List of Players (D - I)

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Members who have contributed to at least one play, and their role.
Players are sorted by first name

D Aston1968A Man For All SeasonsASM
D Chadwick1927Princess IdaChorus
D G Edwards1933The RumourGeneral Moberley, commanding British Troops in Przimia
D Godfrey Nowell1953The Blind GoddessMr Mesel
D H Allen1930The Last of Mrs CheyneyHon Willie Wynton
D M Thomas1926The GondoliersPiano
D Milburn1929The SorcererViola
D Milburn1929Trial By JuryViola
D Moss1931Tom JonesStage Staff
D Moss1933The RumourAssistant Stage Director
Dahlia Elbowse1995StrewthMrs D'Arcy
Damien Higginson1983AladdinDancer
Dan Bishop2012A Midsummer Night's DreamOberon's Court
Dan Moore2003The Wind In The WillowsHedgehog Harry
Dan Moore2003The Wind In The WillowsMouse Martin
Dan Snape2000A Midsummer Night's DreamASM
Dan Snape2000A Midsummer Night's DreamMusic
Dan Snape2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandASM
Dan Snape2001Amy's ViewASM
Dan Snape2001Dancing At LunaghsaASM
Dan Snape2001The RivalsASM
Dan Snape2001The Taming of the ShrewSmithers
Dan Snape2002Absent FriendsStage Manager
Daniel Dale1987Sleeping BeautyFairy / Elf
Daniel Green1992The Murder of Maria MartinMrs Marten
Daniel King1953The Blind GoddessDirector
Daniel Lewis1998Henry VAltar Boy
Daniel Lewis1998Henry VBoy
Daniel Lewis1998Henry VHerald
Daniel Lewis1998The LarkJoan's brother
Daniel Lewis1998The LarkPage to the Dauphin
Daniel Lewis1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandWhite Rabbit
Daniel Lewis1999Children Of A Lesser GodOrin Dennis
Daniel Lewis1999Romeo and JulietBalthasar
Daniel Lewis1999Romeo and JulietSampson
Daniel Lewis1999Time Of My LifeAdam
Daniel Lewis2000A Midsummer Night's DreamPuck
Daniel Lewis2000Breaking The CodeRon Miller
Daniel Lewis2000Once A CatholicDerek
Daniel Lewis2000The Cemetery ClubSound
Daniel Lewis2001The Taming of the ShrewLucentio, son of Vincentio, in love with Bianca
Danielle Goodwin2012A Midsummer Night's DreamOberon's Court
Danielle Harvey2001Ernie's Incredible IllucinationsReceptionist
Dannii Lloyd2000Once A CatholicMary O'Grady
Danny Moriss1985A Midsummer Night's DreamCobweb
Daphne Clark1961From Five To Five-ThirtyMrs Boxer
Daphne Kawa1996Chorus of DisapprovalASM
Daphne Kawa1996Twelfth NightProperties
Daphne Kawa1997Lady Windermere's FanLady Plymdale
Daphne Kawa1997The TempestWardrobe
Daphne Kawa1998The Darling Buds of MayProperties
Daphne Kawa1998The Odd Couple (female version)Mickey
Daphne Kawa1998Whose Life Is It AnywayMrs. Boyle
Daphne Martin2003Merry Wives of WindsorLady of Windsor
Daphne Martin2007Romeo and JulietLady
Daphne Martyn2000Breaking The CodeSara Turing
Daphne Martyn2001Dancing At LunaghsaProperties
Daphne Martyn2002Broken GlassHarriet
Daphne Martyn2003The Wind In The WillowsMagistrate
Daphne Martyn2004A Murder Is AnnouncedProperties
Daphne Martyn2004Private LivesProperties
Daphne Martyn2005A Christmas CarolASM
Daphne Martyn2006Dick WhittingtonMarvel the Cat
Daphne Martyn2008Hay FeverASM (aka Amy)
Daphne Martyn2008Much Ado About NothingLady of Leonato's Court
Daphne Martyn2008Much Ado About NothingProperties
Daphne Martyn2009Separate TablesMiss Meacham
Darren Smith2004WitASM
Darren Smith2004WitDoctor / Student / Technician
Dave Atkinson2007A Skull In ConnemaraSet Construction
Dave Atkinson2007Romeo and JulietASM
Dave Atkinson2007Season's GreetingsSet Construction
Dave Atkinson2008GaslightSet Construction
Dave Atkinson2008Much Ado About NothingSet Construction
Dave Atkinson2012Blithe SpiritArt Dec Features
Dave Clarkson2022Single SpiesProps / ASM
Dave Dailey2004The Writing GameMusic (Composer and Producer)
Dave Eady1990Merry Wives of WindsorProduction Electricians
Dave Furnival1993The Comedy of ErrorsStage Manager
Dave Henderson1997The TempestFollow Spot
Dave Hodgson2007Romeo and JulietPage to Count Paris
Dave Midgley1993The Comedy of ErrorsBalthasar
Dave Midgley1993The Comedy of ErrorsFirst Merchant
Dave Midgley1993Witness for the ProsecutionPoliceman
Dave Midgley1994A Midsummer Night's DreamPeter Quince
Dave Midgley1994Pass The ButlerButler
Dave Midgley1995AmadeusLighting
Dave Midgley1995Between MouthfulsMartin
Dave Midgley1995Man Of The MomentDouglas Beechey
Dave Midgley1995Man Of The MomentSet Construction
Dave Midgley1995The CrucibleLighting
Dave Midgley1995The Merchant of VeniceTownsfolk
Dave Midgley1995The Merchant of VeniceTubal
Dave Midgley1996Chorus of DisapprovalDaffyd ap Llewellyn
Dave Midgley1996Twelfth NightFeste
Dave Midgley1997Lady Windermere's FanMr Hopper
Dave Midgley1997Outside EdgeKevin
Dave Midgley1997Someone Who'll Watch Over MeEdward
Dave Midgley1997Talking HeadsSound
Dave Midgley1997The TempestStephano, a drunk butler
Dave Midgley1998A Collier's Tuesday TeaAlbert Hepllethwaite
Dave Midgley1998Educating RitaFrank
Dave Midgley1998Henry VDuke of Orleans
Dave Midgley1998Henry VNym
Dave Midgley1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandSound
Dave Midgley1999Habeas CorpusCanon Throbbing
Dave Midgley1999Romeo and JulietProperties
Dave Midgley2001A Talk In The ParkCharles
Dave Midgley2001Gosforth's FeteGosforth
Dave Midgley2002Much Ado About NothingAntonio, his brother
Dave Midgley2003Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeStage Manager
Dave Midgley2003Merry Wives of WindsorSir John Falstaff
Dave Midgley2003Merry Wives of WindsorSir John Falstaff
Dave Midgley2003Mr WonderfulDrunk
Dave Midgley2003Mr WonderfulEric Box
Dave Midgley2003Mr WonderfulLop Wink
Dave Midgley2003Mr WonderfulSet Construction
Dave Midgley2003Mr WonderfulWaiter
Dave Midgley2003Richard IIILord Hastings
Dave Midgley2003Richard IIILord Lovell
Dave Midgley2004A Murder Is AnnouncedSound
Dave Midgley2004As You Like ItCourtier
Dave Midgley2004As You Like ItLe Beau
Dave Midgley2004As You Like ItPhotographs
Dave Midgley2004Private LivesASM
Dave Midgley2004Private LivesSound
Dave Midgley2004WitDirector
Dave Midgley2004WitSet Construction
Dave Midgley2005Beauty Queen of LeenaneSound
Dave Midgley2005Plaza SuiteSound
Dave Midgley2006Relatively SpeakingPhilip
Dave Midgley2007A Skull In ConnemaraSound
Dave Midgley2007Look Back In AngerSound
Dave Midgley2007The Real Inspector HoundBirdboot
Dave Midgley2013The HollowInspector Colquhoun
Dave Midgley2014Charley's AuntBrassett
Dave Ratcliff1993The Comedy of ErrorsCitizen of Ephesus
Dave Ratcliffe1994A Midsummer Night's DreamFriend / House Guest / Servant
David Atkinson2006The WeekendSet
David Atkinson2007Look Back In AngerSet Construction
David Atkinson2008Hay FeverSet Construction
David Atkinson2011Independent MeansAdditional Technical Support
David Bell1984Spring In The AirPerformer
David Booth1986Don't Listen LadiesLighting
David Booth1986The AnniversaryLighting
David Brown1999Romeo and JulietRomeo
David Cooper1960Rock BottomLighting
David Cooper1961Gilt and GingerbreadLighting
David Cooper1962Fool's ParadiseLighting
David Cooper1962The Man In The Bowler HatLighting
David Cooper1963The Scandalous Affair of Mr Kettle and Mrs MoonLighting
David Cooper1970All For MarySound
David Cowler1976The Winter's TaleLord
David Currie1985Present LaughterHouse Manager
David Currie1985Present LaughterSet Construction
David Eady1987Sleeping BeautySet Design and Construction
David Eady1988One ActBackstage Crew
David Eady1992The Taming of the ShrewTypesetting
David Foley1981Romeo and JulietCitizen / Servant
David Foreman1986The AnniversaryTerry's Kid
David Furnival1991Arms and The ManStage Manager
David Furnival1991Much Ado About NothingASM
David Furnival1992The Taming of the ShrewStage Manager
David Hamlyn1959Angels In LoveMolyneux, Earl of Dorincourt
David Hamlyn1959Dear DelinquentDavid Warren
David Hamlyn1960A Touch of The SunSir Joseph Vanderhoven
David Hamlyn1960The Queen and The WelshmanGentlemen's Dresser
David Hamlyn1961Subway In The SkyJoseph Hopkins
David Hamlyn1962All For MaryHumphrey Millar
David Hamlyn1971Birthday HonoursAlec Bestwood
David Hodgson2007Romeo and JulietGentleman
David Hodgson2008Much Ado About NothingBoy
David Hodgson2008Much Ado About NothingWatchman
David Hyde2014Dealing With ClairMike
David Hyde2014A Chorus of DisapprovalIan Hubbard
David Hyde2016Tommy BoyGeorge Arnold / Dai Evans
David Kaye1965The Amorous PrawnSam Goulansky
David Kaye1967The Tulip TreeDoctor Lennon
David Lamb1961Subway In The SkyLighting
David Melliar-Smith1982Puss In BootsLighting
David Melliar-Smith1982Puss In BootsSet construction
David Melliar-Smith1983AladdinSet Building
David Melliar-Smith1986Mother GooseSet Construction
David Melliar-Smith1986The MilitantsStaging Crew
David Melliar-Smith1987Habeas CorpusSound
David Melliar-Smith1987Sleeping BeautySet Design and Construction
David Melliar-Smith1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandSet Construction
David Melliar-Smith1999Habeas CorpusSet Construction
David Melliar-Smith2000A Midsummer Night's DreamProperties and Staging
David Melliar-Smith2000Don't Dress For DinnerSet Build
David Melliar-Smith2000Once A CatholicASM
David Melliar-Smith2001An Evening of Alan AyckbournSet Construction
David Melliar-Smith2001Dancing At LunaghsaStage Manager
David Melliar-Smith2001Wyrd SistersSet Construction
David Melliar-Smith2001Wyrd SistersStage Manager
David Melliar-Smith2003Abigail's PartySet Construction
David Melliar-Smith2003The Wind In The WillowsSetting
David Melliar-Smith2004A Murder Is AnnouncedSet Design and Construction
David Melliar-Smith2004Breezeblock ParkFront of House
David Melliar-Smith2005Beauty Queen of LeenaneStage Manager
David Melliar-Smith2005Beauty Queen of LeenaneSet Construction
David Melliar-Smith2006Dick WhittingtonSet Design
David Melliar-Smith2006Dick WhittingtonSet Construction
David Melliar-Smith2006The Memory Of WaterStage Manager
David Melliar-Smith2006The WeekendFront Of House
David Melliar-Smith2008Snake In The GrassHouse Manager
David Melliar-Smith2009Come Blow Your HornSet Painter/Help
David Melliar-Smith2010First Things FirstHouse Manager
David Melliar-Smith2011MacbethHouse Manager
David Melliar-Smith2011Children's DayHouse Manager
David Melliar-Smith2012The Lonesome WestHouse Manager
David Melliar-Smith2013Wife Begins At FortyHouse Manager
David Melliar-Smith2013The Importance Of Being EarnestHouse Manager
David Melliar-Smith2015The SteamieHouse Manager
David Morris1991Much Ado About NothingThe Watch
David Owen Mellor1998Henry VCaptain MacMorris
David Owen Mellor1998Henry VDuke of Gloucester (brother of the king)
David Owen Mellor1998The LarkCaptain La Hire
David Quaife1996Chorus of DisapprovalSet
David Quaife1997Lady Windermere's FanLighting
David Quaife1998The LarkArchbishop of Rheims
David Quaife1999Children Of A Lesser GodDesign
David Quaife1999Children Of A Lesser GodDirector
David Quaife1999Habeas CorpusDirector
David Quaife2004As You Like ItAdam
David Quaife2004As You Like ItCourtier
David Ramsdale2005Beauty Queen of LeenaneGraphic Design
David Reynolds1964The Wind and the RainRoger Cole
David Reynolds1965The Amorous PrawnPrivate Willie Maltravers
David Reynolds1966Nude With ViolinClinton Preminger, Junior
David Reynolds1967The Sleeping PrincePeter
David Reynolds1968A Man For All SeasonsMaster Richard Rich
David Reynolds1968Semi-DetachedNigel Hadfield
David Reynolds1970Black ComedyBrindsley Miller
David Reynolds1970Ring Round the MoonRomainville
David Reynolds1972Twelfth NightAttendant / Citizen
David Reynolds1972Twelfth NightSir Andrew Aguecheek, Sir Toby's Protege
David Reynolds1973A Midsummer Night's DreamDemetrius, suitor to Hermia
David Reynolds1973The GazeboElliot Nash
David Reynolds1974As You Like ItDuke Senior (a banished Duke)
David Reynolds1974The Wild DuckHouse Manager
David Reynolds1975The CrucibleHerrick
David Reynolds1976GaslightMr. Manningham
David Reynolds1976Mixed DoublesGroom
David Reynolds1976Mixed DoublesHarry
David Reynolds1976The Winter's TaleCamillo
David Reynolds1977Merry Wives of WindsorFrank Ford, another citzen of Windsor
David Reynolds1977The Flip SideJulian
David Reynolds1977The Importance of Being EarnestJohn Worthing J.P.
