello
Mrs Scott1931Tom JonesCello
Mrs Scott1929The SorcererCello
Mrs Scott1929Trial By JuryCello
Mrs Shepherd1931Tom JonesCello
Mrs Sowter1951Happiest Days Of Your Life (1951)Barbara Rhodes
Mrs Williamson1931One Acts (1931)Kate
Muriel Cohen1963The Scandalous Affair of Mr Kettle and Mrs MoonDelia Moon
Muriel Cohen1966Nude With ViolinAnya Pavlikov
Muriel M Price1929The SorcererChorus
Muriel M Price1929Trial By JuryVisitor
Muriel M Stafford1928PatienceChorus
Myrtle Bullock1980Loves Labour LostAttendants / Singer / Dancer
N Austin1926The GondoliersGondolier
N Austin1927Princess IdaChorus
N Bardsley1931Tom JonesChorus
N S Pearse1954Spring At MarinoHouse Manager
N S Pearse1958A Party For ChristmasDeputy House Manager
N S Pearse1959Angels In LoveDeputy House Manager
N S Pearse1959Dear DelinquentHouse Manager
N S Pearse1959Ring Around The MoonDeputy House Manager
N S Pearse1959Something To HideHouse Manager
N S Pearse1960A Touch of The SunDeputy House Manager
N S Pearse1960Rock BottomDeputy House Manager
N S Pearse1960The Queen and The WelshmanDeputy House Manager
N S Pearse1961From Five To Five-ThirtyHouse Manager
N S Pearse1961Not In The BookHouse Manager
N S Pearse1961The Chalk GardenHouse Manager
N S Pearse1972All For MaryHouse Manager
Naomi Ellwood1979Dick WhittingtonDancers
Naomi Patterson1993The Pied PiperCouncillor
Natalie Scappatticicci1993The Pied PiperMayor
Natasha Litwinenk2004WitSpecial Makeup Effects
Neil Biggs1958A Party For ChristmasStephen Firbanks
Neil Biggs1960Rock BottomRobert Clifton
Neil Biggs1960The Queen and The WelshmanHall, A Captain
Neil Biggs1961Not In The BookTimothy Gregg
Neil Biggs1962Hans, The Witch and The GobbinCastor, a Physician
Neil Biggs1964The Aspern PapersPasquale, HJs manservant
Neil Biggs1964The Irregular Verb To LoveMichael Vickers
Neil Biggs1965The Love of Four ColonelsColonel Aime Frappot
Neil Biggs1965The Rape Of The BeltTheseus
Neil Biggs1968A Man For All SeasonsKing Henry the Eigth
Neil Dury1976The Winter's TaleGaoler
Neil Myerson1980Loves Labour LostDumaine, A Lord attendant to the KIng
Neil Myerson1981Bell Book and CandleNicholas Holroyd
Neil Myerson1981Romeo and JulietGregory, of the Capulet Household
Neil Myerson1981Separate TablesMr Stratton
Neil Myerson1981Separate TablesMr Stratton
Neil Myerson1982She Stoops To ConquerPublicity
Neil Myerson1982Table MannersStage Manager
Neil Myerson1982The Comedy of ErrorsPublicity
Neil Roberts1982The Comedy of ErrorsOfficer
Niall McGovern2017The Winter's TaleFlorizel / Dion
Niamh Phelan2018Be My BabyMary
Niamh Phelan2023Hindle WakesFanny
Nicholas Blackburn1991Much Ado About NothingAttendant
Nicholas Blackburn1992The Taming of the ShrewServant to Baptista / Villager
Nicholas Johnston1974You Can't Take It With YouEd
Nicholas Worsley1987Sleeping BeautyFairy / Elf
Nick Brown2012Dumb WaiterGus
Nick Capey1985Present LaughterSet Construction
Nick Capey1986The AnniversaryAssistant Stage Manager
Nick Capey1993How The Other Half LovesLighting
Nick Capey1994Pass The ButlerNigel
Nick Capey1994Pass The ButlerSet Build
Nick Capey1995Man Of The MomentASM
Nick Capey1995Man Of The MomentExtras
Nick Capey1995The CrucibleSound
Nick Capey1996Born In The GardensTechnical Crew
Nick Capey1996Cabaret CapersPerformer
Nick Capey1996Chorus of DisapprovalCrispin Usher
Nick Capey1996Hobson's ChoiceFred Beenstock
Nick Capey1996Twelfth NightASM