David Reynolds1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampWidow Twankey - Take-away Chinese Laundry Owner
David Reynolds1979Dick WhittingtonKing Rat (a potent rodent)
David Reynolds1979Much Ado About NothingBenedick of Padua, companion of Don Pedro
David Reynolds1979Don't Just Lie There - Say SomethingBarry Ovis MP
David Reynolds1980Loves Labour LostCostard, a Clown
David Reynolds1981Romeo and JulietMercutio, Kinsman of the Prince and friend of Romeo
David Reynolds1982The Comedy of ErrorsAntipholus of Syracuse
David Reynolds1982The Glass MenagerieTom
David Reynolds1983The Taming of the ShrewGrumio, servant to Pertruchio
David Reynolds1984Toad Of Toad HallToad
David Reynolds1985A Midsummer Night's DreamOberon, King of the Fairies
David Reynolds1986AlbertAlbert
David Reynolds1986Twelfth NightMalvolio, Olivia's steward
David Reynolds1987As You Like ItJaques (nobleman)
David Reynolds1987Habeas CorpusDr. Arthur Wicksteed
David Reynolds1988The Winter's TaleAutolycus, arogue
David Reynolds1989Jack and The BeanstalkSnitch
David Reynolds1989Murder In The CathedralArchbishop Thomas Beckett
David Reynolds1990Charley's AuntLord Fancourt Babberley
David Reynolds1990Seasons GreetingsBernard
David Reynolds1991The Chalk GardenMaitland
David Reynolds1992Move Over Mrs MarkhamHenry
David Reynolds1992The Taming of the ShrewPetruchio, a gentleman of Verona, suitor of Katherina
David Reynolds1994A Midsummer Night's DreamOberon
David Reynolds1994Crown MatrimonialDavid, King Edward VIII
David Reynolds1994The EntertainerArchie Rice
David Reynolds1995AmadeusAntonio Salieri
David Reynolds1997The TempestAntonio, Prospero's brother
David Reynolds1998Henry VArchbishop of Canterbury
David Reynolds1998Henry VChorus
David Reynolds1998Henry VDuke of Britaine
David Reynolds1998Henry VDuke of Burgundy
David Reynolds1998Henry VSir Thomas Erpingham
David Reynolds1998Henry VThe Governor of Harfleur
David Reynolds1998The LarkCauchon
David Reynolds1999PygmalionHenry Higgins
David Reynolds2000A Midsummer Night's DreamTheseus, the Duke
David Reynolds2000Breaking The CodeAlan Turing
David Reynolds2002Broken GlassPhillip Gellburg
David Reynolds2002Much Ado About NothingLeonato,Governor of Messina
David Reynolds2003Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeBaines, the Butler
David Reynolds2003The Wind In The WillowsRatty
David Reynolds2004A Murder Is AnnouncedInspector Craddock
David Reynolds2004Private LivesElyot Chase
David Reynolds2005A Midsummer's Night DreamPhilostrate (Master of the Revels)
David Reynolds2005A Midsummer's Night DreamAssistant Director
David Reynolds2006The WeekendStephen Febble
David Reynolds2006Twelfth NightMalvolio (steward to Olivia)
David Reynolds2007TartuffeKing's Officer
David Reynolds2009The 3 MusketeersCardinal Richelieu
David Reynolds2010Caramba's RevengeAugustus
David Reynolds2010The Unexpected GuestJulian Farrar
David Reynolds2012A Midsummer Night's DreamOberon (King of the Fairies)
David Reynolds2015Entertaining AngelsBardolph
David Reynolds2016QuartetReggie
David Reynolds2017The Winter's TaleCamillo
David Reynolds2018Alice's Adventures in WonderlandCaterpillar / Gryphon
David Reynolds2021Nell GwynnLord Arlington
David Reynolds2022Single SpiesHouse Manager
David Reynolds2022Ladies of Importance - Lady Bracknell's ReturnMarcus
David Reynolds2023The Hound of the BaskervillesGuest introduction
David Short1959Dear DelinquentLighting
David Short1960A Touch of The SunLighting
David Short1961From Five To Five-ThirtySound
David Short1961Not In The BookSound
David Short1961The Chalk GardenStage Manager
David Short1962Fool's ParadiseStage Manager
David Short1962Seven Set SailSound
David Short1962The Man In The Bowler HatStage Manager
David Short1963Duet For Two HandsLighting
David Short1964The Aspern PapersLighting
David Short1967The Tulip TreeStage Manager
David Thirsk1986The AnniversaryTerry's Kid
David Vernon1958A Party For ChristmasAnthony Davidson
David Vernon1959Angels In LoveSound
David Vernon1959Ring Around The MoonSound
David Vernon1960A Touch of The SunSound
David Vernon1961All For MaryAlphonse
David Vernon1961Gilt and GingerbreadJoseph Field
David Vernon1962Hans, The Witch and The GobbinSylvester, a Swinherd
David Watkins1974As You Like ItAmiens (nobleman)
David Watkins1974As You Like ItLord
David Watkins1978All's Well That Ends WellFrench Soldier
David Watkins1980Loves Labour LostAttendants / Singer / Dancer
David Watson1952The Browning VersionJohn Taplow
David Wheatcroft1987Sleeping BeautyCourt Physician
David Wheatcroft1988The VigilThe Night Watchman
David Wood1976Arms and The ManASM
David Wood1976The Winter's TaleASM
David Wood1977Merry Wives of WindsorASM
Davinia Devine1987Sleeping BeautyFairy / Elf
Davinia Devine1987Sleeping BeautyYoung Fairy Appleblossom
Debbie Carsberg1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampDancer
Debbie Carsborg1977Merry Wives of WindsorRobin, Falstaff's Page
Debbie Curry1985A Midsummer Night's DreamPeaseblossom
Debbie Fender1984Toad Of Toad HallAnimals
Debbie Fender1986Mother GooseChorus
Debbie Goodman2003Abigail's PartyASM
Debbie Goodman2003Abigail's PartySet Construction
Debbie Goodman2003The Wind In The WillowsASM/Props
Debbie Goodman2004As You Like ItCourtier
Debbie Goodman2004Private LivesStage Manager
Debbie Goodman2004The Writing GameASM
Debbie Goodman2004The Writing GameProperties
Debbie Goodman2004WitASM
Debbie Goodman2004WitProperties
Debbie Goodman2005When We Are MarriedAssistant Director
Debbie Irving1989Jack and The BeanstalkPrincess Stephaine
Debbie Jones1986Mother GooseChorus
Debbie Jones1987Sleeping BeautyLady in Waiting
Debbie Jones1989Red Hot CindersLily
Debbie Monaghan2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandU.V. Movement
Debbie Monaghan2001Wyrd SistersGumridge
Debbie Monaghan2001Wyrd SistersRobber / Guard / Player / Peasant
Deborah Irving1998The LarkThe Young Queen
Deborah Irving2000A Midsummer Night's DreamFirst Fairy
Deborah Monaghan2000Once A CatholicMary Murphy
Deborah Monaghan2001The Taming of the ShrewAlehouse Reveller
Deborah Smart1974As You Like ItLady / Hymens Attendant
Deborah Taylor1999Romeo and JulietServant / Citizen
Deborah Taylor2000Breaking The CodePat Green
Deborah Taylor2001The RivalsJulia Melville
Deborah Taylor2001Wyrd SistersMagrat Garlick
Deborah Taylor2002Hard TimesSound
Deborah Taylor2003Abigail's PartyAngela
Deborah Taylor2003Merry Wives of WindsorAnne Page, their daughter
Deborah Taylor2003Richard IIILady Anne, widow of Edward Prince of Wales
Deborah Taylor2004Breezeblock ParkSound
Deborah Taylor2004The Writing GameDirector
Deborah Taylor2004The Writing GameSet Construction
Debra Currie1984Toad Of Toad HallAnimals
Debra Currie1984Toad Of Toad HallMarigold
Debs Taylor2001Dancing At LunaghsaChris
Debs Taylor2003Mr WonderfulSet Construction
Debs Taylor2004As You Like ItCelia
Dee Firth1977Merry Wives of WindsorASM
Deidre King1973A Midsummer Night's DreamFairy
Deni Panter1995StrewthThe Major Heni
Denis Higgins1961Not In The BookInspector Malcolm
Denis Higgins1965Summer of the Seventh DollBarney Ibbot
Denis Higgins1966The Happiest Days of Your LifeRupert Billings
Denis Higgins1966The ManSound
Denis Higgins1967The Sleeping PrinceFirst Footman
Denise Burrows1984The Merchant of VeniceTicket Secretary
Denise Soussi2004Breezeblock ParkProperties
Denise Soussi2011Deep Blue SeaASM
Denise Soussi2011Fallen AngelsProperties
Denise Soussi2011Children's DayStage Manager
Denise Soussi2012The Lonesome WestLiaison
Denise Soussi2012The Lonesome WestProperties
Denise Soussi2013Curious SavageProperties
Denise Soussi2014All My SonsASM/Props
Denise Soussi2015DuetsASM/Props
Denise Soussi2015The SteamieASM
Denise Soussi2017HandbaggedProps/ASM
Denise Soussi2017HandbaggedTicket Secretary
Denise Soussi2017The Winter's TaleProps
Denise Soussi2018Be My BabyTicket Secretary
Denise Soussi2018The WeirTicket Secretary
Denise Soussi2019Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect NonsenseTicket Secretary
Denise Soussi2019Whisky GaloreTicket Secretary
Denise Soussi2021Nell GwynnTicket Secretary
Denise Soussi2022Improbable FictionTicket Secretary
Denise Soussi2022Ladies of ImportanceTicket Secretary
Denise Soussi2023The Hound of the BaskervillesTicket Secretary
Dennis Higgins1959Something To HideMr Purdie
Dennis Higgins1960The Queen and The WelshmanGaoler
Dennis Higgins1961Subway In The SkyBaxter Grant
Dennis Higgins1965The Amorous PrawnCorporal Sydney Green
Dennis Lea1994A Midsummer Night's DreamTheseus
Dennis Moss1931One Acts (1931)Electrician
Dennis Moss1931Tom JonesPost Boy
Denovan Nowell1959Dear DelinquentDet Sgt Pidgeon
Denovan Nowell1962Hans, The Witch and The GobbinRufus, a King
Denovan Nowell1965The Amorous PrawnMajor-General Sir Hamish Fitzadam, KBE, CB, DSO
Denovan Nowell1966The Touch Of FearSupt Bandford
Denovan Nowell1972The Middle WatchAh Fong
Denovan Nowell1974The Wild DuckHaakon Werle
Denovan Nowell1975The CrucibleReverend John Hale
Denovan Nowell1976GaslightHouse Managers
Denoven Nowell1966The ManMr Armstrong
Denoven Nowell1976Hay FeverRichard Greatham
Derek Cleal1992The Day After The FairArthur Harnham
Derek Cleal1992The Taming of the ShrewPedant of Mantua, setup to impersonate Vincetio
Derek Cleal1993A Woman of No ImportanceLord Illingworth
Derek Cleal1993How The Other Half LovesFrank Foster
Derek Slater1993Witness for the ProsecutionMr Mayhew (a solicitor)
Derek Slater2000Don't Dress For DinnerDirector
Derek Slater2000Don't Dress For DinnerSet Design
Derek Slater2002Absent FriendsDirector
Derek Slater2006BetrayalDirector
Derek Slater2007Look Back In AngerDirector
Derek Slater2009Humble BoyDirector
Derek Ward1963The Scandalous Affair of Mr Kettle and Mrs MoonDr Grenock
Derran Castellani1989Romeo and JulietServant / Citizen
Derran Castellani1993The Comedy of ErrorsCitizen of Ephesus
Di Donald2000A Midsummer Night's DreamWardrobe
Di Donald2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandMake-up Design
Di Donald2000Don't Dress For DinnerWardrobe
Di Donald2001An Evening of Alan AyckbournWardrobe
Di Donald2001The Taming of the ShrewWardrobe
Di Donald2001Wyrd SistersWardrobe
Di Donald2002Much Ado About NothingAssistant to Wardrobe Mistress
Di Donald2003Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeWardrobe
Di Donald2003The Wind In The WillowsWardrobe
Di Donald2004As You Like ItCostumes
Di Donald2004Breezeblock ParkWardrobe
Di Donald2006BetrayalWardrobe
Di Donald2006Twelfth NightWardrobe
Di James2008The FatherWardrobe
Di James2009Come Blow Your HornWardrobe
Di James2009It Runs In The FamilyWardrobe
Di James2011Deep Blue SeaWardrobe
Di James2011FAllen AngelsWardrobe
Di James2011Children's DayWardrobe
Di James2012Blithe SpiritWardrobe
Di James2013The HollowWardrobe
Di James2013If I Were YouWardrobe
Di James2014All My SonsWardrobe
Di James2014A Chorus of DisapprovalWardrobe
Di James2015DuetsWardrobe
Di James2015The 39 StepsWardrobe
Di James2015The SteamieWardrobe
Di James2016TwoWardrobe
Di James2016Relatively SpeakingWardrobe
Di James2017HandbaggedWardrobe
Di James2017Vincent in BrixtonWardrobe
Di James2017The Winter's TaleWardrobe
Di James2018We Are Three SistersWardrobe
Di James2018Alice's Adventures in WonderlandWardrobe
Di James2019Ladies' DayASM/Props/Wardrobe
Di James2019Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect NonsenseWardrobe
Di James2019Whisky GaloreWardrobe
Di James2021Nell GwynnWardrobe
Di James2022Single SpiesWardrobe
Di James2022Improbable FictionWardrobe
Di James2022Ladies of ImportanceWardrobe
Di James2022HarveyWardrobe
Di James2023These Shining LivesWardrobe
Di James2023Hindle WakesWardrobe
Diana Boswell1978All's Well That Ends WellHelen
Diana Boswell1979Don't Just Lie There - Say SomethingJean Fenton
Diana Boswell1979Much Ado About NothingHero, Leonato's daughter
Diana Boswell1980Loves Labour LostMaria
Diana Boswell1980The RivalsJulia
Diana Boswell1980Trap for a Lonely ManThe Woman
Diana Boswell1981Bell Book and CandleWardrobe
Diana Boswell1982Table MannersRuth
Diana Boswell1983See How They RunPrompt
Diana Boswell1983The Taming of the ShrewBianca, daughter of Baptista
Diana Boswell1984The Merchant of VeniceJessica
Diana Boswell1985A Midsummer Night's DreamTitania, Queen of the Fairies
Diana Boswell1985Bedroom FarceJan
Diana Boswell1985Present LaughterLiz Essendine
Diana Boswell1986Mother GoosePricilla (The Goose)
Diana Boswell1986The AnniversaryAssistant Stage Manager
Diana Boswell1986The MilitantsWardrobe
Diana Boswell1986Twelfth NightAttendant / Citizen
Diana Boswell1987As You Like ItPhebe (shepherdess)
Diana Boswell1987On Golden PondHouse Manager
Diana Boswell1987Sleeping BeautyAlmitira (a bad fairy)
Diana Boswell1988The HeiressWardrobe
Diana Boswell1988The Winter's TaleLady in Waiting
Diana Boswell1989Jack and The BeanstalkDaisy-Bell (cow)
Diana Boswell1989Jack and The BeanstalkPersephone (duck)
Diana Boswell1989Romeo and JulietLady Capulet
Diana Boswell1990Merry Wives of WindsorDancer
Diana Boswell1990Seasons GreetingsASM
Diana Boswell1990Stepping OutMaxine
Diana Boswell1991Arms and The ManCatherine Petkoff
Diana Boswell1991Dark of the MoonDark Witch
Diana Boswell1991Dark of the MoonWardrobe
Diana Boswell1991Much Ado About NothingBeatrice, an orphan, Leonato's neice
Diana Boswell1992Up 'n' UnderKit
Diana Boswell1993A Woman of No ImportanceLady Hunstanton
Diana Boswell1993How The Other Half LovesFiona Foster
Diana Boswell1993One ActWardrobe
Diana Boswell1993The Comedy of ErrorsCourtesan
Diana Boswell1993Witness for the ProsecutionMiss Brogan-Moore (barrister)
Diana Boswell1994Pass The ButlerPrompt
Diana Boswell1994The EntertainerWardrobe
Diana Boswell1995AmadeusThe Venticelli
Diana Boswell1995Man Of The MomentJill Rillington
Diana Boswell1995The Merchant of VeniceWardrobe
Diana Boswell1996Born In The GardensPrompt
Diana Boswell1996Hobson's ChoiceProperties
Diana Boswell1996Twelfth NightWardrobe
Diana Boswell1997Lady Windermere's FanDuchess of Berwick
Diana Boswell1997Outside EdgeMiriam
Diana Boswell1997The TempestJuno
Diana Boswell1998Henry VMistress Quickly, hostess of the tavern
Diana Boswell1998The Odd Couple (female version)Properties
Diana Boswell1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandMock Turtle / Pigeon
Diana Boswell1999Habeas CorpusWardrobe
Diana Boswell2000A Midsummer Night's DreamMustartseed
Diana Boswell2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandMock Turtle / Pigeon
Diana Boswell2000DeathtrapPrompt
Diana Boswell2000The Cemetery ClubProperties & ASM
Diana Boswell2001A Talk In The ParkDoreen
Diana Boswell2001Dancing At LunaghsaSet Design
Diana Boswell2001Gosforth's FeteMrs Pearce
Diana Boswell2001The RivalsSet Construction
Diana Boswell2002Make Way For LuciaMrs Emmeline Lucas (Lucia)
Diana Boswell2002Much Ado About NothingAssistant to Wardrobe Mistress
Diana Boswell2003Abigail's PartyProperties
Diana Boswell2003Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeProperties
Diana Boswell2003Richard IIIQueen Margaret, widow of Henry VI
Diana Boswell2003The Wind In The WillowsDresser
Diana Boswell2004As You Like ItCourtier
Diana Boswell2004As You Like ItHymen
Diana Boswell2004As You Like ItLady of The Court
Diana Boswell2005A Christmas CarolMrs Cratchit
Diana Boswell2005A Christmas CarolProp Construction
Diana Boswell2005A Midsummer's Night DreamWardrobe
Diana Boswell2005Beauty Queen of LeenanePrompt
Diana Boswell2005Death and the MaidenProperties
Diana Boswell2005When We Are MarriedAnnie Parker
Diana Boswell2006BetrayalPrompt
Diana Boswell2006The WeekendASM
Diana Boswell2006The WeekendMrs Finlay
Diana Boswell2006Twelfth NightMaria (gentlewoman in Olivia's Household)
Diana Boswell2007TartuffeDorine, their maid
Diana Boswell2007Romeo and JulietProperties
Diana Boswell2007Season's GreetingsPhyllis
Diana Boswell2008GaslightPrompt
Diana Boswell2008Hay FeverPrompt
Diana Boswell2008Snake In The GrassWardrobe
Diana Boswell2008The FatherProperties
Diana Boswell2010Measure For MeasureMistress Overdone, a bawd
Diana Boswell2010Caramba's RevengeRose
Diana Boswell2010Communicating DoorsPrompt
Diana Boswell2011Deep Blue SeaPrompt
Diana Boswell2011Independent MeansMrs Forsyth
Diana Boswell2012Gosforth's FeteMrs Pearce
Diana Boswell2012Steel MagnoliasWardrobe
Diana Boswell2012The Lonesome WestPrompt
Diana Boswell2013Polar BearsPrompt
Diana Boswell2013Curious SavageEthel Savage
Diana Boswell2013If I Were YouPrompt
Diana Boswell2014Dealing With ClairPrompt
Diana Boswell2014A Chorus of DisapprovalEnid Washbrook
Diana Boswell2014Veronica's RoomPrompt
Diana Boswell2015Entertaining AngelsGrace
Diana Boswell2015An Experiment with an Air PumpDécor
Diana Boswell2015The SteamiePrompt
Diana Boswell2016Tommy BoyPrompt
Diana Boswell2016The PriceASM
Diana Boswell2017HandbaggedThe Queen
Diana Boswell2017Vincent in BrixtonPrompt
Diana Boswell2017Talking HeadsASM/Props
Diana Boswell2017The Winter's TaleASM
Diana Boswell2018The WeirASM /Props
Diana Boswell2018Alice's Adventures in WonderlandCheshire Cat / Pidgeon
Diana Boswell2019Ladies' DayASM/Props
Diana Boswell2019The Playboy of the Western WorldPrompt
Diana Boswell2019Whisky GaloreASM
Diana Boswell2020April in ParisRehearsal Prompt
Diana Boswell2021Nell GwynnPrompt
Diana Boswell2022Improbable FictionASM
Diana Boswell2022HarveyMrs Chauvenet / Set Design
Diana Boswell2023The RiverPrompt / Assistant Director
Diana Boswell2023Hindle WakesPrompt
Diana Harker1966The Happiest Days of Your LifeMiss Gossage
Diana Harker1966The ManDirector
Diana Lomas1987Habeas CorpusFelicity Rumpers
Diane Donald2000Once A CatholicCostumes
Diane Lomas1987As You Like ItAudrey (a country wench)
Diane Lomas1987Sleeping BeautyPrince Patanerella
Diane Thomas1988The VigilBeulah - a Barmaid
Dianne Honeyman1974How The Other Half LovesProduction Assistant
Dick Salem1976Winter JourneyLarry
Dick Salem1978Relative ValuesDon Lucas
Dilys Mason1969The Waltz of The ToreadorsMme. Dupont-Fredaine
Dilys Mason1970Hedda GablerHedda Gabler, his wife
Dilys Mason1970Ring Round the MoonCapulet
Dilys Mason1972A View From A BridgeDirector
Dilys Mason1972Twelfth NightAttendant / Citizen
Dilys Mason1972Twelfth NightDirector
Dilys Mason1976The Winter's TaleDirector
Dilys Mason1978All's Well That Ends WellMariana, a friend of the Widow
Dilys Mason1978Relative ValuesFelicity, Countess of Marshwood
Dilys Mason1979The Lion In WinterDirector
Dilys Mason1982The Glass MenagerieAmanda
Dilys Mason1982The Princess and The SwineherdDirector
Dilys Mason1984The Merchant of VeniceDirector
Dilys Mason1984Toad Of Toad HallStage Manager
Dilys Mason1985Present LaughterProperties
Dilys Mason1985When We Are MarriedDirector
Dilys Mason1985When We Are MarriedSet Design
Dilys Mason1986The AnniversaryMum
Dilys Mason1988The HeiressMrs Lavinia Penniman (his sister)
Dilys Mason1988The Winter's TaleTime
Dilys Mason1989Romeo and JulietDirector
Dilys Mason1991Dark of the MoonDirector
Dilys Mason1991The Chalk GardenMiss Madrigal
Dilys Mason1995The CrucibleDirector
Dilys Mason1996Hobson's ChoiceMrs Hepworth
Dilys Slater1983See How They RunMiss Skillon
Dilys Slater1990Charley's AuntFront Of House
Dilys Slater199184 Charing Cross RoadContinuity
Dilys Slater1995After MagritteMother
Dom Bingle2009The 3 MusketeersCardinal's Guard
Dominic Bird (aged 5)2011Children's DayDrawings In The Programme
Dominic Norton1986Mother GooseChorus
Dominic Norton1986Twelfth NightPage
Dominic Norton1987On Golden PondBilly Ray
Dominic Shaw1983The Taming of the ShrewDancer
Donald Aston1952Harlequinade (1952)Assistant Stage Manager
Donald Aston1952The Browning VersionAssistant Stage Manager
Donald Aston1953The Blind GoddessASM
Donald Aston1953The HollowStage Manager
Donald Aston1959Dear DelinquentStage Manager
Donald Aston1959Something To HideStage Manager
Donald Aston1960The Queen and The WelshmanStage Manager
Donald Aston1961Subway In The SkyStage Manager
Donald Pearce1953The Blind GoddessStage Manager
Donald Pearse1950Waters Of The MoonStage Manager
Donald Pearse1952Harlequinade (1952)Stage Manager
Donald Pearse1952The Browning VersionStage Manager
Donald Pearse1954Spring At MarinoStage Manager
Donald Pearse1950The Importance of Being EarnestLighting
Donald Pearse1959Angels In LoveStage Manager
Donald Pearse1959Ring Around The MoonStage Manager
Donna Coyle1987Sleeping BeautyCook
Donna Coyle1987Sleeping BeautyLady in Waiting
Donna Johnstone2021Nell GwynnASM / House Manager
Donna Johnstone2022God of CarnageHouse Manager
Donna Johnstone2022Improbable FictionHouse Manager
Donna Johnstone2022Ladies of ImportanceHouse Manager
Donovan Nowell1973A Midsummer Night's DreamTheseus, Duke of Athens
Dora Roberts1926The GondoliersContadine
Doreen Donnan1981Romeo and JulietCitizen / Servant
Doreen Donnan1982The Comedy of ErrorsCitizen / Servant
Doreen Donnan1986Mother GooseChorus
Doreen Donnan1990Merry Wives of WindsorDancer
Doreen Donnan1991Dark of the MoonFair Witch
Doreen Donnan1991Much Ado About NothingAttendant
Doreen Donnan2012A Midsummer Night's DreamOberon's Court
Doreen Donnan2013Polar BearsASM
Doreen Donnan2013The Importance Of Being EarnestASM
Doreen Donnan2015Entertaining AngelsASM/Props
Doreen Donnan2016QuartetASM
Doreen Johnson1964The Aspern PapersAssunta, the maid
Doreen Johnson1975The CrucibleRebecca Nurse
Doreen Johnson1976Arms and The ManCatherine Petkoff
Doreen Johnson1976Hay FeverHouse Manager
Doreen Johnson1976The Winter's TalePrompt
Doreen Johnson1976Winter JourneyHouse Manager
Doreen Johnson1977Plaza SuitePrompt
Doreen Johnson1978All's Well That Ends WellTicket Manager
Doreen Johnson1981Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeLady Julia Merton
Doreen Johnson1981Romeo and JulietTicket Secretary
Doreen Johnson1982She Stoops To ConquerTicket Secretary
Doreen Johnson1982The Comedy of ErrorsTicket Secretary
Doreen Johnson1987Sleeping BeautyHouse Manager
Doreen Johnson1989Jack and The BeanstalkTicket Secretary
Doreen Johnson1993The Late Miss CordellDirector
Doreen Johnson1995Between MouthfulsDirector
Doreen Townsend1992The Murder of Maria MartinJemmy Hogan
Doris Pearse1951Happiest Days Of Your Life (1951)Wardrobe Mistress
Doris Pearse1959Something To HideWardrobe
Doris Pearse1961The Chalk GardenWardrobe
Doris Prichard1926The GondoliersGuilia
Doris Prichard1927Princess IdaChorus
Doris Prichard1928PatienceChorus
Doris Wharton1926The GondoliersContadine
Doris Wharton1927Princess IdaChorus
Dorothy Faulkner1968Semi-DetachedEileen Midway
Dorothy Faulkner19702 One-ActsProperty Mistress
Dorothy Hunter1926The GondoliersContadine
Dorothy Hunter1927Princess IdaChorus
Dorothy I Marshall1926The GondoliersTessa
Dorothy I Marshall1927Princess IdaLady Psyche (Professor of Humanities)
Dorothy I Marshall1928PatiencePatience
Dorothy I Marshall1929The SorcererAline (betrothed to Alexis)
Dorothy I Marshall1929Trial By JuryVisitor
Dorothy I Marshall1931Tom JonesSophia (Squire Western's Daughter)
Dorothy Lawson1926The GondoliersContadine
Dorothy Lawson1927Princess IdaChorus
Dorothy Lloyd1972Twelfth NightAttendant / Citizen
Dorothy Lloyd1972Twelfth NightCourt Dances
Dorothy Lloyd1973A Midsummer Night's DreamDance Arrangement
Dorothy Lloyd1973A Midsummer Night's DreamPuck, or Robin Goodfellow
Dorothy Lloyd1974As You Like ItCelia (daughter of Duke Frederick)
Dorothy Lloyd1974As You Like ItChoreography
Dorothy Lloyd1974The Wild DuckHedvig
Dorothy Lloyd1974You Can't Take It With YouEssie
Dorothy Lloyd1976The Winter's TaleChoreography
Dorothy Lloyd1976The Winter's TalePerdita, his daughter
Dorothy Lloyd1976Winter JourneyGeorgie Elgin
Dorothy Lloyd1977Merry Wives of WindsorChoreography
Dorothy Pettigrew1979Dick WhittingtonPianoforte
Dorothy Smethurst1926The GondoliersCasilda
Dorothy Smethurst1927Princess IdaChorus
Dorothy Smethurst1928PatienceThe Lady Ella
Dorothy Smethurst1929The SorcererChorus
Dorothy Smethurst1929Trial By JuryThe Plaintiff
Dorothy Wilson1970Black ComedyMiss Furnival
Dorothy Wilson1970Hedda GablerMiss Juliana Tesman, George Tesman's Aunt
Dorothy Wilson1971Birthday HonoursMary Titheradge
Dorothy Wilson1973And So To BedPrompt
Dorothy Wilson1973The Little FoxesDirector
Dorothy Wilson1974You Can't Take It With YouPenelope Sycamore
Dorothy Wilson1975Lloyd George Knew My FatherPrompt