Nick Capey1997Lady Windermere's FanStage Manager
Nick Capey1997Outside EdgeASM
Nick Capey1997The TempestBoatswain
Nick Capey1998A Collier's Tuesday TeaSet
Nick Capey2000A Midsummer Night's DreamPuck's Lad
Nick Capey2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandASM
Nick Capey2001An Evening of Alan AyckbournSet Construction
Nick Capey2001An Evening of Alan AyckbournStage Manager
Nick Capey2001The RivalsSet Construction
Nick Capey2001Wyrd SistersASM
Nick Capey2001Wyrd SistersSet Construction
Nick Capey2002AladdinDancer / Dragon / Citizens
Nick Capey2002AladdinSet Design and Construction
Nick Capey2002Broken GlassSet Construction
Nick Capey2002Broken GlassStage Manager
Nick Capey2003Mr WonderfulSet Construction
Nick Capey2003Mr WonderfulSet Design
Nick Capey2003Richard IIISet Construction
Nick Capey2004The Writing GameSet Construction
Nick Dodson1973And So To BedLighting
Nick Dodson1974As You Like ItDennis (servant of Oliver)
Nick Dodson1974As You Like ItLighting
Nick Dodson1974How The Other Half LovesLighting
Nick Dodson1974The Wild DuckJensen
Nick Dodson1974You Can't Take It With YouLighting
Nick Dodson1975Lloyd George Knew My FatherLighting
Nick Dodson1975The CrucibleLighting
Nick Dodson1975The Odd CoupleLighting
Nick Dodson1976Arms and The ManLighting
Nick Dodson1976GaslightLighting
Nick Dodson1976The Winter's TaleA Mariner
Nick Dodson1976The Winter's TaleLighting
Nick Dodson1976Winter JourneyLighting
Nick Dodson1977The Flip SideLighting
Nick Johnson1973A Midsummer Night's DreamFrancis Flute, a bellows mender
Nick Johnson1974How The Other Half LovesBob Phillips
Nick Johnson1975The Odd CoupleFelix Ungar
Nick Johnson1979Relatively SpeakingGreg
Nick Seymour1977Merry Wives of WindsorPeter Simple, Slender's servant
Nick Seymour1977The Importance of Being EarnestLane (Mr Moncrieff's manservant)
Nick Seymour1978All's Well That Ends WellDumaine Brother / Captain
Nick1976Five One ActsLighting, Noises off, and fights
Nicola Broomhead1987Sleeping BeautyFairy / Elf
Nicola Detheridge2023The RiverThe Woman
Nicola Mooney1992The Taming of the ShrewServant to Baptista / Villager
Nicola Mooney1993The Pied PiperWilly
Nicola Warren1979Don't Just Lie There - Say SomethingDamina
Nigel Hellon1973The Man Most Likely To...Lighting
Nigel Robinson1977The Flip SideSound
Noel Stewart1930The Last of Mrs CheyneyMrs Ebley (Cousin of Lord Dilling)
Noni Watkins1980Loves Labour LostAttendants / Singer / Dancer
Norah Cartwright1926The GondoliersContadine
Norah Cartwright1927Princess IdaChorus
Norah Cartwright1928PatienceChorus
Norah Cartwright1929The SorcererChorus
Norah Cartwright1929Trial By JuryVisitor
Norah Cartwright1931Tom JonesSusan (Serving Maid at Upton)
Norma Lane1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampCoolie, Courtier, Washerperson
Norma Morgan1981Separate TablesMabel
Norma Morgan1981Separate TablesMabel
Norma Rogerson1998The Darling Buds of MaySound
Norma Rogerson2012A Midsummer Night's DreamASM
Norma Rogerson2014All My SonsPrompt
Norman Austin1928PatienceChorus
Norman B Broadbent1928PatienceChorus
Norman B Broadbent1929The SorcererChorus
Norman B Broadbent1929Trial By JuryGentleman of the Jury
Norman B Broadbent1933The RumourLaminok, Przimia workman
Norman Morgan1980Loves Labour LostAttendants / Singer / Dancer
Norman Morgan1981Romeo and JulietCitizen / Servant
Norman Morgan1982The Glass MenagerieASM