Dorothy Wilson1976Arms and The ManDirector
Dorrie Bloor1953The HollowHenrietta Angkatell
Dorrie Bloor1959Something To HideKaren Holt
Dorthy Faulkner1970Spring and Port WineFlorence Crompton
Doug MacDonald2022Improbable FictionMusical Supervision
Dr Blythell1928PatienceCello
Dr Blythell1929The SorcererCello
Dr Blythell1929Trial By JuryCello
Dr Bythell1931Tom JonesCello
E Blease1926The GondoliersInez (The Kings Foster Mother)
E Blease1927Princess IdaChorus
E Blease1928PatienceThe Lady Angela
E Boon1931Tom JonesChorus
E F Ellsi1926The GondoliersGondolier
E H G Ogg1961Gilt and GingerbreadHouse Manager
E H G Ogg1961Subway In The SkyHouse Manager
E H G Ogg1962Fool's ParadiseHouse Manager
E H G Ogg1962Seven Set SailHouse Manager
E H G Ogg1962The Man In The Bowler HatHouse Manager
E Johnson1926The GondoliersFirst Violin
E L Hobbs1931One Acts (1931)Mrs Banket
E N Oughtred1929The Devil's DiscipleThe Sergeant
E N Oughtred1933The RumourJones, A City Clerk
E Ross1930The Last of Mrs CheyneyAssistant Stage Manager
E Ross1931Tom JonesLighting
E Ross1933The RumourAssistant Electrician
E Sutcliffe1933The RumourAssistant Property Mistress
E T Turner1950The Importance of Being EarnestHouse Manager
E T Turner1953The Blind GoddessDeputy House Manager
Ean Adams1962Seven Set SailNesamon, a Young Man of Pleasure
Ean Adams1962The Man In The Bowler HatJohn
Ed Barry2005A Christmas CarolYoung Scrooge
Ed Barry2006Relatively SpeakingGreg
Ed Barry2007Look Back In AngerJimmy Porter
Ed Livesey2008Much Ado About NothingBorachio, follower of Don John
Ed Livesley2007Romeo and JulietMercutio, Kinsman of the Prince and friend of Romeo
Ed Livesley2007Romeo and JulietSecond Watchman
Edith Clarke1929The SorcererMrs Partlet (a Pew Opener)
Edith Lakin1926The GondoliersContadine
Edith Lakin1927Princess IdaSacharissa
Edith M Smithies1926The GondoliersContadine
Edith M Smithies1928PatienceChorus
Edith M Smithies1929The SorcererChorus
Edith M Smithies1929Trial By JuryVisitor
Edith Whitehead1950The Importance of Being EarnestMiss Prism
Edith Whiteside1931One Acts (1931)Amanda Afflick
Edith Whiteside1931Tom JonesEtoff (Maid)
Edith Whiteside1950Waters Of The MoonMrs Ashworth
Edith Whiteside1959Ring Around The MoonHer mother
Edith Whiteside1962Hans, The Witch and The GobbinDaisy, a Witch
Edith Whiteside1963Duet For Two HandsFletty
Edith Whiteside1963The Scandalous Affair of Mr Kettle and Mrs MoonDirector
Edith Whiteside1964The Aspern PapersMiss Juliana Bordereau
Edmund Hine1977The Importance of Being EarnestHouse Manager
Edmund Hine1980The EnquiryHouse Managers
Edmund Hine1981Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeHouse Manager
Edmund Hine1992Pack Of LiesNeighbours
Edward Kennedy1997Lady Windermere's FanLord Darlington
Edward Pantling1982Puss In BootsBackstage
Edward Ross1931One Acts (1931)Electrician
Edward Wilson1966Nude With ViolinDirector
Edward Wilson1968Semi-DetachedDirector
Edward Wilson1970Spring and Port WineDirector
Edward Wilson1971Birthday HonoursDirector
Edward Wilson1972You Never Can TellDirector
Edward Wilson1973A Midsummer Night's DreamDirector
Edward Wilson1973And So To BedDirector
Edward Wilson1975The CrucibleDirector
Edward Wilson1975Lloyd George Knew My FatherDirector
Edward Wilson1975The Winslow BoyHouse Manager
Edythe Mallinson1927Princess IdaAssistant Producer
Edythe Mallinson1927Princess IdaMelissa (Lady Blanche's Daughter)
Eileen Clarke1979Dick WhittingtonFairy / Pirate / Indian /Others
Eileen Volp1980The EnquiryFrancis Treadgold
Eileen Volp1980Trap for a Lonely ManPrompt
Eileen Volp1981Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeLady Windermere
Eileen Volp1981Separate TablesMrs Railton-Bell
Eileen Volp1981Separate TablesMrs Railton-Bell
Eileen Volp1982The Glass MenagerieProperties
Eileen Volp1983Last Of The Red Hot LoversASM
Eileen Volp1984Toad Of Toad HallASM
Eileen Volp1985When We Are MarriedAnnie Parker
Eileen Volp1986The MilitantsLilian Malin
Eileen Volp1987Habeas CorpusASM
Eileen Volp1988The HeiressMrs Elizabeth Almond (his sister)
Eileen Volp1993The Late Miss CordellRhoda
Eilidh Pollard2019The Playboy of the Western WorldMargaret Flaherty
Eilidh Pollard2019Whisky GalorePallas Player: Juliet Mainwaring / Oringinal music composition
Eilidh Pollard2023The RiverComposer & Singer
Elaine Foster1973A Midsummer Night's DreamFairy
Elaine Ross1991Dark of the MoonProperties
Elaine Ross1991Much Ado About NothingAttendant
Elaine Ross1991The Chalk GardenProperties
Elaine Ross1992Pack Of LiesProperties
Elaine Ross1992The Taming of the ShrewServant to Baptista / Villager
Elaine Ross1993The Comedy of ErrorsCitizen of Ephesus
Elaine Ross1994A Midsummer Night's DreamFriend / House Guest / Servant
Eleanor Officer1974How The Other Half LovesProperties
Eleanor Officer1975The Winslow BoyProperties
Eleanor Officer1976Arms and The ManProperties
Eleanor Officer1976The Winter's TaleProperties
Eleanor Officer1977The Importance of Being EarnestProperties
Eleanor Officer1979Dick WhittingtonASM
Eleanor Officer1980The EnquiryProperties
Elise Johnson2007Romeo and JulietLady
Elise Johnson2008The FatherBertha (Daughter of Adolf and Bertha)
Elizabeth Ashton1929The Devil's DiscipleMrs Dudgeon
Elizabeth Bannerman1959Ring Around The MoonLady India
Elizabeth Bannerman1962Fool's ParadiseJane Hayling
Elizabeth Bannerman1965Summer of the Seventh DollOlive Leech
Elizabeth Bannerman1966All For MaryNannie Cartwright
Elizabeth Bannerman1968Semi-DetachedHilda Midway
Elizabeth Foster2009Humble BoyHouse Manager
Elizabeth McClory2002Much Ado About NothingServant / Gentlefolk
Elizabeth Myers1978All's Well That Ends WellCall Boy
Elizabeth Myers1979Dick WhittingtonASM
Elizabeth Myers1979Much Ado About NothingASM
Elizabeth Myers1979Not Now DarlingASM
Elizabeth Myers1980Trap for a Lonely ManProperties
Elizabeth N Wedge2002Broken GlassSet Construction
Elizabeth Topalian1977Plaza SuiteJean McCormack
Elizabeth Topalian1979Not Now DarlingJanie McMichael
Elizabeth Tweedie1993The Pied PiperPied Piper
Ella Burton1995Man Of The MomentSharon Griffin, their nanny
Elsa Pritchard1965The Love of Four ColonelsWardrobe Mistress
Elsa Pritchard1967The Sleeping PrinceWardrobe
Elsie Boon1926The GondoliersContadine
Elsie Boon1927Princess IdaChorus
Elsie Boon1928PatienceChorus
Elsie Boon1929The SorcererChorus
Elsie Boon1929Trial By JuryBridesmaid
Elsie Boon1950The Importance of Being EarnestProperty Mistress
Elsie Pritchard1959Angels In LoveWardrobe
Elsie Pritchard1959Ring Around The MoonWardrobe
Elsie Pritchard1960A Touch of The SunWardrobe
Elsie Pritchard1961Gilt and GingerbreadWardrobe
Elsie Pritchard1961Subway In The SkyWardrobe
Elsie Pritchard1963The Bride Comes BackWardrobe
Elsie Pritchard1963The Grass Is GreenerWardrobe
Elsie Pritchard1964The Aspern PapersWardrobe
Elsie Pritchard1964The Irregular Verb To LoveWardrobe
Elsie Pritchard1965Summer of the Seventh DollWardrobe
Elsie Pritchard1965The Amorous PrawnWardrobe
Elsie Pritchard1966Nude With ViolinWardrobe
Elsie Pritchard1966The Happiest Days of Your LifeWardrobe Mistress
Emily Field2012A Midsummer Night's DreamFairy Child
Emily Field2013Polar BearsGirl
Emily Hill2018Alice's Adventures in WonderlandDormouse
Emma Bunch2000Once A CatholicPupil
Emma Bunch2013Curious SavageFlorence
Emma Butterworth2006The WeekendCharlotte
Emma Chapman2001Wyrd SistersChamberlain
Emma Chapman2001Wyrd SistersRobber / Guard / Player / Peasant
Emma Chapman2002Hard TimesNarrator/ASM
Emma Charnley1990Seasons GreetingsASM
Emma Charnley1997Lady Windermere's FanLady Agatha
Emma Charnley1997The TempestASM
Emma Charnley1998Henry VASM
Emma Charnley1998Whose Life Is It AnywayASM
Emma Charnley1999PygmalionStage Manager
Emma King1982Puss In BootsDancer
Emma Phythian2018Be My BabyQueenie
Emma Potts1985A Midsummer Night's DreamFairy
Emma Short1998The Darling Buds of MayPetunia
Emma Toms2008Hay FeverJackie Coryton
Emma Toms2008Snake In The GrassAlice Moody
Emma Toms2009It Runs In The FamilyASM
Emma Toms2009Nobody's FoolDee Dee
Emma Toms2009Separate TablesProperties
Emma Toms2010The Unexpected GuestProperties
Emma Toms2011Fallen AngelsJulia Sterroll
Emma Toms2014Charley's AuntEla Delahay
Emma Toms2015An Experiment with an Air PumpIsobel Bridie
Emma Toms2017Vincent in BrixtonAnna
Emma Townley1999Romeo and JulietServant / Citizen
Emma Townley2000A Midsummer Night's DreamChangeling Boy
Emma Townley2000A Midsummer Night's DreamLittle Fairy
Emma Townley2002Much Ado About NothingServant / Gentlefolk
Enid Wilson1931Tom JonesHostess of the Inn at Upton
Enid Owen1970Ring Round the MoonDance Arrangement
Eric Bilsborough1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandSet Construction
Eric Bilsborough1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandSpeciality Props
Eric Findlater1979Dick WhittingtonFairy / Pirate / Indian /Others
Eric Johnson1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampHouse Manager
Eric Johnson1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampWardrobe
Eric Johnson1980The RivalsHouse Managers
Eric Lingard1979Don't Just Lie There - Say SomethingCaretaker
Eric Lingard1979Don't Just Lie There - Say SomethingDirector
Eric Smith1982Puss In BootsPiano
Eric Smith1983AladdinPianist
Eric Smith1984Spring In The AirPiano
Eric Smith1984The Murder of Maria MartenPianoforte
Eric Smith1984Toad Of Toad HallPiano
Eric Smith1986Mother GoosePiano
Eric Smith1987Habeas CorpusSir Percy Shorter
Eric Smith1988The Winter's TaleOld Shepherd, reputed father of Perdita
Eric Smith1989Jack and The BeanstalkPiano
Eric Smith1989Murder In The CathedralTempter
Eric Smith1989Romeo and JulietMontague
Eric Smith1990Merry Wives of WindsorSir Hugh Evans, a Welsh Parson
Eric Smith1991Dark of the MoonChoral
Eric Smith1991Dark of the MoonMr Jenkins
Eric Smith1991Much Ado About NothingVerges
Eric Smith1992The Taming of the ShrewVincetio, father to Lucentio
Eric Smith1993A Woman of No ImportanceSir John Pontefract
Eric Smith1993The Comedy of ErrorsOfficer
Eric Smith1995AmadeusKapellmeister Bonno
Eric Smith1995AmadeusSalieri's Cook
Eric Smith1995The CrucibleFrancis Nurse
Eric Smith1995The Merchant of VeniceOld Gobbo
Eric Smith1996Chorus of DisapprovalMr Ames
Eric Smith2001The Taming of the ShrewChristopher Sly
Eric Smith2001Wyrd SistersVitoller
Eric Smith2002Make Way For LuciaRev Kenneth Bartlett
Eric Smith2003Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeThe Dean of Paddington, his uncle
Eric Smith2003Merry Wives of WindsorJustice Silence
Eric Smith2003Merry Wives of WindsorNym, follower of Falstaff
Eric Smith2003Richard IIILord Stanley, Earl of Derby
Eric Smith2003Richard IIISir Robert Brakenbury, keeper of the Tower
Eric Smith2003The Wind In The WillowsSetting
Eric Smith2004Breezeblock ParkFront of House
Eric Smith2005A Christmas CarolPortly Gentleman
Eric Smith2005A Christmas CarolThe Spirit of Christmas Prsent
Eric Smith2006Dick WhittingtonPianist
Eric Smith2007A Skull In ConnemaraHouse Manager
Eric Waller1982Puss In BootsSet construction
Eric Waller1982The Comedy of ErrorsDr Pinch
Eric Waller1983See How They RunReverend Arthur Humphrey
Eric Waller1984Outside EdgeDennis
Eric Waller1986Don't Listen LadiesA Porter
Eric Waller1986The Noble SpaniardPublicity
Eric Waller1991Much Ado About NothingAntonio, his brother
Eric Wallwork2016Tommy BoyPianist
Eric Williams1959Dear DelinquentDirector
Eric Williams1959Something To HideDirector
Eric Williams1960The Queen and The WelshmanHenry Beaufort, Uncle of Henry V
Eric Williams1961Not In The BookColonel Barstow
Erica Wright1999Romeo and JulietServant / Citizen
Eslie Boon1953The Blind GoddessProperty Mistress
Esmond O'Hanlon1953The Blind GoddessLighting
Etta Geras1969The HeiressMaria (the parlour maid)
Eunice McDonald1984The Murder of Maria MartenViolin
Eva Krystek2014All My SonsWardrobe
Eva Krystek2015Entertaining AngelsWardrobe
Eva Krystek2016TwoWardrobe
Eva Krystek2017The LadykillersWardrobe
Eva Krystek2018Be My BabyWardrobe
Eva Krystek2019Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect NonsenseHouse Manage
Eva Krystek2019Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?House Manager
Eve Nye1981Romeo and JulietCitizen / Servant
Eve Patterson1993The Pied PiperCouncillor
Evie Clayton2012Blithe SpiritChild's Voice
Ewan Henderson2016The PriceASM
Ewan Henderson2017The LadykillersLouis
Ewan Henderson2017Around the World in 80 DaysPorter/Ensemble
Ewan Henderson2018Be My BabyASM
Ewan Henderson2018We Are Three SistersASM
Ewan Henderson2019Ladies' DayASM/Props
Ewan Henderson2019The Playboy of the Western WorldJimmy Farrell
Ewan Henderson2019Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect NonsenseSeppings / Assistant Director
Ewan Henderson2022God of CarnageAlain Reille
Ewan Henderson2022HarveyE J Lofgren
Ewan Pringle1987Sleeping BeautyFairy / Elf
Ewart Lloyd1930The Last of Mrs CheyneyRoberts (Mrs Ebley's Butler)
Ewart Lloyd1931One Acts (1931)Horace Greensmith
F D Carter1931Tom JonesWardrobe
F D Carter1931Tom JonesHon Secretary
F D Gibson1931Tom JonesStage Staff
F H Whitehead1926The GondoliersThe Duke of Plaza-Toro (a Grandee of Spain)
F H Whitehead1926The GondoliersProducer
F H Whitehead1926The GondoliersDance Arranger
F Harrison1927Princess IdaOboe
F J Milton1926The GondoliersGondolier
F Jones1931Tom JonesChorus
F K Harcombe1931Tom JonesChorus
F M Eaton1933The RumourParo, Lorian workman
F M Eaton1933The RumourParo
F Mitchell1929The Devil's DiscipleStage Carpenter
F Newton1931Tom JonesTony
F Newton1931Tom JonesColonel Hapstead
F S Stanciffe1933The RumourRt Hon George Overton PC, MP
F S Stancliffe1931One Acts (1931)Sir Harry Sims
F W Blease1926The GondoliersAntonio
F W Blease1927Princess IdaArac
F W Blease1928PatienceChorus
F W Blease1929The SorcererNotary
F W Blease1929Trial By JuryGentleman of the Jury
Faye Goulden1962The Man In The Bowler HatMary
Faye McKenzie1987Sleeping BeautyFairy / Elf
Faye Neale2001Ernie's Incredible IllucinationsMum
Fenella Fowkes1986Don't Listen LadiesProperties
Fenella Fowkes1986Mother GooseChorus
Fenella Fowkes1986The MilitantsMinnie Brown
Fenella Fowkes1986Twelfth NightAttendant / Citizen
Fenella Fowkes1987As You Like ItDancer / Courtier
Fenella Fowkes1987On Golden PondASM
Fenella Fowkes1987Sleeping BeautyBustle
Fenella Fowkes1988The HeiressMarion Almond (his neice)
Fenella Fowkes1989Jack and The BeanstalkWardrobe
Fenella Fowkes1992Pack Of LiesProperties
Fenella Fowkes1993A Woman of No ImportanceProperties
Fenella Fowkes1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandCook
Fenella Fowkes1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandU.V. Movement
Fenella Fowkes1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandWardrobe
Fenella Fowkes2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandCook
Fenella Fowkes2002Broken GlassWardrobe
Fenella Fowkes2002Hard TimesCostume
Fenella Fowkes2003The Wind In The WillowsWardrobe
Fenella Fowkes2004A Murder Is AnnouncedWardrobe
Fenella Fowkes2004Breezeblock ParkWardrobe
Fenella Fowkes2005A Christmas CarolCostumes
Fenella Fowkes2005Plaza SuiteWardrobe
Fenella Fowkes2006Relatively SpeakingProperties
Fenella Fowkes2007A Skull In ConnemaraWardrobe
Fenella Fowkes2008Funny MoneyWardrobe
Fenella Fowkes2008The FatherProperties
Fenella Fowkes2009It Runs In The FamilyContinuity
Fenella Fowkes2009Separate TablesProperties
Fenella Fowkes2010First Things FirstASM
Fenella Fowkes2011Deep Blue SeaProperties
Fenella Fowkes2011Independent MeansProperties
Fenella Fowkes2012The Lonesome WestProperties
Fenella Fowkes2012The Lonesome WestProperties
Fenella Fowkes2012Blithe SpiritProperties
Fenella Fowkes2013If I Were YouProperties
Fenella Fowkes2013The Importance Of Being EarnestProperties
Fenella Fowkes2014Veronica's RoomProps/ASM
Fenella Fowkes2015An Experiment with an Air PumpProperties
Fenella Fowkes2017Around the World in 80 DaysProperties
Fenella Fowkes2018Be My BabyProps
Fenella Fowkes2018Mrs Warren's ProfessionProps
Fenella Fowkes2018We Are Three SistersProps
Fenella Fowkes2019The Playboy of the Western WorldProps
Fenella Fowkes2019Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect NonsenseProps
Fenella Fowkes2019Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Props
Fenella Fowkes2020April in ParisProps
Fenella Fowkes2021Nell GwynnProps
Fenella Fowkes2022Improbable FictionProps
Fenella Fowkes2023The RiverProps
Fenella Mason1982Puss In BootsChorus
Fenella Mason1983AladdinSheherazade (His Newest Wife)
Fenella Mason1983The Taming of the ShrewDancer
Fenella Mason1984The Merchant of VeniceServant / Attendant
Fenella Mason1985A Midsummer Night's DreamAttendant
Fiona Booth1995AmadeusServant / Citizen of Vienna
Fiona Booth1995Man Of The MomentExtras
Fiona Booth1995The Merchant of VeniceTownsfolk
Fiona Booth1996Chorus of DisapprovalBridget Baines
Fiona Booth1996My Mother Said I Never ShouldProperties
Fiona Booth1996Twelfth NightMaid to the Lady Olivia
Fiona Booth1997Outside EdgeSharon
Fiona Booth1998Whose Life Is It AnywayDr. Scott
Fiona Cook1987Sleeping BeautyHerald
Fiona Cook1987Sleeping BeautyLady in Waiting
Fiona Didlick1973A Midsummer Night's DreamFairy
Fiona Frost1961From Five To Five-ThirtyLighting
Fiona Frost1961Not In The BookLighting
Fiona Frost1969All For MaryLighting
Fiona Laing1982Puss In BootsDancer
Fiona Pompermaier1997Lady Windermere's FanRosalie
Fiona Redclift1989Romeo and JulietProperties
Fiona Redclift1989Romeo and JulietServant / Citizen
Fiona Redclift1990Merry Wives of WindsorDancer
Fiona V Frost1963The Bride Comes BackA Young Woman
Fiona V Frost1964Billy LiarDirector
Fionnuala Ellwood1977Merry Wives of WindsorChildren of Windsor
Fionnuala Ellwood1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampDancer
Flo Moores1976The Winter's TaleWardrobe
Flo Moores1977Merry Wives of WindsorWardrobe
Florence Fallas1926The GondoliersContadine
Florence Hibbert2001Ernie's Incredible IllucinationsSoldier
Florence Moore1974The Wild DuckWardrobe
Florence Moore1976Arms and The ManWardrobe
Florence Moores1966The Touch Of FearWardrobe Mistress
Florence Moores1970Hedda GablerWardrobe
Florence Moores1970Spring and Port WineWardrobe
Florence Moores1970Ring Round the MoonWardrobe
Florence Moores19702 One-ActsWardrobe Mistress
Florence Moores1971On Monday NextWardrobe
Florence Moores1971The Little HutWardrobe
Florence Moores1972A View From A BridgeWardrobe
Florence Moores1972Night Must FallWardrobe
Florence Moores1972You Never Can TellWardrobe
Florence Moores1973And So To BedWardrobe
Florence Moores1973The GazeboWardrobe
Florence Moores1973The Little FoxesWardrobe
Florence Moores1973The Man Most Likely To...Wardrobe
Florence Moores1974As You Like ItWardrobe
Florence Moores1974How The Other Half LovesWardrobe
Florence Moores1975The CrucibleWardrobe
Florence Moores1975The Odd CoupleWardrobe
Florence V Wharton1928PatienceChorus
Florence V Wharton1929The SorcererChorus
Florence V Wharton1929Trial By JuryVisitor
Fran Barry1976Arms and The ManASM
Fran Barry1976Hay FeverProperties
Fran Barry1977Merry Wives of WindsorASM
Fran Barry1978Aladdin and his Wonderful LampProperties
Fran Barry1978All's Well That Ends WellProperties
Fran Barry1978Dear BrutusProperties
Fran Barry1979Dick WhittingtonProperties
Fran Berry1976The Winter's TaleProperties
Fran Berry1978Relative ValuesProperties
Fran Dykes1990Seasons GreetingsBelinda
Frances Barry1975The Odd CoupleProperties
Frances Johnson1978Farewell, Farewell EugeneFlorence Povis
Frances Johnson1979Much Ado About NothingLady of the Court of Messina
Frances Johnson1979Not Now DarlingMrs Frencham
Frances Squire1983AladdinWardrobe Mistress
Frances Squire1983The Taming of the ShrewWardrobe
Frances Squire1984Spring In The AirCostumes
Frances Squire1985Present LaughterWardrobe
Frances Squire1986The Noble SpaniardWardrobe
Francis Barry1975Lloyd George Knew My FatherProperties
Francis Squire1984Toad Of Toad HallWardrobe
Frank Barker1967The PartySoya Marshall
Frank Barker1968A Man For All SeasonsWilliam Roper
Frank Boylan1992The Taming of the ShrewServant to Petruchio
Frank Boylan1993The Comedy of ErrorsCitizen of Ephesus
Frank Boylan1993The Comedy of ErrorsSecond Merchant
Frank Boylan1994A Midsummer Night's DreamTom Snout
Frank Boylan1995The Merchant of VeniceThe Duke of Venice
Frank Boylan1996Twelfth NightAntonio
Frank Boylan1998Henry VCharles VI, King of France
Frank Boylan1999Romeo and JulietEscalus, Prince of Verona
Frank Boylan2000A Midsummer Night's DreamTom Snout, a Tinker
Frank Boylan2001The Taming of the ShrewAlehouse Reveller
Frank Boylan2001The Taming of the ShrewPedant, setup to impersonate Vincetio
Frank Boylan2001The Taming of the ShrewPriest
Frank Brooks1969The Shop at Sly CornerDescius Heiss
Frank Brooks1970Black ComedySchuppanzigh
Frank Henshall1928PatienceArchibald Grosvenor
Frank McCullogh1978All's Well That Ends WellFrench Soldier
Frank McCullogh1979Dick WhittingtonFairy / Pirate / Indian /Others
Frank McCullogh1979Much Ado About NothingMessenger
Frank McCullough1979Much Ado About NothingSecond Watchman
Frank McCullough1980Loves Labour LostDull, a constable
Frank McCullough1981Romeo and JulietPeter, a servant of Capulet
Frank Savaage1950The Importance of Being EarnestProducer
Frank Savaage1952The Browning VersionAndrew Crocker-Harris
Frank Savaage1953The HollowDirector
Frank Savaage1965The Love of Four ColonelsColonel Desmond De S Rinder-Sparrow
Frank Savaage1968A Man For All SeasonsSir Thomas More
Frank Savaage1969The Shop at Sly CornerDirector
Frank Savaage1972The Middle WatchDirector
Frank Savaage1972Twelfth NightSir Toby Belch, her uncle
Fred Donnan1980Loves Labour LostBerowne, A Lord attendant to the KIng
Fred Donnan1981Bell Book and CandleAnthony Henderson
Fred Donnan1982She Stoops To ConquerMarlow
Fred Donnan1982Table MannersNorman
Fred Donnan1982The Comedy of ErrorsAntipholus of Ephesus
Fred Donnan1982The Princess and The SwineherdHouse Managers
Fred Donnan1983See How They RunStage Manager
Fred Donnan1983The Taming of the ShrewPetruchio, a gentleman of Verona, suitor of Katherina
Fred Donnan1984Spring In The AirPerformer
Fred Donnan1984The Merchant of VeniceBassanio
Fred Donnan1985Present LaughterGarry Essendine
Fred Donnan1985When We Are MarriedReverend Clement Mercier
Fred Donnan1986Twelfth NightOrsino, Duke of Illyria
Fred Donnan1988The VigilThe Prosecutor
Fred Donnan1989Murder In The CathedralKnight
Fred Donnan1990Merry Wives of WindsorHost of the Garter Inn
Fred Donnan1990Seasons GreetingsHarvey
Fred Donnan1991Dark of the MoonUncle Smelicue
Fred Donnan1991Much Ado About NothingBenedick of Padua, companion of Don Pedro
Fred Donnan1992Pack Of LiesBob Jackson
Fred Donnan1994A Month of SundaysCooper
Fred Donnan1995The CrucibleDeputy-Governor Danforth
Fred Donnan1997Racing DemonRev. Lionel Espy
Fred Donnan2012A Midsummer Night's DreamTom Snout (A tinker/Wall)
Fred Donnan2013Polar BearsStage Manager
Fred Donnan2013Curious SavageDoctor
Fred Donnan2013The Importance Of Being EarnestLane
Fred Donnan2015DuetsHouse Manager
Fred Donnan2015The SteamieAndy
Fred Donnan2016QuartetWilfred
Fred Donnan2017The Winter's TaleAntigonus / Time
Fred Donnan2018HeroesHouse Manager
Fred Donnan2019Whisky GaloreHouse Manager
Fred Donnan2021Nell GwynnHouse Manager
Fred Donnan2022Improbable FictionHouse Manager
Fred Donnan2022Single Spies - A Question of AttributionChubb
Fred Donnan2022Improbable FictionHouse Manager
Fred Donnan2022HarveyLyman Sanderson
Fred J Milton1927Princess IdaChorus
Fred J Milton1929The SorcererChorus
Fred J Milton1929Trial By JuryGentleman of the Jury
Fred Yeomans2007Season's GreetingsHarvey
Freddie Daniels1978All's Well That Ends WellRynaldo
Frederick Donnan1981Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeLord Arthur Savile
Frederick Wagg1953The Blind GoddessMr Frank Mainwaring KC
Frederick Wagg1953The HollowSir Henry Angkatell KCB
Freya Hogg2011Children's DayChildren's Party Voice
G E Mason1927Princess IdaHon Stage Manager
G E Mason1928PatienceHon Stage Manager
G E Stancliffe1931One Acts (1931)Miss Farren
G Kirkham1931Tom JonesHon Secretary
G Martin1927Princess IdaBass
G Martin1928PatienceBass
G Muriel Whitehead1928PatienceChorus
G Muriel Whitehead1929The SorcererChorus
G Muriel Whitehead1929Trial By JuryBridesmaid
G R B Dixon1950The Importance of Being EarnestRev Canon Chasuble D.D.