Norman Whitelam1979Much Ado About NothingDon John, Don Pedro's bastard brother
Norman Whitelam1980Loves Labour LostDon Adriano de Armado, a fantastical Spaniard
Norman Whitelam1981Romeo and JulietChorus
Norman Whitelam1981Romeo and JulietEscalus, Prince of Verona
Norman Whitelam1982The Comedy of ErrorsEgeon
Norman Whitelam1983The Taming of the ShrewVincentio, an old gentleman of Pisa
Norman Whitelam1984The Merchant of VeniceThe Duke of Venice
Norman Whitelam1985A Midsummer Night's DreamRobin Starveling, a tailor
Norman Whitelam1986Twelfth NightSir Andrew Aguecheek, Sir Toby's Protege
Norman Whitelam1987As You Like ItCorin (shepherd)
Norman Whitelam1988The HeiressDr Austin Sloper
Norman Whitelam1989Romeo and JulietCapulet
Norman Whitelam1990Charley's AuntBrassett
Norman Whitelam1990Merry Wives of WindsorDoctor Caius, a French physician
O Milburn1929The SorcererFirst Violin
O Milburn1929Trial By JuryFirst Violin
Olive Allen1927Princess IdaChorus
Olive Allen1929The SorcererChorus
Olive Allen1929Trial By JuryVisitor
Olive Bradbury1973A Midsummer Night's DreamWardrobe
Olive Bradbury1973And So To BedWardrobe
Olive Bradbury1973The GazeboWardrobe
Olive Bradbury1975The Winslow BoyHouse Manager
Olive Bradbury1976Arms and The ManWardrobe
Olive Bradbury1976Hay FeverMyra Arundel
Olive Bradbury1977Merry Wives of WindsorWardrobe
Olive Bradbury1977Plaza SuiteProperties
Olive Bradbury1977The Flip SideHouse Manager
Olive Bradbury1977The Importance of Being EarnestPrompt
Olive Bradbury1978Farewell, Farewell EugenePeony Povis
Olive Bradbury1978Relative ValuesLady Cynthia Hayling
Olive Bradbury1978Relative ValuesWardrobe
Olive Bradbury1979Dick WhittingtonWardrobe
Olive Bradbury1979Much Ado About NothingLady of the Court of Messina
Olive Bradbury1980The EnquiryProbyn
Olive Bradbury1980The RivalsWardrobe
Olive Bradbury1980Trap for a Lonely ManThe Nurse
Olive Bradbury1981Separate TablesHouse Managers
Olive Bradbury1982Table MannersASM
Olive Bradbury1982The Comedy of ErrorsCourtesan
Olive Bradbury1982The Princess and The SwineherdWardrobe
Olive Bradbury1983See How They RunWardrobe
Olive Bradbury1984Outside EdgeProperties
Olive Bradbury1984Spring In The AirPerformer
Olive Bradbury1984The Murder of Maria MartenMrs. Marten (Wife of Thomas Marten)
Olive Bradbury1985When We Are MarriedWardrobe
Olive Bradbury1986Don't Listen LadiesWardrobe
Olive Bradbury1986The MilitantsLady Honoria Cumberleigh
Olive Bradbury1987Habeas CorpusMuriel Wicksteed
Olive Bradbury1987On Golden PondHouse Manager
Olive Bradbury1987The DresserWardrobe
Olive Bradbury1988Funeral DanceMrs Manister
Olive Bradbury1988The HeiressProperties
Olive Bradbury1988The Winter's TalePrompt
Olive Bradbury1989Jack and The BeanstalkFront of House Manager
Olive Bradbury1989Murder In The CathedralChorus
Olive Bradbury1989Romeo and JulietLady Montague
Olive Bradbury1990Charley's AuntWardrobe
Olive Bradbury1990Merry Wives of WindsorProduction Electricians
Olive Bradbury1990Stepping OutVera
Olive Bradbury1991Arms and The ManASM
Olive Bradbury1991Dark of the MoonMiss Metcalf
Olive Bradbury1991Much Ado About NothingHouse Manager
Olive Bradbury1992The Day After The FairWardrobe
Olive Bradbury1992The Taming of the ShrewHouse Management
Olive Bradbury1992Woman In MindContinuity
Olive Bradbury1993One ActASM
Olive Bradbury1993Witness for the ProsecutionProperties
Olive Bradbury1994A Month of SundaysMrs Baker
Olive Bradbury1995AmadeusWardrobe
Olive Bradbury1995The CrucibleMrs Ann Putnam
Olive Bradbury1996Hobson's ChoiceWardrobe
Olive Bradbury1997Lady Windermere's FanWardrobe
Olive Bradbury1998Henry VWardrobe
Olive Bradbury1998The Odd Couple (female version)Vera
Olive Bradbury1999Habeas CorpusMrs. Swab
Olive Bradbury1999PygmalionWardrobe
Olive Bradbury2000A Midsummer Night's DreamWardrobe
Olive Bradbury2000The Cemetery ClubDoris
Olive Bradbury2002Make Way For LuciaMiss Mapp
Olive Bradbury2003Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeLady Windermere, his aunt
Olive Bradbury2003Merry Wives of WindsorWardrobe
Olive Bradbury2004A Murder Is AnnouncedMrs Swettenham
Olive Bradbury2004Private LivesWardrobe
Olive Bradbury2005A Christmas CarolCostumes
Olive Bradbury2005A Midsummer's Night DreamWardrobe
Olive Bradbury2005Beauty Queen of LeenaneHouse Manager
Olive Bradbury2005When We Are MarriedMrs. Northrop
Olive Bradbury2006The WeekendFront Of House
Olive Bradbury2007TartuffeMme Pernelle, his mother
Olive Bradbury2008GaslightWardrobe
Olive Bradbury2008Hay FeverWardrobe
Olive Bradbury2009Come Blow Your HornHouse Manager
Olive Bradbury2009Separate TablesMrs Railton-Bell
Olive Bradbury2010Caramba's RevengeWardrobe
Olive Bradbury2010First Things FirstMargo
Olive Bradbury2010Communicating DoorsHouse Manager
Olive Bradbury2011Deep Blue SeaWardrobe
Olive Bradbury2012Blithe SpiritHouse Manager
Olive Bradbury2012Calendar GirlsWardrobe
Olive Bradbury2013Curious SavageLiaison
Olive Bradbury2013The Importance Of Being EarnestWardrobe
Olive Bradbury2014Veronica's RoomWardrobe
Olive Bradbury2015The Thrill of LoveHouse Manager
Olive Bradbury2015Entertaining AngelsWardrobe
Olive Bradbury2015An Experiment with an Air PumpWardrobe
Olive Bradbury2016Tommy BoyWardrobe
Olive Bradbury2017The LadykillersWardrobe
Olive Bradbury2018Be My BabyWardrobe
Olive Bradbury2019Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Wardrobe
Olive Keil1962Hans, The Witch and The GobbinQueen of the Forest
Olive Marchington1928PatienceChorus
Olive Marchington1931One Acts (1931)Lady Sims
Olive Marchington1931Tom JonesLettie Wheatcroft
Olive Pemberton1965Summer of the Seventh DollRoo Webber
Oliver Heggs1958A Party For ChristmasSound
Oliver Heggs1959Something To HideLighting
Oliver Heggs1972The Middle WatchStage Manager
Oliver Heggs Jnr1950The Importance of Being EarnestSound Effects
Oliver Heggs Jnr1950Waters Of The MoonSound Effects
Oliver Heggs Jnr1951Happiest Days Of Your Life (1951)Lighting
Oliver Turner2022Improbable FictionASM
Olivia Brewster1992Move Over Mrs MarkhamProperties
Olivia Jones2001Ernie's Incredible IllucinationsSoldier
Olivia Jones2003Merry Wives of WindsorLady of Windsor
Olivia Jones2003The Wind In The WillowsMouse Madeleine
Olivia Jones2003The Wind In The WillowsPortly - Young Otter
Olivia Jones2003The Wind In The WillowsRabbit Rebecca
Olivia Jones2005A Christmas CarolFan
Olivia Jones2005A Christmas CarolBelinda
Olivia Jones2006Dick WhittingtonChorus
Olivia Watkinson2003Merry Wives of WindsorServant / ASM
Olivia Wilkinson2001Wyrd SistersRobber / Guard / Player / Peasant
Olivia Wilkinson2003The Wind In The WillowsASM/Props
Owen le Blanc1991Arms and The ManNicola
Owen Morison1973A Midsummer Night's DreamThe Indian Boy
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