G R B Dixon1951Happiest Days Of Your Life (1951)Deputy House Manager
G R B Dixon1952Harlequinade (1952)Deputy House Manager
G R B Dixon1952The Browning VersionDeputy House Manager
G E Wilson1961Subway In The SkyDirector
G R B Dixon1953The Blind GoddessAssociate
G Slade1927Princess IdaClarinet
G Slade1928PatienceClarinet
G Walsh1929The SorcererSecond Violin
G Walsh1929Trial By JurySecond Violin
Gail Mabott1992The Murder of Maria MartinNancy Marten
Gareth Davies2002AladdinSound
Gareth Davies2003Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeSound
Gareth Davies2003Richard IIISound
Gareth McDonnel1989Jack and The BeanstalkVillager
Garnetta Scepanski1968A Man For All SeasonsA Woman
Garnetta Scepanski1969The Waltz of The ToreadorsPrompt
Garnetta Scepanski1970Spring and Port WinePrompt
Garth Jones1999Romeo and JulietDirector
Gavin Marshall1964The Wind and the RainSound
Gavin Marshall1967The PartySound
Gemma Duncan2021Nell GwynnLady Castlemaine / Court attendant
Gemma Duncan2022Single Spies - A Question of AttributionThe Queen
Gemma Gerzon2001Wyrd SistersRobber / Guard / Player / Peasant
Gemma Holman1984Toad Of Toad HallAnimals
Gemma Langford1998The LarkJoan of Arc
Gemma Langford1999Romeo and JulietServant / Citizen
Gemma Langford2006Relatively SpeakingASM
Gemma Langford2006Relatively SpeakingAssistant Director
Gemma Langford2006The Memory Of WaterProduction Assistant
Geoff Cowap1964The Wind and the RainSound
Geoff Bird2006The WeekendDuff Gardner
Geoff Bird2007Romeo and JulietLord Capulet, Head of a Veronese family
Geoff Bird2007Season's GreetingsNeville
Geoff Bird2009The 3 MusketeersAthos, King's Musketeer
Geoff Bird2010The Unexpected GuestHenry Angell
Geoff Bird2011And Then There Were NoneWilliam Blore
Geoff Bird2015The 39 StepsClown/Man 1
Geoff Bird2016Life & BethGordon
Geoff Buckley2009The 3 MusketeersLighting
Geoff Goodier1973And So To BedSet Painting
Geoff Gornall1981Separate TablesLighting
Geoff Gornall1982She Stoops To ConquerLighting
Geoff Gornall1982Table MannersLighting
Geoff Gornall1982The Comedy of ErrorsLighting
Geoff Gornall1982The Glass MenagerieLighting
Geoff Gornall1982The Princess and The SwineherdLighting
Geoff Gornall1983The Taming of the ShrewLighting
Geoff Hinde1981Separate TablesMr Malcolm
Geoff Hinde1983The Taming of the ShrewLucentio, son of Vincentio, in love with Bianca
Geoff Hinde1984The Merchant of VeniceAntonio
Geoff Hinde1984Toad Of Toad HallWater Rat
Geoff Hinde1985A Midsummer Night's DreamTheseus, Duke of Athens
Geoff Hinde1985Bedroom FarceLighting
Geoff Hinde1986Twelfth NightSound
Geoff Hinde1992Up 'n' UnderReg Walsh
Geoff Hinde1994A Midsummer Night's DreamEgeus
Geoff Hinde1997The TempestAlonso, King of Naples
Geoff Hinde2000Once A CatholicMr Emanuelli
Geoff Hinde2000Once A CatholicMusic
Geoff Hinde2001The Taming of the ShrewVincetio, father to Lucentio
Geoff Hinde2001Wyrd SistersVerence
Geoff Hindle1985When We Are MarriedLighting
Geoff Martyn2001Dancing At LunaghsaProperties
Geoff Newson1993The Oldest ProfessionDirector
Geoff Scullard1999Habeas CorpusLighting
Geoffrey Butterworth1968Semi-DetachedArnold Makepiece
Geoffrey Case2002Broken GlassStanton Case
Geoffrey Martin1990Merry Wives of WindsorBardolph, a follower of Falstaff
Geoffrey Martin1990Merry Wives of WindsorRobert, one of Ford's servants
Geoffrey Martin1991Much Ado About NothingThe Watch
Geoffrey Martin1993A Woman of No ImportanceLord Alfred
Geoffrey Martin2000A Midsummer Night's DreamSnug, a Joiner
Geoffrey Martin2000Don't Dress For DinnerGeorge, Suzette's husband
Geoffrey Martin2003Merry Wives of WindsorPeter Simple, Slender's servant
Geoffrey Martin2004A Murder Is AnnouncedRudi Scherz
Geoffrey Martyn1989Romeo and JulietFriar John
Geoffrey Martyn1991Dark of the MoonBurt Dinwitty
Geoffrey Martyn1993The Late Miss CordellSolicitor
Geoffrey Martyn1993Witness for the ProsecutionDr Wyatt (police surgeon)
Geoffrey Martyn1995Between MouthfulsWaiter
Geoffrey Martyn1995Man Of The MomentExtras
Geoffrey Martyn1995The CrucibleEzekiel Cheever
Geoffrey Martyn1996Hobson's ChoiceTubby Wadlow
Geoffrey Martyn1996Twelfth NightGentleman to the Duke
Geoffrey Martyn1997Lady Windermere's FanLord Augustus
Geoffrey Martyn1998The LarkBrother Ladvenu
Geoffrey Martyn1998Whose Life Is It AnywayDr. Paul Travers
Geoffrey Martyn1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandExecutioner
Geoffrey Martyn1999PygmalionA Sarcastic Bystander
Geoffrey Martyn2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandExecutioner
Geoffrey Martyn2000DeathtrapPorter Milgrim
Geoffrey Martyn2001A Talk In The ParkErnest
Geoffrey Martyn2001Gosforth's FeteVicar
Geoffrey Martyn2003Richard IIILord Rivers, her brother
Geoffrey Martyn2003Richard IIISir James Tyrell
Geoffrey Martyn2003The Wind In The WillowsChief Weasel
Geoffrey Martyn2004Private LivesASM
Geoffrey Martyn2004Private LivesProperties
Geoffrey Martyn2005A Midsummer's Night DreamSnug (Lion)
Geoffrey Martyn2005Plaza SuiteRoy Hubley
Geoffrey Martyn2005When We Are MarriedHerbert Soppitt
Geoffrey Martyn2006BetrayalWaiter
Geoffrey Martyn2006The WeekendHugh Bedales
Geoffrey Martyn2007The Real Inspector HoundThe Body
Geoffrey Martyn2007TartuffeMonsieur Loyal, a bailiff
Geoffrey Martyn2008Hay FeverSound
Geoffrey Martyn2008Much Ado About NothingVerges, a headborough
Geoffrey Martyn2008The FatherDoctor Oestermark (An army doctor and widower)
Geoffrey Martyn2009Come Blow Your HornHouse Manager
Geoffrey Martyn2009Humble BoySound
Geoffrey Martyn2009It Runs In The FamilySir Willoughby Drake
Geoffrey Martyn2009Separate TablesSound
Geoffrey Martyn2010Measure For MeasureFroth, a foolish gentleman
Geoffrey R Allen1926The GondoliersFrancesco
Geoffrey R Allen1927Princess IdaChorus
Geoffrey R Allen1929The SorcererChorus
Geoffrey R Allen1929Trial By JuryGentleman of the Jury
Geoffrey Whitworth1950The Importance of Being EarnestLighting
Geoffrey Wilkinson1930The Last of Mrs CheyneyGeorge (a Footman)
Geoffrey Wilkinson1950Waters Of The MoonColonel Selby
George Wilson1952Harlequinade (1952)Arthur Gosport
George E Wilson1958A Party For ChristmasDirector
George Eva1965The Amorous PrawnHouse Manager
George Eva1966Nude With ViolinHouse Manager
George Eva1966The ManHouse Manager
George Hepworth1959Angels In LoveLighting
George Hepworth1960The Queen and The WelshmanLighting
George Hepworth1961The Chalk GardenLighting
George Wilson1953The Blind GoddessSir John Dering KC
George Wilson1959Angels In LoveSir Pomeroy Pomeroy-Jones
George Wilson1960All For MaryDirector
George Wilson1961Not In The BookAndrew Bennett
George Wilson1962Fool's ParadiseJulius Caxton
George Wilson1963The Grass Is GreenerVictor
George Wilson1963The Scandalous Affair of Mr Kettle and Mrs MoonAlderman Hardacre
George Wilson1966The Happiest Days of Your LifeGodfrey Pond
George Wilson1966The Touch Of FearSir Walter Stanham
Georgia Ellis2001Wyrd SistersRobber / Guard / Player / Peasant
Georgia Ellis2002Hard TimesNarrator/ASM
Georgina Blewitt2009Separate TablesProperties
Georgina Thomas1982She Stoops To ConquerSecond Maid
Georgina Thomas1984The Murder of Maria MartenMaria Marten (Daughter of Thomas Marten)
Georgina Thomas1984Toad Of Toad HallProperties
Gertrude Wright1952Harlequinade (1952)Miss Fishlock
Gertie2013Wife Begins At FortyGertie, The Dog
Gilbert Horrocks1928PatienceChorus
Gilbert Horrocks1929The SorcererChorus
Gilbert Horrocks1929Trial By JuryForeman of the Jury
Gilbert Horrocks1930The Last of Mrs CheyneyLord Elton
Gilbert Horrocks1931Tom JonesGregory
Giles Elliot1977Merry Wives of WindsorChildren of Windsor
Gill Bleasdale1984Outside EdgeGinnie
Gill Burrows1987As You Like ItDancer / Courtier
Gill Burrows1988The Winter's TaleLady in Waiting
Gill Jones2007Look Back In AngerHouse Manager
Gill Jones2009Nobody's FoolHouse Manager
Gill Jones2011Children's DayHouse Manager
Gill Jones2013Curious SavageHouse Manager
Gill Jones2015The SteamieHouse Manager
Gill Jones2017The Winter's TaleHouse Manager
Gill Jones2022Ladies of ImportanceHouse Manager
Gill Jones2022HarveyHouse Manager
Gill Mosely1972The Middle WatchProperties
Gill Taylor1989Lunch GirlsDee
Gill Taylor1998The Darling Buds of MayDirector
Gill Taylor2000Once A CatholicDirector
Gillian Mainprice1974How The Other Half LovesProperties
Gillian Mainprice1975The CrucibleProperties
Gillian Mainprice1978Farewell, Farewell EugeneProperties
Gillian Mainprice1979Much Ado About NothingProperties
Gillian Middleton1954Spring At MarinoKatia Sergievna (Anna's Sister)
Gillian Mosely1971Birthday HonoursMake-up
Gillian Mosley19702 One-ActsMake-Up
Gillian Scott1964Billy LiarBarbara
Gillian Scott1964The Irregular Verb To LoveFedra
Gillian Taylor1986Twelfth NightViola, a shipwrecked lady,
Ginny Cleverley1976The Winter's TaleSicilian Page
Gladys Price1929The SorcererChorus
Gladys Price1929Trial By JuryVisitor
Glenn Poole2005A Midsummer's Night DreamEgeus (Hermia’s father)
Glenn Poole2005When We Are MarriedFred Dyson
Glyn Matthews1970Ring Round the MoonFootman
Glyn Matthews1970HarlequinadeJohnny
Glyn Matthews1973And So To BedPelling (the Potticary)
Godfrey de Lanny Holden1963The Bride Comes BackJoe Tilney
Godmother Emily West1989Red Hot CindersFairy
Gordon Bennett1983See How They RunThe Reverend Lionel Toop
Gordon Bennett1984Spring In The AirPerformer
Gordon Bennett1984The Merchant of VeniceThe Prince Of Morocco
Gordon Bennett1984Toad Of Toad HallChief Stoat
Gordon Bennett1985A Midsummer Night's DreamPhilostrate, Master of the Revels
Gordon Bennett1985Present LaughterHenry Lyppiatt
Gordon Bennett1986Mother GooseDemon King
Gordon Bennett1986Twelfth NightAntonio, another sea-Captain
Gordon Bennett1987As You Like ItDuke Senior (a banished Duke)
Gordon Bennett1988The VigilDirector
Gordon Bennett1988The Winter's TaleCamillo
Gordon Bennett1991Much Ado About NothingDon Pedro, Prince of Arragon
Gordon Bennett1993Ritual For DollsDirector
Gordon Bennett1994Crown MatrimonialWalter Monkton K.C.
Gordon Bennett1994The EntertainerWilliam (Brother Bill) Rice
Gordon Gluyas1966The Touch Of FearDirector
Gordon Hanson1953The Blind GoddessButler
Gordon Whittaker1933The RumourKonchak, Przimia workman
Gordon Whittaker1933The RumourPrivate Secretary to the PM
Grace P Griffiths1929The Devil's DiscipleMrs William
Grace P Griffiths1928PatienceChorus
Grace Read1983AladdinThe Grand Tangerine
Graeme Dook1963The Scandalous Affair of Mr Kettle and Mrs MoonSound
Graeme Dook1964The Wind and the RainStage Manager
Graeth MacDonnell1990Merry Wives of WindsorServant
Graham Bessant1998Henry VFalconer
Graham Boswell1982She Stoops To ConquerDigory, servant to Mr Hardcastle
Graham Boswell1982The Glass MenagerieJim
Graham Boswell1984Outside EdgeBob
Graham Boswell1987Habeas CorpusMr. Shanks
Graham Boswell1988The Winter's TaleCleomenes, Sicilian Lord
Graham Boswell1988The Winter's TaleGentleman
Graham Boswell1989Lunch GirlsDirector
Graham Boswell1990Charley's AuntSound
Graham Boswell1990Merry Wives of WindsorSound
Graham Boswell1990Seasons GreetingsDirector
Graham Boswell1991Dark of the MoonProduction Co-Ordinator
Graham Boswell1992Move Over Mrs MarkhamSet
Graham Boswell1992Pack Of LiesSet Design
Graham Boswell1992Up 'n' UnderArthur Hoyle
Graham Boswell1992Up 'n' UnderGroundsman
Graham Boswell1993How The Other Half LovesSet Construction
Graham Boswell1993How The Other Half LovesSet Design
Graham Boswell1994Pass The ButlerSet Build
Graham Boswell1994Pass The ButlerSet Design
Graham Boswell1995After MagritteFoot
Graham Boswell1995Man Of The MomentExtras
Graham Boswell1995Man Of The MomentSet Construction
Graham Boswell1995The Merchant of VeniceSet
Graham Boswell1996Born In The GardensDirector
Graham Boswell1996Born In The GardensSet
Graham Boswell1996Chorus of DisapprovalTed Washbrook
Graham Boswell1996Twelfth NightCurio
Graham Boswell1997Outside EdgeSet Construction
Graham Boswell1997Racing DemonRev. Harry Henderson
Graham Boswell1997The TempestLogistics
Graham Boswell1998A Collier's Tuesday TeaLionel Headbracket
Graham Boswell1998The Darling Buds of MaySet
Graham Boswell2000Breaking The CodeSet Design and Construction
Graham Boswell2000DeathtrapSet Design and Construction
Graham Boswell2000Don't Dress For DinnerSet Build
Graham Boswell2000The Cemetery ClubSet Build
Graham Boswell2002Make Way For LuciaSet Design
Graham Boswell2003Abigail's PartySet Construction
Graham Boswell2003Abigail's PartySet Design
Graham Boswell2005When We Are MarriedSet Design
Graham Boswell2005When We Are MarriedSet Construction
Graham Boswell2007TartuffeSet Design
Graham Boswell2008Snake In The GrassSet Design
Graham Boswell2008Snake In The GrassDirector
Graham Boswell2010Measure For MeasureProduction Design
Graham Boswell2010Communicating DoorsProduction Design
Graham Boswell2011Deep Blue SeaDirector
Graham Boswell2011Deep Blue SeaSet Design
Graham Boswell2011And Then There Were NoneAssistant Director
Graham Boswell2012A Chip In The SugarSet Design
Graham Boswell2012Dumb WaiterSet Design
Graham Boswell2012Gosforth's FeteDirector
Graham Boswell2012Gosforth's FeteSet Design
Graham Boswell2012The LessonSet Design
Graham Boswell2012The Lonesome WestRehearsal Photographs
Graham Boswell2012The Lonesome WestSet Design
Graham Boswell2013Wife Begins At FortyPhotographs
Graham Boswell2013If I Were YouSet Design
Graham Boswell2014Dealing With ClairDirector
Graham Boswell2014All My SonsPhotographs
Graham Boswell2014A Chorus of DisapprovalDirector
Graham Boswell2014Veronica's RoomPhotographs
Graham Boswell2014Charley's AuntSet Design
Graham Boswell2015Entertaining AngelsRehearsal Photographs
Graham Boswell2015The SteamieRehearsal Photographs
Graham Boswell2016TwoStage Manager
Graham Boswell2016Tommy BoySet Design
Graham Boswell2016The PriceSound
Graham Boswell2017HandbaggedRehearsal Photographs
Graham Boswell2017Vincent in BrixtonRehearsal Photographs
Graham Dickenson1976The Winter's TaleYoung Shepherd, or Clown
Graham Dickenson1976Winter JourneyPhil Cook
Graham Dickenson1977Merry Wives of WindsorNym, follower of Falstaff
Graham Dickinson1977Merry Wives of WindsorThe Host of the Grater Inn
Graham Dickinson1978Dear BrutusMatey
Graham Dickinson1978Farewell, Farewell EugeneMr Bosworth
Graham Dickinson1979Not Now DarlingCommander Frencham
Graham Dickinson1979The Lion In WinterRichard Lionheart
Graham Dook1962The Man In The Bowler HatHero
Graham Dook1974You Can't Take It With YouSound
Graham Foreman1986The AnniversaryTerry's Kid
Graham Lawson1985Present LaughterSound
Graham Lawson1986Mother GooseSound
Graham Lawson1986The AnniversarySound
Graham Lawson1986The MilitantsSound
Graham Lawson1987Sleeping BeautySound
Graham Lawson1989Jack and The BeanstalkSound
Graham Lawson1989Murder In The CathedralSound
Graham Simmonds1995The Merchant of VeniceSolanio
Graham Simmonds1998Henry VEarl of Warwick
Graham Simmonds2003The Wind In The WillowsMole
Graham Simmonds2006The WeekendAlan
Graham Simmonds2021Nell GwynnEdward Kynaston
Graham Wilman2009It Runs In The FamilyStage Manager
Graham Yardley2002Absent FriendsSet Design and Build
Graham Yardley2002Much Ado About NothingBalthasar, a musician
Graham Yardley2002Much Ado About NothingServant / Gentlefolk
Graham Yardley2002Much Ado About NothingSexton
Graham Yardley2003Richard IIIBishop of Ely
Graham Yardley2003Richard IIIMurderer
Graham Yardley2003The Wind In The WillowsVehicle Construction
Graham Yardley2004A Murder Is AnnouncedSergeant Mellors
Graham Yardley2004As You Like ItCourtier
Graham Yardley2005Beauty Queen of LeenaneSet Construction
Graham2002Make Way For LuciaSet Construction
Greg2002Make Way For LuciaSet Construction
Gregory Howarth1993The Pied PiperRat / Villager
Gregory Howarth1996Twelfth NightGentleman to the Duke
Greta Donahue1976Winter JourneyDirector
Greta Donahue1978Relative ValuesDirector
Greta Donahue1980The EnquiryLaura Fenn
Greta Donahue1980The RivalsDirector
Greta Donahue1981Separate TablesDirector
Greta Donahue1985Present LaughterDirector
Greta Donahue1986The AnniversaryDirector
Greta Donohue1980Trap for a Lonely ManDirector
Greta Donohue1984Spring In The AirDirector
Greta Donohue1984Spring In The AirPerformer
Greta Donohue1986The Noble SpaniardDirector
Griselda Bingham1961The Chalk GardenLaurel
Griselda Greaves1960Rock BottomAugusta Wilmot
Guy Broughton1960Rock BottomGeorge Purvis
Guy Broughton1960The Queen and The WelshmanJohn, the Queen's Servant
Guy McKenzie1987Sleeping BeautyFairy / Elf
Gwen Frost1972A View From A BridgeWardrobe
Gwen Frost1972The Middle WatchCharlotte Hopkinson
Gwenneth Frost1951Happiest Days Of Your Life (1951)Miss Evelyn Whitchurch
Gwenneth Frost1952Harlequinade (1952)Dame Maud Gosport
Gwenneth Frost1953The Blind GoddessLady Dering
Gwenneth Frost1966The Happiest Days of Your LifeMiss Evelyn Whitchurch
Gwenneth Frost1958A Party For ChristmasElinor Firbanks
Gwenneth Frost1959Angels In LoveDearest, mother of Lord Fauntleroy
Gwenneth Frost1961Not In The BookSylvia Bennett
Gwenneth Frost1962Hans, The Witch and The GobbinDirector
Gwenneth Frost1963The Bride Comes BackIsabel Kilpatrick
Gwenneth Frost1965The Love of Four ColonelsMrs Rinder-Sparrow
Gwenneth Frost1966Nude With ViolinCherry-May Waterton
Gwladys Bailey1926The GondoliersContadine
Gwladys Bailey1927Princess IdaAda
Gwladys Bailey1927Princess IdaChorus
Gwladys Bailey1928PatienceChorus
Gwladys Bailey1929The SorcererChorus
Gwladys Bailey1929Trial By JuryBridesmaid
Gwladys Bailey1931One Acts (1931)Madame Didier
Gwladys Bailey1931Tom JonesRosie Lucas
Gyng Saunders1951Happiest Days Of Your Life (1951)Property Mistress
Gyng Saunders1954Spring At MarinoProperty Mistress
H B Hamnett1953The Blind GoddessBertoni
H B Hamnett1952Harlequinade (1952)Mr Burton
H B Hobbs1929The SorcererHon Property Master
H B Hobbs1929Trial By JuryHon Property Master
H B Hobbs1931One Acts (1931)Butler
H B Hobbs1931One Acts (1931)Martin
H B Hobbs1931One Acts (1931)Producer
H Carding1926The GondoliersCornet
H D Officer1964The Aspern PapersStage Manager
H D Officer1964The Irregular Verb To LoveStage Manager
H D Officer1967The PartyStage Manager
H D Officer1968A Man For All SeasonsStage Manager
H D Officer1971Birthday HonoursStage Manager
H D Officer1972Night Must FallStage Manager
H D Officer1973A Midsummer Night's DreamStage Manager
H Gent1933The RumourCharles Lennard
H Hayward Hobson1927Princess IdaKing Gama
H Hayward Hobson1929The Devil's DiscipleRichard Dudgeon
H Hayward Hobson1931Tom JonesBenjamin Partridge (a village barber)
H Howard Hobson1929The SorcererJohn Wellington Wells
H Jones1926The GondoliersGondolier
H Marsh1967The Sleeping PrinceLighting
H P Griffiths1931Tom JonesDobbin
H P Griffiths1931Tom JonesHighwayman
H P Griffiths1930The Last of Mrs CheyneyAssistant Stage Manager
H P Hobbs1928PatienceMr Buntorne's Solicitor
H P Hobbs1929The Devil's DiscipleUncle William
H Richardson1965The Love of Four ColonelsStage Manager
H Richardson1966The Happiest Days of Your LifeStage Manager
H S Pritchard1959Ring Around The MoonA General
H S Pritchard1960A Touch of The SunDirector
H S Pritchard1961Gilt and GingerbreadDirector
H S Pritchard1961The Chalk GardenDirector
H S Pritchard1963The Bride Comes BackDirector
H S Pritchard1965The Love of Four ColonelsDirector
H Smithies1926The GondoliersCello
H W Goodricke1927Princess IdaChorus
H Wood1931Tom JonesChorus
Hamish Lawson2004As You Like ItDuke Senior
Hamish Lawson2005A Midsummer's Night DreamOberon (King of the Fairies)
Hamish Lawson2006Twelfth NightSir Toby Belch (a kinsman of Olivia)
Hamish Lawson2008Much Ado About NothingDogberry, a master constable
Hamish Lawson2010Measure For MeasureVincentio, the Duke
Hamish Lawson2016QuartetDirector
Hamish Lawson2017The LadykillersProfessor Marcus
Hamish Lawson2018The WeirDirector
Hannah Atkinson2007Romeo and JulietJuliet, daughter of Capulet
Hannah Goddard1994A Midsummer Night's DreamFairy
Hannah Goddard1994A Midsummer Night's DreamFriend / House Guest / Servant
Hannah Goddard1995Man Of The MomentCindy, their daughter
Hannah Goddard1995The CruciblePrudence Little
Hannah Goddard1996Born In The GardensTechnical Crew
Hannah Goddard1997Lady Windermere's FanEliza
Hannah Hughes2014Charley's AuntAmy Spettigue
Hannah Sowden2000Once A CatholicPupil
Harold Goodger1950The Importance of Being EarnestMerriman (Butler to John Worthing)
Harold Goodger1951Happiest Days Of Your Life (1951)The Reverend Edward Peck
Harriet Field2012A Midsummer Night's DreamFairy Child
Harris Lerner2021Nell GwynnNed Spigget
Harry Brierley1927Princess IdaHilarion
Harry Clegg1931Tom JonesAn Officer
Harry D Officer1972You Never Can TellA Cook
Harry D Officer1972You Never Can TellStage Manager
Harry Garrity2022Ladies of Importance - Lady Bracknell's ReturnHenry
Harry Kennedy1978All's Well That Ends WellParolles
Harry Kennedy1979Don't Just Lie There - Say SomethingSir William Mainwaring-Brown MP
Harry Officer1965The Amorous PrawnStage Manager
Harry Officer1965The Love of Four ColonelsStage Manager
Harry Officer1966Nude With ViolinStage Manager
Harry Officer1966The Happiest Days of Your LifeStage Manager
Harry Officer1966The ManStage Manager
Harry Officer1967The Sleeping PrinceStage Manager
Harry Officer1969The HeiressStage Manager
Harry Officer1969The Waltz of The ToreadorsStage Manager
Harry P Griffiths1928PatienceChorus
Harry P Griffiths1929The SorcererChorus
Harry P Griffiths1929Trial By JuryGentleman of the Jury
Harry Puipe2012A Midsummer Night's DreamASM
Harry Smedley1926The GondoliersDon Alhambra Del Bolero (The Grand Inquisitor)
Harry Smedley1927Princess IdaKing Hildebrand
Harry Smedley1928PatienceColonel Calverley
Harry Smedley1931Tom JonesSquire Western
Harry Smedley1933The RumourNed
Harry Smedley1933The RumourSir George Darnell, Member of Deputation of Business Men
Harry Williams1969The Waltz of The ToreadorsGeneral St Pe
Harry Yates1928PatienceProducer
Harry Yates1929The SorcererDr Daly (Vicar of Ploverleigh)
Harry Yates1929The SorcererDirector
Harry Yates1929Trial By JuryDirector
Hazel Norbury1930The Last of Mrs CheyneyJoan
Heather Bradbury2014TheftWardrobe
Heather Calderbank1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandWardrobe
Heather Calderbank2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandWardrobe
Heather Calderbank2016The PriceScenic Artist
Heather Calderbank2016Life & BethHouse Manager
Heather Calderbank2017Vincent in BrixtonScenic Artist
Heather Calderbank2018Be My BabyRehersal Photos
Heather Stephenson1989Jack and The BeanstalkVillager
Heather Stephenson1989Red Hot CindersGuest
Helen B Phillips1929The SorcererChorus
Helen B Phillips1929Trial By JuryVisitor
Helen N Nidd1930The Last of Mrs CheyneyMaria, Lady Frinton
Helen B Phillips1928PatienceChorus
Helen Ball1984Toad Of Toad HallChoreography
Helen Ball1991Arms and The ManWardrobe
Helen Ball1991Much Ado About NothingAttendant
Helen Ball1992The Taming of the ShrewServant to Baptista / Villager
Helen Ball1993A Woman of No ImportanceWardrobe
Helen Ball1993The Comedy of ErrorsCitizen of Ephesus
Helen Ball1993Witness for the ProsecutionWardrobe
Helen Ball1996My Mother Said I Never ShouldProperties
Helen Ball1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandChoreography
Helen Ball1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandMake-up Design
Helen Ball2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandChoreography
Helen Bargate1990Merry Wives of WindsorAnne Page, daughter to Page and Mistress Page
Helen Bargate1990Seasons GreetingsASM
Helen Bargate1990Stepping OutLynne
Helen Bingle2005A Christmas CarolASM
Helen Bingle2005A Midsummer's Night DreamASM
Helen Bingle2005When We Are MarriedProperties
Helen Bingle2006The WeekendASM
Helen Bingle2006The WeekendProperties
Helen Bingle2006Twelfth NightASM
Helen Bingle2006Twelfth NightProperties
Helen Bingle2007TartuffeStage Manager
Helen Bingle2007Romeo and JulietLady
Helen Bingle2007Season's GreetingsStage Manager
Helen Bingle2008GaslightStage Manager
Helen Bingle2008Hay FeverProperties
Helen Bingle2008Much Ado About NothingLady of Leonato's Court
Helen Bingle2008Much Ado About NothingProperties
Helen Bingle2009Humble BoyProperties
Helen Bingle2009Humble BoyStage Manager
Helen Bingle2009Nobody's FoolASM / Properties
Helen Bingle2009The 3 MusketeersNun
Helen Bingle2009The 3 MusketeersProperties
Helen Bingle2010Measure For MeasureFrancisca, a nun
Helen Bingle2010Measure For MeasureWhore/Secretary
Helen Bingle2010Caramba's RevengeProperties
Helen Bingle2010Communicating DoorsProperties / ASM
Helen Bingle2011MacbethStage Manager
Helen Bingle2011Independent MeansStage Manager
Helen Bingle2012Dumb WaiterASM
Helen Bingle2012Dumb WaiterProperties
Helen Bingle2012A Midsummer Night's DreamPeaseblossom
Helen Bingle2012Blithe SpiritProperties
Helen Bingle2012Calendar GirlsStage Manager
Helen Bingle2013The Importance Of Being EarnestAssistant Director
Helen Bingle2014A Chorus of DisapprovalAssistant Director
Helen Bingle2014Veronica's RoomHouse Manager
Helen Bingle2015Duets - Blind DateDirector
Helen Bingle2015The 39 StepsProps
Helen Bingle2016Tommy BoyJoint Director
Helen Bingle2017HandbaggedStage Manager
Helen Bingle2018Mrs Warren's ProfessionJoint Director
Helen Bingle2018We Are Three SistersHouse Manager
Helen Bingle2019The Playboy of the Western WorldStage Manager
Helen Bingle2019Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?House Manager
Helen Bingle2022God of CarnageHouse Manager
Helen Bingle2022Single Spies - An Englishman AbroadDirector
Helen Bingle2022HarveyHouse Manager
Helen Bingle2023The Hound of the BaskervillesStage Manager
Helen Bryant1986The Noble SpaniardMary Jane (a maid)
Helen Clark1998The LarkAgnes Sorel
Helen Fitton2005Plaza SuitePrompt
Helen Fitton2006Dick WhittingtonSound
Helen Fitton2006Relatively SpeakingSound
Helen Fitton2006The WeekendSound
Helen Fitton2007Romeo and JulietASM
Helen Fitton2007The Real Inspector HoundSound
Helen Fitton2008Funny MoneySound
Helen Fitton2008Snake In The GrassSound
Helen Fitton2010Birthday PartySound
Helen Fitton2010Caramba's RevengeSound
Helen Fitton2010First Things FirstSound
Helen Fitton2011Fallen AngelsSound
Helen Fitton2011Children's DaySound
Helen Fitton2012Steel MagnoliasSound Operation
Helen Fitton2012Blithe SpiritSound
Helen Fitton2012Calendar GirlsSound Operation
Helen Fitton2015The SteamieMusic/Sound
Helen Fitton2016TwoSound
Helen Fitton2016The PriceSound
Helen Fitton2018The WeirSound
Helen Fitton2018HeroesSound
Helen Fitton2018Alice's Adventures in WonderlandMusic Arranger/Sound
Helen Fitton2019The Playboy of the Western WorldSound
Helen Fitton2019Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Sound
Helen Fitton2023Hindle WakesSound
Helen Haynes1996Chorus of DisapprovalWardrobe
Helen Humphreys1991Much Ado About NothingMargaret, attendant on Hero
Helen Martin1998The Darling Buds of MayMariette
Helen Neatherway1969The HeiressMarian Almond
Helen Neatherway1969The Waltz of The ToreadorsEstella
Helen Smith2006Twelfth NightSound
Helen Sutton1992The Taming of the ShrewServant to Baptista / Villager
Helen Sutton1993The Comedy of ErrorsCitizen of Ephesus
Helen Torrance1995After MagritteTuba
Heloise Graham2013Curious SavageMiss Wilhelmina
Heloise Graham2013The HollowMidge Harvey
Heloise Graham2015The Thrill of LoveRehearsal Photographs
Heloise Graham2016TwoRehearsal Photographs
Henry Read1979Much Ado About NothingSexton
Hilary A Bradbury1970HarlequinadeJoyce Langland
Hilary Blank1972Twelfth NightSinger
Hilary Bradbury1971On Monday NextCall Boy
Hilary Bradbury1972A View From A BridgeCatherine
Hilary Bradbury1972The Middle WatchFay Eaton
Hilary Carr2001Ernie's Incredible IllucinationsLady in Library
Hilary Carr2001Wyrd SistersRobber / Guard / Player / Peasant
Hilary Davies1962The Man In The Bowler HatHeroine
Hilary Davies1964The Wind and the RainJill Mannering
Hilary Davies1965The Rape Of The BeltAntiope
Hilary Emery-Davies1964The Irregular Verb To LoveLucy Beckett
Hilary Irlam1960A Touch of The SunMargaret Lester
Hilary Irlam1961Gilt and GingerbreadLouise Yeder
Hilary Pinnock2010Measure For MeasureHouse Manager
Hilary Pinnock2016Life & BethTicket secretary
Hilary Pinnock2017The LadykillersConcert Guest
Hilary Pinnock2017Talking HeadsTicket secretary
Hilary Pinnock2018Alice's Adventures in WonderlandCook / Ticket Secretary
Hilary Pinnock2019Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect NonsenseOn-stage Dresser
Hilary Pinnock2020April in ParisTicket secretary
Hilary Robinson1950The Importance of Being EarnestHon Gwendolen Fairfax
Hilary Robinson1951Happiest Days Of Your Life (1951)Joyce Harper
Hilary Smith1991Much Ado About NothingAttendant
Hilda Keast1958A Party For ChristmasAlice Matheson
Hilda Keast1961The Chalk GardenNurse
Hilda Keast1962Fool's ParadiseRose
Hilda Keast1962Hans, The Witch and The GobbinMrs Crabtree, a Dowser
Hilda Keast1964Billy LiarAlice Fisher
Hilda Keast1965The Rape Of The BeltHippobomene
Hilda Livsey1926The GondoliersThe Duchess of Plaza-Toro
Hilda Livsey1927Princess IdaLady Blanche (Professor of Abstract Science)
Hilda Livsey1928PatienceThe Lady Jane
Hilda Livsey1929The SorcererLady Sagazure (A Lady of Ancient Lineage)
Hilda Livsey1929Trial By JuryVisitor
Himself2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandDormouse
Himself2011Children's DayMr Snow (owned by Megan Allison)
Holly Bayntan2002Much Ado About NothingASM
Holly Bayton2002Much Ado About NothingServant / Gentlefolk
Horace Brown1926The GondoliersGuiseppe Palmieri
Howard Davies1972You Never Can TellFergus Crampton
Howard Davis1973The Little FoxesBenjamin Hubbard
Hugh Anscombe1971On Monday NextNorwood Beverley
Hugh Anscombe1972A View From A BridgeMike
Hugh Anscombe1972Night Must FallInspector Belsize
Hugh Anscombe1972The Middle WatchCaptain Randall (Royal Marines)
Hugh Anscombe1972Twelfth NightAttendant / Citizen
Hugh Anscombe1972Twelfth NightCurio, gentleman attendant on Orsino
Hugh Anscombe1973A Midsummer Night's DreamSound and Effects
Hugh Anscombe1973The Little FoxesLighting
Hugh Auscombe1970HarlequinadeMr Burton
Hugh Everett1998Henry VCaptain Gower
Hugh Everett1998Henry VHenry, Lord Scroop
Hugh Everett2002Much Ado About NothingBenedick of Padua, companion of Don Pedro
Hugh Everett2004The Writing GameSimon St Clair
Hugh Everett2005A Midsummer's Night DreamLysander
Hugh Everett2008Hay FeverRichard Greatham
Hugh Everett2009The 3 MusketeersPorthos, King's Musketeer
Hugh Everett2014Charley's AuntLord Fancourt Babberley
Hugh Norris1978All's Well That Ends WellDumaine Brother / Captain
Hugh Wolfson1998Whose Life Is It AnywayMr. Justice Milhouse
Huw Melliar-Smith1982Puss In BootsChild
Huw Melliar-Smith2004Private LivesGraphic Design
I Marten1931Tom JonesChorus
Ian Bilsborough1982The Comedy of ErrorsStaging and Properties
Ian Bilsborough1986The MilitantsProgramme Cover
Ian Bishop2012A Midsummer Night's DreamOberon's Court
Ian Bishop2013The Importance Of Being EarnestRev Canon Chasuble
Ian Chatterton2014All My SonsFrank
Ian Chatterton2014Veronica's RoomThe young man
Ian Chatterton2015The 39 StepsRichard Hannay
Ian Christmas1972A View From A BridgeMarco
Ian Christmas1972Night Must FallDan
Ian Christmas1972Twelfth Night1st Officer
Ian Christmas1972Twelfth NightAttendant / Citizen
Ian Christmas1972You Never Can TellPhilip Clandon
Ian Christmas1973The Man Most Likely To...Giles Cadwallader
Ian Christmas1974As You Like ItOrlando (a son of Sir Rowland de Boys)
Ian Christmas1974How The Other Half LovesProperties
Ian Christmas1974You Can't Take It With YouTony Kirby
Ian Christmas1975The CrucibleHouse Manager
Ian Cole2009The 3 MusketeersLouis XIII, King of France
Ian Cole2010Birthday PartyGoldberg
Ian Cole2010The Unexpected GuestInspector Thomas
Ian Cole2011Deep Blue SeaSir William Collyer
Ian Cole2012Gosforth's FeteVicar
Ian Cole2011Independent MeansLiaison
Ian Cole2012A Midsummer Night's DreamPeter Quince (a carpenter)
Ian Cole2013Curious SavageHannibal
Ian Cole2013The Importance Of Being EarnestHouse Manager
Ian Cole2014Dealing With ClairJames
Ian Cole2015The Thrill of LoveASM/Props
Ian Cole2015An Experiment with an Air PumpHouse Manager
Ian Cole2016Tommy BoyJoint Director
Ian Cole2016The PriceTicket Secretary
Ian Cole2017The LadykillersDirector
Ian Cole2017Around the World in 80 DaysTicket Secretary
Ian Cole2017The Winter's TaleOld Shepherd / Archidamus
Ian Cole2018Mrs Warren's ProfessionTicket Secretary
Ian Cole2018Alice's Adventures in WonderlandHouse Manager
Ian Cole2019Ladies' DayTicket Secretary
Ian Cole2019Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect NonsenseDirector
Ian Cole2022God of CarnageDirector
Ian Cole2023Hindle WakesDirector / Props /ASM
Ian Dunn1987Sleeping BeautyLord Gerzell
Ian Dunn1988The VigilSaul - a Deputy
Ian Fensome2018We Are Three SistersDoctor
Ian Fensome2022God of CarnageMichel Vallon
Ian Fensome2022Improbable FictionArnold
Ian Lingard1995AmadeusWolfgand Amadeus Mozart
Ian Lingard1995The Merchant of VeniceLorenzo
Ian Lingard1997The TempestFerdinand, son of the King Of Naples
Ian Mairs2001Amy's ViewToby
Ian Mairs2001An Evening of Alan AyckbournSet Construction
Ian Mairs2001The RivalsSet Construction
Ian Mairs2001The Taming of the ShrewLord Simon Llewllyn
Ian Mairs2001The Taming of the ShrewTailor
Ian Mairs2002Much Ado About NothingClaudio of Florence, companion of Don Pedro
Ian Mairs2004A Murder Is AnnouncedPatrick Simmons
Ian Mairs2004As You Like ItCourtier
Ian Mairs2004As You Like ItCourtier
Ian Mairs2004As You Like ItJacques
Ian Mairs2004As You Like ItWilliam
Ian Mairs2004WitDr. Jason Posner
Ian Mairs2005A Midsummer's Night DreamDemetrius
Ian Mairs2005Beauty Queen of LeenaneRay Dooley
Ian Mairs2006Twelfth NightSecond Officer
Ian McBride2009Humble BoyGeorge Pye
Ian McBride2009It Runs In The FamilyPolice Sergeant
Ian McBride2009The 3 MusketeersD'Artagnan's father
Ian McBride2010Birthday PartyHouse Manager
Ian McBride2010Measure For MeasureProvost
Ian McBride2010Caramba's RevengeHouse Manager
Ian McBride2010The Unexpected GuestStage Manager
Ian McBride2010First Things FirstGeorge
Ian McBride2011Deep Blue SeaStage Manager
Ian McBride2011MacbethRoss, a Scottish Thane
Ian McBride2011And Then There Were NoneGeneral MacKenzie
Ian McBride2012A Chip In The SugarGraham
Ian McBride2012Steel MagnoliasHouse Manager
Ian McBride2012Calendar GirlsHouse Manager
Ian McBride2013Curious SavageTitus
Ian McBride2013The HollowSir Henry Angkatell
Ian McBride2013The Importance Of Being EarnestHouse Manager
Ian McBride2014All My SonsJim Bayliss
Ian McBride2014TheftActing Assistant
Ian McBride2014Veronica's RoomThe man
Ian McBride2014Charley's AuntStephen Spettigue
Ian McBride2015Duets - The Bride-to-BeDirector
Ian McBride2015The Thrill of LoveJack Gale
Ian McBride2015An Experiment with an Air PumpHouse Manager
Ian McBride2015The SteamieAssistant Director
Ian McBride2016Tommy BoyAlbert Goodall
Ian McBride2016Life & BethDirector
Ian McBride2017The LadykillersOne Round
Ian McBride2017Around the World in 80 DaysHouse Manager
Ian McBride2018Be My BabyDirector
Ian McBride2018Mrs Warren's ProfessionHouse Manager
Ian McBride2018We Are Three SistersRev Patrick Brontë
Ian McBride2019The Playboy of the Western WorldHouse Manager
Ian McBride2019Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect NonsenseHouse Manage
Ian McBride2020April in ParisHouse Manager
Ian Moffat1998Whose Life Is It AnywayAndrew Eden
Ian Moffit1999Alice's Adventures in WonderlandKing
Ian Moffit2000Alice's Adventures in WonderlandKing
Ian Moffitt1998Henry VJohn Bates
Ian Moffitt2000Once A CatholicProperties
Ian Moffitt2001The RivalsASM
Ian Moffitt2001The RivalsServant
Ian Parker1993How The Other Half LovesMusic (written and performed)
Ian Parker1997Outside EdgeSoul Limbo adaption and performance
Ian Parker2000Cemetery ClubMusic (written and performed)
Ian Parker2009Nobody's FoolOriginal music
Ian Parker2010Caramba's RevengeOriginal Music
Ian Parker2012Calendar GirlsTheme Song
Ian Parker2022Single SpiesBalalaika advice
Ian Tyler2012Blithe SpiritCharles Condomine
Ian Tyler2013The Importance Of Being EarnestJohn Worthing
Ian Tyler2014All My SonsChris Keller
Ian Tyler2016The PriceVictor Franz
Ian Tyler2017Around the World in 80 DaysPhileas Fogg
Ian Tyler2019Ladies' DayBarry/Joe/Patrick/Jim/Fred/Kevin
Ian Tyler2019Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect NonsenseJeeves
Ian Tyler2022HarveyElwood P Dowd
Iestyn Bird (Aged 5)2011Children's DayDrawings In The Programme
Imran Ahmed2007Season's GreetingsClive
Imran Ahmed2007The Real Inspector HoundSimon Gascoyne
Iona Limond2003Abigail's PartyASM
Iona Limond2005Plaza SuiteMimsey Hubley
Iona Limond2005Plaza SuiteProperties
Irene Heery1983AladdinWardrobe
Iris Blain1965The Rape Of The BeltDirector
Iris Parnell1956A Question of FactNina Trafford
Iris Parnell1964The Irregular Verb To LoveHedda Rankin
Iris Parnell1965The Rape Of The BeltHera
Iris Parnell1966The ManMrs Gillis
Iris Parnell1952Harlequinade (1952)Edna Selby
Iris Parnell1954Spring At MarinoAnna Sergievna (Madame Odintsov)
Isabel Broadbent1928PatienceChorus
Isabel Broadbent1929The SorcererChorus
Isabel Broadbent1929Trial By JuryVisitor
Isabelle Girdlestone1995AmadeusKatherina Cavalieri
Isabelle Greensmith2018We Are Three SistersEmily Brontë
Isobel Reynolds1973A Midsummer Night's DreamMustardseed
Ivan Wickham1978Dear BrutusHouse Manager
Ivy R Bray1926The GondoliersContadine
Ivy R Bray1927Princess IdaChorus
Ivy R Bray1928PatienceChorus
Ivy R Bray1929The SorcererChorus
Ivy R Bray1929Trial By JuryVisitor
Ivy R Bray1931Tom JonesChorus
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